This is the type of promotional video the Oilers should have. That is former NHLer Pasi Nurminen, who once fought Ty Conklin, driving the Zamponi.  I love that they call it a Zamponi. 

My Finnish buddy and NHL correspondent for Helsingin Sanomat, Jouni Niemimen, translated what Pasi was yelling. "THAT (The Zamboni) BARELY MOVED! DO I HAVE TO DO THIS MYSELF TOO?!" 

Gold, Jerry, Gold.

I like the spunk Antti Tyrvainen showed in the rookie tourney, and look for he and fellow Finn, Lennart Petrell, to grab Tom Renney’s attention during main camp and into the preseason.

The Oilers will be huffing, puffing, biking and jumping their way through physicals tomorrow. Outside of the usual VO2 tests, they get their eyes and ears checked, the lovely body fat test and other fun things. Brandon Davidson tested the best out of the rookies, so I wonder which vet will test the best. Any guesses? I’ll go with Ladislav Smid.

The Oilers have three days of camp before their split squads host Minnesota in Edmonton and Chicago in Saskatoon on Tuesday. The Oilers have eight days between their final preseason game, Oct 1st in Vancouver, and their season-opener v. the Penguins on Sunday the 9th, so Renney will have ample time to fine tune his system.

He won’t spend as much time on system play early camp this year like he did last year, mainly because most of the guys who have a realistic shot of making the team know his system, while the new vets; Belanger, Sutton, Smyth, Barker, Eager and Hordichuk have enough experience that they should pick it up rather easily.

"Guys should be comfortable in our system. What they need to learn quickly is how uncomfortable it feels when you don’t execute it properly," Renney said.

I’m sure many of you were thinking "How can we keep the same system when we finished 30th?" It is a valid point, but it is clear from Renney’s comments that it is more about understanding and executing the system. Renney will be a different coach this season. He won’t be, and can’t afford to be, as patient as he was last year.

The Oilers don’t need to make the playoff for him to keep his job longterm, but he will want to see a major improvement. This team needs to be close to the playoffs in the middle of the playoffs, and by close I mean six to ten points out.


I’m interested to see what line combinations Renney will start with. Based on past history, the lines we see for the first preseason games won’t be the same as opening night, but Renney has some ideas based on last season, however, he wasn’t willing to divulge them on my show yesterday.

The best part of the preseason are predictions. Who will make the playoffs, who will score the most goals, have the most points, which coach gets fired first, how long before fans start calling for a coach/GM’s head, who will make the team and who will play together?

It’s fun stuff because there are rarely any wrong opinions, unless you pick the Islanders to make the playoffs. Some guesses are more educated, some filled with blind-faith, most are lucky, but all of them contain one consistent ingredient; Passion.

Between now and opening night, October 6th, the fanbase in every city believes their team has a shot. "If we can stay healthy we have a shot." "If our young kids take the next step we look good," are some of the usual phrases fans blurt out discussing their team at work, on the Nations, on radio, in their men’s league dressing room, at their kids hockey practices, with their buddies, and sometimes with their spouse.

Here’s some combos I’d like to see early in preseason.

Ryan Smyth- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins-Ales Hemsky
Taylor Hall- Sam Gagner- Jordan Eberle
Magnus Paajarvi-Shawn Horcoff-Linus Omark
Ryan Jones- Eric Belanger-Ben Eager
Lennart Petrell-Gilbert Brule-Darcy Hordichuk

I like Smyth to protect Nugent-Hopkins early on just like Horcoff did with Eberle and Hall last season. Let’s see if Gagner can keep up with Hall and if he is ready to make the step to becoming an impact top-two centre. The Swedes had some chemistry last year, and Horcoff can act as their security blanket.

