Trade Target: Bogosian

This is Zach Bogosian. 20-years old, he plays the toughest opposition available, has size and can handle himself. And he might be available.

Nick Kypreos has connections and a twitter account, plus he’s an NHL Insider. When he tweets:

  • "Bogosian hasn’t officially asked to be traded but it’s been noted he’s not happy and would like change of scenery by next season."

I start thinking about ways to get him on the roster. Nothing against Adam Larsson, but if the Oilers take him with their lottery pick this summer it will be followed by at least two or three years of development. Defensemen develop by sundial, history tells us that much. Bogosian’s growing pains are already well underway and a true defenseman is coming out the other side.

How good is Bogosian? Well his boxcars this season (47gp, 4-7-11 -16)  aren’t spectacular but he’s not a one trick pony either. What does he do? He handles the heavy lifting in Atlanta, as this chart shows (chart here) and if he’s available the Oilers have to take a look at it. imo.

I’m not suggesting the Oilers trade their lottery pick for Bogosian, but a package of picks and players might be enough to pry him from the Thrashers. 6.03, 205 and his scouting report shines:

  • Has great mobility. Owns a huge shot from the point and sound offensive ability. Is very aggressive and capable of shutting down opposing forwards.

That from HN.

  • I’m onboard, but I don’t think we will be able to fleece ATL the way we stole the Human Rake out of STL. I would be willing to give up Hemsky, Gagner or Cogliano & a guy like Petry or Plante. Get some picks out of Atlanta too, we could maybe move those at the draft for position or players.

  • With Byfuglien, Enstrom and Oduya ahead of him on the Thrashers depth chart + a win now attitude I can see why Bogosian isn’t happy there. He’s been a healthy scratch this year and isn’t getting the same time on the PP that he did before as well.

    Dudley signing Byfuglien to an extension yesterday pretty much solidifies Atlanta’s top 2 for the next 3 years. So if there are rumors that Bogosian wants out, I’d believe it.

    Atlanta is weak on the right side so Hemsky would be an ideal place to start. Maybe throw in Teddy Peckham as well to see if that will at least have Dudley start the discussion.

    Hemsky + Peckham + Pitlick + a pick (2nd or 3rd rounder)

      • Do you think Atlanta is going to trade him away for peanuts? The kid is an RFA at the end of the season so there is no rush to trade him away. Will Pitlick be an elite level center? I’d say his ceiling is a decent two-way second liner, most likely a decent 3rd liner with some size and grit. Will Peckham be much more then a #4/5 on a winning squad? The 2nd or 3rd round pick is likely to be a project player and with Atlanta’s past record for scouting I wouldn’t be too worried.

        Hemsky is the only proven player going to Atlanta and who knows if he even wants to be part of the rebuild here.

        Bogosian is a decent sized Right handed dman with a big shot on the point. He plays fairly physical and makes a great first pass out of the zone. Whitney/Bogosian would be a great start to build Edmontons defensive core.

        • derrickhands

          I would say Pitlick is on that list of untouchables as is Peckham and you want to trade them with Hemsky for a questionable unproven player. Yes he would be a great pick up, but I rather trade Hemsky, Smid and Edmonton’s 2nd 2011 pick to Boston for TYLER SEGUIN or Hemsky and Cogs for Bostons 1st (toronto’s 1st) and Joe COLBORNE.

          • Really? You think Chiarelli would trade Seguin for that? This isn’t NHL 11, you have to quit overrating the Oilers players. Do you think the Oilers would trade Hall to Boston for Savard (between concussions), Ference and a low 1st or high 2nd?

            Also, Toronto’s first would take a huge overpayment. Hemsky and Cogs may not even get Colborne out of Boston.

            Pitlick is probably not untouchable as we have prospects such as Lander, Omarra and to a lesser extent Vandevelde. If Pitlick helps you land a guy like Bogosian you do it.

          • derrickhands

            Let see Pitlick is a big fast Centerman, great hands and skill, that’s willing to hit and muck it up, then you have Colborne who’s OK skater, with great hands and skill, but is soft. I think I take Pitlick any day before I would touch Colborne, also Pitlick is 2 years younger. Also you cannot compare Lander, Omarra and VandeVelde with Pitlick, because the first 3 are projected 3rd line players and Pitlick is projected as a solid 2nd line player. Watch a Tigers game and you will see that Pitlick is the real deal.

