Tom Renney says he is hopeful his Edmonton Oilers can find a way to squeeze eight points from the team’s upcoming six-game road trip and stay within hailing distance of a playoff spot in the Western Conference. Whether Renney actually believes that is another matter.

The way I see it, the Oilers have a better chance of being a lottery team when they return from a trip that takes them to Minnesota, Long Island, Chicago, Buffalo, St. Louis and Dallas than they do of staying within seven points of eighth place, which is where they sat as they jumped a jet this afternoon.

At 15-17-3 for 33 points and having lost five straight games on the road, the Oilers, with a depleted defense and void of secondary scoring in support of Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jordan Eberle, don’t have a hope of hitting the 41-game mark within single digits of eighth, but what is Renney supposed to say?

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Hell no, we won’t go?


"We knew we’d be chasing," Renney told reporters after the team skated in Leduc Tuesday. "We want to stay with the pack. The bottom line is that is we can get eight points on this trip, that’s tremendous. That’s just outstanding for our team.

"I hope we’ve got that in us. I believe we do. Sometimes, we get in our own way. As I said even last year, sometimes we should put our own roster up on the board as the opponent. Never mind the other team. We get in our own way a little bit, but if we’re seven out coming back, we’ll have played some pretty good hockey, to be honest with you."

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Pretty good hockey? I’ll say. If the Oilers can coax eight points out of this swing with Ryan Whitney hobbled, Laddy Smid and Tom Gilbert wearing down and almost every forward not named Hall, Nugent-Hopkins or Eberle yet to get refunds on the wooden hands they received as gifts well before Christmas, they’ll have played out of this world.

"It’s all about confidence right now and determination and gutting it out, you know? Really applying yourself with all you’ve got," Renney said.

"If you look at the last two teams playing last year, there were guys in the bench getting shot up and taped up. We’re not anywhere near that. We have to understand what it takes to win."

I see the Oilers getting five points at best on this trip, and if Renney’s team doesn’t get four of those on the first two stops, Minnesota and Long Island, even that will be a stretch.

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    • longbottom/P.Biglow

      Depends if you actually understand the difference between a rebuild and reload what ever name you want to call it.
      Rebuild= you identify a core and build around it.
      Reload= Replaceing parts around an exsisting core group.
      The Prior core group got shipped out in 2009/2010 and the team is still pieceing together a new core group.

    • Oilers are out of the playoffs now.

      How are they progressing?

      Overall the balance between offence and defence has been better despite the struggles of the last 20 games. The team is even in GF vs GA compared to minus-76 last season. Special teams have been markedly better overall.

      Individually, RN-H has delivered more than expected. Jordan Eberle is racing along the learning curve. Tom Gilbert has bounced back from a couple of so-so seasons and Ladislav Smid has taken a big step in development.

      While the defence is especially thin with Whitney hobbled, Barker out (and mediocre at best when he was in) and Sutton suspended twice, Potter has been a decent find who might be worth keeping.

      Standings-wise, despite what looks like a grim road trip, I’ve already said this team will likely finish 16-20 points better than the past two seasons. Even with its shortcomings — notably Tambellini’s failure to ensure depth on the blueline — this is a better team that last year.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        I’m starting to wonder if the team will finish 15 – 20 points ahead of last year, we’re what? 2 or 3 points ahead of last years pace and we’re going to get what? 30 more games out of Whitney/Hemsky combined between injuries and trade deadline.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Robin, if you get a chance, can you ask Renney and/or Tambellini what the plan is/was with both Lander and Brule?

    Why did the Oilers not expose Brule to re-entry waivers at the start of the year, and why not try to recall him now, or recall O’Marra, and give Lander time in OKC?

    Earlier in the season, I think I can remember a member of the Oilers staff (not sure who, maybe Lowe or Tambellini) in Oil Change talking about changing the mindset in terms of looking at OKC as a demotion, or a punishment.

    Lander has 3 points in 31 games, playing roughly 10 min a game. Has something changed regarding that mindset, and if not, why is Lander still in EDM? I’m assuming because they think he’ll develop better here than in OKC, but I’d be curiously to hearing what makes him different, in that Lander could see significantly more ice time in the AHL than he is in the NHL.

