WJ Primer (Oiler Edition)

It’ll be a much different WJ’s for Oiler fans this New Year’s. In past seasons Jordan Eberle was a major part of team Canada and two years ago we had a chance to kick the tires on Taylor Hall. This season, there is a quality draft eligible representing Team Canada and the Oiler prospects represent team Sweden (Klefbom, in photo), team Czech Republic and team Slovakia.


Whenever I hear "Klefbom" I think of this song, don’t ask me why. Oscar Klefbom represents team Sweden at this tournament and would have to be considered the top Oiler prospect on display by (draft) pedigree. Selected in the first round of the 2011 entry draft, Klefbom will play an important role on the Swedish team but is not scheduled to be a feature player. Why? This is a 19-year old tournament, so the older kids will play bigger roles. Klefbom is the youngest defender on the Swedish team this season, but took a regular turn in the final pre-tournament game against Canada and had a lot of PK time. He’s a mobile defender with size and has been known to cheat for offense, although one imagines a more button-down performance during this tournament.

Sweden gets their tournament started this afternoon at 3:30 Edmonton time on tsn2 against team Latvia. Klefbom is playing in the Swedish Elite League this season and is 17, 0-0-0 E in 2011-12.

David Musil plays for the Vancouver Giants of the WHL and will be representing team Czech Republic at this year’s WJ’s. He’s regarded as a quality prospect, likely the most defensively capable in the group of four Oiler youngsters at the tournament. Musil was considered a draft steal by many observers, and Corey Pronman from Hockey Prospectus told me on this week’s Nation Radio that Musil is (in his opinion) the best prospect of the four.

Martin Marincin (in photo) and Martin Gernat will play for team Slovakia at this year’s tournament. Marincin should be a major player for his country, he has experience in this tournament (watch for him against USA’s Zucker in video below) and will be a go-to player. Gernat has offensive flair so may end up getting PP minutes in this tournament.


Marincin is an interesting prospect: tall, lean, skilled and with a mean streak. Definitely a worthwhile player to watch in this tournament.

This is Ryan Murray. He is perhaps the most interesting prospect in the WJ’s 2012 for Oiler fans. Projected as a clear top 10 choice, he is ranked very high on all draft rankings and has been compared to Scott Niedermayer in terms of style. The Oilers will be tempted to take another forward at this year’s entry draft, but Murray could be that rare item: a franchise defender.


This tournament is a showcase of talent. Great, great talent. This is Victoria Silvstedt from Sweden. Nice car.

  • Lowetide

    Call me nostalgic, but I’m pulling for Frank’s boy!
    The interview with him after the kid was drafted, I’d have sworn I seen a tear in the old mans eye.

  • Parking fail.

    “The Oilers will be tempted to take another forward at this year’s entry draft.” Who?

    (Alex Galchenyuk the American/Russian?)

    Unless Edmonton drafts 1-3 they have to pick the best defenseman. This is the draft Stu earns the “Magnificent Bastard” title IMO. I just can’t see the Oilers getting either of the Russian forwards (which is fine).

    It’ll take longer for the 2012 pick to impact the Oilers, but it’ll be worth it in 3 years.

  • If ST is moving people this year, unless he can get a significant current player, I would like to see him pick up another high first for this year and next and to speed this process up or at least give him some more pieces to deal that someone might want.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    there is nothing better than a smokin hot blonde in a red dress….unless she’s out of it of course.
    Keep the lovely ladies coming LT, and Merry Christmas to you all here at ON

  • I’m glad MSB’s first overall picks appeared the last 2 years and not this one. As good as some of the Russian kids look, I wouldn’t touch a Russian forward with a 3m pole.

    I’m excited to see what the Oil prospect Dmen can do at WJC.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Our draft choices will be questionable unless we finish in the bottom six this year. Besides Nail Yakapov ( maybe Ryan Murray) there is no one who will add to this current team.

    We should be concentrating on trading to add a legitimate defenseman now……..the cost of not doing this will impact our first line players in a very negative way.

    Game Prediction Tonight

    Oilers score some nice goals ( kid line)
    Whichever line Hemsky on will suck
    Jones will produce like he always does.
    Ryan Whitney will play his best game of the year.

