Jay Feaster has my childhood haircut and the ability to talk junk. One we knew about, but the other is just pure fun. 

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. In an article entitled JAY FEASTER ANSWERS QUESTIONS FROM FANS J-Fea lays down the law on Edmonton Oiler management:

“I’m sorry — Edmonton finished where last year, caller? Want to wager on where we finish relative to Edmonton this year? I’m tired of this question, I’ll tell you very honestly. I’m getting a little sour. How many teams . . . every year, for the last 10 years, five years, eight years, have finished in the bottom five, bottom seven, bottom 10? They’ve had a pick anywhere from No. 1 to No. 10 year after year after year after year, and they still wander in the desert. And they’re no closer to getting out than they were 10 years ago. You know what? I look forward to the Battle of Alberta for the next X number of years. If the idea is, ‘Burn it to the ground,’ then Ken can find another manager to do it.”

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 The original article is here.

Wow! I love it! Calling out another organization as Jay Feaster has done here is unusual for any North American sport and extremely rare for the NHL. The best part for Oiler fans?

The response.

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Surely the Edmonton Oilers will be quick to address weakness, whether it be in goal, the blueline or elsewhere in an effort to make JayFea eat his words? Right? I mean you’ve been called out by your provincial rival. Another top 5 pick next summer hardly seems worth it. Let’s get to work on that goaltending, shall we? Jay Feaster has provided the inspiration, and my bet is that the Edmonton Oilers will respond with a lot of perspiration.

  • Lowetide

    Soo, straight plus minus is your fallback position on defense? Really?

    Gilbert’s toughness of opposition, the guys he played with and his CorsiREL tell a strong story.

  • YFC Prez

    No straight plus/minus is not my fallback position.

    Gilbert played against the toughs and got torched.

    Because he played with players equally as mediocre as he is doesn’t change his performance.

    CorsiRel is one of the silliest stats ever purveyed but it should be noted that the Oiler who had the second best on the team was Jim Vandermeer and he’s looking for a job. (Ryan Whitney was 6th among Oiler defenders)

    • Lowetide

      Look if you want to argue straight plus minus that’s fine, it’s just that there have been advances since 1967.

      For instance, SP while he was on the ice is a good indicator. That kind of thing. If you look at Gilbert’s on ice SP for instance (.889) it pales compared to Whitney’s .935.

      • The Farmer

        Ugh, not another Gilbert thread…

        Corsi is based on both offensive and defensive shots, so any lack of aptitude on the defensive side of the ice would be masked by Gilbert’s obvious strengths moving the puck to the offensive side, and the ES shots that would ensue.

        Also, Gilbert was 10th in the league (defensemen) last year in even strength giveaways per 60 minutes at 2.76, and 3rd in the league with a total of 66.

        • Lowetide

          Corsi Rel is the expression of shots for and against (Corsi) relative to teammates (subtracted from teammates). So if Gilbert has the best CorsiRel (check) then he is in fact the best available option.

          We can’t put him on another team, but we know from behind the net that Gilbert faced the toughest competition, did it with Peckham and Smid, and ended up with the best CorsiRel to the rest of his team.

          I don’t know that we can subtract one from the other (offense-defense) but that (as described) is about the best you can expect from a defenseman on a 30th place team if the goalie behind him is shooting .889.

      • Ducey

        A soon as you can show definitively that Gilbert had absolutely nothing to do with the dreadful save percentage while he was on the ice, we can have a meaningful conversation.

        How, exactly, do you explain Whitney’s .935?

        A .046 difference is huge.

        Any chance it had something to do with the defenseman playing in front of the goaltender?

        Go for it.

        • Lowetide

          I would argue that neither SP is sustainable. We know luck plays a heavy role in all of this, and I can’t imagine Whitney’s number could be repeated on that team.

      • Quicksilver ballet


        So, you’re of the belief that a player (especially a defenseman) shouldn’t be assessed by how many goals are scored against his team when he’s on the ice but judging his performance by how many shots are attempted while he’s on the ice and then comparing that to his team mates on the worst team is hockey is valid?