If Jones, Eager and Belanger are the so-called 4th line, then maybe the Oilers can compete. Renney made it clear to me yesterday that he wants a 4th line that he can rely on. The Oilers top-thee lines aren’t good enough or productive enough, yet, to play 53 minutes a night. He needs, and expects, a reliable, energetic and productive 4th line. 
The blueline pairings are also intriguing. Will Ryan Whitney will likely be on the ice to start camp, but I’d be surprised if he played on Tuesday. His health will have a major impact on D-pairings, but if he was healthy I’d like to see these to start:


I’m still not sold that Petry wouldn’t benefit from some more seasoning in the AHL, but if he is here I’d play him with Whitney. The obvious risk to that philosophy is it means Gilbert and Smid will face the opposition’s first line. In the longterm I don’t see them as a #1 shut down pairing, but I’m not sure the Oilers have any tandem that would fall into that category, so that honour falls to them.

I’d bring Barker along slowly and let him build his confidence in the 3rd pairing. Peckham was the Oilers 2nd most consistent D-man last year, so play him with Barker and let them battle the 2nd and 3rd lines. If their confidence grows and they become consistent Steve Smith can give them more difficult matchups as the season progresses.

Who would you like to see together?

Let the games begin baby….Hockey is back!


The good news about that video is that they shot it before Finland won the World Championships this past Spring. Nurminen was much more sober during this shoot than he was a long-night of celebrating. (Shout out to mister_plow for the reminder. 

  • Craig1981

    I looked at your forward combinations at thought “wow we have an pretty solid young team”. Then I saw the defense…..then I remembered out goaltending

  • sofarsogood

    Somewhere down the line I think eberle will benefit most from rnh, pitlick second as they are the snipers. hall will get more of his goals from the rush. RNH will be sent down after 9 and anytime after WJ may be brought back. Just a thought, it would be nice if the oil kings traded for RNH, Bunz, and Pitlick (get him for a song as he would be in okl anyway). With there defence they could then make a run for it. Sorry for getting off topic.

  • The 1st mistress is saying that we might see a McCabe PTO tomorrow. Getting another veteran on the blue line would go a long way to making this team consistent and competitive. Given Tambo’s record, however, I am not optimistic that it will happen.

    That ‘Zamponi’ commercial is fantastic.

  • OilLeak

    Hmmn. I’m not sold on that first line. RNH and Hemsky should be separated as they are both pass first players. I see would like to see:

    Smyth – Gagner – Eberle

    2 way winger/Net Presence-Play maker-2 Way winger

    Hall- Horcoff/Belanger – Hemsky

    Shooter – Two way Center – Play maker

    Paajarvi – Horcoff/Belanger – Omark

    2 way winger – 2 way Center – Play maker

    Jones – Brule/Rookie – Eager/Hordichuk

    Shooter/D liability- Shooter/Rookie-Agitator/Goon



    IF RNH makes the team he will be slotted in various lines and will play sheltered minutes and get some PP time. Once injuries take over look for a bigger role as the season wears on.

    Horcoff and Belanger are interchangeable; Lander will replace Horcoff when he eventually goes down mid season to injury. Brule may get a chance on the fourth line(injured reserve?) or one of OKC guys will get the spot. Eager and Hordichuk will get rotated, with Eager getting the bulk of the playing time.

    The First 3 lines are balanced with a vet and up and coming young players. Each line has some scoring ability and a defensive conscience.

    4th line is kind of iffy, but will depend on who wins the day in training camp.

    • OilLeak

      Also, to clarify the 2 – way players are the likely the candidates for PK duty and some PP time. Jones will also get pk time, but to this point is not a great defensive player and doesn’t have the best skating ability or mobility.

      Play makers are also the PP specialists and will see the bulk off PP time, along with Hall.

      Yes, I’m hating on Jones again, he’s not a good hockey player, but I still like the guy.

