Tracking Gernat

Edmonton Oiler fans should have no trouble tracking phenom Martin Gernat–he plays his home games at Rexall and he hits the score sheet with alarming regularity. How good IS he? We’re beginning to find out.

After the draft, the back stories on all these kids began to find their way to the masses. Gernat’s story had a wrinke–the Oilers had him in their top 35 overall–but waited until deep into the second day of the draft to call his name. This can backfire–it did with Tomas Kaberle many years ago–but this time the Oilers got their man. Er, kid.

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Those were the first details we heard about Martin Gernat, and based on his size and birth place most of us compared him to stringbean Martin Marincin (drafted a year earlier from the same part of the world).

This season, while a member of the Edmonton Oil Kings, Martin Gernat has been beyond impressive. Here are his splits so far this season:

  • September: 3, 3-3-6 +3
  • October: 12, 3-9-12 +5
  • November: 1, 0-0-0
  • TOTAL: 16, 6-12-18 +8

Gernat, 6.05 and 191, has had a major impact on the Oil Kings this season.

  • Oil King GM Bob Green on Gernat’s defense: “(Gernat)’s not overly physical, though he can make the big hit. But he understand the defensive side of the game and he’s tough to play against — he’s got long arms and a long stick.”
  • Green again on Gernat’s talent: “It’s always hard to tell because it’s practice or a scrimmage at camp. You can see (his talent), but I’ve seen it before. We had a kid in Medicine Hat a few years back that was as big, a beautiful skater, and everything else, but once the puck dropped and it was a real game, everything came to an end. So you’re never too sure. But with Martin it was evident the physicality and the competitiveness (of a North American league like the Dub) wasn’t going to affect his game. He could really pass the puck and skate it and read a play very well — obvious offensive instincts.”

Gernat is among the league leaders in points by a rookie and points by a defenseman. He’s 2-6-8 on the PP and Oil Kings PBP man Corey Graham says "he isn’t afraid to gamble in the offensive zone, and uses his big reach to get to loose pucks. He is paired with Griffen Reinhart and they have developed some chemistry from the blue line."

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40 years ago the Montreal Canadiens supplied the expansion divisions with defensemen. Nowadays, NHL teams have to draft and develop their own. It has long been an area of weakness for the Edmonton Oilers. In the last few years, the organization has made a concerted effort to find gems on the blue (and in goal).

Martin Gernat is building a very nice resume, one game at a time.

NOTE: There are two different accounts of Gernat in this post, listing him as 6.04 and 6.05 respectively. The most recent account has him at 6.05, so I’d suggest it is more accurate.

  • Jerk Store

    Adrienne Barbeau was smokin’ hot. She must be in her 60s now. Man I am getting old.

    Oh yeah. Hockey. Between Gernat and Marincin hopefully one of these guys pans out. Seem like the same guy. Who is your bet L.T.?

  • Jerk Store

    The arrows are seemingly pointing in the right direction. I just hope that the Oilers take their time with these defensemen in the stable. Smid is a perfect example of how long it can take for a defenseman to develop.

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        So… you telling me he’s still growing? At that pace he’ll make Sutton look like an Ewok by the time he’s NHL ready (crosses fingers).

        Any chance we’ll see him suit up for the WJC this year?

        Also, LT I’ve got an idea. When the WJC rolls around could you put together a list of all Oiler prospects playing with an abbreviated profile. I should do this myself (it’s something I’ve meant to do for years but you know… holidays and laziness). That would be awesome!

        Thanks again for the updates. How about Musil next (to keep with the D prospects theme).

  • Quicksilver ballet

    All this talk has me so confused. Adrienne Barbeau,6’5″ and 191 lbs….you have to be a real man to handle that kinda heat.

    What was this article about again…

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I think you guys are also forgetting Musil, Klefbum,and Simpson in that mix as well that have a decent shot of making it. Couples years the Oilers D could be one of the most dominating while also having the most depth in the league.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Not sure about “Klefbum” but LT has had a couple of update posts on Klefbom in the past month or so (one on injuries, one on progress in the SEL). I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Musil… Simpson’s draft pedigree maybe puts him out of reach of notice until he plays beyond his means. Speaking of which, the Oiler’s website did a profile of Brandon Davidson a while back (another young D picked late that may pay off).

      My worry is that I talk and think about these prospects so much that I convince myself they are better than they are. It’s hard to curb the enthusiasm though.

      • Jerk Store

        Simpson not doing much in North Dakota, but they are strugging with a lot of key senior losses from last year. Also have to remember Simpson is still only 18, playing with men. Foot speed will be his issue. Has decent size and is a VERY smart player with good offensive instincts. Would probably do him some good to play in WHL – I think Kelowna still have his rights, but I think he is pretty intent on finishing his NCAA commitment and will only be 21 upon graduation. File under: who knows??

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          Thanks for the Simpson update.

          To be honest. I’ve never thought much about player development. Prospects just magically arrived ready or not in the NHL and I evaluated them at that level. Beyond the WJC and the draft I barely took notice. This website has really angled my interest into the development side.

          Is there a good resource on the differences (pros/cons) on CHL vs. NCAA vs. Euro-leagues?

          re: Simpson. Wouldn’t it be cool for Craig’s kid to hoist the cup on the 30th anniversary of the 1990 cup? 2020 here we come!

          • Jerk Store

            Sorry, I am by no means a good resource. I just know a bit more about the 92 – 94 birth year group because of my kid’s age and have seen in person the development of a fair number of the top kids in WC over the past few years.

            The Pipeline show website does a very good job of following both routes NCAA / CHL and even Europe and are pretty balanced in their views. IMO, CHL probably provides a better training ground for the few that will play professionally and their education component, while somewhat limited if a kid decides to pursue a minor pro / pro career, has improved. But the USDTP has done an excellent job with the elite kids in the States. Just my POV, as they say opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one.

  • Jerk Store

    Know the others but who is the lady with the lovely swimsuit in the bottom right? As a young teenager in the late 70’s pretty sure I had the other 3 posters along with Loni and Farrah, but the other one is not ringing a bell. Perhaps Mom confiscated that one . . . .

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Gernat and Marincin are from the same country right. Should be an interesting tandem at the WJHC. Marincin seems to go bolistic every few months and do something deliciously wrong. Good to see hes got a mean streak. Gernat likes to hit things too which is good to hear.

  • Jerk Store

    Lowetide, you need to do were are they now segment on former Oilers. You could post pics of former 70-80`s beauties and their present day pics. You could post like Superwoman, or Daisy Duke, please no Mary Lou Retten or Ill barf uncontrollably. It would make a real make an interesting read.

    I mean what the hell has happened to Tikkanen, Hagman, Routsolanan (sorry for the spelling), Don Jackson, Lee Fogolin, Fred Braithwaite, Kenny Linsman and list can go on. If you could drum up an interview with Esa for your radio show would be solidly kick ass and too cool for words. No one would understand a dang thing Esa says, but we`d all laugh our arses off.

    Im sure you got lotsa a better ideas then that…