Every now and again non Oilers related highlights make their way onto the non HD television screen at Wanye Manor. Sometimes we even have an opinion on the matter. Other times we can’t make up our mind on what we think. This hit on Ryan Miller falls squarely in category two.


During the first period on Saturday, Milan Lucic ran over Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who had come out of his net to play the puck. Lucic was given a two minute penalty for charging. Miller has a concussion and has temporarily handed the reins over to backup Jhonas Enroth against the Habs Monday night.

And now news today that there will be no suspension or fine for Lucic.

Says TSN:

"I had the hearing because I did make an initial assessment of the play as I do with all plays, but I did have some questions for Milan and I wanted to hear directly from him," Shanahan told "They were regarding his intent; at what point did he know there was going to be a collision; and whether or not he felt he had the time to avoid the collision."

The hit was certainly spectacular, with Miller being knocked to the ice and losing his goalie bucket in the process. His injury is certainly real too, with a concussion keeping him on the shelf for an unknown period of time. He wasn’t hamming it up to draw a penalty.

But does this play represent a dirty hit? Or should goalies stay in their nets where it is safe?


There is one train of thought that suggests the hit on Miller was dirty as all hell. "Goalies shouldn’t be a part of the physical play" the thinking goes, "on account of their big pads, fragile state and the fact they rarely get skating very quickly and thus lose out in the physics of a play such as this." Or they think that the player has a responsibility to let up on a hit such as this, owing to the fact that it isn’t a hulking D they are going up against.

We can totally see the validity of this thinking. If Jordan Eberle was a goalie and Milan Lucic harmed so much as a hair on his precious head we would be out on the mean streets of Edmonton within minutes looking for revenge. Even if the play happened on the road in Boston, that’s how upset we would be.



There is a second group that consider this hit on Miller a fair play. "If goalies don’t like getting steamrolled they shouldn’t be out playing the puck. Stay in your net where it is safe goalie-man" these people say. Plays like this one are unfortunate but are more an exception to the rule than the norm.

"If goalies aren’t fair game when they leave the ice, next thing you know Martin Brodeur will be skating all over the ice in Jersey, manning the point on the PP and there ain’t a damn thing we will be able to do about it if he can’t be hit."

Its a tough call – so we figured we would put it to a poll. Heck, the Oil aren’t playing again until some time in 2014 so we might as well pass the time.

Does this hit deserve a suspension?

  • South of Cowtown

    The fact that goalies can throw a bodycheck legally, lends to the argument that they can be hit. Thomas laid out one of the canucks and the league loved it. Personally, I loved it cuz it was one of the canucks.

  • Chris.

    I think that goalies should be fair game when they leave their crease. The rule book, however, says differently. Until they change the rules that hit must be considered dirty and should merit a suspension.

  • A-Mc

    I’m ok with this. The goalie didn’t just step a couple feet out of the Crease, he made it all the way to the faceoff dot (Half way up the offensive zone).

    There should be a risk in doing what miller did and IMO the risk should be: If you get hit while you’re out there, the opposing team has an empty net to score on until you get your ass up and back on the blue paint!

    I’m 100% ok with hitting the goalie in this case.

  • That hit was illegal hence the 2 minutes for charging.

    Secondly, Lucic broke the hockey code by hitting Miller. There is no way Lucic didn’t try to hit him. Lucic didn’t try in the least to avoid him.

    Lucic hitting the goalie is not the most disrespectful thing that happened. What is the most disrespectful part is nobody in buffalo did anything.

    I know Lucic is a though customer but if you are on the ice someone has to fight him. I don’t care if the Buffalo player lost the fight and got beat up in the process. Someone needed to answer the bell. PATHETIC!

  • geoilersgist

    I have always thought goalies should be fair game in certain areas, however in this case Lucic shouldn’t have steamrolled Miller. Shanny can’t honestly say that Lucic didn’t plan on hitting Miller soon as he saw him leave his crease and for this I am shocked that there was no suspension. I think it would be ok if a goalie was to be rubbed out along the boards but an open ice hit like this is just ridiculous.

    • Spaghetti - Team Facalto

      I too think goalies should be fair game but there still has to be a line like with all hits. I watch this video and this looks similar to the Sutton hit which he got suspended for. One camera angle clearly shows Lucic looking directly at the goaltender and it is obvious that the goaltender will reach the puck first. The puck is gone before the hit even happens. He clearly throws his arms as part of the hit similar to Sutton and he was coming in with a lot more speed than Sutton and didn’t even attempt to slow down. There was no one else around so you can’t say there wasn’t an opportunity to avoid the hit. This is just another clear example of how retarded the whole Shanny thing is because they have no consistency and a double standard. I’m willing to bet the next time these teams meet the first guy to go after Lucic will end up kicked out of the game and a suspension for something less than what Lucic did.

  • that was a dirty cheap play by Lucic and YES he should have been suspended (min 2). the carnage to ensue should be interesting to keeps tabs on tho.

    Shannahan has been very hit and miss to my eye and is beginning to look as consistent as Campbell, not good.

  • 1) Goalies should be fair play when playing the puck outside of the blue paint. It isnt fair for them to come out and get a free pass to do what they want. Goalies are so much better skaters and puck handlers today than ever before, if they can skate out as far as Miller did to handle a puck then they should be deemed no different than a defenseman.

    2) The rules currently (and wrongly) state that Goalies arent fair game.

    Lucic should have gotten 2 games and the rule should be changed before Christmas.

    Miller took away a clear chance for a Boston Goal by playing Defenseman instead of Goalie. He should be fair game, but isnt.