  • John Chambers

    I have about half a season’s worth of stomach left for ELPH. The losing doesn’t bother me – in fact the team is playing hard and losing close games – but the fact we’re going to lose Hemsky for nothing and that Ryan Whitney has wooden stilts on his legs from polio has me bummed.

    I’m also bummed because I’m not as high on this year’s draft options as the previous two. Nuge and Hall are sublime and were worth the punishment, but taking another kick in the teeth just to land a D prospect 3-4 years away from contributing sucks bizalls.

    If we aren’t sporting a much-improved D corps by August I’m going to join the bandwagon and politely ask Mr. Katz to dispose of the management team.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Mr. Dithers and company sure are starting to look like a group wandering aimlessly through the desert.

    What a smoke show they have going on here. God Bless the season ticket holders.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    These comments from Renney are rather comical,I have watched all games this season and can think of atleast 10 games where Renney has been out coached.Tom you are not coaching in Tampa or Florida we know our hockey up here so dont doubt our intelligence.I honestly liked Renney in September but after 30 plus games i feel he is not capable of coachiing at this level.

  • I would like to find the arse that said a rebuild would happen overnight. The Oil have sucked for six years, and been rebuilding for two. For those that think Renney is the wrong guy for the job, you are clearly delusional, who would be better? I see progression all the time. Lets all take a collective breath and realize what we have here, it’s going to be good.

    • I tend to agree with you that fans should not panic. We have a great young core of forwards in RNH, Eberle, and Hall that could be the start of greatness for this organization. There are the examples of the Penguins and Blackhawks that can give us hope.

      But there should be caution in the hope as well. Both Pittsburgh and Chicago made coaching changes after they acquired their young stars, but before they won the Stanley Cup. I look at a group in Tampa Bay (after the lockout) in Lecavlier, St. Louis, and Richards who collectively averaged over a point per game in the 07/08 season and missed the playoffs. That team missed the playoffs with some very good offensive stars in 3 consecutive seasons.

      The point is that being lucky to draft 1st overall twice and picking up a gem in Eberle is not going to be enough. Teams need to be carefully constructed. Who is going to be our starting goaltender in 3 seasons? Is there anyone in the organization who is going to be capable of being part of a top defensive pairing? The easy part for ST and company were the draft picks. The real test will be if they can add the necessary pieces of the puzzle.

  • Rebuilding and winning hockey games are not mutually exclusive…ask Dale Tallon.

    Tallon was hired on May 10, 2010.

    He promptly blew up his team..


    Samsonov, Reasoner, Bergfors, Olesz, Carter, Bernier, Reinprecht, Booth, Stillman, Hordichuk, Rissmiller, Duco, Sulzser, Wideman, Higgins, McCabe, Vokoun.

    By sweeping away the players who weren’t going to be part of the long term plan, he loaded up with draft picks and now has the best prospect depth in the entire league.


    Versteeg, Fleishmann, Campbell, Jovanovski, Bergenheim, Upshall, Goc, Cullen, Barch, Theordore.

    By golly, from last in the EC to first in the SE and third in the conference.

    If Steady wants to get on with life, Horcoff, Whitney, Belanger, Barker, Sutton, Khabibulin, Hemsky, Gagner and Omark, would be a good place to start.

    Difficult to move some of that junk but, as we’ve seen in the recent Kaberle deal, nothing is impossible.

  • Slapshot

    I have been a Oilers season seat holder for the past 12 years,in 2006 I got my moneys worth and then some.I truely beleived that when Katz took over from the Edmonton investors group he would make a difference,The Oilers organization under Katz’s and Tambellini’s reign has taken a considerable step backwards,enough of the Oilers propoganda machine feeding the fans a bunch of BS.30th place hockey may be okay in Long Island but a lottery pick 3 years in row is not acceptable in any market!!!

    • I respect your loyalty. A few losses back I was listening to tencer postgame. A season ticket holder called in venting. He said he was tired of feeling cheated, and was ready to give up his seasons seats. Tencers responce, ” there will be someone waiting in line to take those off your hands. ” I wanted to throw my laptop across the room. Thats the arrogance this organization has towards its fans at times.

      • justthestatsman

        Go easy on the laptop. That could add up over the course of “the rebuild”.

