Oilersnation newest writer, Jason Strudwick, has signed a one-year contract to play with Sodertajle in Sweden. No truth to the rumour that he will be hosting hockey schools, but he’ll likely put on a clinic of off-the-glass-and-out passes. All kidding aside, he’s already on his way to Sweden, but before he left I had a chance to catch up with him about his recent signing.

JG: How long has this been in the works? Did you show them tape of your SO goal during negotiations to get more moola?

JS: We knew since early summer we wanted to head overseas. We couldn’t leave sooner because of our growing family. Obviously my SO goal is only one of many highlights during my career so far that got European gm’s hearts racing! Do I need to mention the overtime goal?
JG: You just did. Smooth. Did you negotiate that you wanted some PP time?
JS: I did but only in practice! I barely got PP time playing in the firemen’s league this winter to stay in shape, so I think I’ll have to show them my skills to get on the PP. I spoke with Tom Gilbert before I left and once I master my new grip, I’m sure I’ll be on the 2nd unit PP.
JG: Do you feel any pressure being their big free agent signing? Will you be more offensive?
JS: I have always been a big signing! I am looking forward to jumping in the play more in Sweden. It is a lot of fun to play on the bigger ice.
JG: What number do you plan on wearing and do you know any Swedish?
JS: I will be wearing my old number 34. I love that number! Yes I do know some Swedish, IKEA!
JG: Will you still have time to write on the Nation, or will there be too many autograph signing sessions?
JS: I will be writing on the Nation, I can’t stop now! I’ll still watch the Oiler games; the life of a pro hockey player isn’t that busy (laughs) and I’ll also update the readers on pro hockey in Sweden. I don’t think I will have to worry about too many autographs considering Sweden has given us Lidstrom and Zetterberg!
JG: Do you think you will be to Sweden similar to what Lidstrom has been to Canada?
JS: That may be a stretch! That would be similar to suggesting you are the Canadian Bob Costas!
JG: He has more patience than me, I would have knocked out Sandusky. Last time you went to Europe, when the season was over you returned to North America and signed with the Rangers. Will we see you make another return to the NHL?
JS: Getting the call from the Rangers was a surprise after Switzerland. I suppose anything is possible after this season as well. If we win the championship you never know and I will keep myself ready, but I won’t be holding my breath!
JG: Finally, I noticed you signed your usual one-year deal. Do you want to play more than one year, or will this be your final season of pro hockey?
JS: Right now I really want to enjoy this year. After the season I will decide about next year. I have played a long time and I feel satisfied. If this is the last time I get paid to play I’ll be satisfied. Maybe starting next year, I’ll have to pay to play in men’s league.
There you go Nation. I can guarantee no other Nation writer will be leaving their post to go play pro hockey in Europe. Wanye might try his luck cracking the International Unicycle Hockey team, but that’s about it.


**** My favourite part about the Canadian page on the website is how many players we have…Does anyone know one of the five??****


Association de Monocycle de Quebec
(from Quebec City, Quebec)
c/o Jean-Sébastien Roy
1428 St-Luc,
Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec G2E 1V3
phone: +1/418/872-1960
(playing since: 1994, 5 players)
  • Ninjai

    Good luck Struds and we look forward to getting your first hand perspective of Swedish hockey.

    Once again Gregor, very funny and interesting interview.

    Edit: Sorry, no balled hands this time

  • Now this is one quality interview. Welcome to my country Struds!

    Enjoy your stay and the weather. It might not be as cold as you have it in Oil Country but it sure ain’t good.

    Oh, and on the January 8th when you come visit my town (Malmö) I’ll try to make it there with an Oiler-jersey on!

  • Winning the championship will be a tall order as you need to actually play in the SEL in order to win it. 😉
    The best he could hope for is to carry Sodertalje through the post-season qualification series and get the team promoted to the SEL.
    However, if he does (and why wouldn’t he!?), I’m sure the Sodertalje fans will knight him Head Pretzel of Pretzel Town, and all the NHL teams will be salivating.

    • Jason Gregor

      He knows they are in 2nd division…He likely doesn’t know the entire playoff make up, nor do I, but the team brought him over with the hopes they can get back into the first division (SEL).

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        Wanye might try his luck cracking the International Unicycle Hockey team, but that’s about it.

        Are you sure he wouldn’t be more interested in the USMBTRT [US Men’s Bikini Thong Rollerblading Team]?

        Featured in a classic sketch from The State… can’t find a video on the interwebs, you’ll have to settle for a description:

        In another sketch, a mustachioed, half-naked Lennon tries to solicit money for the U.S. Men’s Bikini Thong Rollerblading Team, whose members perform classic plays of the ’30s and ’40s like “Our Town” and “Waiting for Lefty” clad in nothing but bikini thongs and inline skates; “For several reasons,” he admits, “the US Men’s Bikini Thong Rollerblading team is not sponsored by the Olympic Committee.”

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        Yeah, I’m sure he knew it wasn’t an SEL team.
        But I doubt he knew about Sodertalje’s history as a pretzel town!

        Apparently, back in the early nineteenth century, Sodertalje was known as seaside resort, and old “pretzel ladies” would walk around selling pretzels to tourists.
        You won’t find any old pretzel ladies around town these days, but Sodertalje is still known as the Pretzel Town.
        And Struds could always visit the Tidermans bakery and get himself some authentic Sodertalje pretzels:

        In other news, Struds has already made his Swedish television debut, as he was interviewed during the intermission of the SSK vs Malmo game.
        And the Sodertalje fans just threw their wallets on the ice to greet him:

        • Jason Gregor

          I doubt he knew it was the pretzel town. You might have to watch out for him or he’ll be crushing bags of pretzels.

          Great link…Too funny. And I love that they threw wallets on the ice. We might need you to translate game stories for us regaring Strudwick.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Enjoy your stay. How is this going to affect Christmas for you and your family. The celebration would not be complete if you and your wife and 2 children miss ther first Christmas with the Grandparents and extended family. Hopefully you’ll be able to come home to celebrate. Either way Merry Christmas and score and a goal.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Just for the record, the wallets on the ice had nothing to do with Strudwick (even if his signing was made possible partly because of a “fan player fund” for which fans had collected money).
    It was a reaction to Malmo (tonight’s opponent) signing former Sodertalje star Linus Klasen to a completely ridiculous $3,000,000 contract.