          • You do realize that I never once said that I would take Colborne over Pitlick right? The reason I put Pitlick into my original proposal was because he is a valuable prospect that might be what it takes to get Bogosian. You may think that you can trade the injury prone Smid and Hemsky for gold, but that’s a good reason why it will never happen. The precedent has been set pretty high thanks to Ottawa. If you want someone good by this deadline it’s going to cost you.

          • derrickhands

            You said that it would take a lot more then Hemsky and Cogs just to get Colborne. Also right now Boston is under pressure to win the cup and a lot of fans are not please with Seguin’s play. Since you’ve place so much value on Colborne, why keep Seguin. Alot of Boston fans consider Seguin a bust and are not willing to wait for his development. Hemsky could win Boston that cup, that why I think the trade is possible, especially after last nights game.

          • Steve Smith

            In fairness, he didn’t say that Seguin was a bust, he said that “Alot [sic] of Boston fans consider Seguin a bust”. Since I see no reason to assume that Boston fans are smarter than Edmonton fans, I have no trouble believing that that’s true.

          • book¡e

            If hemsky stopped using a g-dam field hockey stick he might have broken 30 goals, it’s all those years of roller hockey, he refuses to use a real stick because he can’t toe-drag at 100mph with a real blade. I’ve used one of his stick before in beer league, it’s so light, it turned my stone-hands into the best deker out there, but the puck kept hopping over my blade, and i couldn’t shoot. My passing was unreal tho

          • CSimpson18

            Seems like Boston’s latest trade puts that pick out of reach for the Oilers. They may have filled their need for a forward and now only want defense. They may even scoop Bogosian, though I don’t know if Atlanta would want to help out Boston.

          • derrickhands

            I believe Boston is in the market for a top 6 winger, and they overloader with Centerman. Which means either Seguin is going to sit (because of the trade for Chris Kelly) or sent down to the Juniors. Also I don’t believe Boston’s scouts were in the stands last night to see any of our defenseman.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Considering Peckham probably doesn’t even crack half the defenses in the league (as is bottom pairing on the 14 others that he does), I’d hardly call him “untouchable”.

        • VMR

          Sure but Smid and Peckham are both RFA’s at the end of this year I dont think there will be a huge difference in what they end up making.

          Hemsky is a much more proven player at a reasonable rate than Bogosian, it’d be crazy to move him and through in a bunch of prospects and draft picks. Bogosian may be good but he could still be a bust as well, he certainly isnt looking to be a 1-2 guy at this point.

          • I think it is more a case that he has been passed on the Depth chart by Byfuglien & Enstrom. After reading what Bob McKenzie wrote, he figures it’s more a case that he can’t do anything to get him out of the dog house with the coaching staff. Similiar to what Penner was dealing with when MacT was his coach.

  • VMR

    Oh this deal makes so much sense. Hemsky plus smid for bogosian. Why wouldn’t the oilers want bogosian. He is perfect for what the oilers need. A young defenseman. I highly doubt mgmt does anything because well, we are the oilers.

  • derrickhands

    Bogosian will be a top 2 pair in the future….maybe is already…Get him here.
    Petry-(Plante,Chorney,Marincin…who-ever)still another development year anyways.

  • derrickhands

    It will cost Edmonton at least Hemsky or Penner to get him. If I was going to choose it would be Hemsky, he’s the type of player Atlanta is looking for. Also LT you cannot compare Adam Larsson and Zach Bogosian. Zach Bogosian has the potential to be a 1-2 defenseman, were Larsson would be at best a solid 3-4 defenseman. Personally I would trade LINUS OMARK, ANDREW COGLIANO, and Edmonton’s 2nd draft pick 2011 for Bogosian, but that’s wishful thinking.

  • At only $1Mill/ year until summer, he will need re-signing, likely costing $2.5/ per….

    Tempting to skip a couple development years, as long as we don’t have to throw him Gilbert money to stay.

  • SumOil

    Since the rumor first popped up regarding Bogosian, I have been thinking of ways to acquire him. He is perfect for the current Oilers and could be an anchor for the defense for years to come

    • book¡e

      If Lowe won’t take Bogo for 89 then there’s another reason for him to be fired.

      Note: if anyone still believes Lowe doesn’t pull Tambo’s strings then go and rewatch the first episode of Oil Change and then get back to me.

