Last night’s loss was the tipping point for many loyal Oiler fans. After four days off, the Oilers flat out didn’t compete in Phoenix.

What has to change so the Oilers don’t find themselves in a race for another top-five pick?

The Oilers are still technically .500, although in my world 14 wins in 31 games is below .500 but I digress. The Oilers have been plummeting down the standings since early November.

Their team defence is lacking, their goaltending has dropped off, their leaders aren’t leading, the coaching has been suspect and the most concerning factor is that on too many nights they haven’t competed as hard as their opponents.

Last night they looked disinterested at times except for a few players, but the same problems that have plagued this team for years have crept back into their game recently.

We all know they need some more size in their top nine forwards, but you can’t wave a magic wand and have bigger, grittier more determined players appear. The GM needs to get on the phone and see if he can find a trading partner.

What say you Nation?

What do you think needs to happen?

Vent away.




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    • AlexanderK

      Private chats are private!

      I can say however that the bottom line was the desire AND the commitment to WIN that those two re-affirmed just prior to the final game. It is the only reason I brought it up for Kevin. Because no-one should doubt his commitment to winning!

      I hope this answers your question.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Wonder what a guy like Kevin Lowe or a Mark Messier would think if they had a guy like Ales Hemsky sitting next to them in the dressing room. Pretty sure they would have zero patience for personalities like 83’s. Hemsky,Horcoff and Gagner are sure teaching the next generation of Oilers how to handle losing gracefully.

  • KidsInTheHall!

    I read “Stop trying not to lose, and start trying to win.” Couldn’t agree more. Sums it up neatly.

    I think most of us could live with the Oilers losing after clearly giving it their all on the ice, but games like last night…wow, we are sick of them.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Not exactly the first time we showed up flat after a long break. A team losing on the first game of back to backs is always dangerous too.

  • Chaz

    These are tough days in Oiler Nation that’s for sure. The Team is playing like junk AND we can’t even view the Twisted Kilt ad properly as we come here to vent our rage?!?! The next game is Dec 10th vs. Phoenix?!?! What the hell is going on around here!?!?

    Sorry, I just got tired of complaining about the team so I thought I’d vent at the website for a while. As I think about it though, there were four new articles here today, so I guess it’s back to complaining about the team. As you all were…..

  • AlexanderK

    Without an organizational bowel movement this team has no hope. The president of hockey operations is the man responsible for hiring the GM and coaches. He is also responsible for the small, weak and gutless players. The only bright spot seems to be Stu Macgregor’s drafts. Even with that the minor scouts are still out there picking small and weak forwards. The players like Hartikanen are buried in the AHL. Is he any worse a player than the current bottom six? I don’t think so.

    Renney is following his usual course just like every other organization he has been a part of. His shelf life here is secure only because of the indecisiveness and lack of vision by those above him.

  • Giant Panda

    I see a lot of fans are frustrated with Hemsky and I totally understand. But he has been hurt so much don’t you think he need some time to get his game back? I am more worried that he is going to get hurt again, but hey, if he can get healthy, and his game back, can you imagine how well he can contribute with the talent on this team? Don’t jump boat too fast Oilers fan, you all loved this man a few years ago. Give him another chance, because he isn’t worth much on the market right now and I still think it’s too early to pull the plug.

    On the other hand, Peckham needs to be send down to OK City for some fine tuning….

  • A-Mc

    As far as I’m concerned, the single thing the oil are without but desperately need is work ethic.

    It doesn’t matter what talent you have when everyone mopes around the ice. Potential with out action is still only potential. Potential won’t win us hockey games.

  • OilFan

    Wow did the Oilers get fleeced on that Whitney and Vishnovsky trade. Horcoff, Hemksy and Whitney as the captin and assistants number one reason the Oilers suck still!

  • Romanus

    I agree with Romanus but it’s so frustrating watching a lack of effort all the time. I can’t even watch them play the Flames anymore. Is it to much to ask to see a little bit of emotion against their biggest rival. I hate to say it but it’s getting bloody embarrassing.

  • Romanus

    Hi Oiler Fans,

    This is Sieve, I mean Steve. We are still in the process of analyzing our team, by position and want to give the guys here and some on the farm a chance to have ample opportunity to grow as players and play for this team. I’ve made some phone calls but the asking price is too high right now as it has been since I’ve taken over as GM. It probably doesn’t help that my cell phone has been disconnected since I stole it when I left the Canucks organization, but that really doesn’t matter. My plan is to sit back and evaluate the team and make the appropriate changes most likely thru bad signings, and not having the balls to make a change via trade. You fans have withstood us thru the bad times, the horrible times and I ask for your patience as we right the ship thru draft picks and prospects over the next 4 more seasons, and by the time the controversial downtown arena is eventually built at the Enoch Reserve we should be able to finally compete for the last and final playoff spot.

    Thank You
    Steve Tambellini

  • Romanus

    Question: Why do people say that Oilers aren’t .500 because they have 3 SO losses? Before the Shootout these would have been ties gaining us 1 point each and we would have been .500 so why are the Oilers not considered .500 by some people now because they are SO losses?

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    FINALLY, Magnus

    HAS BEEN SENT to the minors.

    This is a GOOD* thing.

    * Maggie will get to play 18+ a night in OKC. Omark and Harski are hurt, and Greene is suspended.

    HOPEFULLY, before TD**, Maggie will be able to find both his confidence, and his scoring touch.

    ** He’ll be called up when they trade 83 for a D-Man at the TD, JMO.

    • OilLeak

      Oh yeah, because a team contending for the Stanley cup is going to trade away a top 4 d-man for a perennially injured rental player.

      Sounds kind of ridiculous when you say out loud, huh?

      Hemsky is still a good player, best option resigning him to a reasonable contract rather than trade him away for magic beans(picks, prospects) that don’t help the team now and could potentially flame out.

  • Oilers89

    I thought Eager played with some jump when he was on the ice. Unfortunately the Oil spent half the game killing penalties which limited his (and others’) ice time.

  • Oilers89

    Obviously a lack of effort is a huge problem which (in my opinion) has nothing to do with being young, see Taylor Hall, all effort. Another problem is that the Oiler’s d men seem scared to pinch and keep the play alive, watch any Canuck game or some other good team, their d men pinch and it helps them tremendously. Basically I am saying that if you can’t play defense, try your hardest to stay in the other teams zone (risk-reward).