        Alrighty then. Carry on.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Any stat that shows Sean O’donnell as superior defensivly to Chris Pronger or Brian Campbell superior defensivly to Seabrook/Kieth clearly has some holes.

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            Lots of holes to be sure.

            Nearly every stat, with the exception of goals and assists, is like that.

            Problem is, folks tend to pick a stat that helps them make a case and ignore the rest.

            What stats would you employ to illustrate that Gilbert is a fine defenseman and which would you ignore?

          • Mark-LW

            Hard to find a stat that isn’t like that, including goals and assists.

            Kessel has scored more goals than Datsyuk for three straight years, yet it would be hard to find many people who would have preferred Kessel over that time period.

          • RexLibris

            But it doesn’t take a math degree to figure that out.

            It also doesn’t take a math degree to figure out Gilbert is not a very good defenseman.

            He’s chaos on ice and every stat you want to pull shows it.

            He gets hit by a lot of shots though.

        • Wax Man Riley

          OB1 Team RNH – F.S.T.N.F wrote:

          The only thing as silly as CorsiRel is GAON/60

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now. By those stats OMARK is our best defensive forward…… OMARK!

          I cannot trust those advanced stats. I recommend using them in combination with +/-, blocked shots, and “saw him good”

  • The Farmer

    I don’t get the whole cut NK movement.

    Katz is a businessman, he won’t do it. He ate one year of Souray’s contract this summer, he’s not about to also eat two years of Khabibulin’s, especially if he can help the club at the very least as a backup to Dubnyk.

    • Lowetide

      I understand that, and if he can play at a replacement level then fine, NK is an NHL starter likely to have injury trouble or an expensive backup.

      But–and please understand I know he was a good NHL goalie for a long time–it doesn’t matter how many years they signed him for at this point.

      Khabibulin is an older goalie with a lot of miles. If he can’t play in the NHL, he can’t play in the NHL. There’s no sin there. The contract was signed and the Oilers will honor it, but Khabibulin may end up playing in OKC or Minsk.

      That’s all I’m saying. I’m sure he’s a great guy and he’s certainly had a fine career.

      • Red Rooster

        LT, you really need to get over this NK hate. The story of this year’s Oil goaltending is DD. If he can prove he can be a solid starter, then they look for a back-up next year. If DD can’t get it done, they look for a starter next year. NK is of no importance to this organization, other than being an expensive back-up this year. Unless NK has a christ-like resurrection the Oil will eat his salary next year.

        I wonder how many people now advocating the “do what it takes to improve now” approach are the same ones who whined about always struggling to just make the playoffs each year and then face an almost certain 1st round exit?

        I suspect JF’s comments were in response to Phelgm fan’s concerns that the only quality players they have are 30+ with a very sparse prospect pipeline. Complete opposite to the Oil who have very few proven NHLers but with prospects everywhere. I think JF is already feeling the heat that the Phlegms are likley to be the old Oilers (at best) over the next few years (i.e. struggle to make or just miss the playoffs then a quick exit if they make).

  • Ha.

    Those are bold and big words from the GM of a team who’s season was the same length as ours.

    We’re SUPPOSED to suck right now.


    I’ll take our position versus theirs any time. Be more professional, Feaster. You’ve got your own problems.

  • Lowetide

    The Flames are in the same position as the Oilers were at the end of 2007-2008…just missed the playoffs 2 years in a row and not able to get the free agents they want. I’m sorry, I’ve watched the Flames closely, even had season tix when I lived there for a few years (don’t worry, I still wore my Oilers jersey), and they are not what they used to be. Half this team is up for UFA in a year, the other half will retire a year after. 0 prospects in the system…ok 1, but he was just drafted and doesn’t have the talent to change a franchise. I get where Feaster is coming from, but he’s not in a position to be talking crap to anyone. He’s been lucky enough not to sustain any serious injuries, but boy oh boy is this team got a while before it’s a contender. Good luck making the playoffs Feaster…even if they get lucky and make it they will lose out in 4 straight. I know everyone has been wondering if he’s building through FA acquisitions, or if he’s going to burn it down…I guess he’s not going to burn it down. I can’t wait for Hall to embarass this team.

