Ah yes, is there anything funnier than photoshop contests? In a word: No.

This Thursday evening finds the stunning blonde locks on Lauren Pronger gleaming in the September sunshine and the unfairly crisp air is signalling that hockey season will soon be upon us.



At the request of several heavy hitters in previous photoshop contests, we are extending the deadline until next Wednesday. Of the entries we have received so far we have called the audible that the two pics above are the first two finalists out of the final 5 we will post.

The theme? What if the Oilers had one of their many breaks go the other way? What if Lauren Pronger had her trade request denied and ol’ 44 and the Oilers were able to work things out? What if recently interviewed Jason Bonsignore had been a superstar for the Copper and Orange instead of a Grade A bomb?

Remember that Oodle Noodle is going to send lunch for 10 people to your work if you live in Edmonton and if you win. Think you are popular now because you "always bring the best thing to the Christmas Pot Luck lunch?" Candy cane Rice Krispie squares ain’t got nothing on free Oodle Noodle. You will probably be named a Director of the company within a week of winning the contest.

Shoot your ol’ pal Wanye your contest entries Nation. Your career could depend on it!


A new month means nothing to the onslaught of Smyth Omens flooding the market. Our main man Evan sent the pic above with the explanation:

"The other day my Dad asked me to pick up his mail from his mailbox, and then proceeded to nonchalantly tell me that his mailbox was #94. I was taken aback that such a Smyth omen had been under my nose this entire time. #94 protecting our paychecks, thank you Sir! Also of note is the lucky S.O.B. who gets the #99 mailbox."

One would have to think that a number 94 mailbox would be a valuable asset indeed. Not only is it the hardest working mailbox on the squad but it is durable too – rarely remaining broken for long. Years from now historians will note what a lucky fellow Evan has been.

As always if the religious experience that is Ryan Smyth returning home has affected you in any way – and you managed to snap a picture – send em to your ol’ pal Wanye at