GDB 36.0: AS 2011 WINDS DOWN

With the exception of an inexplicably timed New Years Eve matinee game against the Islanders, tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild will bring 2011 to a close for the Edmonton Oilers and us legions of fans all around the world.

Some will tell you that the year can’t end soon enough. Early season expectations have evaporated quicker than a Texas Mickey of Rye at Wanye Manor during the holiday season* Ryan Whitney and the Oilers defensive corps have all sorts of issues and one of last year’s super rookies is now playing in the AHL.

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Despite betting Jason Gregor that the Oilers are going to make the playoffs and lipping off Brownlee at every turn for his nay-sayery we have a harder time every day believing all that playoff kool aid we’ve been drinking.

It’s a good time to be a hater if that’s your inclination.

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Regardless of how the Oilers try and spin another season of losing – which may or may not occur we shall see – it’s clear that the blistering incompetence and blinding arrogance that cripples this organization will actually end up building a tremendous hockey team for years to come.

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Moving out the remaining non-trying cheque-collecting veterans will eventually occur and all of the free agents that wouldn’t have touched Edmonton with a 10 foot pole a few years back will be lining up to play with Captain Jordan Eberle, the Transcendant Nuge and the studly Taylor Hall.

All of a sudden the weather won’t make a lick of difference and hockey wives complaints about the shopping here will be ignored by players who are looking to win.

Count on it.


It ain’t gonna be today Nation. But it is coming. The big pieces are in place with 4, 14 and 93. And for the first time in the history of the franchise the Oilers will be able to afford to keep their superstars in the long term. Say what you want about his arena building skills – Oilers fans will be praising Daryl Katz’s wallet in the years to come.

But for tonight the Oilers are going to face Minnesota. The Wild are currently in 6th place in the conference, boring as all hell and would probably trade rosters with the Oilers in a heartbeat. Despite this fictional trade and a bright future, the Oilers are in 13th place in the Conference and are running a stellar 3-7-0 record in their past 10 games.

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The Oilers have yet to tweet the lines or the starting goalie for the game as of press time but they did note that Ryan Whitney had an extended skate after practice with Andy Sutton, Darcy Hordichuk and Devan Dubnyk.

That’s something right?


We depart in the morning to go backpacking in Asia until March. This was a rash decision made in a series of double dares with some buddies and it is designed to start 2012 with a bang. Cause to be totally honest 2011 was a bit of a bitch.

The loss of a parent, breaking up with a long term gf and the other assortment of the usual malaises of someone our age have piled up and it is time to go blow off some steam until the money runs out.**

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As was the case a couple years ago when we tried out backpacking in Europe, we will be filing reports from all over hells half acre here on the Nation. And we have an unlocked Blackberry and will be tweeting like the Dickens from the different scenarios we find ourselves involved in.

So if you want to see pictures of a romantic misunderstanding with a Ladyboy or the inside of a Thai Fight Club at 4 AM – all in the middle of the day thanks to the magic of time zones – give your pal Wanye a follow on twitter @wanyegretz.

It’s gonna get really real, really fast.

"Enjoy the best days in your life, cause you ain’t gonna get to live it twice." – Mac Miller in the video above.

Good call Mac. Pray for Wanye.

*2 house parties actually killed a Christmas Texas Mickey this year. Impressive.

**It is estimated that will take 12.5 hours

  • Oilers Coffey

    Here we go Oilers here we go!
    The Nation needs more hard core believers like me and Wanye…forever holding our faith in our beloved Oilers.
    Oilers finish 2011 blowing the cursed excel out of the lake, 6-2 Oilers win!

  • a lg dubl dubl

    For cryin’ out loud, aren’t there any other teams in the division to play against? I’m sick of seeing Minney six times BEFORE New Year’s.

    I find it harder and harder to watch a full Oiler’s game… if only they would just cut out the parts that don’t involve somebody named Eberle, Hall, Nuge or Smyth being on the ice, I could get by…

  • Chris.

    Game Day Prediction: The Mighty Oil continue their dominance at the Excel Energy center extending their winning streak on Excel ice to two. 5-3 Oilers.

    Obvious Game Day Prediction: The Oilers will spend large portions of the evening in their own zone but Khabibulin will helped out by a young group of D who are willing/able to block a large number of shots.

    Not-So-Obvious Game Day Prediction: Justin Falk, cognizant of the fact this is the last time these two teams meet this season, and that they will play in different conferences next season, lays a cheap hit on Eberle very late in the game. (Probably because Eberle burned him badly on at least two occasions on his way to a Hat-Trick) Falk’s douchey plan backfires on him a bit when he is traded to Edmonton late February just before the trade deadline in a sensational multi player deal that eventually costs Tambellini his job. Wanye spends the late portions of his Asian adventure tweeting dirty limericks usng Falk’s name.

    • Wanyes bastard child

      I’ve noticed that to and it frustrates me to no end, tonight was a prime example given how shoddy the reffing was for both sides. The only real PP we got was the Horcoff high stick because I think that was a bogus call on Hall to end the game. The reffing was just brutal tonight!

      All in all though I think we played a decent game for all 60 minutes, a few lucky bounces in the third and it could have been a different game.

      But yeah, someone please tell Renney that a 4 on 4 isn’t a PK and its ok to throw RNH and Eberle out there and not Lander and Belanger…

    • a lg dubl dubl

      At least I am not the only one who notices this! And when was the last time Horcoff won an important face off… I keep saying he is no better than a third liner, and he is proving me right every time he steps on the ice. I love this team but how long till they shake some things up all ready. Getting the #1 pick every year will still not win the cup. I know it has only been 21 years (not 40) but lets get serious here all ready. Hall, Ebs, and RNH deserve some support, or they won’t be here long.

      • Shaun Doe

        Not defending Renny’s position but I am pretty sure I heard on a recent broadcast that he is trying to avoid putting two kids on the 4-on-4 as Hopkins and Eberle got torched for two goals against in a game or in back to back games in those situations.

  • I tried it at home

    Wanye you go have all the fun your eberle-lovin’ heart can take (see what I did there) and know you take the second hand dreams and fantasies of ON’ers with you. Now, for the ugly… I can take the 2 goals Minny got, they were stand up legitamite tallys but gods above and below Hordy, cmon buddy, give us something to hang our nonplayoff bound hats unto 🙁

  • Is there any chance that Renney doesn’t come back next year? That guy does not coach to win… Also when is Tambo’s contract up? I’m 28 and haven’t missed more than a handful broadcasts a season since I was 14, but I honestly have not seen a management team so content as the current Oilers brass.