“Few Ventured to Communicate”

There are rumors from far away places that there’s interest in free agent Steve MacIntyre. There’s a big difference between interest from another team and MacIntyre signing with Chekhov.

Tom Renney likes his  tough guys. While behind the Rangers bench, Renney employed end-of-the-roster fighters/coke machines/goons who routinely averaged less than 6 minutes a game. In 06-07, Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg were regulars and fought 16 and 15 times respectively.

In 2006-07 alone, Tom Renney devoted 642 minutes to Hollweg (8:42 a night) and 282 to Colton Orr (5 minutes a night). It is important to remember that these men dressed for a lot of games. Hollweg was an everyday player (78 games) and Orr played a lot too (53 games).

This past season, Renney also employed some tough guys:

  • D Theo Peckham: 10 majors, 1320 total minutes
  • R Zack Stortini, 8 majors, 227 total minutes
  • R Steve MacIntrye 7 majors, 120 total minutes
  • L J-F Jacques 5 majors, 360 total minutes

I don’t think Renney has found his Colton Orr; we know it isn’t Zack Stortini (I doubt he’s with the organization come the fall) and we suspect it isn’t J-F Jacques based on all kinds of things (including durability).


This is not a Mack Truck (it’s a Peterbilt 351, one of the most famous vehicles in movie history–not. But it should be) and there’s plenty of intimidation when it comes to Steve MacIntyre. I think maybe Tom Renney would like to coach him up to the point where he’s Colton Orr, but might be thinking he can’t get there from here with this player.

The Russian rumor is just that–a rumor. If Mr. Google’s translate works then this is a manager talking about his wish list. I suspect Steve MacIntyre will be back in the fold come autumn–unless there’s a Colton Orr out there.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Love it Lowetide. That truck is from Duel, TV movie 1971, Dennis Weaver. I have this on DVD. Spielberg’s first or 2nd movie, he referred to it as “Jaws on wheels”. Horn sound still creeps me out. Good stuff man, good stuff.

  • D-Man

    Mac is useless. He doesn’t dress often enough or get enough minutes to warrant him taking up a spot on the team. We would be better off getting a face-off specialist or a good solid power play quarterback. In todays game your tough guy or “goon” needs to be able to play the game as well as be an inforcer.

  • Oilers4ever

    We need David Clarkson. The guy is a beast who has scored 20 goals, fights, and is making a little too much money in New Jersey.

    Brule and a 3rd round pick for David Clarkson.

    Make it happen

  • justDOit

    Storts can’t fight well enough to take on guys one weight class under him, but he has improved over the last two seasons. Still doesn’t get no respect around the league.

    Smac can’t skate, handle the puck, or play hockey well enough to be on the ice for 5 – 8 minutes per game. And Smac is, what – 33? So this 260 lb monster is going to ‘work on his foot speed’?

    Hello pro scouting dept? Do we have any target players who can chuck knuckles and put in 5 minutes of safe hockey per game? Hello?

    Gee, maybe we could sign ‘clutch’ Torres in the off season? $15M/5 yrs? Arrrggggg!

  • In my opinion we really need Macintyre.

    The whole rebuilding thing only makes that more important.

    The young dudes (and the rest of the team) can really get a boost from having one of the top 3 tough guys in the league riding shotgun.

    Only problem is Macintyre is out hunting right now when he should be working on his skating. If he could morph into at least a shutdown, hard back-checking fwd he would see a little more ice time.

    • justDOit

      Unfortunately, this type of attitude is quite widespread amongst oilers fans, and simply isn’t backed up by the numbers. Think about the following:

      1) Despite the fact our roster was weak, there were still lots of games where SMac dressed but sat on the bench the whole game, or only played a couple of minutes. Hard to be intimidating when you are so bad at the actual game that the coach doesn’t put you on the ice.