  • Truth

    If I was making the lines I would try this first:

    Hall – Gagner – Hemsky Smyth – RNH – Eberle, Paajarvi – Belanger – Omark, Jones – Horcoff – Eager

    Whitney – Gilbert, Petry – Smid, Peckham – Barker, Sutton – Chorney/Fedun

    Edit: if only I knew how to put spaces in there…

  • OilLeak

    As an experiment would love to see RNH and Omark together. They both have a different way of seeing the ice (although RNH is by far better with that), and may have some different chemistry than we’ve seen in a while.

  • JJmorrocco

    Whats the chance of Hartikainan making the squad this year? Or will he be a be a call up for injury? I am guessing he does not have to cleat waivers this year? I liked his game when he was here last year, always hungry for the puck, and liked the front of the net.

    • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!


      This kid needs to be given the same opportunity as Petry, Teubert, and Chorney are on defence – a chance to make the team without some washed up vets eating up spots.

      ST will have to find a spot for him by “moving guys around” if he’s ready. Last year he looked like he was.

        • I’m thinking the guy in question is Horcoff, but that’s a guess. I wouldnt say he’s washed up, just not able to produce the quality of play needed from someone with his salary. If he treads water in terms of performance he isnt washed up, but he isnt very good. If Father Time starts eating away more of his ability like I think it will then he wont be far away from washed up, but not yet.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            So we are moving Horcoff to “make room” for Hartikanen?

            Lets keep in mind that Horc was arguably (very strong argument)our best center last year, and that he will probably be the best or close to the best center this year.

            Theirs also a really good chance he’ll be one of the best 4 or 5 forwards on the team.

          • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

            I’m using the term loosely. How many of the bottom six guys set to make the team (based on the one way contracts) would you put ahead of Harti?

          • Belanger, Omark, Paajarvi, Eager, and Jones. Three just signed contracts this off season, two just finished rookie seasons. 4 are occupying the bottom 6 winger spots.

            All Hartikainen has to do is beat out RNH, Lander, and Brule for the last Centre job and he has a spot.

          • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

            I put Lander in the same boat as Harti – capable of playing here but likely going to OKC because of the recent signings.

            RNH goes back to the Rebels after 9 games, IMO. Lander and Harti go to OKC until then. Likely one of them will come back up once RNH is sent back.


            Pressbox: Hordichuk & either Lander or Harti.

            Long term, Harti TRUMPS 67, 28, 55, and Hordichuk. Again, my opinion.

          • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

            I’m thinking more long term. I’m betting he’ll be more valuable to the Oil in the next couple of years than the guys I mentioned above.

            Valuable could be contract amount, playing time, etc. Not points amount necessarily.


          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Ah, ya he’ll likely be more valuable then the others long term… that’s not saying a whole bunch though as the others aren’t really that valuable.

            Still pretty hard to make that call after 12 games.

          • Jason Gregor

            Paajarvi,Jones, and Eager. Eager is not washed up and Jones is coming off his best season. Please tell me which of these guys are washed up veterans.

            Hartikainen looked decent late in the year on a 30th place team. The fact he had some size is what impressed most people.

            He likely will get more seasoning in the AHL. He isn’t better than Eager, the only guy he might push is Omark…

            Hordichuk will play 40 some games. I don’t want Hartikainen playing ever 2nd game. He can still develop in the AHL playing every night.

  • I agree with your lineup although I don’t like Gagner playing with Hall and Eberle. But I like Smyth playing with RNH. I suggest switching Hemsky and Eberle so the lines are

    Taylor Hall- Sam Gagner-Ales Hemsky
    Ryan Smyth- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins-Jordan Eberle
    Magnus Paajarvi-Shawn Horcoff-Linus Omark
    Ryan Jones- Eric Belanger-Ben Eager
    Lennart Petrell-Gilbert Brule-Darcy Hordichuk

    Although I don’t like spliting up Eberle and Hall I think having Smyth and Eberle to help out defensively would be good.


    Your defense is what I would like to see but all signs point to Petry getting sent to the AHL because of Chorney’s contract. Unless he has an amazing camp I see him being sent down.

