Another Beauty On the Way

Lost among all of the excitement over the electric foursome of Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Paajarvi and Linus Omark, Teemu Hartikainen established himself as an outstanding prospect in 2010-11. Hartikainen displayed a wide range of skills, posted solid AHL numbers at age 20 and impressed when called to the show. How good is he?

There’s nothing worth looking at here

Not true. Over the years, Edmonton’s AHL teams have sent a lot of quality up the pipeline. It’s true that their "pure skill" players like Michel Riesen and Rob Schremp haven’t found the range at the NHL level, but Hartikainen has a nice range of skills and could be an actual NHL player down the line. The Oilers have shown an ability to develop that player type quite well.

Like who?

There are a few. Allow me to post Hartikainen’s numbers at 20 years old and then add in a group of players who also arrived in the AHL at 20 with the organization. These players may not be ideal comparables, but do fit the "wide range of skills" we’re looking for and have played at least some NHL games.

  • LW Teemu Hartikainen (10-11 Oklahoma City Barons). 66gp, 17-25-42 .636ppg Hartikainen is a big kid who can win battles and drive to the net (we saw a beauty example early in his NHL career) and he scored pretty well for the Barons. He doesn’t have big time speed but brings some nice things to his game. His 42 points represents 17.5% of the Barons offense, which is a nice number.
  • C Jarret Stoll (02-03 Hamilton Bulldogs) 76gp, 21-33-54 .711ppg Although the PPG is higher and Stoll is a center, there are some good things about this comparable. Stoll played on a very strong team (this was a shared team with the Habs) so the number may be inflated a little. Also, footspeed was also an issue with Stoll and he’s had a solid career (if sidelined some by concussion problems). His 54 points in 02-03 represents 20% of the Bulldog offense that season, and he’s an interesting comp for Hartikainen.
  • LW Jason Chimera (99-00 Hamilton Bulldogs). 78gp, 15-13-28 .359ppg One of the things we need to factor in (without being able to) is playing time. Chimera played a full season but one doubts he was seeing a lot of PP opportunities. The speed issue is the other roadblock for this comp, but I think it’s worth listing him here. Hartikainen was far superior to Chimera as a 20-year old rookie but Chimera’s improvement was impressive over the following seasons and of course he’s had an NHL career. His 28 points represent 12.8% of Bulldog offense.
  • RW Kyle Brodziak (04-05 Edmonton Roadrunners) 56gp, 6-26-32 .571 His AHL debut at 20 came on a very poor offensive team, and his 32 points reprsent 18.6% of the Roadrunner offense. His slow and steady rise through the organizational depth chart was given a huge boost when he arrived in TC fall 2007 in top condition and with an attitude that suggested he belonged. I hesitate to use him as a comp because his career path was unusual, but do believe that original team was so bad that Brodziak’s offensive ability took some time (and a better team) to establish itself at the pro level.

I think the Stoll comp is the strongest, and we know that he has in fact been a top 6F for much of his NHL career. I think it’s reasonable to suggest that Hartikainen could emerge as a legit top 6F on an NHL team.


It could mean all kinds of things. It could force a move to center for Taylor Hall or Jordan Eberle or Magnus Paajarvi. It could mean Ryan Smyth doesn’t get a contract next summer, it could mean Ales Hemsky is dealt sooner than later and it could mean that someone steals Linus Omark before the Oilers discover how good he is.

However, I don’t think there’s much bad news about Teemu Hartikainen. If he is sent to Okla City this fall and continues to rip it up, the Oilers hand will be forced.

The AHL team that produced Linus Omark and Jeff Petry a year ago is ready to offload another gem.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    If ST doesnt resign Smytty next off-season for at least another yr he’s a bigger boob than i ever thought, and re-signing Hemsky to at least a 3 yr contract should be a must too, injuries aside the team still needs his scoring for the time being.

