All The News That Fits

A few weeks into the 2011-12 NHL season, there are some similarities emerging for the 2010 and 2011 entry drafts. In both seasons, the top 2 selections made the leap to the show, both drafts boast a defenseman who adjusted seamlessly to the show and then a later pick in the top 10 who made some teams look foolish for passing them over. It’ll be years before we make the call, but how is this trending?

2010 saw 6 kids jump right to the show and 5 would play complete seasons:

  1. Jeff Skinner 82, 31-32-63
  2. Taylor Hall 65, 22-20-42
  3. Cam Fowler 76, 10-30-40
  4. Tyler Seguin 74, 11-11-22
  5. Alexander Burmistrov 74, 6-14-20
  6. Nino Niedereiter 9, 1-1-2

I’d argue there were three (Skinner, Hall and Fowler) legit everyday players in the lineup and that Seguin was a bit player at times and a regular at others. Burmsitrov played an elevated role for the Thrashers but was not a major contributor (sure looks like one now, though).

Five players spent the majority of the season in the NHL, one slipped away at the deadline. All of these players were selected in the top dozen choices on day one 2010 entry draft. The top 2 selections (Hall & Seguin), a defenseman (Fowler) and a surprise forward in the top 10 (Skinner) were the headliners for the year.

The 2011 entry draft looks very similar from here. The top 2 selections (RNH & Landeskog) made the grade and a defenseman (Larsson) has made a seamless adjustment to the show. A pick later in the top 10 (Couturier) is making some teams look foolish for passing over him–but it’s early.

  1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 10, 5-4-9
  2. Grabriel Landeskog 10, 4-2-6
  3. Sean Couturier 10, 2-2-4
  4. Mark Scheifele 7, 1-0-1
  5. Mika Zibanejad 9, 0-1-1
  6. Adam Larsson 8, 0-0-0
  7. Brandon Saad 2, 0-0-0

RNH and Landeskog appear to the the class of the group, but Couturier has survived the cut and could have an impact on the Calder race ala Skinner one year ago. All reports on Larsson have been extremely positive, so he also looks like a quality pick. The others have been sent back, meaning there are 4 players who passed an extremely difficult test this fall.


We’ve just counted arrows and there’s a long way to go. More than their on-ice boxcars, health and progress of any kind are the watch words for the next year or so. You don’t want to hear "Tyler Seguin has a hip condition" unless he was at a Hip concert the night before. You can say that Taylor Hall has been more productive than he was a year ago (10gp, 2-3-5 -4 a year ago and 10, 3-5-8 +4 this time) but you’d rather see better boxcars at year end as an arrow. **NOTE: The Seguin story linked to above is now being disputed by HNIC’s Cassie Campbell via twitter.


Sometimes you have to look at something for a long time before you can realize how significant it is historically. The draft is no different–2010 still looks deeper and stronger than 2011 and the Oilers do appear to have grabbed two jewels in their grab for glory.

But we’re barely on the freeway and these days are just snapshots. Somewhere in the top 10 there’s a chronic hip problem and the back pages contain great value we can’t see from here. "All the news that fits" didn’t mean one damn thing once upon a time, and that’s the beauty of watching things unfold. Sometimes life surprises you in the best possible way.

Nation Radio is back on the air today at noon. Among the guests scheduled to appear:

  • Kirk Luedeke from Redline report. Kirk and I are going to talk about the 2011 draft so far. Are there any surprises? Is RNH the best of the bunch out of the box? Do those of us who felt Sean Couturier was the 2nd or 3rd best player in the draft enjoy early bragging rights?
  • Cam Moon from the Red Deer Rebels. With Nugent-Hopkins in Edmonton to stay, I’ll ask Cam about the impact on the Rebels this season. Moon was vehement in the spring (BEFORE the draft) that size, bulk, speed–whatever–wouldn’t be enough to keep RNH from having an impact at the NHL level. He was right.
  • Ryan Batty from Copper and Blue. Ryan always has a strong opinion and doesn’t waiver when it’s unpopular but worth defending. Such is the case this week, as Batty wrote a fine article entitled "Why Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Should Go Back to Red Deer." I’ll ask him about that and a few other Oiler related items this afternoon.
  • Danny Gray from Leafs Nation. I’ll ask him about Kessel’s fast start, why Ron Wilson hates people and we’ll discuss Phaneuf’s lack of Phaneufiness this season.
    • Romanus

      I still don;t understand why the coaches and GM don’t use this site to make all their decisions? Obviously the people here are way more qualified. And since the oilers started so badly this year, they really need to listen.

    • bazmagoo

      Have you checked the standings! -).

      What about #winning don’t you like? I don’t know about you, but I’m damn tired of #losing.

      Omark has to learn how to play with as much focus in the defensive zone as he does in the offensive zone.

      The guys who are playing are more reliable defensively. That is Omark’s hurdle. To be reliable defensively. Unreliable players lead to #losing, not #winning.

        • justDOit

          Although I didn’t see the Avs game, shots don’t always equal scoring chances. Yes, the ‘tending has been good when needed, but this team is also playing great defence. Puck support and puck pressure are things that the Oilers didn’t show last year, or the year before, or…

    • stevezie

      There’s a lot of people around here who hated that line last year/ I didn’t mind it as much as most, and still think it really should work out. In any case I am firmly in the “this team could use Omark more than Eager” camp.

  • I know it’s hard to come up with a name for the kid line … Just thinking how about ” Petro Line ” ? . It doesn’t relate to their names but it does to Oil . Or even the ” Imperial Line ” they could play the star wars song when they hit the ice . Lol

    HAHA when i read this i thought it was quite funny because my dad’s work is called Petro-line.

    • justDOit

      Because hockey is a business first, and a sport second. That said, I also wouldn’t want to see Rexall Place burned to the ground, so it would probably be a bad idea…

  • The upcoming draft appears loaded with potential stud Dmen. It would be in the oilers interest to accumulate as many picks as possible and expiring contract individuals like hemmer and gagner amongst others may well fetch some.

    Lowetide…. do you think theres any possibility that the Oilers would entertain trading Smyth to a cup contender at the deadline with a retire an Oiler deal already in place for July 1?

    • Lowetide

      No, I don’t think so. Smyth should have been signed summer 2006 and sending him away one more time is very bad form.

      I think the Oilers should and will sign him to a one or two year deal with the understanding that he will sign again at the end if there’s still some left.

      He has a lot of miles on him, but honestly these first 10 games have been a revelation. Ryan Smyth isn’t some charity case come home to retire.

      He is absolutely kicking ass. Trade him? Hell no. SIGN him.

  • Hemsky for Columbus’s first rounder this year? Hells ya I would do that. Love Hemsky but he can not stay in the line up. I can’t see that changing. The Oil are doing ok without him, and this may be the way the Oilers get a lottery pick in 2012. C-bus is going no-where fast.

    • OutDoorRink

      I would really take a flyer and get their 2013 pick. A chance at drafting MacKinnon. That would be genius because I doubt we’ll be in the lottery then and he’s killing it as a rookie, and he just turned 17.

      Sweeten it by taking some short term contract cap pressure off them.

  • I know it’s hard to come up with a name for the kid line … Just thinking how about ” Petro Line ” ? . It doesn’t relate to their names but it does to Oil .
    Or even the ” Imperial Line ” they could play the star wars song when they hit the ice . Lol