Trade Winds

This is Sarah Jessica Parker. All of North America was swept up with NHL trades yesterday and there’s a "tell" about possible Oiler trades. Once again, the deadline is all about the blue.

Injuries to defensemen are going to happen during the long run to the Stanley. The best recent example were the 2006 Buffalo Sabres. The club started the playoffs with the following players on D:

  • Teppo Numminen (later lost to hip flexor)
  • Henrik Tallinder (later lost to broken left arm)
  • Dmitri Kalinin (later lost to broken ankle)
  • Toni Lydman
  • Brian Campbell
  • Jay McKee (later lost to infected shin)

You know, that’s a nice group of defensemen. No Pronger in the 6, but veterans with the ability to make plays in big games and a couple of puck movers too. Here’s what they looked like in G7 of the conference final later that spring:

  • Brian Campbell
  • Toni Lydman 
  • Rory Fitzpatrick 
  • Doug Janik
  • Jeff Jillson 
  • Nathan Paetsch

Buffalo has horrible luck as an organization, but that’s a devastating change in what was about 7 weeks of playoff hockey. For that reason, NHL teams stock up on defensemen at the blueline. Who can blame them?

Yesterday, the NHL exploded with deadline deals. I can’t imagine the actual deadline being as busy, and the talent that was exchanged is breathtaking. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Colorado acquired goalie Brian Elliott from Ottawa for G Craig Anderson. Avs clearly had no interest in keeping Anderson around and get an inexpensive option with some NHL experience. Sens will see what Anderson can do over the rest of the season and may re-sign him. Looks like a blah trade, but you never know.
  2. San Jose acquired D Ian White from Carolina for a 2012 2nd rd pick. A couple of things about this trade: I don’t think SJS gave up much when you consider that pick will likely be in the 50’s. Also, the fact that the Hurricanes wanted a pick in 2012 is a tell in terms of the quality and depth of this year’s draft. Good deal for the Sharks.
  3. Tampa Bay acquires D Eric Brewer from St. Louis for D Brock Beukeboom and a 3rd rd pick in 2011. Brewer hadn’t been in the black plus minus since 2000-01; he’s healthy and can help a defense. Beukeboom is a hitter and he can skate, and that combination added to size (he’s 6.02, 200) make him an attractive prospect. I suspect he’s from the Matt Greene tree, although I haven’t seen him play. The pick is another bullet. I think Yzerman did very well, but the Blues did too. Helps both teams.
  4. Atlanta acquired F Blake Wheeler and  D Mark Stuart from Boston for F Rich Peverley and D Boris Valabik. This was a salary dump for the Bruins, but the did well in getting a skill player like Peverley. Wheeler gives the Thrashers more size and Stuart is an NHL defenseman–a very valuable item at this time of year. Thrashers win the trade, and could win it by a nice margin if they can sign Stuart to a reasonable deal before July 1.
  5. Boston acquired D Tomas Kaberle from Toronto for C Joe Colborne, Boston’s 1st rd pick in 2011 and a conditonal 2nd rd pick in 2012. I think Boston got a fine player and gave up less than what one might believe at first blush. Colborne has stalled in the AHL (but he’s a rookie pro, so there’s time) and that first round pick is likely to be 25-30. Burke did okay, but I do believe he could have gotten more one year ago.
  6. St. Louis acquired F Chris Stewart, D Kevin Shattenkirk and a conditional 2011 or 2012 2nd rd pick from Colorado for D Erik Johnson, F Jay McClement and a condtional 1st rd pick in 2011 or 2012. This is the kind of trade that will probably cost someone their job. When you deal a first overall pick (Johnson) you better be right. Doug Armstrong is rather new to the job and this could cost him the rest of the honeymoon. Shattenkirk looks like a really good young puck mover and Stewart is a big man with skill, but that first overall pick still has time to turn into Rod Langway. If injuries don’t end a career here, I think Colorado wins the trade because Johnson could be an absolute killer for a decade rolling forward.

What does this mean? I suspect the Oilers have calls coming in about Penner, Hemsky, Cogliano and other forwards, but even the Oilers will have some teams knocking and asking about defense. Vandermeer, Smid, Gilbert?

You never know. Silly season is even sillier this year.

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  • With all the trades and picks being tossed around this doesn’t help Tambellini’s reputation.

    Maybe this afternoon will be the last game for one of the Oilers?

    I’m not saying he should panic but it looks bad when you’re the last student handing in your homework all the time.

    Getting Ryan Whitney for 35 games is his biggest accomplishment next to a 3rd for Staois.


  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I am also getting more than a little antsy that the Oil have yet to make a deal. It could be that he is waiting for the best possible deal, but another part of me wonders if the deal he wants is going to go right out the window if another team comes in and knocks the other team’s socks off.