    • Lowetide

      I don’t know if there is going to be room. Assuming the Oilers plan on running Hall, Paajarvi, Eberle and Omark into the future as top 6 wingers (and why wouldn’t they, those guys are inexpensive–for now–and most will get better) then we’re left with 3line LW and 4line LW for Ryan Smyth.

      You’re not going to play Smyth on the 4line, so then it’s between Smyth, Eager, Hordichuk an Hartikainen.

      I don’t know if they sign Smyth next summer. Maybe if they deal Omark, but lordy that guy can play.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        I get what your saying LT, I wouldn’t want Smyth playing on the 4th line either,but I just don’t see Smyth coming back for just 1 season its definitely a tough call ST will have to make later this season on who gets moved. IMO as much as I like that the team got tougher on July 1, I think ST signed too many tough guys(Hordichuck) and didn’t let guys like Hartikainen show what they could bring to the team, especially during the “re-build”.

        EDIT: I see Hartikainen evolving into a player like Dan Cleary

        • Lowetide

          Two reasons: Eager is signed longer term and he’d be the obvious 4line LWer, and second Smyth’s skill are still strong enough to warrant significant minutes.

          There’s very little reason to keep Smyth out of the top 9 forwards, even on a very good NHL team. Ryan Smyth is a helluva hockey player.

          • Lowetide

            I’d certainly give up Jones to keep either player, but I’m not as sold on Jones as some others.

            Ideally, you’d keep Smyth on LW and run Hall, Smyth, Paajarvi, Hartikainen for the next coupld of years (when Hartikainen is ready).

            But Eager is signed and I expect he’s going to be around awhile.

            I keep thinking about Hall at center.

          • A lot of that might turn on Hemsky. It’s only speculation, and way too early to know, but there is a ton of uncertainty that could affect next year’s forward depth chart, including at LW:

            If Hemsky doesn’t re-sign or is traded, maybe we’ll see a guy like Gagner move to RW, or Paajarvi to RW? We could also see other positional changes, like Hall to C.

          • Lowetide

            I have a feeling Hemsky’s gone for a defenseman here, maybe with Smid. That could open up RW for someone.

            Gagner played RW before, didn’t he? I seem to remember him struggling but can’t remember when it happened.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Rather than not renewing Smyth’s contract or moving a winger to the already clogged center position, let’s see what we can do in terms of moving some of the wingers around.

    Once Hartikainen and RNH are ready for the NHL, a tough decision will have to be made to trade Omark. Why Omark? Ideally yes it’d be great to keep him, but he’s the most defensively spotty at this point in time in regards to the kids, and he’s a smaller guy (something the Oilers already have a ton of), and making room for Hartikainen would bring a bigger player to the roster. His linemate Paajarvi can also play either wing, and there’s still time to develop one guy on that side, so there’s no reason the 3rd line can’t at least start out as Hartikainen-Belanger-Paajarvi.

    If both RNH and Hartikainen force the issue at this year’s training camp? Shop Gagner and Omark as a pair for a top 4 d-man. Personally I’d start with seeing if Nashville will take them for the rights to Shea Weber. Why? Nashville can save money (something their ownership needs them to do), they gain cap space (good), they gain some good youngsters who can help increase their scoring now and in the future (they were the lowest scoring playoff team in the West last season). And both Gagner and Omark will gain a higher profile and more ice time than they’d get with the Oilers. The Oilers would finally gain that great d-man they’d need to put them over the top (or at least in the playoffs), and they have the cap space and stable ownership to sign Weber long term. It’d be the biggest blockbuster trade Tambo ever pulls off, and it would fall right into his lap just like Smyth did. They’d also solve the forward roster glut and get bigger at forward (something they need). Still issues in goal, granted, but one thing at a time here….

    IMO we’ll need to hang on to Smyth for a couple of seasons after his current contract expires because we’d need him on the ice to continue mentoring the youngsters (assuming he’ll sign for a lower cap hit).

    • Lofty

      I fear that he gets traded to a team in the West and could repeadedly remind Oilers why patience is so important with player development. I really hope they give keep for another year to see what he has.