  • Ducey

    Meh… Who cares what Feaster says? The Oiler management is supposed to jump now that their rival GM said jump?

    I guess you mean more like motivation in head to head match ups? That I can see. But as far as changing their long term plans and speeding everything up immediately. I do not see that at all.

    I am wondering if Feaster was talking about himself with that comment about picking high year after year and going nowhere most of the time. He did that pretty nicely in Tampa. Not to mention he had a scouting staff in place that did not exactly draft a lot of quality outside their high first rounders. He could never surround those high picks / good players with the depth to help make them a good team.

  • If Feaster is suggesting that Tambellini can’t build a team other than by drafting, that isn’t completely off. Eventually the Oilers will need to add NHL players which hasn’t been Tambellini’s area of strength to date.


    Quinn, Comrie, Foster, Fraser, Vandermeer, Giroux, Belle, Petiot, Gerber have been 1 & done under Tambellini.

    Hopefully one of Barker, Belanger, or Eager will meet/exceed expectations..Waiting for the prospects to develop and hoping Shea Weber signs here in a few years isn’t good enough.

    I target Ryan Suter now. Not on July 1st 2012.

    Some combination of Hemsky,Gagner,Omark,Pitlick, 2nd for a guy Nashville can’t lose for nothing.

    Kevin Klein is plan B-?

  • Red Rooster

    Jay, grow up. We shipped our JF out because he didn’t cut it. You’ve got several years of *ss kicking coming from the ‘Oilers’. Sucks to be you.

  • Lowetide

    Tambilini knows there is a problem with goaltending. He can move Khabby anytime, with a prospect or pay him to play elesewhere.What he is still trying to do is acquire a goaltender, but the problem is he is not willing to give enough up. Not all the prospects are going to with the Oilers, he has to deal some now to become that playoff team. Either deal a prospect or maybe a vetran who won’t be around for the cup runs. Hemsky can turn very Quick-ly into an elite goalie for a long time.

    • Lowetide

      Are you on the Koolaid? “Anytime”. What GM in right freakin mind would trade for Bulin. Name me one. You would need to throw in more than in a prospect to get that deal done. Tambo has 2 options. OKC and KHL. And the KHL will reqiure an amount of GMing that would make Scotty Bowman look like a minor league manager.Goodness give your head a shake. I’d love to have Lowetide interview you on Nation radio. He’d give you a reality check. Quick for Hemsky. Does Colin Fraser ring a bell? The next time L.A. does a deal with edmonton it will be long after I am dead. And I am not planning to die anytime soon. Wow.

      • Mark-LW

        The moon.Jupiter. Part of Uranus. And whole lot of heavenly intervention. If DL ever trades with Tambo again I’ll be stunned.Talk about burning your bridges. Tambo lit that bridge up like Christmas in September.DL is still chocking on that deal.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Sure, we’re cellardwellers right now, but I’d rather have the high picks that come from being last place, than have the middle-of-the-road draft position of a 9th place team like the Flames. The Oilers need to keep developing from the inside; the FA’s and missing pieces will fall into place as our core group gets older and better. Tambo, you better not make a liar out of me…

    Oh, and irrelevant though it may be, our five Cup banners sure look better than Calgary’s one. So HAH!

  • Prudham's

    I don’t agree that Oilers Management will be compelled to make different player acquisitions because of this comment. Admitting that another guy has that much power over how you do your job is bad in itself, and also looks like you were not convinced of your plan in the first place. Tambo seems too fastidious to ever look that way.

    Supposing you’re right, it will never be provable. If the Oilers make a change to goaltending, even if it were tomorrow, you can’t prove the correlation. It might look like a correlation, but it could also be unrelated. If something like that happened, Tambo would have to admit he did it due to Mr. Feaster, which I doubt he will do.

  • Lowetide

    Calgary has the arrogance to think they will finish ahead of us this season. Good luck with that Hee Haw. The over the hill gang is in for a wake up call with avengence when the Oil kick thier collective butts this season. Eat hoof prarie dog eaters.BTW when did Feaster stop taking his Zyprexa???

