Man if we didn’t know any better we would swear that the doggiest dog days of Summer are almost over. Calgary trading Langkow was headline news today for heavens sakes. But what are you supposed to talk about if there is nothing to talk about? WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?

*wipes brow and clears throat*

How about another photoshop contest?


As the 2011-12 NHL season starts to appear on the distant horizon, this is generally the time when as Oilers fans we mentally wipe free the stain of disappointment from the past season and look ahead with unreasonable optimism to the new season.

"Perhaps Patrick O’Sullivan is the winger we need" you may say to yourself. Or "you know, if the Oilers brass think Dubnyk could be a starting goaltender in the NHL – then by gum so do I!" Whatever the case we will soon be shelled with stories of the Oilers overflowing depth chart and the promise that lurks around every corner.

But leading up to this point we thought it might be a good idea to look back on what might have been if some twists and turns in the Oilers plot line had gone the other way.


What if Daryl Katz had been able to convince Dany Heatly or Marian Hossa to sign for 100 odd seasons with the Oilers? What if the Oil had picked Seguin over Hall? What if the powers that be had dismissed Lowe instead of MacTavish? What if Chris Pronger hadn’t (classified) that (classified) pissing off his (classified) and then forcing him to (classified). Then what?

Where would we be now? What would it look like? How would that be expressed in poster form?

Now if this is to be a photoshop contest – there is going to have to be a prize. The folks at Oodle Noodle were so pumped with the last contest’s entries they decided to step up to the plate again. But this time they are sending lunch to your place of business for you and your closest 9 co-workers, excluding that jerk in accounting that you hate and your douchebag boss who probably would find a way to take the fun out of a free lunch*

So if you are living in Edmonton and area set your phasers on TASTE and get the ol’ photoshop-o-matic fired up. If you are living elsewhere than the City of Champions you can enter too. We will find an old sock or something around Wanye Manor to send your way as a prize via Canada Post.

Either way we all win!

The Top 10 entries will be decided on Friday and we will all vote to beat the band over the weekend. Send em to along with any nude photos of your girlfriend/wife/sister/mother you would care to part with.


*Hypothetical situation only. Your boss may actually be the douchebag in accounting.