According to TSN "The Dustin Penner era in Edmonton is over."

The Oilers have pulled the trigger on a major deal, sending F Dustin Penner to LA for D Colten Teubert, the Kings First Round Pick in 2011 and a Conditional Pick in 2012.

So before we all go out and immediately purchase Colten Teubert jerseys, hats and collectible stamps let’s take a summary look at who we are dealing with here. Remember that this is only the start of commentary that will "dig deep" and "find the real truth."


Colten Teubert is a 6 foot 4 inch D man whom the Kings took 13th overall back in the 2008 draft. He is currently playing for Manchester in the AHL. Hmm.

Oooh! And he played for the Pats. And he has a Silver and Gold medal in the World Juniors. That’s something ain’t it?


Remember the fun we used to all have calling Penner a big blob of donair meat back in 2008 when he was underperforming on his massive contract? Remember how he has shoved it up our collective back side every year since?

We never quite knew what to make of ol’ DP, but it is clear that in going to LA and joining Smyth, Stoll and Greene he won’t lack for former Oilers Alumni to show him around the beaches of California if he cannot recall his time in Anaheim.

This trade is sure going to leave a massive hole in the goal scoring corps, a rather timid bunch to begin with. But on the other hand the Oilers have hella cap space to do something, if "doing something" is ever in the cards.

  • This is what is being said from the Kings’ side (from a fan site called

    The Kings only had to give up Colten Teubert, a 1st and a conditional pick for Penner, so it’s a reasonable trade from the Kings perspective. Teubert is probably the farthest from making a real impact on the NHL level, and the Kings defensive pipeline is still very strong with Hickey, Voynov, Forbert and Deslauriers, not to mention youngsters Martinez, Doughty and Johnson on the NHL team.

    The 1st round pick is a bummer, but you have to give to get, and the upcoming draft is already projected to be relatively weak in the depth perspective, so a mid/late 1st round pick won’t likely net a true gamebreaker. It’s not clear yet what the conditional pick is, but it’s unlikely to be a real huge deal either way.

    • Thanks for linking this D. Now can you find a link that declares Teubert awesome and that the Oilers will make the playoffs next year?

      *googles this exact phrase in the hope something comes up*

      • I did just that and found this page.

        I don’t know what to think. Skilled 240 pound players are tough to find. All the talking heads appear to think that the Oil got the better of the deal but I know very little about the King’s prospect so who knows.

        Presumably the Magnificent Bastard has some idea of what Teubert brings to the table and if he thinks this is worthwhile then I’ll cede to his superior knowledge about prospects.

        I think this really means that next year is planned to be a wash as well. Think Hemmer is excited about staying or is he just counting down the days until next February for his own golden ticket out of town?

        • I don’t necessarily think that the Oilers have lost all hope with Penner leaving town. I suppose one could spin it as the baton being formally tossed to the New Boys.

          Hemsky is probably more pumped to play with them than Penner in the long run. It will be very interesting to see if he re-signs up heyah.

  • Wax For My Stick

    this isn’t a bad trade at all, i hate that penner is gone but not only did they get a 1st rounder, a prospect and a conditional but we save cap space too which some people seem to forget. im intersested in what they do with that extra cap space now, heres hoping they don’t use that space to over pay a player.

  • Chris.

    Lombardi: Hemsky?

    Steve: Schenn?

    Unison: Can’t do that.

    Lombardi: Penner?

    Steve: Schenn?

    Lombardi: Can’t do that.

    Steve: Then F*ck you. Go down the stretch with what you have Dean.

    (What should have happened)

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    I think this trade is a bad one in regards to what we gave up and got in return. Draft picks we will have to wait and see.

    Sadly, I don’t think we had much choice. Does anyone honestly believe he wasn’t out of here at the first “sign” of a good contract. (Gene, eat your heart out)

  • Chris.

    A project player and a draft pick in a soft draft year… this team is going nowhere fast with the management team. Should trade all of them for a bag of pucks. By the time ,more draft picks develop Hall, Eberle, and the crew want out.

    • John Chambers

      So you’re not a Teubert fan, eh? I gather you’ve seen him play a lot.

      I mean, I’m assuming that you either live in Regina (quite possible) or Manchester (nearly impossible) to say something like that. Otherwise, it would be ridiculous to say.

      Lighten up, everyone.

      The Edmonton Oilers are still in a position where they need one of every kind if player. They need a faceoff-winning, two-way centre. They need banging forwards. They need puck-moving defencemen. And they need snarly, mean rearguards like Teubert.

      And I just love how some are now rip the draft this year for its supposed “lack of talent” now that the Oilers have acquired LA’s mid-to-late round pick.

      I’m quite sure if it was Penner for Teubert, another minor leaguer and a conditional second/third rounder, you’d all be ripping the Oilers for not getting LA’s first-rounder instead of that other minor leaguer because “it’s always good to acquire first-round picks for MBS to work his magic.”