      • justDOit

        Exactly. The only trouble with our rebuild, is that it started after a period of extreme suckage for teams that should have done better. This is making a lot of fans rather impatient for a successful team.

      • He’s 24 and was drafted 4 years ago. Patience is great, but production would be better. He’s a long time Pro who should be entering his Prime. Being realistic, how much longer should we be waiting for him?

        For me, this is his last chance. He will get a full year in the NHL, hes had the summer to prepare, he knows what its all about, and he’s 3rd on the depth chart at RW.

        If this is Gagner’s year to break out, then Omark is 2 years past that point. He will be getting every opportunity, but I dont see how he wouldnt best serve the Oilers in a trade while his perceived value could be as high as its ever been.

        • Clarence Oveur

          Quoted for truth. I couldn’t agree more.

          I love the way Linus plays the game offensively. He’s exceptionally creative, has fantastic hands, and is a bitch to knock off the puck. What I want to see, like you Archy, is production. He’s been a pro for sometime now and accordingly should be expected to produce. His ice time may be somewhat limited if he’s on the 3rd line with MPS and Belanger, but he’ll get PP time with plenty of opportunities to earn his bacon there.

          I like what I see in Omark, very similar player to Hemsky without the yardsales, but it’s for the same reasons as #83 that I have my doubts about Linus’s ability to really post some big numbers. The kid can play, but it’s time to deliver the goods.

          • So you would have had doubts about Datyuk after his rookie season because he hadn’t yet managed a point a game?

            Why does he need to post “some big numbers”? What do you consider acceptable numbers for us to consider him worthy of a roster spot if the near point a game Hemsky has put up since he was 22 isn’t good enough for you?

            I swear, it isn’t the weather in Edmonton that scares players, it’s the number of fans with ridiculous expectations. It’s also why I’m worried the team will trade guys like this before they have a chance to settle in.

          • Shapeman

            I don’t think many people would have the same opinion of Datsyuk because he was on a stacked Red Wings team and even if he was half of the devensive player he is now, he would still be much better than Linus in that department (Ask Robin or LT about Datsyuk’s rookie year I was too young too remember it). If Linus can post 50 points I’ll still think he’s a very useful player to have around.

          • So the excuse for Datsyuk’s limited production as a rookie was his stacked team? He got reasonable playing time, better linemates, and much softer minutes. Not only that but he was only +4 on a stacked team that had a +64 goal differential.

            The single biggest difference was expectation. Omark hadn’t even seen the NHL before, but now he’s at his last chance because he didn’t put up “big numbers” and apparently even Hemsky-like numbers wouldn’t be good enough for some. Who cares how bad the team was right?

            Datsyuk had a relatively invisible season on a good team and people saw promise in his play because they didn’t expect the world.

            It’s mostly Arch that surprises me though because it seems like usually his player outlook is a bit more reasonable.

            Edit: Sorry Arch – your comment wasn’t on my screen when I wrote this

        • justDOit

          Gagner has had 4 NHL seasons to find his game, but I feel that his development has been severely hampered by skipping the AHL.

          Omark doesn’t even have one complete NHL season under his belt, but he has shown very good signs of being a quick learner.

          Why don’t we ask some Flames fans if more patience with smaller, talented forwards is a good idea? Like Marty St. Louis or Marc Savard?

          Savard was traded away after a 65 point season (2nd on the Flames) for Ruslan Zainullin, and St. Louis was released by the Flames after putting up over a point-per-game in the AHL.

        • I still have no idea why you are the only person anywhere who doesn’t seem to think his rookie season was fairly promising.

          Your comments above would have applied perfectly to Datsyuk after his rookie season which, coincidentally, also occurred when he was 23.

          I love the way you never back down from your invariably hard-line stances, but this one seems really odd to me.

          • Well somebody needs to drive the commentary :).

