No Turkey This Year

Ken Holland:  “I always look at the standings on U.S. Thanksgiving, right at the end of November. From there, you move in a pack. You’ve sort of shown the winning percentage you’re going to move at.” Guess what? The Edmonton Oilers are running with the pack. It’s been awhile.


Today’s game ended a losing streak that goes back to the turn of the century. Ma and Pa Kettle sat in the stands in Minnesota the last time EDM took a W from the locals, and since then it’s been a black hole for the Oilers. Black Friday did the trick, with a statement win for the Orange and Blue.

  • Jordan Eberle made his usual brilliant plays, but I was impressed by his unselfish move right at game’s end to give the empty net goal to the rookie. Wonderful player, future captain.
  • Ryan Smyth’s goal early in the game was something he’s done for ages. Smyth has been around since the Minnesota North Stars (not really) and is playing like it’s 2000 again. Amazing.
  • Taylor Hall is the brute force and often (certainly today) gets the party started. He’ll be a legend in his own time.
  • RNH turned over the puck on a play he’s made before. It reminds us of his youth. Everything else he did today reminds us of his future. Amazing talent.
  • PM Bouchard is the devil, at least against the Oilers.
  • Ladislav Smid: +3.
  • Darcy Hordichuk got the Oilers many PP minutes. That’s impressive.
  • Ryan Whitney played 16:22. Low total, but he’ll play tomorrow. Right?


I’ve yet to trust this team on the road. At home, you can see the plan and the results, but the road has been a different story. However, recent wins over LA, NAS and now MIN suggest a corner has been turned, a new day is dawning.

It’s American Thanksgiving. Calgary is well behind and the Edmonton Oilers are sitting in a playoff positon.



It’s a damn good day.

  • kdunbar

    Oh good grief.

    The big boys are just waking up.

    Like Boston in the EC, the Canucks, San Jose, Chicago and Detroit are just shaking off the cobwebs.

    The standings will look very different in a month.

    Book it.

    • Clyde Frog

      Troll on Macduff… Troll on…

      Man this is going to be a ridiculously close year, I’m just happy we are keeping in pace to compete 🙂

      Also having 3 players producing over a PPG and a top 6 over .7 PPG is pretty awesome as well.

        • Clyde Frog

          Lol, did your mom not restock the cheetos in your basement “apartment” today?

          Must be rough….

          Law of averages? Dropping RNH and Smyth to a 15% Shooting average puts them at a .9 PPG pace, still leaving us with a top 6 all above .7 PPG. So yah that was a bitch.

          Also bleating sheep? What? Fans are bleating for cheering wins? Lol… Why are you even on this site?

          Go back to sitting in the corner and crying, I’m sure eventually someone will lose enough to for you to be happy with life again.

          Or maybe you just forgot what it is to be a fan of a team above .500 lol 🙂

        • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

          So, if i follow correct, 20%+ shooting percentage will revert to the mean hard, and the stats should even out. As such, we should be leery of getting excited about the player because chances are good that, even after a stellar start, he will level out over the 82 game schedule.

          Interesting advice from a guy who was, only days ago, holding Tyler Seguin up as the one all the Oilers should be compared to. You know, the same Tyler Seguin sporting a 20% shooting %.

          In theory, sheep, you should have taken your own advice. Going on your very theory, we should reserve judgement on Seguin because the theory indicates his stats cant be sustained given his shooting%. Law of Averages is a bitch good sir.

          *** breaks out Ace Ventura’s “I have exercised the demons” ***

    • bhlazo

      GFY* when was the last time the Oilers had anything to play for in December.

      * Go Fk Yslf or somethng along those lines……….PS I’m drunk,high, or prob both on the Oil winning in Minny so …………….I don’t gve 1 Iota of a Damn……………….ooops sorry, drunken post like drunken call, regretted in the morning but almost always true and worth it …gotta wake the wifey for a bone……

    • Wanyes bastard child

      Are you even an Oilers fan?

      If you are, give up the shtick and enjoy the ride like the rest of us, if you aren’t, continue to troll away and feel comfortable in the fact that an entire fan base thinks that you are nothing more than a 13 year old whacking keys on a keyboard.

      Seriously though, I know you are not 13 and in your mom’s basement, what is with all the negativity? Can’t you just be happy that even though we are lacking in many areas, maybe we didn’t pick the guy you wanted and despite all of this we are exceeding expectations?

      Drink the koolaid, stop being a Debbie Downer…

  • Slick

    Did I see Eberle throw a half decent hit tonight? The rest of the team followed suit as well. You don’t have to be an imposing physical force to … er …. impose physical force. Well done oil! Inspiring performance!

  • kdunbar

    good grief indeed. who let this dsf tool on here? anyone who doesn’t see a vast improvement in the team and at least a shot at the playoffs this year is delusional or bitter. which is it? don’t you have anything better to do than troll an oiler site? get a life.

  • Wax Man Riley

    It’s time for TAMBO to get rid of Sammy GAGS and Magnus Paarvi. These 2 clowns don’t belong in our system and definitely don’t fit in. Let’s rally Tambo to trade Magnus to Phoenix for Kyle Turris and send Sammy Gags to LA Kings for a bag of hockey pucks.

