I still can’t get over how some people accused Ryan Smyth of shedding crocodile tears at Edmonton International Airport after he was dealt to the New York Islanders at the 2007 NHL trade deadline after 11th-hour contract negotiations stalled.

There was nothing fake about Smyth the first day he walked into the old Edmonton Oilers dressing room at Rexall Place in 1994 as a baby-faced first-round pick, sixth overall, out of Moose Jaw.

There was nothing phoney about Smyth during the 12 NHL seasons he toiled for the Oilers before being shipped to New York after GM Kevin Lowe decided he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, pay Don Meehan’s asking price. And there was damn sure nothing staged about the angst etched on Smyth’s face and the emotion that spilled out that memorable day at the airport.

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What you see with Smyth is what you get. Smyth is what he is and now, after being traded to Edmonton by the Los Angeles Kings four years after he reluctantly left town, he is what he was and has always wanted to be — a member of the Oilers.

Home again, hoping to finish his career where it started.


Smyth rolled back into town from his summer home in B.C. this morning and he’ll be at Rexall Place tonight as an honorary captain for the Red and White game to highlight the WJC camp that’s been here this week.

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Smyth, 35, his wife Stacey and their three children are settling back into their old stomping grounds in preparation for the season. They’re getting the kids ready for school and unpacking at the house they’ll be renting while a new home is being built.

I met up with Smyth at a local car dealership this morning and we spent a few minutes talking about his return to Edmonton and his thoughts on the upcoming season — after, of course, he was done signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans who got wind he’d be in town.

Suffice to say, after setting the table for the trade to Edmonton by letting Los Angeles GM Dean Lombardi know this is where he wanted to be, No. 94 is thrilled to be back where he enjoyed his greatest success and made himself a part of the community.


"Obviously, the best-case scenario would be to end up here and sign another deal," Smyth said. "It’s family, it’s coming back home. This is home for us.

"Two of our three kids were born here in Edmonton. It’s a special place. Aside from the family, when I play here I feel like I know every single fan and they know me.

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"I appreciate their honesty as far as how they react to the team and how they react toward me. I try to give me best on a consistent basis and they do the same in return.

"They’re very loyal fans. On that front, I just really appreciate that side of playing hockey here."


"Living wise, this is a great place to raise a family," said Smyth, who made stops in Long Island, Colorado and Los Angeles after the deadline deal that first sent him packing.

"The kids are starting to get into that school age, so getting embedded is important. Stacey and I have been involved in the community for a great deal of time. We just felt coming back here we could focus on the family side of things and in the community.

"We never wanted to leave in the first place. Being back just brings chills to my spine. It’s an awesome place to live and to play. The rink is packed every night. People care about this team."

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With only Shawn Horcoff, Ales Hemsky, Ladislav Smid and Tom Gilbert remaining from the 2006-07 edition of the Oilers Smyth played on, and with sweeping changes to the front office as well as the coaching and training staffs, this isn’t the team Smyth bid farewell to.

The popular jerseys in the stands now are adorned with the names of Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is on the way.

This team is a baby-faced bunch with nowhere to go but up, which was pretty much the situation when he arrived during the strike-shortened 1994-95 season during the brief tenure of George Burnett and then Ron Low on a team that went 17-27-4 in 48 games.

The veterans on that sad-sack outfit were Doug Weight, Jason Arnott, Shayne Corson, Kelly Buchberger and Bryan Marchment. This time, he’s the old guy.

"It’s been a changing of the guard for sure," Smyth said. "It’s more young, energetic and fun. An enthusiastic atmosphere I see."


"I want to help grow the kind of situation I came up in," Smyth said. "We had guys like Kelly Buchberger and Dougie Weight and Jason Arnott. Later, Billy Guerin came through. Guys who knew how to be professionals and also cared about their teammates and cared about winning.

"I want to come in and be a part of something special. I think with my experience, I can maybe help on that front, but I can probably learn something from these kids, too. They push the pace. It’s good at this stage in my career to have younger guys pushing you.

"You’ve got to practice hard and you’ve got to play hard. It’s that old mentality that Slats (Glen Sather) instilled in a lot of players. I want to carry that on here."

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  • a lg dubl dubl

    Thanks For comminmg by Robin it was nice to see you again, and you were right Ryan is so down to earth never even had to ask for the signings or the pics he just did it great guy.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    In retrospect, not signing Smytty was a sweet deal for the Oilers. Lots of cap and cash saved, we sucked hard for 4 years straight (including two first-overall lottery finishes).