  • Ned Braden

    TreenasOil said…

    Tambilini knows there is a problem with goaltending. He can move Khabby anytime, with a prospect or pay him to play elesewhere.What he is still trying to do is acquire a goaltender, but the problem is he is not willing to give enough up. Not all the prospects are going to with the Oilers, he has to deal some now to become that playoff team. Either deal a prospect or maybe a vetran who won’t be around for the cup runs. Hemsky can turn very Quick-ly into an elite goalie for a long time.

    Wanye, what the hell? Why has this woman’s avatar not been uploaded yet? Could you put down your Photoshop Tools and Nation Radio file compression run for two friggin minutes and do something useful for a change?

  • Ned Braden

    @ Treenas Oil

    I have to agree with “michael” on this one, there is no way LA and Edmonton make another trade while Lombardi is still the GM.

    @ Lowtide

    If you want to hear an interview with “Treenas Oil” just turn down the dial at 12pm Monday through Friday.

    But I would love to hear the “story” of how someone in Oilers management knows a soft core porn actress well enough to give all this information to.

    • Take a look at her post here. Incredibly broad, filled with unsubstantiated statements that fail to hold up against even the most common of senses, and just enough wordplay to hint that she knows more than she’s willing to say.

      It was an Oiler-centic horoscope, and nothing more.

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      Where, exactly, might i find these interviews and are you implying she’s a softcore porn actress? If so I need to investigate these allegations further, please provide me with links including pictures and videos. Thank you.

  • Ned Braden

    @ Arch, oh trust me I know. That is why I said turn the dial. “She” takes what she hears from Stauffer puts out a bunch of vague BS and then rolls with it. I like to refer to her as Ecklund 2.0

    @ Max Powers

    David Staples did a little digging on her. Someone traced the picture “she” is using on twitter to Emma Stone a topless model but TreenasOil states she left that industry and is staring a new life as an Oilers insider and nurse.


  • Quicksilver ballet

    I agree, lets vote this treena off the Island.

    If we had a couple decent blueliners we wouldn’t need the goaltenders to be all world on every night. Elite goaltending can’t be counted on to make up for a mediocre blueline.

    Tambellini is purposely left two gapping holes on this hockey club, he’s driving this thing facefirst into the mud for yet one more season.

  • John Chambers

    Jay Feaster is selling hope. Just like every GM. Aside from moving a few big contracts and overpaying for Tanguay, the Flames are more or less the same team as last year, but with depreciating assets in Iginla and Kiprusoff.

    If Calgary had been a strong regular-season club last year and had won a playoff round, they’d be in a better position to strut. Instead they continue to trend downward – Feaster’s comments are those of a desperate team trying to convince fans to be optimistic after striking out with Brad Richards.

  • RexLibris

    I get where Feaster is coming from. From what I’ve gathered in talking to Flames fans and bloggers they are sick to death of hearing from every out-of-town media personality and even some of their own fans about what Edmonton is doing and how Edmonton is going to be so good soon and when is Calgary going to trade Iginla and are they ready for a rebuild yet.

    Personally, my hope for Calgary is perpetual mediocrity. No hope, ever. But then I have a visceral dislike for the Flames, Stamps, Roughnecks, Vipers, Hitmen, etc.

    As I see it Calgary is in almost exactly the same spot that the Oilers were in a few years back (don’t tell them that either, it really ticks them off) and they have been throwing ballast overboard by way of picks and prospects for years just to try and maintain altitude. They have something like 70% of their roster going UFA over the next two years and are set up like Wall Street in the fall of ’08. They can see the crash coming, they all know it’s there, they just don’t want to think about it. We shouldn’t be surprised, how many Oiler fans thought Patrick O’Sullivan was going to be a 60pt second-line depth scorer. Our job will be to remind Flames fans in three or four years when they get all excited about a rebuild what it was they said about the strategy of tearing it all down.

    I hope that Feaster is around for the rebuild, or retool, or whatever term they want to use to dissociate themselves from us, because with his trading/drafting record they’ll be lucky to get a 4th pairing defenseman and a 6th round pick for Iginla with Jay at the helm. Personally, I’d like to see Iginla retire a Flame.