        I agree with you about the arrogance of the organization. Unfortunately I think Tenser’s response is also true and as long as that’s the case the arrogance will continue.

  • bazmagoo

    I guess we will see how we are doing at the trade deadline. Out of the playoff picture by 10 + points, it’ll be time to ship some vets for future assets. Only out by 5 – points and we could very well be buyers.

    Personally I’d love to see a bottom 10 finish with a vet (Hemsky) flipped for another 1st round pick and a prospect.

    For the life of me I still can’t understand how Kevin Lowe has a job after the Horcoff contract. Does everyone realize that not only is the sum prohibitive for another team to pick up, but Horcoff actually has either a No Movement Clause or No Trade Clause for each of the last 3 years of that disgraceful deal!

    I wish I could make a 20 million dollar mistake that affects my companies ability to compete for the next 3 years and still have a job. Wow!

  • Robin, I will be suprise if they get 3 points on this remaing road trip the team has already fold it including the coaching stuff. By the way my question to you is, IF this coaching staff and Managment get fired, do you think they will find a job in NHL and which once???

  • Aitch

    I can’t believe people would rather we had the Panthers roster right now over the Oilers. Sure the Panthers are winning this season, but does anyone really believe they have the potential to be a cup contender within the next five years? Anyone? Anyone?

    Tallon just comprised the Bad News Bears of hockey; a bunch of cast-offs from other teams. The fact that a few of ’em are overachieving this season doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s a franchise going nowhere.

    • justthestatsman

      On one hand I agree – vastly prefer Hall/Nugent-Hopkins/Eberle/Pajaarvi to Florida’s offensive guns, but I think you’re selling Tallon short here.

      His moves over the summer were partly financial, but there has to have been more to it than that. This is the second team that he has come in and performed a fast overhaul on. Chicago wasn’t this quick, but they went from out of the playoffs one season to making the finals the next; not too shabby. He’s got something going in Florida, and good on him. I think Tallon is in the upper echelon of GMs, just a few steps back of Holland.

      I like Tambellini, but would love to have Tallon. The guy is clever, ballsy, and has an outstanding sense of timing (or whatever you want to call it – he knows how to pick up players on the upswing).

    • Rob...

      You obviously don’t know much about Tallon’s stable of young talent.

      Start with Versteeg…he’s only 25 and currently 10th in NHL scoring.

      Then work your way through Dadanov, Kulikov, Gudbranson and Ellerby who are all currently on the NHL roster.

      In the bullpen, Huberdeau, Howden, Bjugstad, Grimaldi, Petrovic, Robak and McFarland as well as an elite goalie prospect in Markstrom.

      That Tallon was able to assemble that kind of prospect depth, add productive NHL veterans like Fleischmann, Campbell, Kopecky, Jovanovski, Bergenheim, Skille, Upshall, Goc, Samulesson and Barch all while remaining almost $10 million under the cap in less than one year is nothing short of remarkable.

      Tallon built a powerhouse basically in one offseason and I have no doubt he’ll win the GM of the year for doing it.

    • Rob...

      If the playoff cutoff this season is the same as last (97 points) the Oilers would need to finish the season 30-13-4 to have a shot at 8th place.

      The patient flatlined a while ago.

      • So, you’re on to the next topic? Not so fast.

        You implied Dec. 27 that everybody and their dog knew about Ryan Whitney’s “injury history” before the Oilers traded for him in March of 2010. Your comments had a distinct, “Come on, Brownlee, who are you trying to kid?” tone to them.

        “Robin…I think you’re cutting Tambellini way too much slack here. It’s a matter of record that Tambellini did not do his due diligence when he made the trade. If you’re suggesting the best possible return for Visnovsky was a player with a verifiable injury history who was almost certain to require surgery, I think you’re vastly under rating Visnovsky’s value. While Whitney seems to be a great guy and a willing soldier, I would think Visnovsky was worth much, much more on the open market.”

        I called you on it and pointed out how nobody, including you, brought up this “matter or record” and “verifiable injury history” or ANY health concerns about Whitney in 309 comments posted here at the time of the trade until AFTER I did a second story outlining the possibility of another surgery two days later.