      The Oilers once deft eye for picking up D has lost some of it’s ability but I don’t think Lowe’s even dumb enough to turn down a 89/Bogo deal.

      • I’m sorry, what has Bogosian done to suggest he’s more valuable than the Oilers highest scoring Centre?

        He isn’t scoring, he isn’t a stalwart defensively, and he’s fallen down their depth chart to the point being scratched at times this season.

        Just outline for me all the reasons Bogosian has been a better NHL player than 89 and don’t mention the future since both players are relatively the same age.

        • O.C.

          Bogo or Alex Pietrangelo would be good pieces to pick up. Pietrangelo has been moved up slowly. He’s bigger too.

          Bogo bugs me because he was 3 overall, behind Doughty, and not remotely in his class… trending downward, and Byfu blows by him year one in a new position.

          Hemsky straight across for either? TOO rich. Whoever made the Gaborik comparison, hit that mark well though. Tons of talent, but fragile.

          Don’t be quick to drop Smid… there’s too many Staios players but not a lot of Smids to quietly accept their role from 3 – 6.

          Edit: Funny how two letters turns Staios into Stamkos

        • Ducey

          Its a good point, but at some point the Oilers need to deal with the roster construction problems. They have lots small forwards.

          Tambo needs to fill two holes. A first line centre and a #1 Dman. He can get either at the draft (Larsen, Couturier, RNH) with his first pick but obviously not both.

          If he trades Gagner for Bogosian he then can pick the better of RNH or Courturier. Holes fixed, hopefully.

          If he still has Gagner, it gets harder to take RNH and he still needs a #1 Dman.

          • Ducey

            I think that if the Oiler’s get to pick whoever they want on draft day they will without a question take Courturier. He is 6’4″ fair bit bigger RNH. The hit two key areas for the team size and the center position.

            I think they will also need to decide between Gagner or Cogs. One will have to go and the other will have to be willing to play a third line center, maybe move up to second but not likely. In personal opinion I’m not sure that either of them will work due to size and style of play. Maybe if Cogs gets a scoring touch and face winning up high enough then it would make sense but Gagner doesn’t play the best on defense and isn’t great in the faceoffs either. Combine that with his lack of size and I think he is expendable on this team.

            Defensively I think that Smid, Vandemeer, and Foster are all expendable as well. I’m not too sure about peckham yet. He has shown a lot of progress this year and it make me wonder what kind of player he will become. However I don’t see him being more than a 5th or 6th defenseman which would also make him expendable. Its a lot easier to pickup bottom defenseman in trades or free agency plus I think we have other prospects that will likely be able to take his place.

            Gilbert worries me as well. With his style of play you would like to see a guy that can put up points on the PP since he doesn’t have a physical side to his game. He doesn’t seem to be able to do that, I could see Petry or Chorney taking his place if they develop that way.

            Just some thoughts

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Is Atlanta still happy with Oduya? I know some fans didn’t really like him earlier in the year. Maybe we try shore up our defense with more than just a young Bogosian.

  • Lowetide

    Thrashers are 120-135 by my count at even strength btw. So, Bogosian playing a lot of equal strength minutes and playing tough competition suggests his minus number isn’t as out of whack as it appears.

    • Chris.

      Hey LT. You made reference on your other site that calling up Chorney (say as opposed to… I dunno: Petiot) is a really “interesting decision.”

      Do you think maybe Toonces is showcasing Chorney?

      • VMR

        Those guys are untouchable, wont be involved in any trade unless you were getting a proven star back.

        Bogosian may be good but at this point he’s an unproven prospect that isnt getting along with his coach, has been a healthy scratch this season and now that they’ve locked Byfuglien up long term is stuck on the second pairing for the forseeable future.

  • O.C.


    The early returns are that he is not what the Oil need. If going high trade cost, it needs to be a playmaker D or centre or goalie.

    Shea Weber material? Don’t think so.

    • Chris.

      ~A large, mobile d-man with a great shot… who needs that?~

      I’m sick of the PMD argument: this team already has Whitney, Gilbert, Petry, Chorney… How about just a D? (A horse who can play 25min a night with out breaking down)

      No I do not move the lottery pick for Bogosian… but I’d sure move Hemsky for him. If you want to wait and build an entire d-core out of players as good or better than Shea weber you will be waiting a very, very long time…