What in the sweet holy hell? No articles in over 40 hours? What is this a hockey website during the middle of the offseason?

No, no, no. This simply won’t do at all.

TOPIC 1: KRIS DRAPER RETIRES reports that Kris Draper has announced his retirement after 22 years in the league. They also mention the fact that Draper bounced around between the AHL and the NHL during his time with Winnipeg in the late 1980s. Then the Detroit Red Wings claimed him off waivers.

Then Draper went on to play 17 years for the Red Wings recording 364 points in 1157 games in the NHL. He also made the playoffs each of the seasons he played with Detroit. Not too shabby for a Jets cast off.

When people wonder how come the Red Wings are the number one destination for players in the NHL you need look no further than the Kris Drapers of the world. The Red Wings invested a ton of responsibility in the man during his career and he rose to the occasion season after season.

Did the Red Wings fans run him out of town when he had a bad season in 99-00 when he recorded 5 goals and 7 assists? Certainly not.

They understand the stability of long term role players like Draper and former Oiler Kirk Maltby – also pictured winning the Stanley Cup – and also a cast off of our beloved Edmonton Oilers.

And when Draper doubled his points total the following year recording 8 goals and 17 assists – did Wings fans collectively decide he was going to continue to double his output every year? No, they know that unrealistic expectations are bad for both the player and those of us who follow the team 24/7/365.

Kris Draper was a sick role player for the Red Wings for nearly two decades. He won 4 Cups in the process and the Selke Trophy back in 2004. He was a Red Wing through and through though he only cracked the 40 point barrier once in his NHL career – recording exactly 40 points in the 03-04 season.

Watch the Wings hire him back in some capacity to indoctrinate another generation of Red Wings players for the next 20 years. Despite the fact that Detroit has essentially become the set from Mad Max, they continue to build a perennial top tier team and every NHL player (and their wives) would play there.

Think about that the next time we think that malcontent NHL players don’t like Edmonton because of the shopping. Or think about that the next time you want to run a guy out of town for not meeting inflated expectations. These guys can bounce back from the waiver wire to play another 17 years in the league and win 4 Cups in the process.

Note: If you are bored on a rainy day, we highly recommend clicking on the link above and tell us your thoughts of the photo essay "Detroit in Ruins." It looks like it is the end of the world.


Our main man Yawto emailed deep from behind enemy lines in Calgary with the following eerie tale involving Ryan Smyth:

"My roommate was supposed to give me grocery money today and is not a follower of the Nation. When we talked he said he had $150 for me. When we met up he gave me a hand full of cash, told me he had to get gas so there was a little less. When I counted the money, Lo and behold, $94.

Add this to the fact my daughter was born February 21st, 2007 (Smyth’s birthday) and that I live in Calgary and I believe I will be able to proudly strut my Smyth colors down the Red Mile and remind those flamers he would only come to Calgary in copper and blue."

Sweet mercy. How does a roommate promise you $150 clams, show up with 94 beans and not get shot out of his shoes? That wouldn’t play in Wanye Manor, where the roommates pay their bills in cash weekly or they aren’t allowed in the barred doors at the entry way.

Sweet omen though. As always if you have a Ryan Smyth related bunch of spookiness hit us up at

    • Greg Stink | ESPN

      I am working, but still looked at it!
      Great photos, but too bad. The architecture in those builings is amazing. It would be nice to see those become heritage buildings and be restored, but instead they look ready to be torn down. Isn’t that a common association made with Detroit…that condemend buildings just hang around for years?

    • Ender

      I actually did look at the photo essay. I kept thinking . . . man, this guy must be taken pictures of places that are under some pretty heavy lock-and-key. How are there still books on the bookshelves? The people from the library lost their jobs and they didn’t even bother stealing the pens out of the desk drawer? A perfectly functional anatomical aid complete with breast lies unclaimed? A police station that abandoned its case files, but not before artfully arranging all the photos of its felons on the floor next to the desk?

      Too bad they demolished that house. A little plaster and a safety roll-bar under the saggy part and I’d have bought that sucker for a dollar and moved right in.

      • My heart breaks for Detroit. I hope they find a way to come off bottom and start to see positive things happen in the City some time soon. I’ve heard about a program for Police, Firemen and Teachers where the City will sell them a refurbished house for $8k cash. Things like that need to get steam and they have to find a way to create jobs STAT.

        I want to go there sometime in the next couple of years and see it for myself. It’s amazing to think that City is part of the richest country on Earth.

        • ChiliChunk

          I was there for a few days earlier this year – depressing even with steering clear of the really bad areas. For the first time in my adult life I actually felt like I wanted to buy an American made car just to (theoretically) support that city.

          If you ever do visit – the Henry Ford museum is a pretty interesting place to wander around.

        • Wax Man Riley

          The thing is, I don’t believe it is the richest country on Earth any longer. They are in serious danger of losing their AAA credit rating with the size of their national debt.

          The mighty have fallen. I feel for the citizens, as they have had to bear the burden of the US elite getting richer.

          How did it make sense to bail out Wall Street? And what about the auto manufacturers bailout? Doesn’t seem to have had much benefit for the working class.

          However, the rich and elite were able to buy whole companies and controlling majorities of stocks for pennies, then profit like mad as they recover.

          • Who is richer? China? Take a peek at rural Chinese life and knowing that probably still a quarter of all it’s citizens live in that agricultural rural economy and the States is still #1.