  • No way, no how is RNH being sent back to junior.
    I don’t know how this “send him down to put on weight” train got so much momentum, but please, stop it.

    A team that came in last two years in a row, that needs a gifted centre, is not going to send him away.

    I’d guess the opening night roster will look exactly as the lines Gregor has put out that he would like to see in pre-season.

  • I like the line combos’s, I’ll be watching to see if Gagner speed has improved over the summer. If not I would like to see if hopkins might be able to slide into that spot, I know you cant play all rookies/young players together, but it would be nice to see in the pre-season.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Wow, I had hard focusin on the article between those two videos lol. I liked the spunk that the Finn showed in rookie camp though.

    I am going to the game in Saskatoon on Tuesday so it should be interesting to see how they split the squads that day. Last year they said that Eberle and some other westerners would be playing in the Saskatoon game. I can’t wait for the games to begin.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    regardless of lines combinations right at this moment, the mere fact we are discussing a near date to the hockey season beginning is wonderful news.

    ps. RNH first line center all year long. has aretha franklin taught you naysayers nothing at all…he just needs a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    How has no one mentioned Lander? He was by far the standout player at camp, along with Bunz and RNH. I’d like to see an all swedish line at least during pre-season…I can understand if a player gets sent down, but in preseason you gotta try it…

    I like the idea of splitting the vets up. Here’s what I see happening…(since you were all eager with anticipation)…

    Hall – Gagner – Eberle
    Smyth – RNH – Hemsky
    Paajarvi – Lander – Omark
    Eager – Belanger – Jones
    Hartikainen – VandeVelde – Pitlick
    *eventually one of Lander or RNH gets sent down and Horcoff steps into their shoes.

    P.S. From what I’ve heard, RNH is sticking with this team. I want to see more out of the guy as it’s early and he hasn’t played against men yet, but ultimately I believe the kid will play his way onto the team. If he doesn’t…I guess we’re stuck with Brule…or we can keep Lander up.

    • Nope, not a centre, which would make him beating RNH, Lander, or Brule all the more spectacular. It aint happening, but then again we’re still talking about sending down the 1st overall pick to juniour, and that hasnt been done since before RNH was born. So I guess this is still the time for fairy tales and make-believe, therefore Hartikainen still has a shot at making the team without the Oilers being decimated by injury first.

      I like the guy as a prospect, but how is he going to make it this year without losing guys first?

      • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

        Not to be a pessimist or take anything away from RNH, but the only way (and it’s a very possible one) he makes the team is as a power play specialist.

        He won’t play many EV mins.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Ya I can’t see it happening…. and I think it’s rediculous to trade someone to “make room” for him.

        Hemmer/Smyth/Ebs/Hall/Omark/MPS/Eager/Jones/Hordi and maybe Brule is pretty crowded on the wings… and lots of injury prone guys there… Hartikanin will get his chance, how about we keep a little depth for once?

  • Priest

    Love the video !

    Hall – Hopkins – Eberle

    Smyth – Horcoff – Hemsky

    Paajarvi – Gagne – Omark

    Jones – Belanger – Eager

    Whitney – Petry

    Gilbert – Smid

    Peckham – Barker

    Press box: Hordichuk – Brule – Sutton

    First call up: Lander – Hartikanen – Chorney

  • Priest

    I think the #1 line should be Hall – Horcoff – Eberle. They had really good chemisty last season and I don’t see any reason not to go with it again. I think #2 line Hemsky – RNH – Smyth, #3 line Omark – Gagner – MPS. Give the second and third line equal mins and see who comes out on top.

  • i still do not understand why people are so quick to establish rnh’s place in red deer this season.

    why? because he is slight? because of his age? the only reasoning that has legitimacy to it is contract, and that’s reaching.

      • Or it might be a pointless excercise that does nothing to further his development and reinforces the idea that this is a money tight, number before person, second rate organization that is more interested in the bottom line than winning or icing the best possible club.