        After I took an hour to look it up, you didn’t even bother to respond with an “Oh, maybe I was mistaken” or “OK, I was just being my arsehole self” or whatever. You stated something as fact — something that implied I was the one who didn’t have a clue — and then turtled when I blew your contention out of the water. At least TigerUnderGlass, also in on the “there were all kinds of red flags BEFORE the trade” argument, stuck around to argue his point. We still disagree, but that’s fine. You, on the other hand, ran your mouth and then disappeared.

        Now we just skip ahead to 97 points? Not in the neighborhood I grew up in, Bub.

        • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

          silly Robin, you must have misplaced your DSF handbook.

          Here is the Coles Notes version:

          1) comment on topic

          2) quote people, but say the same thing as your first post

          3) ignore anyone calling you out

          4) throw in random gagner/horcoff posts

          5) throw in random posts

          6) ignore more people that call you out

          7) repeat steps 1-6

          The guy has had his ass handed to him countless times. I dont recall a single time he has acknowledged being wrong.

          The rash gets worse when you scratch it brownlee. Just leave it alone and it will go away on its own.

          • I don’t need an extensive response from you, especially if it’s simply the kind of side-stepping and shift-the-argument tactics you’re well known for here. In fact, if you try and start up again, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll ban your ass until you’re 119 years old. I’m not re-visiting the Whitney issue today except to emphasize what I said earlier. I wasn’t asking, in case you’re slow on the uptake, for a new and improved argument.

            There’s no excuse, none, for stating something as fact, then having me take the time to show there was ZERO evidence on this website to back-up your contention — and then ask you for a response — only to have you go silent and then show up another day like nothing happened. I don’t give a damn what you say you said at the time of the Whitney trade, what you thought or what you muttered in the washroom at home, there was not ONE comment here, by you or anybody else in the 309 comments posted at the time of the trade, referring to questions about Whitney’s health. Not one.

            I’ll say it again, and try to comprehend — don’t waste my time.

            I write for a living. I’m not killing time at my real job by writing articles and posting comments at Oilersnation. If I didn’t get paid to write here, I wouldn’t write here. I don’t make one cent more by writing in the comments section. I do it because I’m told it’s good for the website and the people who tell me that are the same guys who pay me and treat me well, so I’m in. What I’m not in for is spending three times as much time writing in the comments section as I do producing stories just because somebody wants to play games and kill time.

            What I don’t need, when I’m juggling what I write here with other freelance work and running a family business, is for you or anybody else to f*ck around like you did with that stunt.

          • By the way, your post that “vaporized,” the one that starts with you wondering why I’ve got “my knickers in a twist,” is in the pending comments section of the website — might be the logic check hung up on what you’re saying. It’s obvious, given your flippant choice of words, nothing I’ve taken the time to write has sunk in and you don’t understand (or don’t care) that I’ve had it with you.

            In addition to what I just laid out in comment 44, if I see a post with the “twisted knickers” reference in it — whether the system releases the one you’ve already written (tough break for DSF) or you write a new one — you’re done here. This goes WAY beyond fair warning. It also means you get zero slack from here on in when it comes to any and all future posts directed at me.

  • Is Renney a good minor league coach , but not so good an NHL coach ? His resume is not great at the NHL level . Tams has never performed at an acceptable level as a GM as yet. We have a lot of quality and quantity even without the next draft . For all intensive purposes the core of the future is just starting this season or maybe next year. It could be years yet before we get to a playoff position if we continue to wait for Tams and Renney leading us . Defense of Cernat and Marincin looked good last night . Lots of young talented defense that looks imposing down the line , but it may be years before they are developed

    I have a feeling we will lose a lot of talent over the next couple of years just trying to hold onto all the quality we presently have in our system .

  • OilFan

    @Robin Brownlee

    I agree 5 points would be a good trip for this team and with out wins in Minny and Long Island I don’t see that happening.

    Do you think Renney has done a good job so far ? Is Belanger tradeable at this time ?

      • I like what Ryan Jones has done since joining the Oilers. I have probably been his biggest supporter among the writers here, but if you would trade Sam Gagner, Magnus Paajarvi, Anton Lander, Jeff Petry and Colten Teubert before Jones, you are letting impatience and the failures of the last five years override what gives this team its best chance to be better in the next five years.

        • I like Gagner I really do, but the Oilers need that big body 2nd line center, so unless Gagner stays a winger then he’s better off elsewhere IMO.

