Such A Klefbom–Updated***

This is Oscar Klefbom. He’s hurt–again!

The last time the Oilers had a pick this injury prone in the months after the draft it was Marc Pouliot. Oscar Klefbom was injured after 5 pre-season games in the SEL He went 5gp, 0-1-1 E before sustaining an injury. A brilliant Swedish blog gives us the news:

    Klefbom was unlucky enough to get cut on his thigh by an ice skate, the wound was sewn with ten stitches, and when the stitches were removed there was an infection. Now Klefbom is on penicillin which also prohibits him from playing.

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That was at the beginning of the month, and the good news had to be that it wasn’t serious and wouldn’t really impact his season. WELL, we have another injury. VARMLAND GATE reported the following on Thursday:

  • Färjestads Oscar Klefbom were injured during the team’s workout this morning. According to New Wermlands-magazine online edition, he was tackled, dropped his helmet and hit his head on the ice.FBK’s physiotherapist Mattias Hell says the NWT that it may take up to two days before we can determine if he sustained a concussion. According to Matthias Hell will Klefbom receiving shaft cover on the chin at the rigging and then lost his helmet before he hit the ice.

Great. Just great.

Marc Pouliot started his injury career with broken bones and concussions, and eventually graduated to "pubis" difficulties. Is this what we can expect from Oscar? What does Klefbom mean anyway?

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All kidding aside, the biggest hurdle for defensemen is injury. The early injury was one thing but a concussion is an entirely different matter. It’s a story worth following.

UPDATE: Our friend dohfOs has an update on the situation:

Just got word from Färjestad and it’s good news. Klefbom is good to go.

  • Where's Your Towel

    My only hope is that Oscar is an Injury Singularity. An Accident Black Hole of sorts.

    Having him on the roster to act as a living magnet for unfortunate circumstances and unforseen danger might be just what this team needs.

  • O.C.

    Freak injuries from skate blades don’t make me nervous.
    Shoulders, knees, groins, ankles, and brains are my concern.

    Moreau. Horcoff. Hemsky. Souray.

    Once on a pattern of IR time, it seems it becomes habit forming.

    Here’s hoping Whitney is resolved, and that Hemsky is a little choosier on his lanes.

    Horcoff… Meh.

  • Damn. The skate cut I pretty much sluffed off. But hitting his head on the ice… potentially a pretty big deal. Hopefully he didn’t concuss himself, or that’s one for the ol’ punch card.

  • He really is an Oiler ain’t he..

    On another note. Google Translate really know how to make things funny. Your source there is “Sveriges Radio” (which is; Swedish Radio) and their local channel for Värmland (which is the region of the town Karlstad, where Färjestads BK and Klefbom play). Their source is however “Nya Wermlands-tidningen” (commonly known as NWT). Either way, there is no such thing as the “Varmland Gate” heh..

    Also, the original article was written 4 days ago (and they said they would know as soon as the day after but no update on the matter that I’ve managed to find). The original source also tells you “he was quite clear and it does not seem like he got a concussion”. So no reason to panic, yet..

    I’ve tried to contact Färjestad for more information concerning his latest “injury” but no reply as of now.

    And cheers for calling my Swedish Oil brilliant 😉

    Oh.. and Klefbom has no real meaning whatsoever in Swedish as far as I know..

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Blaaaarg, this is the last thing we need to hear. Here’s hoping he pulls through, shakes it off, and becomes a solid top-4 defenseman for the Oil for many years to come…

  • justDOit

    Well, the scouting reports say that he plays with an edge, and sometimes that means you take some punishment too.

    It’s too bad that he’s not playing tonight. I would like to see him along side Marincin, Musil and Teubert.

  • “Klef” is the old Swedish spelling of “klev”, which means ravine or gorge.
    It’s of the same Germanic origin as the English word “cliff”.

    A “bom” is a pole, like the ones you’ll see at a railroad crossing. But it could basically be any kind of (horizontal) bar, beam or boom – often wooden.
    The Swedish word “bom” is obviously related to both “beam” and “boom”, and originally the word meant “tree” (a meaning which lives on in the German word “baum”).

    As an amateur etymologist, I’d say Klefbom basically means “Ravine log”, as in a log or a fallen tree trunk placed across a ravine in order to get from one side of the chasm to the other.

  • misfit

    “The last time the Oilers had a pick this injury prone in the months after the draft it was Marc Pouliot.”

    Didn’t plant have a pretty bad injury in camp the year he was drafted too?