Don’t worry, be happy

I never did hack my ears off with a rusty butter knife back in the days when Bobby McFerrin’s mindless ballad for simpletons, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, used to grace the radio airwaves, but I wanted to.


Jordan Eberle: bullet dodged?

At the risk of being accused of practising medicine without a licence, it looks to me like the Edmonton Oilers might have dodged a kill-shot to the head when it comes to Jordan Eberle’s left ankle.


Oh Canada!

Team Canada plays the Americans today in the latest battle with our friends to the south. The World Juniors have a special place in the hearts of this nation, partly because it’s a preview of coming attractions (see photo). Edmonton Oiler fans have learned to pay special attention to the World Juniors over the years. It’s a…


Oilers Prospects Continue to Roll

Colin McDonald looks like a "late bloomer." Drafted in 2003, he’s now 26 years old and technically no longer Oiler property (he is signed to an AHL contract). Why bother talking about him? McDonald is tied for 2nd in AHL goal-scoring this season. He’s on pace for 40, and headlines an exceptional group of Oilers prospects who are having…


The Rear-view Mirror

Back on December 5, the Oilers were turning some heads thanks to a nine game run in which they recorded six victories and 13 points. That run had given them a little bit of traction in the standings; they had climbed out of sole possession of 15th (tying Calgary) and sat just five points out…



There’s got to be a good reason J.F. Jacques is still taking up space on the Edmonton Oilers roster and will be in the line-up against the Calgary Flames at Rexall Place tonight. Must be.



I hope this first day of 2011 finds you without a hangover, which i’m sure is not the case for Wanye and many of you, and you are filled with thoughts of a prosperous new year. The Oilers will most likely have a rough start to 2011, but another top-three draft pick combined with a…


The Weight

Every once in awhile, something so unique, so unusual, arrives at your door and forces you to take notice. The Band (above) was like that, their first two albums are as pure as mountain water. The early 80’s Oilers were like that too, forcing a nation to take urgent bathroom breaks for fear of missing…


Roy & Jones

Olivier Roy’s ugly performance against Sweden has left Team Canada’s coaching staff with a difficult decision for their first elimination game, against Switzerland on Sunday. After three games, Roy’s save percentage has fallen to 0.875, and given that he narrowly won the starting job over Mark Visentin it seems probable that the coaching staff will…

Steve MacIntyre – Still Relevant?

Steve MacIntyre had a pretty good start to 2010-11. He played a little over five minutes in the season opener against Calgary, demolished Raitis Ivanans in a heavyweight battle, and with Tom Renney in charge behind the bench the promise of more minutes awaited. Things haven’t really worked out all that well since.