            As far a rookie seasons go it’s fine. Except I would hardly classify him as a rookie. He’s a veteran of men’s pro hockey, he just wasnt playing in the NHL. He has great creativity and flash but the only way I see him climbing the depth chart at RW is if we lose Hemsky. That’s not an upgrade.

            I just look down the line and I see an expendable player. People shouldnt talk about this guy and his fake rookie season like he’s a Hall, Eberle, or Paajarvi. He’s older and more experienced than all of them. I certainly don’t see the same potential upside for him as the rest. He’s much closer to a finished product than the others.

            Either way, he has the year to make me look like an idiot before I really think it’s time to cut him loose.

          • Datsyuk’s defensive awareness and shooting percentage in his 1st year were head and shoulders above Omark, who couldnt even make the worst team in the league out of camp due to his inability to grasp Renney’s system.

            How much do you want to lay on the line that Omark will have a Datsyukian career? Pick a dollar amount, I’m game.

            Datsyuk is one the league’s very best players. He is an exceedingly poor comparable for Omark.

          • justDOit

            Agreed that Datsyuk is a bad comparable for Omark, but the reason Omark was sent down had more to do with numbers, waiver eligibility and contracts.

            I’m glad that you’re bracing yourself for Omark to make you look bad, because that is exaclty what’s going to happen – unless he makes me look bad. And I usually don’t need any help with that!

          • I also normaly dont need anyone making me look like a fool. I’m generally pretty good at doing it myself.

            Not as good as me.

            As proof, here I am arguing with you – knowing that you are mostly messing with me – instead of working on the pile of work sitting in front of me on my desk on a Sunday evening.

            Why do I do this to myself?

          • Shapeman

            But I do believe Omark will still be the 3rd line winger on this team. I’m not expecting him to be a world beater and and be disappointed if only puts up 40 something points. For me that would be reasonable after how he played in his relatively brief stint. Maybe I misinterpreted what you were saying but both of these players were drafted in later rounds so having NHL careers should be beyond expectations for all of us.

          • justDOit

            I knew we could find common ground. Did milk shoot out your nose too, when you read cr’s comments? Hilarious, and a bit weird, because I wasn’t DRINKING milk!

            Interesting points from last year’s camp. Also from that blog:

            “It is only one day, but Linus Omark looked pretty good. Everything he shot seemed to go in, and it was funny to see how often he was deking the goalies.” (feel free to school me on how html italics work)

            So I would say go with the guy who has the skill – the system can be taught. I mean, we’re talking about a guy in his FIRST NHL camp! I don’t care if he’s played pro hockey before, he hasn’t been close to this kind of competition. Plus, he’s not working in his primary language.

            I’m not saying I’m an expert on NHL scouting, but seriously – watching him from his call-up onwards, he made tremendous strides in his game. Keep in mind, his game is not defence, and I don’t want him playing defence. I want him cheating up ice and making the other team worried. Because if he gets a chance, it’s in the net. There can be no better defence than playing in the other team’s end, and if Omark is being a liability, then he’s not being used or supported properly.

          • justDOit

            More from the blog you quoted:

            “(Renny speaking on Omark) He is a case in point to the interpretation of what I’m giving the players might be lost a little bit in translation, because he was the first forechecker on just about every drill and that wasn’t necessarily his need, but we like him.”

            So those comments from Renny say that language might have been an issue. But they also suggest that Omark was trying too hard to play defence, and that Renny doesn’t want him to do that.

            He was more a victim of numbers/waivers. And to think we kept Reddox over Omark. Ugg.

          • Absolutely none of that addresses the point at hand. When you are done brushing off the remnants of your newly formed mushroom cloud of straw perhaps you could address my questions.

            It has nothing to do with whether or not he is a comparable and you know it. Are we seriously at the point now where I can’t compare their rookie seasons without some unspoken implication of a sweeping comparison of every aspect of their game?

            Comparing their rookie seasons does not mean that I believe Omark is as good as Datsyuk. Is that clear? Can we get that out of the way now?