    If we’d had Smyth, we’d probably be in Calgary’s position right now – 9th-11th every year, just out of the post-season. Taylor Hall would be a Boston Bruin, RNH would be an Av, and we’d have Brett Connolly and Jonas Brodin instead.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      I dont think the Oilers would have been where the flammers were the last 4 years even with Smyth on the team for those years he was gone the team IMO would have still been in the top 10 at the draft. All in all even though the team really sucked the last couple years Im glad we have kids like Hall RNH,Eberle,and PRV in the mix makes for great things to come!!

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I was so excited when i heard that Ryan was coming back, the day of the draft I was on the edge of my seat waiting for clarification that Smytty was going to be an Oiler this year, then almost shock and dismay that the team that shall not be named from the south was in the bidding. Im not callin Ryan Smyth Jesus or anything but after the last few years he’s the next best thing lol. Is it just me or is Ryan Smyth already starting to give Ryan Jones a run for his money in terms of who has the better mullet.

    PS- Great read Mr.Brownlee, top shelf.

    • I was seriouly about to cry when the team that shall not be named was “in on the bidding”. My mind told me this was just Lombardi posturing but emotion COMPLETELY took over and I LOST IT. Smytty is all that is right with hockey and Edmonton. It would have absolutely crushed me to see him in any red jersey that didnt have Team Canada on it. I couldnt even focus on RNH at the time, I honestly didnt care for those couple of hours.

  • “when I play here I feel like I know every single fan and they know me.”

    I am not ashamed to say I love this man.

    When he left, the oilers lost their identity. Edmonton expects a certain type of team and hold all of their players accountable to that standard. We accept losing, but you better be trying your ass off. The most interesting part of this fanbase is how we’re able to crucify players all season long but when the puck drops for game 1 of the playoffs, ITS GO TIME! All support, All the time.
    Oilers score – deafening cheer, Opponent scores – “Lets Go Oilers”, commercial break – deafening cheer for entire break, Steak on the ice – cheer……..and Oh Canada, well we all clearly know how that goes!

    Im JACKED for this team but Im more happy for our fans. Been through some just awful times, and as Hordichuk put so elegantly, ITS PAYBACK TIME!!!!


  • Bucknuck

    It is no coincidence that the team has not been in the playoffs since Ryan Smyth left. The same thing would have happened to Calgary had they traded Iginla.

    Now that he is back, if the ST could only see fit to adding a goalie, I think the Oil could go somewhere.

    • Puritania

      Might be, just might be, that the 11-12 Oil are the 09-10 Avs. The pundits aren’t exactly overwhelmed, many in the Oilogosphere are not enthused about their playoff chances THIS YEAR, after a 5 or so year draught many of us have been conditioned to the glass being half empty, yet, yet with a goalie, (the Duber?) it just may come to pass that we’re 8th in the West or maybe slightly better. I for one think the Oil have not only a good chance but a great chance to make the playoffs. Guess we’ll see. . .

      • Bucknuck

        I think being a fan without hope (like the last two years) is a horrible sensation. I want to believe so bad it hurts, so this year I will believe until proved otherwise. The big thing i can’t seem to believe in is Khabibulin. He inspires no confidence in me… so I hope he proves me wrong, or that Tambellini smartens up.

        Smyth by himself does not make a playoff team, but Smyth playing with Horc Belanger, Eblere (yr 2), Pajaarvi (yr 2) and Hall (yr2) makes me feel pretty good. Who knows, right?

  • Herman_Munster

    I’m not big on retiring numbers unless it’s for very special players (see the rafters in Rexall), but when this guy hangs them up, the Oilers have got to retire his number.

    I don’t ever want to see another Oiler wear 94 after Smytty is gone.

    • Puritania


      Normally I hold steadfast to the Oil only retiring a number if that player makes it to the Hall, but with Smytty I am more than happy to make an exception.

      I sincerely hope for his first game back the ovation is thunderous and lengthy.

      “We never wanted to leave in the first place. Being back just brings chills to my spine. It’s an awesome place to live and to play. The rink is packed every night. People care about this team.”

      SQUEEEEEEE I wuv you Wyan.

  • JohnQPublic

    When Smyth left, I didn’t blame Lowe like many. I blamed Smyth and his agent. Only Gretzky and Orr can take the highest bid and name the city you play for.

    But that’s ancient history …

    It’s good to see Ryan back. I hope his last game with the Oilers is one where he lifts the cup at center ice.

  • Puritania

    Me too Herm. Maybe it is that it’s analogous to the Academy Awards special presentation. 94 isn’t the greates player to don the jersey but in terms of what he’s meant to the club, well, hang the jersey. . .

