For now, file this one under unsubstantiated speculation, but there’s a suggestion circulating out in the Twitter-verse that Kevin Lowe could at some point return as GM of the Edmonton Oilers.

A person listed on Twitter as Greg Brady — @bradyfan590Toronto — who has in excess of 7,600 followers, has put the possibility of a return to the GM’s chair by Lowe — with the blessing and backing of owner Daryl Katz — out there in several tweets tonight.

Here’s what Brady — the link is here twitter.com/#!/bradyfan590 — has offered via Twitter in seven different tweets over the last couple of hours (as of 10 p.m.):


— "Would I bet it happens, yes? Could it take upwards of 24 months? Oh yeah. Lowe’s only 52. He’ll be back."

— "I think he still has a daughter he wants to see thru finishing HS…after that, empty nest..back at it!"

— "Also totally logical…he wanted to see his kid, Keegan, play a lot more..now he’s been drafted."

— "who’s the blogger? Whoever is Katz’s buddy/henchman is talking a lot with KEvin about a timeframe."

— "Hugely so….Lowe moved upstairs because he was working himself bonkers, & kids needed him around more. STRONG source."

— "Katz pushing Lowe behind the scenes…not sure Lowe will commit. HIS decisions weren’t best, either."

— "Well, they cannot be 30th again. Kevin Lowe’s getting pressed by Katz to come back as GM. For now, no."


Corey Graham of TEAM 1260 in Edmonton mentioned this on the air tonight, so it’s out there in this market, aside from circulating in the Twitter community. I’ve got no information at this point to substantiate or disprove anything Brady is suggesting, but it’s likely worth sniffing around on.

Might Lowe, now Edmonton’s president of hockey operations, be interested in a return to his old job after a respite from the glare of the spotlight? Maybe, especially if the boss is pushing it. Is it possible Steve Tambellini’s future as GM is in doubt if the Oilers don’t show substantial improvement this season? Absolutely. This might shape up as a case of, as Lowe likes to say, "Expect the unexpected."

Stay tuned.


Greg Brady took the time write about his tweets regarding Lowe and reaction to it in his blog at FAN 590 today. You can find that here: blog.rogersbroadcasting.com/fan590_gregbrady/2011/10/05/nothing-pending-with-oils/

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  • I can’t see Lowe coming back to the GM position, why would he? He’s director of hockey operations so technically he has a say in every aspect of hockey operations without the head ache, seems pretty gravy to me.

    I can see Tambellini getting fired/new assignment. I also see Olczyk becoming the Oilers next GM and not MacGregor. Olczyk is the brains behind these two guys anyways.

  • The only thing worse than firing Tambellini would be re-installing Lowe in the GM slot. Tally up the Tambo transactions. Flops and bad signings versus successful steps to construct a solid organization. The organization has more depth throughout. Thanks Stu, ‘you magnificent bastard.’

    After MacGregor’s minor draft moves Tambellini doesn’t have much to show for the last four seasons. I’ll say it again… I think we can now see why Vancouver passed him over for the 10-12 seasons they had him in their organization. He just seems to dither and do little to act. The current situation on ‘D’ is a prime example of failing to recognize the team needs on defense and he seems to have a stated intention to wait. What’s he waiting for, January, when the Oil may be totally out of the running yet again?

  • Replacing ST with Lowe would be a huge mistake. One can argue how effective ST has been over his 3 yeasr as GM ( poor choices like Pat Quinn and Khabibulin are on him) but the Oil do have a stable of young talent they didn’t have 3 years ago.

    Lowe is the architect of the current Oil woes more than ST. Poor drafting, letting his emotions cloud his judgement on players are not traits that a succesfull GM can have.

    If Katz is pushing for this change it will turn out as badly as his pushing for the long term contract for Horcoff.Katz needs to let the hockey people run the hockey team.

    If ST isn’t doing the job (and I am not advocating that he isn’t) find a qualified replacement, not a person who has proven incapable of doing the job.