            Bad shape in some areas? Certainly. In danger of losing its crown? Not any time soon.


          • Wax Man Riley

            You are right. They are still technically the richest country on the planet, but that’s partly because the most millionaires live there. The gap between rich and poor is growing more than it ever has, and when the mighty USofA is in danger of losing (granted, they haven’t yet, and I believe today are outlining plans to prevent it) their top-tier credit rating, it just shows how far it has gotten.

            USA is still one of, if not the most developed nation in the world, but they are quickly losing ground. Some sources say almost 50% of china lives in rural, agricultural areas, but have made massive strides forward with their series of 5-year plans, while the USA has looked like they are taking strides backwards….

            …Regardless… it is a sad and scary situation for the people south of us, and am I ever glad to live in Edmonton, relatively sheltered from the downturn. I consider myself lucky…


          • Ender

            China isn’t the Quality of Life model we probably want to follow, granted, but neither is Mexico and today’s USA looks a lot more like Mexico than people would care to admit.

            In a recent Quality-of-Life study of 155 countries published by Forbes magazine, China ranked 125th on the list. Expected. The United States, though, which you might expect to appear in the top-10 at least, was actually tied for 14th below such places as Israel, Panama, and Brazil.


            Mexico was 18th. That’s right . . . all the Mexicans that are right now frantically loading their children into human-trafficking trucks and trying desperately to cross the US border for a piece of the “better life” are just kidding themselves. It’s not that much better, and I’ve got a feeling that the standard of living between the two is going to get closer over the next decade, not farther apart.

            When people are happier living in South America than America, that says something.

  • Ender

    i would like to discuss all the people calling into oilers lunch (especially bruin lover al) and proclaiming from the highest of perches that RNH must i repeat MUST return to juniors…bull crap!

    we won’t know anything until camp and then probably not until the end of nine games. at which point he will make the team – BINGO!!!!

  • Bucknuck

    With all of this quiet time, I am imagining Ryan Smyth crushing the bench press and getting ready to line up with his buddy Horcoff and each have career seasons…

    Ah we can dream.

    Thanks for a new article Wanye!

  • Ender

    If we’re looking for content to discuss, why are we not all collectively laughing at Wang and Snow right now? Are these yahoos seriously discussing re-tying that rotten albatross around their necks again voluntarily?

    If this was any other team, I’d dismiss the rumour as too stupid to read let alone print. With the NYI, though, you can’t assume anything is out of the realm of possibility. They could announce that they were bringing Matt Dunnigan out of retirement and sticking him in net to replace DiPietro who they were buying out at full-price and I wouldn’t blink.

    And Yashin’s taking his time to think about it? Seriously? Unless he’s actually contemplating what the market-value of ridicule is these days, I don’t see how much there is to think about. Where do you want to retire – in the KHL or the NHL? If you decide the NHL, then this is absolutely the one last shot you’re going to get at this, Buddy-Bear. Tear that contract off the fax and get it Fed-Exed before Snow sobers up.

    • Ender

      Imagine you trade Yashin for Spezza. Thats laughable in its own right. Who was the other guy in the deal – oh yeah Chara. Then you buy him out with 4 years left on his deal for some ridiculous amount of money. Has to be one of the most one sided deals in history.

      Fast forward a few years and you try to bring him back from Russia? Really? Why? How is an older Yashin going to help the Islanders or any other NHL team.

      It is ridiculous they are even considering it

  • Puritania

    Wanye brings about a very good point in this here fine article.

    “Did the Red Wings fans run him out of town when he had a bad season in 99-00 when he recorded 5 goals and 7 assists? Certainly not.”

    “And when Draper doubled his points total the following year recording 8 goals and 17 assists – did Wings fans collectively decide he was going to continue to double his output every year? No, they know that unrealistic expectations are bad for both the player and those of us who follow the team 24/7/365.”

    I agree with these sentiments, we are a loyal yet rabid fanbase. I and many others have seen firsthand how rabid this fanbase can get. For every Cory Cross we run out of town, there is a Dan Cleary to balance it out. I myself personally chased Cogs to the city limits with a flaming stick and furious vigor.

    We need to learn to stay level headed when it comes to our boys, we need to temper our expectations and foster a healthy mentality for the years to come. If a player truly stinks, he will be weeded out in due time. If a player is destined for greatness, he will get there without us pressuring them to do so.

    Time to go zen Nation.

    #ninjaedit #unwarrentedprops

    • Ender

      That’s an excellent start, P-man.

      Now, we need to add to that comment the content we want everyone to initiate a learned and respectable forum with. Or even this one.

      For those who have not read the poll comments (We can comment on polls now?) and are wondering what in tarnation Bingo refers to:

      September 20 2009, 01:36PM
      Wanye Gretz (supposedly) wrote:

      Fist me!!
      (I love bingofuel)
      lovingly edited by a site administrator… whose name rhymes with “fingo jewel”

          • @Puritania

            Simply by not putting [that word] in your post you automatically rise above the mouth breathing masses. That basically gets you to madjam status and what you do after that is up to you.


            That, of course, is excluding Stone Hands McSteely. I like his moxie.

          • Ender

            Inserting the “Bingo!” was supposed to simply provide us with a means to compete on equal ground with the opposing camp. Aside from being a rallying cry, it was intended to serve only as a placeholder until real content could be edited in. Without that . . . well, your point is completely on-target.