The Oilers scored nine or more goals at home for the 33rd time in team history last night, but it was the first time in almost 20 years that Oiler fans watched their team score nine at home. Jan 21st, 1992 v. the San Jose Sharks was the last time the Oilers tallied nine on home ice, while the last time they scored nine in any game was November 26, 1996 when they pummelled the Calgary Flames 10-1 at the Saddledome.

Last night was one of those rare games where the Oilers scored more goals than the average guy drank beers during the game. I’m sure a few of you will lie and say, "I crushed nine pints during the game," but we know you are lying because you were too busy high-fiving each other, and no one can drink nine heroin beers at Rexall during the course of the game and stay upright.

If you need a trip down memory lane while avoiding the bitterly cold temperature here is a list of every home game the Oilers have buried at least nine goals.

9-2….   Feb 01, 1980 v. Winnipeg
9-2….   March 21, 1980 v. Pittsburgh
10-3..   Nov 26, 1980 v. Chicago
9-1….   Jan 28, 1991 v. Montreal
10-4..   Feb 06, 1981 v. Winnipeg
9-2….   Feb 18, 1981 v. St.Louis
11-4…  Oct 31, 1981 v. Quebec
11-4…. Nov 25, 1981 v. Los Angeles
9-6….   Dec 19, 1981 v. Minnesota
10-3…  Dec 27, 1981 v. Los Angeles
10-4…. Mar 17, 1982 v. Pittsburgh
10-4…. Dec 17, 1982 v. New Jersey
9-4….   Jan 19, 1983 v. Vancouver
9-7…    Mar 19, 1983 v. Detroit
11-3…  Nov 02, 1983 v. Washington
13-4…  Nov 19, 1983 v. New Jersey
12-8…  Jan 04, 1984 v. Minnesota
10-5…  Feb 03, 1984 v. Calgary
12-2…  Mar 11, 1984 v. Vancouver
9-1…..  Mar 17, 1984 v. Los Angeles
9-2…    Oct 14, 1984 v. Quebec
13-0…  Nov 08, 1985 v. Vancouver
9-4…    Dec 20, 1985 v. Los Angeles
9-5…    Feb 18, 1986 v. Toronto
12-3…  Mar 14, 1986 v. Detroit
9-1….   Oct 21, 1986 v. Chicago
9-2…    Feb 18, 1987 v. Toronto
9-3…    Mar 06, 1987 v. Los Angeles
9-4…   Oct 24, 1987 v. Vancouver
10-4… Dec 06, 1987 v. Minnesota
9-4…   Jan 30, 1991 v. Vancouver
9-2…   Jan 21, 1992 v. San Jose
9-2…   Nov 19, 2011 v. Chicago

The Oilers have lit up the Canucks and Kings five times, Hawks and North Stars three times, Jets, Penguins, Nordiques, Leafs, Wings and Devils twice, and the Canadiens, Blues, Capitals, Sharks and Flames once.

Historically their bigger offensive outburts have come later in the season:

October (4)
November (5)
December (5)
January (5)
February (6)
March (7)

You witnessed something last night you likely won’t see for a long time, so hopefully you enjoyed it.


  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins became the first 18-year-old in NHL history to tally five assists in a game.
  • RNH becomes the fourth 18-year-old with five points in a game joining Ilya Kovalchuk (2002), Dale Hawerchuk (1982) and Jackie Hamilton (1943). **Courtesy Kevin Gibson
  • Taylor Hall’s first career hat trick came after he went seven games without a goal, last night he entered the game having gone nine without a goal.
  • Last time the Oilers had three players with four points in a game was January 30th, 1991. Petr Klima had five while Mark Messier and Steve Smith had four. **Courtesy of Elias Sports Bureau
  • Tom Gilbert set a career-high with four points. He’d scored three on six different occasions previously.
  • Theo Peckham was +5 in 14:52 of icetime. His previous best was +3, twice.
  • Jeff Petry was also +5 while adding three assists in 19:16 of TOI. Petry was -5 in his previous three games and had been +3 once before in his brief career.
  • Only nine skaters got on the scoresheet last night. RNH (5), Gilbert and Eberle (4), Hall, Horcoff, Petry (3), while Smyth, Hemsky and Jones each had one goal.
  • Sam Gagner played 18:11 and had five shots but no points. Renney gave him the most minutes of any forward with the hopes he find some offence.
  • Eberle scored his four points in only 12:06 of TOI, while RNH picked up his five in only 13:20.
  • The Oilers scored four PP goals for the first time since Nov 08, 2009 when they went 4-for-7 in a 5-3 win over Colorado.
  • The Oilers have the best home PP in the NHL clicking at 28.9% and they’ve scored the most home PP goals with 13. Buffalo and Toronto are 2nd with 10.
  • Last year the Oilers had 23 home PP goals in 41 games. They have 13 in 10 games so far this year.

Last night’s game was a shocker to every Oiler fan and even the players, and I’m sure you enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the players. Of course it doesn’t mean all the Oilers problems are solved, but I’m sure it was exciting to see what the future might hold. Hope you aren’t hurting too much today from, err, getting caught up in the excitement of the game (extra beer, booze or shots) because you have two and a half hours until the Eskimos play the Lions. Be ready.