            It is as I said in my first response to you – every knock you made against Omark applied as well to Datsyuk, yet here you are defending his rookie season, and Omark’s similar rookie season (unless it now your sincere belief that Omark is going to remain a 6.6% shooter) is just barely deserving of a second look.

            One last attempt at clarity:

            Datsyuk very obviously grew a lot after his 23 year old rookie season, which was not significantly better than Omark’s rookie season. Can we not take this to mean that Omark may too grow after his 23 year old rookie season?

            Sometimes I feel anger toward whoever started making “comparables” fashionable. Suddenly you can’t compare any little similarity without someone pointing out completely unrelated flaws in your supposed “comparable.”

            I’m waiting for next week when someone tells me that Gretzky is a bad comparable for Horcoff after I mention that they both played Center for the Oilers.

          • I just pointed out 2 ways in which he was not comparable. Datsyuk was measurably twice the shooter that Omark was and his defensive abilities are uncontested.

            Other than offense and defense I cant think of other ways in which they are un-alike that matter. So I guess thats it for me.

          • Fine – Since you are going to ignore my point and insist on the comparison:

            IIRC Datsyuk played most of his rookie season with Hull and Devereaux – His +4 to Hull’s +18 and Devereaux’s +9 does not really suggest he was a defensive wizard just yet. Hull also had 63 points that year – Omark didn’t get anything like Hull to play with as far as I know.

            Datsyuk did nothing as a rookie to suggest he was going to be anything special defensively. I have no idea why you are claiming otherwise. It’s also worth noting his softer minutes on a deep team helped him in this regard tremendously.

            Interestingly, in their 22 year old Russian seasons both put up identical points per game of .64, and Omark had a higher goal scoring rate of .36/Game to Datsyuk’s .24/Game.

            Imagine how many shots Omark must have had to take to score that many more goals with his obviously inferior shot. It’s funny how coming into the NHL Omark had a better track record offensively than Datsyuk, yet 50 games later you consider it inconceivable that he could put up similar offensive numbers.

            The biggest difference in their rookie seasons was that Omark ended up getting thrown into the deep end while Datsyuk had a nice cushy introduction to the NHL.

            Now if I may go back to the actual point – if Datsyuk can grow after the age of 23 why can’t Omark? Was Datsyuk’s rookie season also fake? Was he a finished product?

            The comparison of their rookie seasons was drawn to make the simple point that he likely has plenty of room for improvement – you can chase the straw man that Datsyuk is better all day but it doesn’t address my point. It just gets me to post long winded and unnecessary comments which I shouldn’t be taking the time to write tonight.

          • Ok, here’s the thing. I dont think that trotting out one of the very best, top 5%, NHLers is the way to make the point that “he likely has plenty of room for improvement.”

            The scenario you describe and the comparison you make is to the exception not the rule. It would be like me saying that Stamkos had a good but not spectacular rookie season so therefore it’s likely that Hall will go supernova in his sophomore year too.

            Sure, it’s possible, but I wouldnt use the word “likely” as you do with Omark. It isnt likely at all. I will fully admit the possibility exists, but I disagree with the notion that it is likely.

            Comparing Omark to Datsyuk and saying that it’s likely he has plenty of growth is no different than assuming that the waitress from Iowa who moves to Hollywood is likely to become a movie star. We’re talking about a scenario that happens infrequently. Likely is not the word I would use.

          • Only if you assume that “will definitely become Datsyuk” follows from “plenty of room for improvement.” It doesn’t. I didn’t say that he will improve to Datyuk type levels, just that he will improve and that there is room for the possibility of quite a bit of improvement.

            To fix your example of Hall – “Stamkos had a good but not spectacular rookie season but improved tremendously afterwards, so therefore it’s likely that Hall also has a very good chance to improve.”

            See how I didn’t mention that he will put up the same numbers Stamkos did? Do you know why I didn’t mention that? Because it doesn’t follow and is no part of the claim.