        There is 0 proof, not a shred of evidence, that sending RNH back to play against 17 year olds in the WHL will help him learn how to play the pro game when he is already the best player among his peers.

        • Or it might be a pointless excercise that does nothing to further his development and reinforces the idea that this is a money tight, number before person, second rate organization that is more interested in the bottom line than winning or icing the best possible club.

          ~Yeah. That doesn’t describe the OIlers one little bit.~

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F


          Of course theirs also 0 proof that putting him in the NHL next will make him a better player in the long run.

          Personally, I’d rather error on the side of caution with what is likely our 2nd most valuable asset… that’s just me though.

        • justDOit

          Regarding ‘money tight’, do you mean the same organization that paid big league money for Shelly to play in the minors all year?

          Are you still living in the era where people (incorrectly) believed that 94 was sent away over $100K? Because that was found to be inaccurate later on.

          I agree that from early indications, Nugkins looks like he should be playing against better competition than WHL players. I really wish that every NHL team could designate one first-year player to play in the AHL each year. This would be best for players like RNH, and it would quell the fears that some people have of the ‘slippery slope’ of the AHL robbing the junior ranks of all it’s talent.

          But it wouldn’t mean that every team would use this rule every year. They wouldn’t move a player up to the AHL unless that player showed that he was ready.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I didn’t say he should be sent down.

            I was replying to a poster that asked what the rational would be for keeping him in the CHL, and indicated that the only reason for sending him back would be contract related.

            Which of course isn’t necesarly the case, theirs a good chance sending him down would be most benificial for the team and the player in the long run.

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

            discussing it before camp even starts? crazy

            discussing it once we have actually seen RNH play against NHLers (granted even at an exhibition level)? bring it on

            if the kid shows he can play at the NHL level, great. if he is way out his league, great, send him back.

            perhaps, and i might be on my crazy smoke again, we can at least wait until camp starts?

  • I like the concept of mixing youth with veterans, but I don’t like how Smyth is always slated to play with Hemsky and how Hall is always slated to play with Eberle. If anything Smyth’s grit would create more space and be a greater benefit for small players like Eberle, and Hemsky’s bias towards playmaking over shooting would create more goal scoring opportunities for Hall.

    Also, I didn’t see any special chemistry between Paajarvi and Omark last year. If anything, it seemed like Omark’s presence dragged down Paajarvi’s play. Unless the injury bug hits the roster badly again, I bet Paajarvi gets better linemates this year. He deserves better than Omark or Gagner.

    Oh, and if Peckham is the second most consistent defenceman (and certainly the most consistent hitter and shot-blocker), then why not put him with Whitney (health permitting) to form this team’s shut-down pairing? I’d like this roster to have at least one pairing that isn’t a liability. And hey, Peckham could benefit developmentally from playing with a solid partner for once.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Agreed but I think for a 3rd line they will do well, they will play soft comp, be “sheltered” kind of but both still play PP (Omark for sure) and if Belanger plays between them that could be a solid 3rd line who could create in the offensive zone and still hold their own in the D zone.

  • Peterborough

    I hope Brule has a solid TC and Pre Season and we are able to trade him for something so he can keep his career on track.

    I think RNH makes the team and I don’t think he benefits from playing WHL but WJ would be a good experience.

    The problem lies with Gagner though I think Gagner deserves a shot this year to play top 6 and see what he can do, if he doesn’t show vast improvements then I think its time to flip him for a d man or convert him to the wing, the problem with keeping Nugent-Hopkins is it drops Gagner down the line.

    Lander could be a solid option too I think he may even end up like Kesler (Probably not point totals) but I think more then people think.

  • Peterborough

    Last thing, I think RNH should make the team but at the same time you have to see how Eberle, Hall, Paajarvi and Omark play, if they no longer need help and can carry their own then RNH plays, there would be no worry having RNH with Hall and Eberle then.