Tough weekend for the liver of some Edmonton sports fans.


I know how passionate the Nation is about the Oilers, but I also know you are passionate about giving. I found out on Friday that the JCI Christmas Hamper run is short about 40 sponsors.

The best part of Christmas is getting to spend time with your family, but most of us feel great when you see the look on the face of a loved one when they open a gift from you. Giving makes us feel great.

A few years ago I was introduced to the JCI Christmas Hamper campaign. They provide food and gifts for underprivileged families at Christmas. They give you a shopping list for food and then you buy one gift for each member of the family. You then personally deliver your hamper the week before Christmas.

Being a part of this has made Christmas much more enjoyable for me. I, like many of you, am very lucky that my family has lots of food and presents around the holidays. You can take your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend and even your kids shopping for this hamper. It grounds you and makes your realize how lucky many of us are.

These families deserve a happy holiday season as well, and the JCI hamper needs about 40 more sponsors by Monday.

I guarantee you will feel better because of this, and it can be a great learning and bonding experience for you and your family.

If you are interested in being a part of this email today or tomorrow. You won’t regret it.

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate


    I just want to applaud you on all the work and promotion you do for community events. You are constantly giving back and using your forums to promote great causes.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt to help others. I needed it. Thanks.

    Also great info on the Oilers. Last night was so fun to watch.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Couldn’t help but notice the absence of MPS again last evening. Outside of Hemsky’s solo effort to start the festivities last evening, the line looked like a no show.

    Bringing the Blackhawks down to earth last night like that is a great way to embark on a 4 game road trip. Could carry them to a 3-1 record with the confidence they regained last evening. Good to see Khabby back to his usual self, thought he was pretty strong again.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    The Oilers have the best home PP in the NHL clicking at 28.9% and they’ve scored the most home PP goals with 13. Buffalo and Toronto are 2nd with 10.

    Is anyone else starting to think our fate is tied to Toronto is some way…. we both had blazing starts… fell into brutal skids at around the same time and for roughly the same length… and then both last night blazed out of it with crazy dominance….

    as much as I hate the leafs… if this keeps up my superstitious side might compel me to cheer for them.

    • oilredemption

      Wow that is the weirdest thing… Eerie almost… My buddy and I spent the afternoon and night watching HNIC and I mentioned to him after the Toronto game (he’s a hardcore leafs fan) “It seems to me that when Toronto has a good game oilers do too” and I continued with “I hope that theory prevails because its been working so far”. Next thing you know its 5-1 after the first and I looked at him and smiled and laughed I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then after the oilers game we talked about how weird it really has been!

      • Spaghetti - Team Facalto

        This is just a classic case of the universe seeking balance, if TO has a game like that there is something wrong, off balance if you will, so to even it out the most awesomest ( i know it’s not a word and don’t care) team in the know universe must respond and does.

        Now lets hope the Esks can pull it off like the Oil did.

        GO ESKS!!!!!

  • Metal&Oil

    Nov 08, 1985 was a lil bit before my time of remembrance but oh man do I wish I was old enough to witness that 13-0 walloping of the Canucks. Good thing that one was in Edmonton 🙂

    Go Esks Go!!!

  • oilredemption

    Good work Jason. All the more evidence the NHL needs to do something to increase scoring. Whether it be with bonus points for scoring more goals or penalizing teams who can’t score IN THE STANDINGS. Until then, we’ll continue to wait 20 years. Also, running up the score is not tolerated as much, which is too bad, because we all had fun last night.

    • Hemmertime

      umm, there is a penalty for goal scoring. Well, kind of, playing defense can affect goal differential too.

      But goal differential can be a tie breaker for standings.

      If you want more, you sir are the type of fan that Fox thought needed a puck tracer. Offense is fun, but defense wins games. I don’t like seeing Tampa’s 1-3-1 “forcheck” but a 1-0 win is the same 2 pts as a 9-2 win – as it should be.

  • Spaghetti - Team Facalto


    We need more of this and more Hallsy Hattys (hope that’s spelled right).

    To bad for Gagner and PRV, nine chances to register a point and they get nothing, keep trying boys it will happen, just because you can’t score doesn’t mean you aren’t a good wing man.

  • Talbot17

    of how dominating we were against Chicago, i was sad to see PRV off the scoresheet. The guy literally still looked lost to me out there, Gagner too. I really think they got to keep that hemsky-gagner-prv line together for a couple more games to really get them going, especially getting onto this road trip now.

  • I am so glad I have season tickets, games like that have been far and few between and most cases the other way around!

    I was starting to feel really bad for Gagner, but now, I really don’t know if he just want’s it bad enough or it’s a mental thing? I watched a puck hit him in the foot while he was doing a flamingo. I seen the worst give away pass across the middle of the ice I’ve seen by any player this year. I watched him ole’ a shot from the point. The only consolation last night was that maybe Belanger was worse! That’s not saying much considering the Oilers pumped in 9 goals! Gagner has to start showing something.

    In the mean time I look forward to participating in the JCI Christmas Hamper campaign.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    We would have had 10 if any of the struggling guys could have chipped in. Renney gave guys like Mags and Gagner every opportunity to chip in some offense in the 3rd but oh well. I will certainly take what happened last night. GO OILERS GO!!