            In the case at hand, “likely” doesn’t mean “likely to become Datsyuk,” it means “likely to improve.”

            This is why I said “room for improvement” instead of “will progress exactly like Datsyuk.”

            Based on your logic in considering Omark expendable Datsyuk too would have been highly expendable to Detroit after his rookie season. It would have been a mistake to trade him.

            Now we have a player the same age as Datsyuk was with better offensive credentials than Datsyk had and has put up a remarkably comparable rookie season after a remarkably comparable 22 year old season in Russia.

            Should he really be expendable?

            Now leave those straw men alone for a while. I am working on my CPLED assignment and can’t spend any more time compulsively responding to your comments.

          • “Based on your logic in considering Omark expendable Datsyuk too would have been highly expendable to Detroit after his rookie season. It would have been a mistake to trade him.”

            How is that based on my logic? Based on my logic it might have been foolhardy to EXPECT Datsyuk to improve so greatly, but he was hardly expendable.

            Simply looking at that 2001-2002 Redwing team shows you exactly why Datsyuk wasnt expendable. Look at the names who outscored him. Larionov, Chelios, Shanahan, Hull, Robitaille, Fedorov, Yzerman, and Lidstrom. Only Lidstrom is still around. They didnt have any long term potentials to remain top 6 forwards. Why would Datsyuk be expendable?

            Now look at the Oilers. Hall, Eberle, MPS, RNH, Gagner, and Hemsky could all play another 10 years for the Oilers if the contracts could be worked out.

            Omark is expendable, especially if he can net a decent defenseman or Goalie in a trade.

          • If he was, like Omark, a player that couldnt make the team until injuries hit and had serious problems defensively, he would have been seen as that going into this coming season. He would be playing behind superior talent that was younger and with better pedigree. Any player who has an Omarkian season and is buried on the depth chart behind younger more promising players is likely going to be seen as a spare part.

            It’s ok, TUG, Omark has a whole season to show off his stuff. Unless of course the Oilers can get someone who will actually help them win long term.

          • Yeah, I hate believing in things that are FACTUAL.

            Did he make the worst team in the league out of camp? No.

            Did he only get recalled after injuries? Yes.

            Was he a defensive nightmare? Yes

            Was he on pace for double digits in the Goals category? No

            Facts, people. Facts.

          • How can you possibly claim to know why he was demoted as fact? It’s absurd.

            Here, I’ll play.

            Fact – Everyone with a forum to air predictions predicted that regardless of performance he would be demoted due to contract considerations.

            Fact – He was demoted.

            You’re right….logical fallacies are fun.

          • In the statement you quoted I never mentioned the reason why he didnt make the club. I just said that he couldn’t, which is true.

            For someone who complains about strawmen you sure don’t have a problem taking a run at a few yourself.

  • Peterborough

    This is the kind of thing that good teams have:
    Players in the AHL that can step in for ijuries and excell not just tread water. There is no issue letting this man start in the AHL this year and be hungry and ready to rip it up when he gets the call. Same goes for Lander. This a good “problem”.

  • Lowetide

    LT, with Hartikainen and Lander both pushing for NHL roster spots and RNH, surely going to be on the team next year if not this year, I think it would be wise for the Oilers to package up a Hemsky and and Gagner to address either a solid tender or a top 2 d. What do you think a package of Gagner and Hemsky would fetch around the trade deadline. I’m thinking of a budget team like Nashville who has Weber, Suter and Rinne coming up with big money next season. If we can squeeze out one of those three, that addresses a glaring weakness on our team. I’m sure it’ll take more than just Gagner and Hemsky though. I believe we need Gagner and Hemsky on the roster as of right now to make sure the kids are still developing well, but if the kids continue to improve I believe Gagner and Hemsky are two best trade options the Oilers have and would provide the Oilers with a very good return. Barring injuries of course.