      2) The game has changed. No one will fight Smac except for other fighters, like Ivanans. Guys like Ivanans also don’t play a lot of minutes, and are never on the ice at the same time as guys like Hall, so they aren’t the ones who need to be punished. If Iginla runs Hall, how does beating up Ivanans teach the flames to leave the kids alone? Drew Doughty actually did run Hall, do you expect him to fight Smac? Obviously that isn’t going to happen.

      If you (or anyone else for that matter) do believe that Smac helps protect the kids, why don’t you provide an example of how he did that last year.

      • D-Man

        You make a valid point… Smac is virtually ineffective if he’s on the bench… However, should Mac fully embrace his role, he will be extremely effective. For example, in the situation where Doughty ran Hall… Now as I recall – Penner came flying in after the play and there was a bit of brawl… After the shift settles, Mac is on the ice next shift… Whomever he lines up with – he doesn’t ‘ask to go’ – he just does and pummels that poor sap into oblivion (or the guy turtles to the embarassment of the fans and players watching)…

        Sure – in this example, Smac would get a game suspension – but how many more times do you think he’d have to do this before teammates of a Doughty or an Iginla would start questioning whether to hit Hall?

        Now I’m being a bit brutish here and if I were Renney I would ‘encourage’ Smac to do this for only when our elite players are dealt a dirty hit… Clean hitting is part of the game and Hall will need to learn how to protect himself.. But if Smac were not be as polite and played with a bit more of a mean streak, he’d be a great 13th/14th forward on our roster.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Good in theory, not so good in reality.

          Boogard (RIP) played the closest to what people seem to think Mac should play like, yet I bet Gaborik has been hit as much as any other star.

          • D-Man

            I said “if” one of our players received a dirty hit.. If Hall or Eberle were dealt clean hits, Smac can’t or shouldn’t do anything about that… Our kids need to learn how to protect themselves…

            I’m sure the Bogeyman would have done something if Gaborik received a slew-foot or a dirty hit from behind… That’s where we’d need Mac to punch first and ask questions later… Yes – that would mean a suspension but again – opponents would begin to question whether they should lift that elbow or stick out that knee when hitting one of our core.

        • Cheesenaka

          I agree completely. If he is going to be on this team and going to be an effective deterrent, then he can’t simply ask guys to “go”. As we saw this last season, almost nobody wants to fight him. When Torres blind-side hits Eberle, SMac needs to go on the next shift against the Sedins and pumble one of them to the ground be-damned the consequences.

          • D-Man

            Exactly… But it doesn’t need to be a Sedin sister… If Smac grabbed even a Bieksa – the point is by doing this, other teams will think a bit longer about hitting Eberle… I’d hate to watch one of my teammates get plastered for something I did – I’m sure NHLer’s feel the same.

  • Dan the Man

    I had been a Stortini fan but I just don’t know if there is one thing he does well enough to stay in the NHL.

    I think he would be better off dropping about 20 lbs, improving his speed and playing more of an aggitator role. He’s improved his fighting a lot but I don’t think he fights well enough to be a full time enforcer.

  • Milli

    I sure like Storts, but his days in Etown are done. I hope SMack is back, that guys is scarry! I think Renney likes him and thinks he can develop him. Oh, and poor Ivantis (or whatever his name is) still suffering with concussion sydnrome

    • book¡e

      Yeah, that fight was awesome. Somehow, I don’t remember much else from Smac’s season. The last few games he started to rough it up again, but what did he do with the other 75 or so games?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Mac won’t leave his hunting buddy Jones, would he?

    At this point I don’t even know if getting a 8 minute guy that can play with grit is the answer. It would sure be nice to find someone that can play a top 6 role with grit. Or if that isn’t possible than a d-man that can really bang and play a lot of minutes.

  • Lowetide

    Yeah, I think Stortini is the better player, Jacques the better skater and MacIntyre the better fighter. COMBINING them would be an excellent idea–I wonder if Wanye can do it?

  • DonovanMD

    I’d like to pass on Mac, would prefer Stortini because at least he can play, if not a bit. But ultimately I only want to see one guy on the team who makes his living with his FISTs.