  • Lowe or Tambellini? Both terrible. Lowe created a long list of problems and Tambo has failed to solve most of them. ST may have stocked the team with “prospects” but that’s an after-effect of finishing DEAD LAST 2 years in a row. Until this team starts winning, the Oilers are a western version of the gong show otherwise known as the New York Islanders. And by the way, who did ST play for during his career?

    Tambo has no pride in this organization, which is why he has no trouble seeing the team finish dead last every year. As an Oilers fan I find a 30th place finish to be completely embarrassing!

    Sure, you could argue that the lottery picks from these dismal seasons will one day lead to a Cup contender, but there are 2 problems with that theory. First, there are plenty of OTHER GM’s that have built Cup contender without bottoming out every year. Why didn’t Katz hire one of them? Second, the rebuild is not trending towards a contender when the future forward core is too small and one-dimensional, the defence is atrocious and the goaltending is based on an vastly overpaid sieve who spent his off-season in Tent City.

    Fire them both. This is a gong show.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    K.Lowe back at the helm…in a word…


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  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Great, just plain awesome. Just when the ship gets put back on course after 3 brutal years, they’re going to put the same guy in charge who blew it all up to begin with. Not a good way to start my morning reading that headline. Few things will make me question my faith to the mighty Oil, and this won’t either, but I’ll be about as disappointed as a Dad who found out his rehabbed son was picked up on the street for drug and prostitution charges.

    I sure hope this is some kind of prank, cause this type of move would make a lot of people very bitter, including me. I’d be willing to bet that there are a lot more Lowe detractors than supporters.

  • October Fools day? I put no substance in Twitter. I respectfully submit that I think Twitter has a tendancy to create inflated egos and wannabe’s. What do you always say “quote the source”. Till then its hearsay and fantasy.

  • the last decade (aside from one glorious year) has been abysmal with these 2 at the helm.

    lowe mandate was to win thru buy/trade, whatever all we ever got was SCF 2006.

    tambellini mandate was to sh!t the bed and he succeeded.

    choosing one over the other is kinda like deciding whether or not to eat cat sh!t or dog sh!t. i will have neither thanks.

    get me a GM who has a winning record.

    final point i’m about sick of Katz and his sh!t as well.

  • book¡e

    After watching oilchange last year i think it was pretty clear who was in charge. Steve is and has always been Lowes assistant. More than likely the title was passed on to take some heat off Lowe after making poor descisions.

  • What a rumor to start! It’s an absolute travesty that KL is still employed by the Oilers. He and his ego were mostly responsible for the sewering of our Oilers – (can you believe it, Brian Burke was right all along) – but not accountable. Nothing could make me switch loyalty from my beloved Oilers, but bringing back the architect of so many years of misery would be the one thing that could come close. How can he possibly be still employed? How? How?

  • Visnovsky, Spacek, Pitkanen, Pronger, Tarnstrom, Gilbert, and Roloson.

    The players on the backend and Goal that Kevin Lowe brought to the Oilers.

    His problem: Kevin Lowe teams were too good to bottom out and get lottery picks. The only time he came close was when the EIG forced his hand to trade Smyth and the club went into an absolute tailspin. They selected 6th that season.

    Yeah, he made bad moves. He overpaid guys that he shouldnt have.

    Fresh slate, new parameters, a stable of young and ultra talented forwards. The team needs someone who can rebuild their defense.

    Kevin, if anything, can help rebuild a defense.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      Amen to that.

      I’ll take a guy that overpays players, with a trip to the SCF on his resume over a guy that overpays player with back to back last place finishes on his resume.

  • VMR

    Tambellini gets fired if they need a fall guy to take the hit if the team is crappy again this year. If Lowe is to become GM again I’m sure it’ll only be on an interim basis until they can put the next puppet in place. Why would he want the title of “GM” when right now he pretty much has all the power of the position without any of the responsibility?