  • I don’t think Gagner development was hampered at all. He showed he could play at 18. He would of put up 50 points last year as a second line center on a terrible hockey team. Sam’s problem is in a good draft he’s a questionably a top ten pick. He has been one of the best players in his draft. He’s 22, has had four ok years on rebuilding club. His problem is not that he was developing slowly, its that he lacks consistency. I believe his consistency issues have been due to playing on a team with boatloads of injuries, and because of the constant mixing of lines he’s not once in his whole time here has he been playing for long stretches with the same guys. Look at the Sedins stats, or Iginla. It took a long time for these guys to get good. As the team improves Sam will improve and if he will turn into a 60-65 that he’s projected to be. Be patient…

    • justDOit

      I’m not saying to give up on Gags, just that we haven’t given him the proper time in the AHL. Therefore, we need to cut him some slack to show us that he can be an NHL center.

      But how much more time? Hmmm. Hopefully with 94 back, a good supporting center in Belanger and some quality 4th liners, Gagner will be a better player this year.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    My biggest fear about Omark is that he’s a small guy that needs a little more coaching to round out his game but the Oilers lose patience and trade him away for nothing.

    My comparable is a guy that played for the U of Vermont in 96-97 season (scoring 24-36-60, 36gp). The guy played in the Flames organization for a couple of years, established himself as a very competent scorer in the AHL during that time (>1 ppg), and had limited success in the NHL as well (56 gp, 18 pts). To make a long story short, the Flames let him walk after the 99-00 season. He then went to Tampa and scored >80 pts in 6 of the 10 seasons there.

    Could Omark be a poor man’s Marin St Louis?

    I don’t know about you guys, but I really hope the Oilers get a definitive answer before divesting themselves of him.

  • justDOit

    The one thing that really surprised me about Hartikainen last season was his strength on his skates. I had heard skating (foot speed) was an issue, but I really wasn’t expecting him to look as strong as he did as a rookie.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      Im with you on that, thats why it suprises me that ST signed so many tough guys this off-season and not really giving Teemu a decent shot on the 3rd/4th lines this season. Not signing Hordichuck would have givin Hartikainen that chance IMO.

  • Lowetide

    The thing about Omark is that despite age this was in fact his rookie season. I think he has enormous potential even if he never gets any better, because as time rolls on he’ll become more comfortable with the NHL game.

    I think there’s a very good chance we’ll look back on those four rookie wingers a decade from now and rank someone other than Omark as 4th best.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Seeing Weber in Oilers silks would give me a permanent grin, but Hemsky and Gagner wouldn’t cut it (as Captain said). Whitney/Weber/Gilbert/Petry is as good a top 4D as this team has seen in a while.

      • justDOit

        But that’s what the Preds are trying to avoid – having to pay any players big salaries.

        I agree that Hemsky and Gagner wouldn’t be enough though – it would probably take Hemmer, Gags, Teubert and a 1st rounder to make that deal happen. And worth every penny!

  • a lg dubl dubl

    K let me get this right instead of taking 1 player at 4mil to get rid of Webers contract Youd take back Hemsky(5+mil per say), AND Gagner(3mil+)…..ok then

      • a lg dubl dubl

        No worries, I meant Gilbert and a pick or 2 to get Weber, but if ST could get Weber for Tammy Gilbert straight up Id never question the GM again lol.

        • justDOit

          Never underestimate the power of rohypnol!

          I suspect the bidding war for Weber would see the return for him include a solid roster player, a high end prospect, and maybe 2 first rounders.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Im not sold on Jonesy either, I like him just dont think theres much room for him anymore after this yr. Ive thought about Hall at center too, Do you have Halls FO% from this last yr when he did take a draw? It would be interesting to see compared to the other centermen the Oilers have.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    “The AHL team that produced Linus Omark and Jeff Petry a year ago is ready to offload another gem.”

    Booyah. Right there. That’s what I like to hear. Makes me feel warm inside.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I for one, cannot wait for the year season when the Oilers Management’s white knuckled fear of losing a prospect to waivers is directed towards players on the farm who have a chance of being real contributors because they have shown over the maximum amount of time available that they can excel over their peers.

