Oh no they didn’t!


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  • The secrecy / arrogance of the oil management is very similar to the way Katz seems to run things….. The play of the oilers looks very much like the Swiss national teams from past world competitions, that’s Ralph hand print. Renny’s contribution that i see is the diamond PK and the “I know things you don’t” media interviews

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Ha… i see “Gagner’s Law” (analog to Godwin’s Law”)has struck again:

      “As an Oiler Nation discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Gagner and/or Omark approaches 1”

      busy today. probably miss the tilt tonight. hope we win.

      You all keep the oil fire for me.

  • justDOit

    Arrrg! Still refreshing the game preview page on Oilers.com, but no updates on tonight’s lineup! Fire Tambi!!!!

    Oh well, it doesn’t look like the game will be broadcast in the Calgary area anyway.

  • OilFan

    @Arch is that the same NHL stat guy that has Clutterbuck getting over 300 hits last season ?

    ok maybe 1 give away I’d like to see how many take aways the other team had against Sam.

    • Ok, so the guy employed by the NHL doesnt have an eye for the game because he didnt record those give aways, the coach doesnt have an eye for the game because he keeps playing him, Jason Gregor apparently doesnt have an eye for the game because he said as much as I did last night, and I dont have an eye for the game either.

      Did you ever think, “maybe it’s me who’s wrong”, not everyone else?

      • OilFan

        Why do you think Jason has any more knowledge then you or I ? Keeps playing him, to try to con a other team into trading for him. I was saying that the NHL doesn’t make stats player vs player as far as give away take away ? Gagner is fighting it hard ( maybe his ankle) and is on the 3rd line WING, far cry from 1st or 2nd line center. With the new system unless Gagner can out of left field win draws, play the boards I don’t see his spot with the Oil, now that THE NUGE is with the team all season? Ganger and Omark don’t fit……… GO OIL GO
        Watching and or playing hockey everyone has there own style of play or player they like.