    30th place finish? Tambo’s fault!
    Unable to improve the defence? Tambo’s fault!
    Handing out crazy contracts that push us right to the cap? Steve signed Khabi, must be his fault, it’s the contract that pushed us to the edge not Horc or Souray or Moreau or Staios.

  • Robin,

    Sorry off topic sort of. I was wondering if you could write a piece about the arena deal without all the propaganda from either side. I would like to read a non-bias piece written with pros and cons for both sides. I read and follow as much as I can but cannot makes heads nor tails of what is reality sometimes.

    At current I am more and more disapproving of Katz and am starting find that sentiment trickling into my love for the Oilers. Not good.


    • I’m not unbiased on this issue — I think Edmonton needs a new facility and I believe the city will be a better place for having it.

      The essential questions for me are the same as for anybody else:

      — Total cost of project.
      — Who puts in what?
      — Provincial government contribution?
      — Any role for Northlands and any tax-funded pay-out for Northlands for non-compete clause?

      Like everybody else, you’ve got to sort through these and other questions, educate yourself on the issues and come to your own conclusion.

      • Talbot17

        Fair enough and I have drawn some conclusions.

        Yes we need a new arena and it would be nice but at what expense and to whom. Do I believe the numbers being bantied about solid? No. As solid as can be, I suppose.

        Do I think Katz and crew are horrible at
        PR, yes without question. Do they make me angry? Yes. Very.

        Do I trust that the city politicians are not playing politics? No I do not.

        Do I understand Northlands and their clout? Nope not one bit.

        I have grown weary of the battle and am to the point of saying, whatever already.


  • Talbot17

    If they bring back Lowe…you are going to hear of a lot of bodies turning up in the North Saskatchewan from bridge jumping…The Horcoff deal was ridiculous, thank god Vanek offer was matched too otherwise no Tayler Hall, MPS etc..

    I hate this politics stuff with the GM position. Bring in staff that know what they are doing

    But honestly, one D move sooner then later and people will be backing Tambi all the way. Seriously. This past off season was his biggest moves and we havent had time to even see how they pan out. It doesnt matter if Smyth fell on his lap too, its the fact that he did state he wouldnt do much this off season then did. I am certain he is trying to find an adequate D but like MOST gm’s, you sometimes want to wait until a team gets REALLY desparate for forwards and will give up a good D to do so….hence why you PROBABLY won’t see a trade until November at the earliest.

    This is just my two cents but really Lowe is garbage as a GM and probably would flush out our current talent in no time if at the helm again.

  • Neither Lowe or Tambo are best suited for the job. Both have made good moves but both have made equally bad moves.

    I hate Burke but he was right in his assessment of Kevin Lowe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yztuw7CJdbw I don’t think Tambo actually watches any of the games based on his assessment of the current state of our defense.

    Time to get rid of both of them and bring in someone who is willing to make a few moves but not give away the farm in doing so. Sign up some of our UFA and RFAs without offering 10yr, 100M contracts.

    Anyone know of who is actually available out there?? A list of former GMs or some of the better assistant GMs? Also, current GMs who have contracts expiring at the end of this season? Edmonton would be an attractive market for a GM right now with all the young talent we have.

    • Good point!

      I’ve heard other ex NHL GMs mention that given the opportunity they would LOVE to take over the Oilers. Sure those comments might be coming from the Doug MacLean’s of the world who are now analysts because they werent good enough GMs, but the sentiments are probably matched by many others.

      The Oilers have so many young high end players and prospects that it has to be viewed as the next GM gold mine.

      GMs of bottom dwellers dont last long enough to reap the rewards of their incapabilities. Just ask the sad saps who were responsible for acquiring the cores of Anaheim, Pittsburgh, and Chicago.

      The only question is, does Tambellini get replaced this year or next. He aint lasting any longer.