    Hartikainen, Petry

    Showing Well
    Hamilton, Teubert

    Klefbom, Marincin

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Oh joy! Yet another young stud to get all excited about. As Oiler fans are you guys not yet getting tired of hearing about how bright your future will be? I thought Canadian hockey fans were supposed to be intelligent. How can you keep drinking the force fed crap the Oilers are making you endure. By the time this team is close to actually competing with the upper echelon of the Nhl all of your stud youngsters will be on big ticket contracts and nobody decent to play with. Lowe and his puppet have proven to be completely inept at filling out a roster with decent nhl players. So as a Flames fan i am going to enjoy watching your team struggle yet again, while Oiler fans attempt to feed me the same crap that Oiler management is feeding them. You have some great young players but your team still sucks just as much as your city. Enjoy yet another race to the draft lottery.

  • This is not necessarily meant as a defense of Omark but theoretically dont spikes in shooting %’s normally even out to career averages? Omark was on a severe downward spike last year when called up. (I’m sure there are many contributing factors)

    Maybe that means hes not as cut out for the big leagues as some think. Maybe that means he really is going to be better than others give him credit for.*

    *= in that area of his game.

  • CanaDave

    I like that the Oilers brought in Eager and Hordichuk to presumably take the roster spot that many in Oilers Nation had penciled Harski into at the end of last season. I have no problem with a player having to earn his way onto the team in training camp as opposed to getting it based on acclimation, and I don’t think a 15 game sample at the end of the season was enough to conclusively say that he 100% deserved to be on the team this fall. If he comes into camp and blows everyone away with his performance and forces his way onto the team, I’d consider that a good problem to have.

    As far as the Omark discussions that have come up in this thread, anyone is trade-able in my opinion and if moving him brought this team a top end defenseman back then I think it would be foolish not to entertain the idea. As long as the trade isn’t Miro Satan bad and benefits the Oilers in the short and long term then I’ll take tangible assets that fit the teams long term plan over potential any day.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    For me, Omarks rookie season was fine. I just don’t see him having much upside from here.

    While Hall/Eberle/MPS all have decent chances of doubling their point totals from last year withen the next couple of years (points not PPG) I don’t think Omark really has that much room to grow (PPG wise).

    Now 40 – 50 points in a secondary scoring role is pretty decent, and would probably scratch him self out a nice career with those numbers, I wouldn’t lump him in with the others.

    • D-Man

      I won’t be surprised if Omark is around this year… Don’t get me wrong – he did have a fine rookie season, but I just can’t find a spot for him on our roster… On the right side, we’ll have Hemsky and Eberle eating up top 6 minutes, with Hall/Smyth/MPS on the left wing… Omark isn’t a better center than Gagner or Horcoff, meaning he’s slotting into a 3rd or 4th line checking role… As tenacious as Omark is along the boards or with the puck – he doesn’t have the foot speed to be an effective forechecker… He’s also too small to fit that role and isn’t a physical presence on the ice… Omark also has the option of going back to Europe to play should he not make the big club…

      As talented as Omark is, he doesn’t fit into the role we need him to play. He isn’t better than any of the other wingers I’ve mentioned earlier; I won’t be shocked if Tambo trades him for prospects or draft picks…

    • He was tied for 4th on the team in EV scoring per 60 minutes with Hall.

      His shooting percentage is all that kept it from being higher, and it is not staying at 6.6%.

      He was second to Hemsky in first assists per 60, meaning that his passes are creating goals. This was done with linemates who were not exactly sniping.

      I cannot understand why so many people just assume he has maxed out after 51 games in the league.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        I don’t think he’s maxed out, but I think he’s close.

        ie on a PPG pace metrix I would guesstimate the following up side potential from last year:

        Hall 75%

        Eberle 50%

        MPS 65%

        Omark 20%

        It’s obviously just a guess, but I’d base that off age, experience, typical athletic progression and my eye balls.