    If Oiler fans want to be upset or worried about something worry about the Flames crashing during the draft year of players like Nathan MacKinnon, Sam Reinhart, and Curtis Lazar. Even Feaster couldn’t screw up that pick.

    When I want to trade barbs with a Flames fan I usually tell them about how the more I hear a Calgarian talk about how world-class their city is the more they sound like someone from Toronto. And now with their roster looking a lot like a Leafs 2nd tier alumni team it makes it all the sweeter.

    As for the Gilbert and Khabibulin drama: Gilbert should stay, he’s healthy and dependable and the team withouth him right now is worse than with him. Khabibulin isn’t going anywhere right now, next summer maybe, at the deadline if we’re really lucky and say our prayers every night, but otherwise he’ll be here all year, and maybe then some.

  • John Chambers

    Feaster is backing his own way to get better over the Oiler way . Results show Flames doing better their way , than we are doing it with ours . Feasters right till if and we prove him to be wrong . I prefer to just miss the playoffs than be a lotto team to be honest .

  • Lowetide

    I think the Feaster comments are very interesting. The typical quote would have been “Edmonton’s injuries in 09-10 dictated a rebuild and shucks we hope we can avoid that” but he didn’t do it.

    It’s a thing. Jay Feaster didn’t use the book of boring. I think it’s refreshing.

  • justDOit

    Feaster is shootin’ the p!ss at us? He must still believe that his Cup win was all his doing, even though he largely inherited his championship team.

    LT: Maybe you guys could get Feaster on ON to ask him about his strategy of trading premier defenseman for nothing?

  • OutDoorRink

    Feaster is treading water and trying to make it sound as if he’s a dolphin. Atta boy, Flipper!

    “I prefer to just miss the playoffs than be a lotto team to be honest .”

    Not me, not during a rebuild. Both teams seasons end at the same time, but for the lotto team, Christmas comes early.

  • O.C.

    Late to the party.

    Short term pain, long term gain.

    Unless Flames make bold moves, they are destined to experience the slow leak… with the goal to try to make the playoffs and hope for the best.

    Been there.

  • OutDoorRink

    Although it’s pretty difficult to divine Feaster’s tone of voice in a written transcript, it’s pretty clear he’s had LOTS of questions about going the Penguins/Hawks/Oilers tear-it-down rebuild method and was feeling frustrated by it. Or maybe he’s just naturally snarky.

    Whatever – his drive-by snipe on the Oilers probably need not draw too much of our attention.

    The fact is, I could care less about Jay Feaster’s philosophy on team rebuilds … or the price of tea in China, for that matter.

    The truth is, the goings-on of the Calgary Flames just aren’t worth the trouble. As we saw with the vandalism on the all-in-fun sign outside of McMahon Stadium, there’s just no point in engaging Calgarians in sports talk anymore. It’s tiresome.

    If Feaster figures the better method is to go out and sign free agents and make big trades, then so be it. And if he makes it work, good on him. What he’s gotta realize – and I’m sure he cares not a whit about – is that the trade-and-free-agent method didn’t work in Edmonton. That’s why the teardown-and-rebuild method is in full swing in Edmonton. It was really the only play we had left in the playbook.

    But if Feaster figures he make sign-and-trade work in Calgary – a city whose warts are barely distinguishable from Edmonton’s in the eyes of many NHLers – then God bless him. But surely he must realize that he can make no claims on the merits of his philosophy in the here and now. His team missed the playoffs last year.

    I’m sure that Feaster realizes that rebuilding with kids through the draft is a philosophy that’s been around far longer than the current Penguins and Blackhawks have. The Islanders built through the draft. So did those strong Avalanche teams of the 1990s (thanks to the Nords’ three No. 1 picks in a row). The Red Wings’ core of the last 20 years was one developed by the draft. And, as we all know, the core group of the dynasty-era Oilers were drafted.

    If Jay wishes to ignore all that, then nothing can be done for him. By opting out of that, he’s just not credible.

    And that, dear Flames fans, should make you shudder.