    In everybody in OIL COUNTRY knows: it’s Hall – Ebz – RNH team. Then there is everyone else. I’m sick of Sammy Gags and his underachieving ways. This guy has to go or put the guy on waivers so at least we can send him to the farm – where he belongs in the AHL.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    To Mr. Steve Tambellini

    Everyone knows you read this blog. Anyways I’m writing to you regarding Sam Gagner. I am a huge fan and very happy and excited about this years accomplishments so far. But Sam Gagner is really starting to irk all the fans in Oil Country. I know yourself, you management team and coaching staff have also all lost faith in Gags as well.
    So on behalf of all the fans in Oil Country and across Canada we are begging you to get rid of this bum via trade or whatever. If this isn’t done in a reasonable time frame we will have to boycott games at Rexall as well as not tuning in to radio or television.
    P.S. We in Oil Country all stand united!


  • longbottom/P.Biglow

    Ummmm I for one as an Oiler fan will happily watch you boycott the Oiler games from the friendly confines of Rexall place watching Sam Gagner get his game back. But carry on your Boycott as a boycott of very few or even one.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Mr. Alex Steenberger

    I’m still Minnesota and a good friend of mine texted me telling me about the messages that you have posted. I have tried really hard to get into game shape after my injury this year and am disappointed that the fans have jumped all over me so early in the year. I also would like to mention that I have been playing with limited Ice Time this year due to the increase in new talent that we have. I truly would like to apologize to you and the rest of the fans for my disappointing play so far this season. Give me another chance. 2 more weeks and I will try and play a lot better. You just lit a fire under me.

    Sam Gagner

  • Wax Man Riley

    Dear Mr Sam Gagner,

    NO. No more chances. You’ve had enough already. You’ve had 5 years and you have sucked every year. When our team sucked, we all kind of hoped you would become an all- star and make us proud. But you disappointed us all. It’s time for you to go Gags. We need to replace you with more productive 3rd liners, preferably someone who can win a flipping face-off and score a stinkin goal once in a blue moon.


  • Wax Man Riley

    @ Alex Steenberger

    Do you seriously feel the need to come onto this site and trash another human being for their perceived lack of performance? Maybe a bad day, or setback on the job for the average isn’t accompanied by the occurences of things such as broken ankles, or sliced tendons. Then again maybe it does. It’s certainly unfortunate that Mr. Gagner hasn’t lived up to YOUR lofty expectations of him. I sincerely wish you were the one in the spotlight, so we all had the opportunity to critique you from our high horses. I assure you, if Sam Gagner doesn’t succeed, it won’t be for a lack of trying.
    Cut the kid some slack. I hope he surprises you.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Is Gagner really hurting the team? I would have thought having speed and hands would be helpful on any line. If Sam develops into a reliable third line centre id be happy. How many teams can say they have a players like that in that position. Which centre in the league would we replace him with? I just don’t think his talents have been used properly because there are (sorry) better players on the team that can fill the same role. As for Magnus…I don’t know.

  • Wax Man Riley

    That was our TEAM out there ? WOW.. Really fackin rights people. We are back. There will be bumps, but the EDMONTON OILERS are back and we are coming for what is ours. The EDMONTON OILERS ARE BACK !
    Im going to say this all day long while i bask in the PLUS 5 temp , drink beer and BBQ a steak before we shut down the AVS Tonight.

    Hey– The EDMONTON OILERS are back. Just thought i’d let ya know.

    GO OILERS GO GO OILERS GO !! I Just popped wood i think… is that normal or even ok right now ? I Love my Oilers !

  • ButtermilkBiscuitsAKAoilers2k10

    Ok it wasnt 8-2 like I was preaching the past few days, but I will take 5-2 anyday..

    Looking forward to tonights game in the mile high city..lets see how the kids handle the elevation..

  • OilFan

    I thought Sam played well yesterday and I’m not a Gagner fan. I predict a huge win again today. It’s always funny when you read trolls like DSF and the Flames nation coming up with reason why the Oilers are going to fail or fall to what they think.Underlying numbers …… Bahahaha. Try looking at the wins and goals this team is scoring instead of corsi and fenwick

  • Milli

    For christ sakes who come on here to trash one of our own after another fantastic game? The same losers who were ready to dump Hall 3 games ago? COME ON MAN! Now, on another note….Great article! Man is this winning stuff fun! Hall has be a brute force the last few games, team starts slow no more, climb on Halls back! Scoring lines and annoying lines, solid D and great Tending, MAN IS THIS FUN!!!!!!!

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Sorry folks late to the party… just want to SQUEEEEE about my boy Smid putting up big +/- numbers!

    and note how close my TOI prediction for Whitney was:

    Whitney…. I had no idea his return was that close. Also, I thought the ankle was fine this time around and it was his knee… regardless, what’s the over/under on mins? I go conservative: 16

  • Lofty

    At last, Hemsky has revealed his True Inner Self: All this time, we thought he was a soft-handed Euro puck wizard. No! Last night, we saw the Czech’s Inner Goon. Ales took a page from Gagner’s book and uncorked the genii bottle of his testosterone-crazy aggression.

    Two thundering body checks (or Czechs, if you will) FOLLOWED BY a soft-handed Euro-wizard goal. Clearly doling out hits, as opposed to passively receiving them, is good for Ales’s soulful soul.