Bob McKenzie just put an interesting twist in draft week regarding the Edmonton Oilers. Today McKenzie wrote that Ryan Smyth would like to return to Edmonton. Read HERE.

Smyth has a cap hit of $6.25 million for next season, but he will only make $4.5 million in actual dollars. Smyth scored 23 goals last year in LA, and while his best days are clearly behind him, his work ethic is still top-notch.

The Oilers need a guy with Smyth’s work-your-ass-off-every-shift attitude, but would you take him at that cost?

Taylor Hall and Magnus Paajarvi are the LW of the future in Edmonton, but would a year or two of Smyth as a veteran 3rd liner be a good thing?

Would the Kings take Sheldon Souray in the deal? Or do the Oilers want to keep him? How much can the Kings really ask for? They are giving up a 35-year-old with a high salary who is one year from being an UFA. This deal shouldn’t be that hard if the Oilers want to make it.

Normally I’m not a guy who likes bringing back a player for a second tour of duty, because rarely, if ever, are they as good as the first time around, but I can’t recall a player publicly saying he wants to return to the place where his career started.

Would you bring him back?