          Also for the record Robin, I’ve said that Petry,Tuebert, Lander, Dubnyk, Petrell, Peckham, Potter should all be in the AHL playing more minutes without fear. I would not trade them all but, if one of them with a MPV can get the Oilers a top ten 1st rounder I make the trade to get into the top ten, take shot at both Murray and Dumba. No mater what the readers say the Oilers are not getting a 1 or 2 defenseman without drafting one. Having said that, yes I am impatient. I think more could have been done and should be done. I really think the Oilers have to become ultra aggressive in this rebuild now.

  • Emvee

    I would say that they need to build a good supporting core that can help compete for a playoff spot for the next 2years.give the kids in OKC a proper development and don’t make them feel rushed.rushing them will be the long term damage and we’ll gain the title of “Islanders of the west”.
    As for the team right now, it almost seems like lines 2-4 are solely there for defense and to buy time for the kid line to give a 40second push.

  • We may have a chance to get 8 points but only if we stop playing injured players like Whitney and Hemsky. If you listen to them, they do not give the impression that they are healthy enough to play…… the question is why play them?

    We have a stockpiled AHL team so let’s see what they can do? I would rather see a bunch of prospects lose as opposed to our regulars players!

    As for Renny saying all his nonsensical mumbo jumbo, he has been out coached so many times it’ s not even funny. Let’s look at who he plays on the PP for example, the missed line matches, the extremely bad line changes, and the over playing of marginal talent like Horcoff, Hemsky, and Belenger. We are essentially playing with three lines be causes he never uses the fourth line……..and we wonder why these guys look tired?

    The relationship between GM, coach, and President seems to be very cozy with no one worried about their job?

    What is 18 inches long and hangs between Tambi’s legs? Tom Renny’s tie.

  • Emvee

    I’m tired of hearing rebuilding, reloading or whatever people tell themselves or each other to feel good about rooting for a underacheiving team. We’ve heard the same story for years, people are just accepting it. Myself I would rather have a consistently good team. I think Kevin Lowe and his puppet Tambelllini have done enough damage. Its time to hire a GM with experiance and sucess who isnt tied to the glory days of Oilers. Lowe/Tambellini are trying to do what Garth Snow is trying to do with the Islanders, re-create the magic of the 80’s, problem is it is 2012. You cannot have a team like that in todays game, free agency and salary cap prevent it. By the time all these high draft picks are ready to peak and make a run it will be contract time, some will move on and without a solid core of character/veteran players we will again be right back where we started.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Robin, do you feel it’s to the point where selling the farm (combined with tanking) in an effort to land two lotto picks next June would help this team short and long term? Outside of 94 and 35 there hasn’t been much as far as veteran support goes.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      Columbus, Anahiem, Carolina and the Islanders want to trade their pending lotto picks for guys like Whitney/Gagner/Hemsky/MPS/Smid ect about as bad as we want to trade our impending lotto pick for guys like Brassard/Beauchemin/Bailey/Ponikarasky

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Just need one suitor Obbie, one club that looking for new blood. They may not be on the list you provided but the Oilers can work their way up, doesn’t all have to be done in one deal. As long as they head to Pittsburgh in June with two first rounders, they can always improve on that aquired pick at the draft.

    • You won’t get a lotto pick for anybody on this roster straight up except the three players you must keep. Two picks in the top 10 of the next draft, even a six and an eight or nine, stand to be good building blocks with the depth (particularly defensemen) that will be available next June.

      • bazmagoo

        I think you are spot on Robin. Hopefully the Oilers are able to flip one of the assets everyone talks about moving (Hemsky) to a team making a playoff push for their first pick, then said playoff push falls short. That’s what we were hoping for last year with LA I think, and actually came reasonably close to that happening.

        I’d be happy with a 6 – 8th pick from our performance and a 10-15th pick from a trade like the Penner deal in next years draft.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Understood. The Oilers do have a number of bodies available to be exported. 83+ for a middling first rounder. Flip that middling first rounder along with 89 to get you into the top 10. It’s time for Steve to start buying instead of just window shopping like last summer.

