Madonna has had a great career reinventing herself over and over again. Could it be that I am about to take a page out of the Material Girl’s playbook?


Last night in Sodertajle my partner, Kurt Davis, made a pass across the offensive zone blue line to me. All the other 9 skaters on the ice were on his side so I literally had a breakaway from above the tops of the circles in.

I waited the goalie out and then snapped a shot short side shelf.

Bang – the shot was pure money!

To say that I was pumped would be putting it mildly. I needed a celebration to commemorate the event. I held my stick hand up in the air while my other arm was trying to do something cool. I haven’t seen the replay yet so I am hoping it was.

In my mind I know it was.

The guys on my team reacted just as excitedly.

Looking back on it I am not sure if it was because they too were pumped for me or if they were surprised? Either way the result was the same. Goal Strudwick!

The transition for Madonna from singing "Cherish" to "Vogue" was pretty dramatic. But if she can do it maybe I can change from a rugged stay at home dman to a sweet skating, point producing machine. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Then again, maybe not. I always liked her early stuff better anyway.