    This will be a rough and tumble affair……..I hope we dress both Hordy and Eager.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Does Yakupov’s size at 5’10 not bother you? Sure the skill is there but if the Oilers were in the running to draft him would you not go with a DMAN instead that could anchor the blueline rather than another undersized forward. This is the draft where I think that Tambo needs to be active. If he is looking to make a move in the 2012 draft that begins with Tradde Deadline day 2012. Jim Matheson suggested a trade and resign deal in the summer for Ryan Smyth? Would that appeal to Smyth? I’d say it probably would if its Tambo making the offer. He dosen’t need to but fan backlash would be enormous if it didn’t occur.

    Hemsky? Like the song from Soud Of Music. what are we going to do about Alex? Right now he looks as interested as a 5 year old at political speech. Not at all. wether he believes it or not the fan base wished he would be “the guy”. But what we wish and what he wants to deliver is 2 different things. A trade to conference opponent Detroit might net us a pick and a prospect. Detroit needs a shot of Hemsky to boost thier offence. Bertuzzi looks done (Slowwwwww). Failing that the Rangers. would they part with Dylan McIlwrath? Or Del Zotto?

    The WJHC’s are going to be a blast. I have tickets to the Czech-Finland game next Saturday. Looking forward to the game with my son.Go Canada.

    • D-Man

      You make some interesting points… I haven’t seen Yakupov play but when we come to the table – the philosophy should be ‘best player available’… From my understanding, Yakupov is a top three pick – no offense, but we’ll need to win the lottery to get a top three pick… I see us finishing 23-26th overall, so unless we win the lottery or Yakupov drops to the 5-7 spot – not going to happen…

      I can’t see anyone taking Smytty off of our hands with that $6.25 million cap hit… Most of the teams who’d need Smytty are maxed at the cap… Even if there one that wasn’t – I do agree, the backlash would be huge… Tambo gets enough heat from the general public already… Unless it’s Anaheim or Columbus looking to deal their first pick – I can’t see Smytty being traded and resigned…

      Hemsky right now is the intriguing aspect of the Oiler roster… Right now, he’s struggling… I’m not sure with his banged up shoulders if there’s another team that would show interest and not give up a prospect or 1st round pick… Personally, as we don’t have enough depth (past Eberle) on the right side in OKC – and no, Omark is not the answer – I think we should sign Hemmer to a 1 year $3.5 million/$4.0 million deal… He’s still more talented than Gagner, and I don’t see us getting a fair return for Hemmer this year… If Penner is worth a decent prospect, a 1st rounder and a 3rd – we should be looking for at least the same with Hemmer… Sure – he’s not worth that right now, but if (a big if) he turns his game around – watch out… Now there’s the risk that we lose Hemmer to the free agency market – but right now, I don’t see too many teams taking a flyer on Hemmer for any more than my offer…

      Either way – enjoy the WJHC’s…. Merry Christmas!

  • bazmagoo

    The Oil are set with offence prospects for a year or two, it’s time to fill up the cupboard with d-men. We will probably pick 6-10 in the draft, I would imagine we will take one of the defencemen everyone says this draft is rich with.

    Hemsky will be traded at the deadline, probably the best we can hope for is a Penner like deal. Hopefully we can get at least one d-man from the pick we receive through that trade or our 2nd round pick.

    Smyth re-signs for 3rd line winger money in the off season, probably 2-2.5 million/year for 2-3 years. Tambo could probably get him for less if he gives him the C for the remainder of his career, haha.

    The guy I’m most curious about is Sam Gagner. It’s obvious RNH is our #1 guy for at least a decade and we are stuck with Horcoff until the end of his deal as our 2nd line centre. Sam isn’t a 3rd line type centre, doesn’t fit ideally on our crowded wings, and his trade value is too low right now. Do we trade Gagner or just keep him around?

    One thing that was pointed out to me is that no other team has 4 defence prospects playing in the World Juniors. Just saying, the future is more than bright!

  • Clarence Oveur

    Anyone else get a good laugh at the homer commentator proclaiming that Marincin’s hit on Zucker should have been a match penalty?

    I love when so-called hockey minds throw those words around seemingly everytime there’s a questionable hit. Frankly, it’s hilarious. When’s the last time anyone saw a match penalty called? As a referee, I’ve never had to call one. Mainly because it constitutes something so heinous and blatantly obvious that it leaves the ref with no other choice than to assess it.

    That was hardly the case on Marincin’s hit on Zucker, and is hardly the case whenever I hear some mouth-breathing blow-hard whining for such a call. It’s almost never assessed for a reason.

  • I been saying the Oilers should be trying to do everything they can to position themselves to take a shot at Murray or Dumba. How the Oilers go about that I will leave it up to Tambo, but if the Oilers are outside the top 3 I have a feeling the player offered up might Gagner.