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          here’s the problem… let’s say we get the first top ten on our own (lack of) merit… the second is tricky… if you trade a vet to a team making a playoff push (say Hemsky) – for some reason I call this move the Luis Sojo (he was picked up in Aug. by the Yanks in 2000 for their playoff run… basically added as padding to a sick lineup that could boast wiley vets rocking the pine most nights)…

          those teams aren’t going to get you a top ten… unless they have it via prior trade… in which case the value would make the trade moot or lopsided… so say you get a late first rounder in return….

          is that worth is for the Oil… even if you package it with say 89 (as you suggest) for a top ten… would you really get it? and wouldn’t that be a steep price to pay all tolled? two vets (both under 30 with lots of possible upside) and a late first for a top ten?

          if Murray turns into the next lidstrom… the deal is a winner… and I like the creativity of the deals… but it seems I’m on the nervous side about asset management and would be reticent to give up so much.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            It only appears that the Oilers would be giving up alot to have a shot at a maybe. The way i see it is they’re giving up a couple followers for a top 5-7 shot at another leader. Let’s face it, 83 and 89 are contributing like bottom 6 forwards. Their days as top 6 forwards are over, even on this club.

            The Oilers were playing .800 hockey without these guys in the lineup the first 15 games. I don’t believe that it was a fluke that these 2 weren’t in the lineup.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            well the last part I think is crazy talk. you’re just looking for an easy scapegoat… strange for a guy who is happy to goat an entire team!

            but the first… top 5-7 hmmm is that high enough to get “another leader”? we are looking for one of Murray, Reinhart and Dumba… (I imagine in that order of preference) 5-7 probably gets you the last two and they are probably impact players… but I’m not sure about leaders (if you mean of the Lidstrom, Pronger, Blake, etc. variety)

            If i’m giving up a whole bunch I want Murray and I don’t think you get him without top 4… but hey maybe we get there on our own (lack of) merit…

            here’s a question for you… If we have two top tens… and if we get Murray then what… pick another D or best player available?

          • Quicksilver ballet

            2 top 10’s isn’t the goal, 2 top 5 selections should be the goal. The Oilers have plenty of support players hanging around to facilitate a 2 or 3 trade process to get there.

            With only 3 kids here now to write home about, the Oilers should be focused on the BPA no matter the position. There are gapping holes throughout this Oiler lineup. They’re in dire need of two more top 6 forwards and ofcourse and #1 and 2 D’men. Not concerned in which order they arrive. 2 top 5 selections next June would plug 2 of those holes.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Here’s Button’s current list:


            He’s got Murray at 10 (I think he’ll move up and Dumba down… but I’m no expert on these things)… but there are 5 Ds in the top ten … if we keep playing the way we are looks like we will get one anyway…

            I agree with BPA but… sometimes the difference is negligible and I suspect after the top 4-5 settle into firm place in late spring that the rest of the list will be fairly fluid. In those conditions i think taking need over arguably the BPA is reasonable

          • Wanyes bastard child

            My problem with this train of thought is we could be giving up 83 and 89 for a pair of MPS’s…

            Remember the fact that MPS is a 10th round pick that nobody has any idea of how good he will be. I don’t see MPS being better than Hemsky and as for Gagner I see a higher point upside over MPS but lesser defense ability.

            I forget who it was that wrote the post but picks outside the top 3 or 5 are usually long shots at best.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            I’m right there with you… call me a nervous nelly but of the top 3 D on option (murray, reinhart, dumba) only one has a shot at being the next Lidstrom and that is still a huge longshot…

            I get selling the farm if Lindros, Crosby, Ovi, etc. is on offer… and they say this year’s draft is deep… but who can really say what we’ll get

            At this point I think I’d rather trade for assets or known prospects and rely on our horrible play to carry us through the draft…

            speaking of does anyone have a run down of any commitments coming or going for this year’s draft from previous trades? is our 2nd round in place… is so let’s say we get 4th and 34th… that sounds pretty good

            [edit] ps I think you mean overall not round

  • Newj

    At what point does Renney show some emotion? Hall loses teeth from a stick, Smyth dumped on his ass after whistle & RNH had enough & let refs know how poor they are & gets 2 for it. Renney? Nodda a damn word?

    Down 4-2, Horkoff, Belanger, Gagne, Smyth all minus 2. Hemsky a minus 1.

    Same old same old.