Dig up the ABBA gold!!

"There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando!"

Cue up that song dj, Fernando cometh to Sweden!

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Santa came a few days late for the team and fans of Sodertajle Sk, but the important thing is he delivered! My old team mate and friend Fernando Pisani is coming to play with Ssk for the rest of the season.

He is a great addition to our squad. With three important games this week, Fernando is coming at just the right time. If I am being honest we were really trying to get Pi’s youngest son, with whom the two of us skated before I came over. I thought he was better than his dad most days. Unfortunately there is an age floor so Pi is our boy!

"They were shining there for you and me and liberty Fernando…"

Can’t wait for them to play that song when he scores!

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