The Oilers are much more competitive this season, and with the emergence of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall the offense should be solid moving forward. We’ve also witnessed some solid signs from Ladislav Smid, Ryan Jones, Shawn Horcoff, Ryan Smyth and Tom Gilbert that the kids will have some competent veterans around them as they grow.

We’ve seen improvement in many areas, which was expected after two consecutive 30th place finishes, but if this team wants to be a playoff contender this year or the next they better improve their divisional play.

Since 2007, they’ve won 52 of 146 Divisional games including only three of ten so far this season.

As the Oilers move forward in their "process" the organization needs to look at how they can compete better within the division. A winning record within your division won’t guarantee you a playoff spot, Minnesota proved that last year winning 16 of 24 games, but in the last four years the team with the most wins within the division has won the NW.

The Oilers have lost 16 of their last 18 games v. the Flames. They’ve won one of their last 18 in Minnesota. They need to start finding ways to beat their NW divisional foes.

Up until their win in Minnesota, the Oilers and Tom Renney tried to downplay their losing streak in Minnesota. "It’s just another game," was a common response when asked why the Wild could beat them for fun at the Excel Energy Centre. Losing to the Wild was ugly, but when your biggest rival continually dominates you then something needs to change.

The Flames have now won seven straight v. the Oilers, which if frankly, unacceptable. The Flames aren’t a great team, but they have dominated the Oilers for the past three seasons and that has to change.


The coaching strategy from football to hockey is completely different, but I think Renney should take a page from Edmonton Eskimo head coach Kavis Reed’s playbook on motivation. When Reed was hired by the Esks last year, his first order of business was to look at all the game tape from the previous season. He noticed quickly how the Esks’ long-time rival Calgary Stampeders had manhandled them.

In his first meeting of training camp Reed took the offensive. Rather than follow the usual trend of "one-game-at-a-time or this-is-just-another-game" garbage, Reed preached to his players the history of the Calgary-Edmonton rivalry and what it should mean to them NOW.

"I noticed they (Stampeders) bullied the Esks last year especially on Labour Day," Reed told me early this summer in his rookie season as head coach. "I wanted them to know that wasn’t exceptable and one of my main focuses was to ensure our team was strong enough to challenge the Stamps. I told them we wouldn’t tolerate not being competitive against them."

I know the leagues are completely different and 3 or 4 games of an 18 game season will have a bigger impact on the entire year compared to 6 of 82 NHL games, but why can’t Renney try and grasp the same emotion of his team? In case you didn’t notice the Esks won both games in Calgary this year, including a 35-7 drubbing on Labour Day. They also beat the Stamps in the playoffs.

Being competitive or beating your arch-rival won’t guarantee you a championship, but it was a great foundation and focal point for Reed to grab his player’s attention. In the week leading up to games against the Stamps, Reed would show his players footage of past Esks/Stamps battles. He wanted them to understand how much this rivalry means to the organization and more importantly their fanbase.


I don’t see that around the organization anymore. A game against the Flames is treated the same as a game against Tampa Bay, and that isn’t right.

It’s a long season. Players get tired and banged up, and I understand it is impossible to "get up" for every game, so why not ensure from the beginning of a season that regardless of the standings, fatigue, health or any other intangible, when the Flames are the opponent the intensity better be there.

I can’t see the players opposing this.

Rivalries are great for sports, and it’s about damn time the Oilers start realizing it’s unacceptable that they keep getting their asses kicked by their provincial rival.

Ask Steve Smith or Kelly Buchberger if a regular season game against the Flames was just another game when they played? Of course it wasn’t and it shouldn’t be now. Ask Smyth if the Flames/Oilers rivalry is bigger than a game against Florida?

We always hear about having pride for the jersey, well it’s about time this current regime started showing some. Losing seven straight, and 16 of 18 is a big deal, and it should be addressed.

I’m not suggesting the Oilers play goon hockey, but is it too much to ask to have some animosity, intensity and sheer hatred for Calgary. The fanbase still has it, based on how upset you were after Saturday’s game, so is it too much to ask that the players and coaches find it?

