I Love Paris in the Springtime

A kid from Paris–the one in France–who owns a Spanish sirname is the most sought after free agent in the game today.

Some time today (or possibly tomorrow) it’ll move on the ticker: Merrimack center Stephane Da Costa has signed with an NHL team. According to yesterday’s Dreger Report there are at least 20 NHL teams interested in the player, and other sources have all 30 teams knocking on his agent’s door.

He’s 21 years old, 5’11, 180 and went 14-31-45 in 33 games this season in the NCAA. Da Costa has been playing in the USA since age 17 (he played for the Texas Tornado of the USHL. The Ottawa Senators are considered to be the front runners, but the Oilers could offer the same thing the Senators can: money in big bundles and a chance to play in the NHL right away.

Should Da Costa sign and play in the NHL, he would be the first NHLer from Paris, France. There have been 5 other French born NHL players and they are listed here. There have been 3 NHL players from Paris, Ontario: Syl Apps Sr, Jay Wells and Ken Ellacott.

  • O.C.

    Number of NHLers from Paris, Texas: Zero.

    Also – Based on the very-little I know of this Da Costa kid, I guess I’d steer clear. The size numbers are not good and if the Oilers draft that little elf in Red Deer (and I’d be OK with that), they probably don’t need another one.

  • I think the Oilers should definitely sign the kid. Throw him into OKC and give him a chance.

    Was it just me, or did anyone else notice how much of a good power forward Hartikainen is turning out to be? The kid can dominate in the corners and can drive hard to the net.

    Also, WTF is Vande Velde still doing playing hockey? YES he can win about half of his draws… however, he has ZERO offensie and defensive abilities. There were several times plays would die in the o-zone because VDV would simply lose the puck.

    On another exciting note, we are getting the FIRST OVERALL PICK!! If anyone on here is from Calgary we are going to Hudson’s on 12th and 5th to watch the oilers (just like last year!!)

  • Bob Cobb

    The one question I have is why was this kid never drafted if he is so good? They said the same things about Fabian Brunnestrum and we all know how that panned out for the Stars. If the Oilers do sign him, I hope they dont but if they do, don’t break the bank on this kid.

    • EasyOil

      NHL stars and useful players that were never drafted:
      Dustin Penner
      Andy McDonald
      Niklas Backstrom
      Rene Bourque
      Alexandre Burrows
      Dino Ciccarelli
      Pascal Dupuis
      Curtis Glencross
      Jonas Hiller
      Curtis Joseph
      Adam Oates
      etc etc

      Being drafted does not guarantee you will be good, and not being drafted doesn’t guarantee you will be bad.

      The kid might well amount to nothing, but don’t write him off when he hasn’t even started. He’s a late bloomer.

      • Bob Cobb

        I’m not writing him off, he may be a late bloomer as you suggested, I just don’t want the Oilers to break the bank on this kid on a hunch he may be good. Its also my opinion the Oilers don’t need more young studs especially after this years draft pick, they need some transitional players to show the young guys how to be everyday pros. But thats just my opinion.

  • hamzinoilcntry

    LT. Have you been watching the NCAA road to the Frozen Four? Any thoughts on Matt Frattin from UND? Kid has had an unbelievable year and in prime shape to win the Hobey. Thoughts on him being an impact player for the Leafs next year? Or will he be trade bait that the Oil could take a look at?

  • EasyOil

    LT: You think the Oil could sign him? If they do, that surely puts some of the Oilers existing prospects in danger of not receiving a contract (thinking Abney, Hesketh – if he doesn’t find another college that will take him on). Not that I would particularly bothered about losing those guys, but the Oilers certainly seem like they’re not afraid to use their contract spaces. And thats not necessarily a bad thing.

    What’s the scouting report on him anyways? Skating? Faceoffs? Perimeter player or nose-to-the-net?

    Edit: and no I’m not going to say that dreaded word…