Holy crap. Are we seriously talking about a seven game win streak thirteen games into the season? How does this happen exactly? One day you are minding your own business trying to think up a clever name to replace Exciting Last Place Hockey and all of a sudden you are trying to find posters that would be appropriate for a seventh win in a row.

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t slow down you could miss it" – Approximate quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day off.


And so the Mighty Oilers swing into the arena in Phoenix tonight, looking for a 7th consecutive win. Poor old Phoenix is having a hell of a time getting people in the seats again this year as this picture from last game against the Predators can attest.  Yet again the Coyotes will be hoping that the "crowd" won’t be outnumbered by the ushers and are looking to improve on their 6-4-2 record.

6 wins? Seriously that’s all they have managed to accumulate? The Oil have 6 wins in their last 5 games for heavens sakes. Easy Wanye, don’t jinx anything. The Coyotes are tied for a playoff spot. They are off to a good start. They employ the world class hockey skillery of this guy:



We have to contain our excitement these days when watching our beloved Edmonton Oilers Squadron play the ice hockey matches. We don’t want to jinx them in any way shape or form and cannot allow ourselves to picture a playoff berth this year – even for a moment.

We have been kicked too many times, had our heart broken once too often. So we won’t do anything here to jeopardize what has been an UNREAL start to the season. Not yet Wanye, hold your position*

Instead we will go crazy for the promotion the Coyotes are running tonight in order to try and get some butts in seats.


When we logged onto the Coyotes website our eyeballs shot out of their sockets and splattered against the monitor. That’s right Nation, the Coyotes are selling dollar beers at the game. If we knew that the Oilers would be competing for a 7th straight win and beers at the game only cost a dollar we would have started walking to Arizona weeks ago!

A dollar doesn’t get you a spot in the line at the urinals at Rexall Place. How on earth can the Coyotes be selling beer this cheap? You take your ol pal Wanye to a game with dollar beers on a Saturday Night, you might as well book the ambulance needed to get us home at the end of the game.

We would need a full monkey blood transfusion and ten donairs to even make a dent in the hangover we would have tomorrow morning if we were at this game.

1 dollar beer!

*whistles so loudly that Rexall Place immediately collapses*


According to the Oilers twitter account no lines were run by the Oilers in Phoenix today but did confirm that Devan Dubnyk would be starting in goal. The rest will remain a mystery until the puck drops tonight but we can bet that you will see three superstar tweens out as a line combination tonight.


*That’s what she said.