      Ugh. There’s just no pleasing some of you.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          I’m going to assume you’re just joking but think about this. Theo Pekham is the Oilers leading hitter, Gilbert Brule has missed 23 games and is second. Finally, Gilbert is big!? Now I know you’re joking…

        • Sorensenator

          Petry is 175 lbs, Strudwick is not an NHL defenseman, and Gilbert doesn’t play like the 215 pounder he is.

          We need size on both sides of the equation sir.

          • Peterborough

            He is big mean and we only have Plante as a tough guy type D that is close in the sytem to bring up. He becomes our # 3 prospect according to Hockey’s Future ( here’s what they say:

            Colten Teubert
            Prospect Grade: 7.0 C (About Prospect Grades)
            Profile Contributed By: HF Staff


            2005-06: Teubert made a cameo appearance with the Pats in 2005-06. In 14 games, Teubert tallied two assists and 16 PIM. He was a member of the Pats post-season roster as well. Playing in six games, Teubert had one assist and four PIM.

            2006-07: Teubert continued to develop as a top tier defensive defenseman with the Pats. In 63 games, Teubert tallied 11 points (three goals, eight assists) to go along with 91 PIM. Teubert also played in the post-season, recording one assist and 13 PIM in 10 games.

            2007-08: Teubert was named to the Canadian squad at the 2007 Canada-Russia Super Series. Teubert also improved his offensive game heading into the 2007-08 season and produced 23 points for Regina of the WHL, but will never be known as a scorer.

            2008-09: After being cut in training camp, Teubert went back to Regina of the WHL with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. A chip too big, perhaps, as squabbling and undisciplined play led to his demotion by midseason. After working his way back into the line-up, Teubert finished the season strong, setting career highs in goals and points, before being assigned to Ontario of the ECHL to get his first taste of professional hockey.

            2009-10: In his final season with the Regina Pats, Tuebert posted 10 goals, 30 assists, and 115 PIM in 60 games. He was also a reliable defender for Team Canada at the WJCs. After he compeleted his season in the WHL, Teubert joined the Ontario Reign of the ECHL, where in 10 games, he posted 1 goal and 2 assists.

            Talent Analysis
            Teubert is not much of a threat on offense. The 6’4 blue liner is a big, strong, stay at home defenseman. He plays a shutdown defensive game. Continued focus on building foot speed and quickness will complement his physical stature. Size, grittiness and toughness are obvious attributes. A fierce competitor that thrives on going up against the opposition’s best.

            Teubert will spend the 2010-11 season getting better acquainted with the professional style of game, likely as a middle or bottom pairing defensemen in the AHL.


            Profile Last Updated: February, 28th 2011

        • But what if some of these players aren’t in the Oilers long term plans?

          *insert dramatic music here*

          I can’t believe that the Oilers defensive corps doesn’t require massive retooling. I have no idea if this trade qualifies as helpful, but I certainly don’t think that the back end is strong.

          • Horcsky

            The D definitely needs retooling, but size they have. Size at forward, they do not have. Let’s hope Teubert becomes a player to help the D. Now, what to do about the smurf platoon at forward?

          • Horcsky

            Hard to say who sucks worse, especially when we throw our #1 MVP goaler into the conversation.

            Before Penner was traded, I would’ve said the D were worse. However, I was at the Boston game last night. The similarity between the game last night, and the other ones I’ve been to this year is that the forwards can’t get anything going in the offensive zone. It’s a big reason for our low shot totals, I can’t blame the D for the whole team not getting shots (shots against on the other hand). Without Penner, we’ll be able to do even less in the O-zone.

            On the other hand, after HOPE develops for another year, perhaps the forwards are better than the D.

            Bottom line: Compromise. The D corps and the forwards suck equally bad.

  • Hall for President

    So no playoffs next year. Not a fan of this. I know he might not have signed, but still not happy. Don’t know where we’re going to find another 240lb 30 goal scorer.

  • So we get a prospect who is struggling as a #4 defenseman in the AHL, and a likely bottom-10 first round pick in a so-so draft year that may not even produce a roster player.

    This trade does nothing to improve this team now, and gives me little hope for the future.

  • No playoffs for us next year. Who delivers us an additional 20-30 goals next year?

    Lukewarm return. I don’t like it. Oilers are much worse today.

    Nothing like collecting picks in a weak draft.

  • MrCondor

    From Hockey News:

    79 – D Colten Teubert Age: 20 Date of birth: March 08, 1990 Place of birth: White Rock, B.C., Canada Ht: 6-4 Wt: 194 Shoots: R Salary: $875,000 NHL Seasons: 0-R Drafted by Los Angeles in 2008 (1/13).

    CURRENT STATUS: In the minors Profile

    ASSETS: Is a nasty defenseman with loads of toughness. Owns a projectable frame and all-around upside. Can also score goals due to a good shot from the point.

    FLAWS: Must fill out his frame to fully develop into an all-around blue-liner at the highest level. Needs a bit more refining in the defensive zone.

    CAREER POTENTIAL: Potential all-around blue-liner.