It`s the best day of the season when you are cheering for the 30th place team two years running. The Oilers enter the game undefeated. Tom Gilbert is as good as anyone on paper. Memories of last season`s opener echo in our minds and hearts.

Not only is it game day bitches, but it is also time to talk the 2011-12 Stars on the Oil.

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It has been a long and tortured path for your ol`pal Wanye when it comes to picking stars on the Oilers every year. Don`t believe us? Take a look:

2005-06: Chris Pronger (that went well until that thing at the end of the season which caused us to cry tears of rage)

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2006-07: Ryan Smyth (traded at during the season, caused a grief so strong was born and caused us to cry tears of bitter disbelief)

2007-08: Shawn Horcoff (lit the lamp like crazy, got hurt, caused us to cry tears of revenge for the ultra violent 2008 All Star game)


2008-09: Erik Cole (played like crap, demanded to go back to Carolina, caused us to cry tears of shock as Brownlee called the trade like months in advance)

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2009-10: Mike Comrie (led the league in preseason scoring, spent majority of the year on the shelf, signed elsewhere in the offseason causing us to cry tears of – er no, this actually wasn’t that bad)


2010-11: Jordan Eberle (was awesome right out of the gate as an NHL rookie scoring a goal in Game 1 that was so sick our hair stood on end and caused us to cry tears of redemptive joy)

It was only the wise selection of young Jordan Eberle as our star – though he had not appeared in a single NHL game when we made the call – that has redeemed 5 years of heart ache on the star front. And even though our favorite modern Oiler of all time has returned to the lineup we are calling the following audible:


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But seriously.

You think this Jordan Eberle fan worship business is a joke? You think we squee all over hells half acre only to punt him aside when our hero Ryan Smyth comes home? Shame on you. We are far more loyal than that.

As seen above in a crudely drawn artist`s impression we would imagine that this honor inspires Eberle to the point he pots another jim dandy of a season opening goal tonight. We will be in attendance in our finest Eberle attire, smashing Rexall "Beers" and dancing about wildly.

And whom do you pick?