More Kids in the Hall

The Oilers already have their Jacks and Kings on the wing rolling over the next decade. They lack 6’s and 7’s and could use a complete defenseman and a workhorse 2-way C of the future. If they are to trade Hemsky and Penner, Steve Tambellini should be looking for a very specific return–young NHL players with a wide range of skills. 

  • GOALER: Oilers have Devan Dubnyk and he is enjoying a solid rookie season. They also have Nikolai Khabibulin under contract through the summer of 2013. However, goalie values have never been lower (there’s an adequate goalie on almost every street corner) so picking up a goaler–even a highly touted one like the kind they grow in Washington–is probably an inadequate use of assets.
  • DEFENSE: The Oilers should have a couple of capable men from each of the veteran (Whitney, Gilbert) group and the department of youth (Peckham & Petry). Smid is a a dependable player (for the most part) who falls into the middle ground, meaning there are 5 names Tom Renney can look to next season. If they add Adam Larsson he’ll get a long look, and the minor leagues/juniors boast some nice talents in Plante and Marincin. Kurtis Foster could also have a rebound season if the Oilers don’t ship him off this week or in summer. Could they use a defenseman? Sure, but those young blue (like Bogosian) are so hard to acquire and the mid-level guys (like Teubert) aren’t any more certain as prospects than guys like Peckham or Plante. Oilers already have those guys.
  • CENTER: This is an area where the club could really help themselves this week. The current big league roster boasts Horcoff, Cogliano, Gagner, Reddox and Fraser up the middle. A team that comes calling for Hemsky or Penner could be successful if they are able to offer a young C with a nice range of skills. Someone in the entry level contract but already an NHL player. Maybe someone who can win a faceoff and has a mean streak.
  • LEFT WING: Oilers look well set on LW. Hall, Pääjärvi, Jones at the NHL level and talents like Teemu Hartikainen and Curtis Hamilton on the way. Oilers might have to pick up a checker during the summer, but again that’s an abundant talent. Edmonton looks good all day on LW. They could use some sandpaper here too.
  • RIGHT WING: If they trade Hemsky, this is immediately an area of concern. Jordan Eberle is gifted but very young and lacks experience; Omark is gifted but has not yet completely earned the confidence of his coach. Brule could help here but I’m not certain the organization can count on him for next season (based on this season’s difficulties). You can move Ryan Jones over, but so what? If–as rumored–Wayne Simmonds is coming over from LAK then the depth chart on RW looks better (Eberle, Omark, Simmonds). If they draft that kid Landeskog then the position will be a strength in no time, but it would likely be a season of painful growth in 10-11.

That’s the way I see it. If the club deals Hemsky, they need to replace him on the depth chart with an actual NHL right wing. Futher areas of need include a complete defenseman (or someone who will grow into that role); a quality 2-way C (or someone growing into that role now) and grit throughout the batting order.

Wide range of skills. Two-way players. They don’t grow on trees, but then again neither does talent like Ales Hemsky.

  • Some crazy rumours out their from reputable sources:

    Why would Dallas consider a James Neal-Alex Goligoski swap? (Darren Dreger)

    Colorado & LA talking Stastny? Stastny, Galiardi & a pick for J. Johnson, Bernier & Stoll? Can’t see it. (Adrian Dater)

    Avs also shopping Ryan O’Rielly & Liles… Liles I get, but O’Rielly? (Dater, The Fourth Period)

    Also, Blue Jackets aren’t interested in Souray. (Portzline)

    Interesting times.

  • OilFan

    BTW, Gilbert will not be a Oiler by the start of next season. How is Simmonds a upgrade to Jones ? Trade the most talented forwards for two way players and role guys ?

    • Crash

      I’m in the please don’t draft Adam Larsson camp…Way too much of a risk.

      I mean do we hear anything these days about Victor Hedman? Nobody even mentions him and 1st overall Erik Johnson has already now been traded for the first time….taking a d-man with a top 4 pick is too hit and miss.

      Oilers, please, take a forward with the 1st rounder…

  • Spydyr

    ~Did you see that wreck or a stadium in Calgary, McMahon. What a pit.The “count” never even mentioned Calgary needing a new stadium. Guess Katz never had a script wrote for him.~

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Now you are talking LT!

    Just say no to picks/prospects as return for 27/83. (1. as the main piece anyways 2. outside of recent trop 5 picks, progressing nicely)

  • CSimpson18

    Looking at that list of 18 year old defensemen 6’1″ or better and having scored at a point per game in the CHL makes me wonder why Jeremie Blain doesn’t get talked about a little more often. Is his season an anomoly? Cuz there’s not a single bust on the list.
    the 20:
    Del Zotto

    In 3 years the defensive pipeline is going to produce some highly impressive depth on the big club. Snag a young #1d and we’re off to the races.

    • Lowetide

      The thing about Blain is that he was hurt early and has been a complete demon since. If he can sustain those numbers (he’s got 21 points in his last 19 gp) there will be a lot of talk in the spring and summer about him.

      • CSimpson18

        I’m no draft historian but I think it’s reasonable to suggest Stu Macgregor may have put together the best single-year draft performance of all time in 2010. It’s early but the returns are truly off the charts. First 8 rounds have had phenomenal seasons and Czerwonka and the rest have at least met expectations. It’s pretty much unheard of.

        Not sure what role Sillinger has played, if any, but I am infinitely more confident in the drafting and development systems in place now. And the Oilers AHL affiliate looks to be playoff-bound! Thank god, when was the last time that happened…

        If the Oilers lack 6s and 7s, they won’t for long. Not with this crop on its way. Not to mention the potential k’s.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Your right LT if they do trade Hemsky(god i hope not) then ST should replace his talent with someone of his calibur,talent for talent. If ST trades DPens instead then he should replace him with a Lucic or Downie type, might not get the 25 to 30 goals back in the trade but at least you get a big PHYSICAL player back with mean streak.

    • Crash

      I agree with you, god I hope they don’t trade Hemsky…unless he’s stated to them he wants to go. He would make a great compliment going forward to the young talent that is getting better by the day.

      If it’s me I’m using Penner, Cogliano, Brule, Omark (no he can’t replace Hemsky), some of the prospects (Hamilton, Pitlick, Martindale), draft picks, and any of our d-men outside of Whitney as trade bait to fill some of the holes.

      The Oilers should target defense (it seems they are readily available)and some nasty, gritty forwards in a trade. They can draft a center in June (Couturier, Nugent-Hopkins, Strome, Huberdeau). With Lander coming in, things may not be as bad at center as it seems. Hall could also be a possible fit at center.

      Trade chips don’t necessarily have to be used at the trade deadline either…they could be held onto until June at the draft. There’s also always a chance of signing a couple of UFA’s to fill the physical player with a mean streak roles. Guys like Konopka, Eager are available.

    • Lowetide

      Roundedge: Not Robin, but Brassard is a little outside ideal. His numbers in the advanced stats (RelCorsi and Zone starts) suggest he should probably be delivering more offense than he is currently.

      Having said that, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Just not a tough opposition C at this point in his career (which isn’t unusual). If he was part of the package i wouldn’t be upset, but would hope for a C who has shown a little more so far (and is healthier).

  • Lowetide

    I’m not sure why the Oilers even contemplate dealing Hemmer or Penner without an overpay. There is zero pressure to move either one of these guys. If you can get a Bogosian or a Schenn into the system, plus a little something, then do it.

    No deal for bit pieces and maybes, you can accept that type of deal next year if it is clear neither guy will re-sign. Until then sit on the fastball and swing for the fences, the count is in the Oilers favour right now.