  • It’s fun stuff because there are rarely any wrong opinions, unless you pick the Islanders to make the playoffs.

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

    Think of it this way. They’ll have 4 key guys they didn’t really have last year. Streit, Wishart (young D they got for Rollie who was +5 in the 20 games he played for NYI last year), Okposo (injured for much of last year) and Nabokov. That’s like adding 4 pretty good free agents.

    At the least I bet they pass the Leafs if they can keep Dipietro away from the rink.


    I’m still not sold that Petry wouldn’t benefit from some more seasoning in the AHL, but if he is here I’d play him with Whitney. The obvious risk to that philosophy is it means Gilbert and Smid will face the opposition’s first line.

    I’d bet that Whitney/Petry might do ok against other team’s best. The Oilers really need a top flight RH Dman. I like Gilbert and think Petry will be good too, but Gilbert should be on the 2nd pair and Petry the 3rd.

    One very good RH Dman does this team a world of good.

    That being said, I’d wager Petry gets cut in favor of Chorney since Chorney has to clear waivers and Kevin Lowe has shown in the last 11 years that he would rather keep a one legged hobo with a pro contract than a top flight 20 year old who doesn’t have to clear waivers.

    • Jason Gregor

      Passing the Leafs won’t guarantee them a playoff spot…although I think the Leafs won’t be that bad this year.

      I’ve heard the Chorney has to clear waivers argument, but I think if he stays ahead of Petry it’s because they want Petry to play rather than sit in pressbox. I don’t see Chorney developing much more at this point.

      Petry has room to grow.

      • I’ve heard the Chorney has to clear waivers argument, but I think if he stays ahead of Petry it’s because they want Petry to play rather than sit in pressbox. I don’t see Chorney developing much more at this point.

        I have Petry at either 3rd or 4th on the Oiler D depth chart. That’s more a testament to how shallow the talent level is rather than how good Petry is.

        Petry being RH is also a huge plus, only other RH is Gilbert.

        If they want Petry to play he should play in Edmonton, I think he’s better than everyone other than Gilbert and Whitney. Yes, I think he’s already better than Smid (overall, Smid is better at some things) and Peckham.

        If he doesn’t make the Oilers its because of Chorney’s waiver situation.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    @ Woodguy

    The Leafs are much better than you think.

    They were one of the best teams in the EC after the all star break and have added some nice pieces in the offseason in Connolly, Lombardi (who is apparently skating)and Franson.

    I do agree that the Islanders will be a much improved team with Streit, Okposo, Nabokov, a full season of Grabner, Nino, de Hann and Strome all likely to make the club.

    They’re about two years ahead of the Oilers in the rebuild but aren’t even at the cap floor yet.

  • Light, Sweet, Crude

    I didn’t read all of the really, great suggestions, so sorry if this is somebody else’s really great suggestion already:

    Smyth – Gagner – Hemsky

    Hall – Horcoff – Eberle

    Paajarvi – Belanger – Omark

    Jones – Brule – Eager/Hordichuck

    (I forget which wing Eager plays, but whatever)

    Whitney – Petry

    Gilbert – Barker

    Peckham – Smid

    (move Barker down if things get bunk)

    You might say, “that’s just last years 30th place line-up with Smyth instead of Penner” and I would say “I know”. I think this year will be a lot like last year.

    Most of the trades were just running-in-place so it would seem like things were being addressed (Barker might surprise). Hopefully the young guys improve over their impressive debut seasons, if they do that will be enough to keep fans happy until next year where a near play-off performance is a must.

    Gagner will be hated this year because that’s what happens. I hope he does well and that’s why I put him in between two vets again (at least until Hemsky gets traded. That’s sad but maybe for the best).

    The PP is real neat this year though!

    I would go”

    Smyth Hall Omark

    Gilbert Barker

    Smyth takes draws is Hall struggles