    In summary, is Tambellini stalling when he most needs to pull the trigger? Does he have a fall-back plan/deal if the one he wants goes south? There have been so many deals taking place lately.

    I, for one, am really getting worried that ST might be too indecisive to make the deals he needs to make – at the right time.

    I believe that we need to make a deal for a franchise center, and yes, to do that we have to trade quality players and likely more pieces than the other team to get that. Brayden Schenn would be my number 1 choice, for Hemsky and maybe another descent prospect.

    We have so many prospects that at some point, they have to be paired down so we don’t have an over-abundance of the same type/quality of player. We need that big center or stud defenceman and I, for one, am willing to part with players/prospects currently on our roster to get that. The question is, “Will there be any left for the taking before Steve Tambellini pulls the trigger this year?”

    Just my thoughts right now…

    • Jeremy S.

      Not much chance of getting a no.1 center through trade. Vincent L was never moved by Lawton and Spezza isn’t getting moved by Murray because they are the rarest commodity in the league. Teams can build solid defensive units and find decent goaltending by watching the waiver wire, under the radar UFA’s, and middle of the pack trades like what the Thrashers did with Stuart. So far in the league the only way to get a no.1 center is by drafting them.

      Also what’s the rush with deals. The only reason for making deals by the deadline date is because your team has a big impending UFA or your team is making the playoffs. Neither of which apply to the Oilers. The only target that would require Tambellini to work the phones is Bogosian and it’s still only rumour that he wants out of Atlanta, not to mention i’d be tough to get him as the Thrashers are preparing for a run at the playoffs. Like the article says dmen are at a premium come this time of the year. Just ask the Canucks.

    • Jeremy S.

      I am right with you except for trading for the franchise centremen. They just don’t come along and you have to over pay for them.

      I firmly believe that the only way to get that centremen is to draft them. Trades right now should be focused on defensive prospects.

  • I might seem silly, but I think Foster and Vandermeer might be two d-men that get the most interest from teams out East even though we don’t see them as having that big of an impact (in fact I would describe Foster as useless to this team).

    • Starving Student

      Maybe the assessor is flawed in his assessments far too frequently as well . To believe we could be competitive with a defence and goaltending like we have is more than just a little questionable about the ability of someone building a competitive club if you get the drift . It’s not like we have a decent core to build around , as it appears to get less and worse every year . Saving grace is we have the odd draft choice to help compensate , but little to surround it with to make it competitive . Beyond our top 3 rookies this year , the rest are all crapshoots at this point and maybe years before being a regular decent acquisition . Taking a look at some other clubs and their rookies in waiting and we see they look to be better stocked over next few years than we are to be honest , and that list keeps growing each season by leaps and bounds .

      If i had optimism in our assessor i’d say do something , but i don’t, and feel it might be best he do nothing to make matters even worse than they are now . One day he might surprise me , but i’m not banking on it .

    • Jeremy S.

      I hope he doesn’t miss out on the right player because he is asking too much and then the trade is already gone *cough* Johnson *cough*… how perfect would he be on the Oil?

  • Jeremy S.

    Honestly, I’m getting a little antsy… obviously draft pics and prospects are both available out there, and everyone is making moves except the Oilers… honestly is there move teams that have made moves then haven’t now?

      • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

        Colorado did it right – traded Shatenkirk while his value was high. The guy has never scored at the pace he has this year. Not even close.

        I hope ST takes note. Colgliano is riding a decent run right now. Gilbert’s value, on the other hand, is low right now, simply because of the lack of offense.

        I hope this team ends up a little more mean and a little more aggressive in 10 days.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        I think the Avs won that trade, to get Johnson AND a 1st round pick for Stewart and Shattenkirk is pretty good IMO. Wouldn’t that be like givin up Brule(but bigger) and Peckham

          • a lg dubl dubl

            Do you really see Stewart getting 30 goals/yr and 50-60 points? I thinks not, but if i was ST i might have swung that deal of yours no problem, then flip that pick to LA to somehow swindle them outta Shenn…WITHOUT involving Hemsky, but thats just me

  • The Johnson trade is a real headscratcher! The best player goes out with a first and a second comes back. There has to be something wrong with Johnson in St. Louis to make this deal. The two guys coming back look fine, but St. Louis’ first should be around 5-10 in 2011.

    Colorado is going to be loaded soon. Jeez

  • Alex Pietrangelo must be some kinda freak for the Blues to move a #1 so soon…

    Love the depth STL added but in a few years Colorado will win this trade by a mile.

    (Stewart woulda looked good in copper&blue, no?)