  • CanaDave

    I don’t know if it’s possible to compare Lowe and Tambellini until Tambellini’s version of the Oilers is in a dogfight for the 8th seed around the trade deadline. When Lowe was in that situation in 06 he made some smart savvy trades that pushed the Oilers into the playoffs and ultimately led to the Cup finals run we all enjoyed. If Tambellini does the same I think it would silence most of his critics, at least for a while.

    If the Oilers do finish in the bottom 5 again this season though, I’m not sure Tambellini will ever get the chance to do so here unless the team suffers even more injuries than in 09-10 and it’s reasonable to give him another do-over. If Columbus doesn’t make the playoffs this season I doubt Howson will continue to be employed there, and bringing him back to be the GM is a move that I think would be supported by the majority of Oilers nation.

    • Why would we want a GM that can’t get a team into the playoffs? We have a ton of young talent that a 1/2 capable GM should be able to build into a playoff team. A GOOD GM should be able to build a Cup contender. We need to stop returning to the well of former Oilers. This team is an attractive asset and should be catching the eye of some of the best who want another ring or two in the next 5 years. Yes, I am suggesting we bring in a GM who has won a Stanley Cup. No, Kevin Lowe, not as a player, but as a GM. Someone who knows what it takes to build a team that can win the division and make the right trades come deadline day to secure a kick ass parade down Jasper Ave in June.

  • CanaDave

    If Katz reinserts Lowe they might as well forget about the new arena and pack up and move to Quebec or Hamilton.We could be a dynasty where we end up in 30th for at least 5 years.Hello Phoenix or maybe Florida.Katz can’t be this stupid can he?I am getting cold sweats thinking about it.

  • I am one of few people that liked Kevin Lowe as GM (much more so in the pre-cap era though). I haven’t been at all impressed by Tambellini.

    However, I can’t see how a guy way out in Toronto knows something that no one else here seems to. So it’s probably nothing. But who knows.

    I’d actually sooner see someone completely different come in here and have a crack. I’d almost just as soon see Pat Quinn have a go at it then recycle existing GMs that have had failing track records.

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      A guy way out in Toronto (Al Strachan) got the first stuff about Pronger wanting out of Edmonton because he had friends within the agency that represents him. Who you know, not where you are.

      Is Lowe returning possible? Sure. That’s not to be confused with “Should it happen?” But could it? Yes.

      The circumstances Brady cites — Lowe wanting time away for family etc — were a part of his decision to step back. And Lowe is very highly regarded by the guy who signs the cheques.

      Have Katz and Lowe, in fact, had a conversation about “what-if?” I don’t know the anwer to that, at least not yet.

      • Very valid point about “who you know”. I think it’s pretty highly unlikely though. But as I said, you just never know.. and I suppose it’s fun to speculate about.

        Regardless of whether it’s true or not, I’d have to say that it’s probably not a good move forward if Lowe came back as GM. I’d say it’s arguable as to which of ST and KL are better GM’s, but I’d rather someone new step in or maintain status quo for now.

  • CanaDave

    Not surprised.

    I always said that Tambellini was brought in to be the bad guy and to sully his own career stats.

    Katz has repeatedly said (or from what i have read that he said) that the boys on the bus, ie. Lowe, were his heros. It only makes sense that he would do anything to try to retain Lowe and to make damn sure that his reputation and his career stats remain golden. This reflects well on the whole organization and in a way breeds loyalty.

    If Lowe had been in Tambo’s shoes, and we continued to melt down every year like we have, he might have gotten run out of town from the fans just like MacT. Katz learnt something from the MacT thing and he put Lowe in a position that protected him.

    Tambo, imo, was brought in to do the dirty work (gassing Quinn, banishing Souray, trading for the broken down old Goalie, etc) and experience the lows of all lows, by finishing dead last nearly every year he has been here.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    There are a few people in the hockey world, people who are hockey legends and have lived/breathed hockey since birth and know everything to possibly know about the game, who actually think that Kevin Lowe is a pretty good hockey mind.