  • JohnQPublic

    Can anyone remember when the last time ANY player asked to be moved to Edmonton. I cant, I am sure its happened, but it must have been a long long time ago. This fact alone puts Ryan firmly in the ” LEGENDARY STATUS “,category Wayne speaks about IMO.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    ~Boy this article is gonna look funny when the NHL reverses the trade~

    “~” things mean sarcasm right? I don’t want to take a chance in getting e-killed around here by sounding serious.

    • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

      up to the last 4 mins, Nuge was invisible.
      I was really impressed with that Smith-Pelley kid(25 white). Goal (top shelf snipe) assist (beauty pass on the PP when most others would have shot) and great skating and back-checking…and when the “rough stuff” started, he was in there with a big smile on his face.

      IMO, his performance tonight is just what this team needs as a 3rd line checker type of guy, ala Mike Grier (but with hands). I wont be surprised to see his name on the list come December

      Edit: By “this team” I mean the Junior squad

  • Zimmy

    Oilers g I got to see that smith Pelly at the penticton rookie tournament last summer and he was a stand out there as well. Agreed rnh wasn’t the standout for most of the game , but just like the oil kings series he scored when it counted.

  • Love Monkey

    RNH looked to me to be about 50% on the dot, and had some PK, but you are right, he did not stand out for 56 minutes. Quick hands on the GWG, though, and his GTG (spinning blind backhand) both happened right in front of us and weren’t just flukes.

    Smith-Pelley was a blast to watch. Was it Simpson that he boarded in the first period? No call. And in the third, his assist on the PP came after he cross-checked the D down in front of Red’s net, then backed out to the bottom of the circle, got a good pass and gave a great one. Buddy creates room for himself out there. Mike Grier with hands indeed.

  • Mitch


    Who knows how this team will end up this season, but it’s very clear and important to say that the Oilers Logo means everything to it’s more important than ever for the young guys to learn how to be a pro, love the city and most importantly get Smyth the cup at some point.

  • Love Monkey

    Nuge is making the Oilers. He wasn’t invisible tonight. He just blends in and quietly makes good plays and then finds another gear in the clutch. I’m sure in retrospect that Smitty was glad his Team Red lost after watching his teammate RNH take complete control when it mattered. If RNH is “invisible” for stretches and shows up on the scoresheet with 2 goals, I’ll happily take it for the next 20 years. Sick move to undress Huberdeau too on the GWG. Yeah, the Huberdeau who was drafted 3rd overall… Made him look stupid…

    As for Smitty… Was great to get a chance to give him an ovation tonight. Can’t wait to see him on the ice in blue and orange!

  • I didnt see the game but suggestions that RNH was invisible for most of it dont phase me at all. He showed up when his team needed him and won them the game.

    I remember thinking that Modano was invisible on so many nights when he played the Oilers, and then he would put one in during the 3rd period to win the game.

  • Hemmertime

    I really wanted to go to the game. But Im smarter than that though.

    Had 2 tickets in my back pocket, girlfriends birthday plans fell through so her evening was free. I didn’t even mention the tickets to her, thats love if I’ve ever seen it. (Even more so, if they were actual Oilers tickets or not an inter-team scrimmage for Jrs she’d be pissed that I didnt take her)

  • Quicksilver ballet

    #94 is retired after Ryan Smyth hangs them up for the last time. Has to be close to a first ballot Hall of Famer as well.

    Superstore has facial tissues on sale this week for those who’ll need a tissue or two after he scores a goal in Oiler silks again.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      i love ryan smyth, dont get me wrong, but “close first ballot hall of famer”???

      great oiler? absolutely. 1st ballot HHOF material? put the pipe down

  • Rob...

    I loved him when he was first here and I’m glad he’s back, but I’d be curious to know if Ryan takes any responsibility for his departure. There’s a line in the article that suggests Lowe is responsible through either a “wouldn’t” or “couldn’t” scenario. Is that paraphrasing what Ryan considers the whole story?

    • Smyth and Meehan pushed a touch too far based on what Lowe saw as fair market value.

      In that regard, Ryan has taken responsibility for how things happened. He expressed to teammates that he’d blown it by pushing too hard — you might remember him talking leading up to negotiations that he wouldn’t be taking a “hometown discount” in his next deal.

      Smyth did get the kind of money Meehan and he were looking for in the next contract, but not from the Oilers, of course. With the benefit of hindsight, he’d probably have happily taken what was offered here and not uprooted his family over the difference in contracts — it was a lot of dough to you and I, but not to a player who has made as much money as Ryan has.