The Flames seem to have it. For years Robyn Regehr tried to crush Ales Hemsky every chance he could. Curtis Glencross has proudly boasted he plans on "making life tough" for Nugent-Hopkins and he’s taken some healthy runs at him in both games this year. Hell, Jay Bouwmeester cross-checks Horcoff, who is one of the Oilers better players, and no one says a word to him. Why is that?

I think Renney should give Reed a call and listen to him talk about the importance of beating Calgary and how he can get that message through to the players.


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  • Talbot17

    Love the article. And this is all true. If you don’t take advantage of divisional games then down the stretch your toast. The best game I saw this year divisionally was the 4-3 win over Van when RNH had the hat trick. They had grit in front and around the net, pushed back, it was nice to see that. Calgary is the one opponent that we just cant lose to right now…Bouwmeester’s cross check was ridiculous, cause no one pushed back.

    • Spaghetti - Team Facalto

      Was at this game, and it was great but unfortunately they lost 4-3.

      Too bad Hordichuk wasn’t sent out there to give mister Jay I’m to good to play for Edmonton Boumeester a fist to the teeth.

    • Spaghetti - Team Facalto

      Totally agree! Bo-bo only plays 30 minutes a game maybe Tom felt there was no opportunity!

      Great article – some “controlled fury” against divisional opponents would be the logical next step for this team.

      Here’s hoping Coach Reed is the motivational speaker on Sat against Flickers!

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Not sure what can be done about retailiating on Bouwmeester. Perhaps Hordichuk asked him to go a couple times after that and was refused. At the point it happened, Hordichuk just feeding him his lunch could’ve put the Lames on a 4 minute powerplay with less than 10 minutes to go in a tie hockey game. In a close game like that an instigator penalty could decide the game.

        The Oilers are getting better but more often than not they’re still responding to what happens on the ice rather than initiating it.

  • DaveChamp

    Our coaching has to be more proactive.Usually a team only has one or two players that are really out to injure like Wilson or GlencrossTarget these players and go after them and incite them to fight and they wont have as much energy or interest in being engaged.

  • magisterrex

    Love Renney when he handles the kids well. Not so much when he has his ass handed to him by the other coach. Even less when that other coach has “Sutter” as a last name.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    Thing is…the Divisions look like they’ll be changing next season.

    Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, San Jose, Phoenix, Anaheim, Los Angeles will most likely make up the Pacific Division so, while the Oilers will be rid of Minnesota and Colorado, they’ll be a getting a steady diet of San Jose and LA to replace them.

    • Jason Gregor

      Pretty sure Calgary will still be in the division. Start with your biggest rival and move on from there. New alignment doesn’t change how the Oilers should face the Flames.

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        “I’m not suggesting the Oilers play goon hockey, but is it too much to ask to have some animosity, intensity and sheer hatred for Calgary.”

        couldn’t agree more! I would only add the caveat that while we consistently lose to Minnesota and that chaps my gams something fierce… for too long those games have been a snooze (the last game was actually pretty exciting… lots of hits) and haven’t really boosted my ire… It’s the filthy nucks that I would put next on the list of hate after Calgary, followed closely by Dallas.

        If the boys can’t muster up any hatred for the lames and the nucks there is indeed a problem.

        Perhaps the fans and media need to do a better job of creating a narrative around divisional rivalries and let the players feed off that energy? It’s more fun for fans and is certainly a better story to tell for the media so there are a lot of drivers to make that happen.

  • DaveChamp

    I obviously completely agree with you, Gregor. The Oilers were intense for about 3 minutes against Calgary and then let it all simmer down. Smyth obviously knew what the game meant, hence him running Kipper and showing some intensity. I hope he rails on the team before the next game.

  • Chaz

    Totally agree. Renney should be embarassed at how badly out-coached he was on Sat and for the last 7 losses to the Flames. Get angry for once Tom! The guy beating you every time you meet does, and it seems to work for him (At least when he plays against the Oilers that is!)

  • Now that is an article. Great stuff. I couldn’t agree more. The Oilers have been manhandled for years and it sucks. Let’s hope they read this. I loved the Reed story, I didn’t know that. Kudos on day one Gregor…Let’s hope you raise $25,000 this month.