Life is not fair. Moms and Dads want all of their kids to succeed, but the cold hard facts are that some are Michael, some are Sonny and some are Fredo. It looks like the Oilers have two Michael’s, but what will become of Magnus?


Paajarvi doesn’t have Sonny’s hair-trigger temper but he is fast and has a bit of the peacock to his game. In fact, the lack of confidence was the reason for his being sent down to OKC, but he’s looking good now after a big afternoon for the Barons. MP is 7, 1-6-7 +3 after a 1-2-3 afternoon, and he’s also scored a beauty shootout goal that is available on youtube. What’s more, he’s shooting–a lot, 17 shots in 7 games–and has had at least one SOG in every AHL game he’s played in.

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Magnus is indeed the middle draft pick, as Fredo was also the middle Corleone child. However, Paajarvi cheats for defense and Fredo cheated Moe Greene by doing things with "cocktail waitresses two at a time" and players couldn’t get a drink at the table. Paajarvi is the opposite of this: eager to please, mature, focused and delivering on what he said he’d do in OKC. No sir, not Fredo.


No, I don’t think we’re dealing with another Michael. Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle have transitioned from junior to the NHL in quick order, in fact any list of the finest young players in the game (age 19-21) would include the duo. Paajarvi’s progress is not at that level, despite a solid rookie season that saw him score 15 goals for the Oilers.

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If not them, then who? Is the Godfather going to let us down? No.


Yes, dear reader. It’s Tom, the voice of reason and the man who had to deal with some tough things before being adopted into the Corleone family. The parallels are endless:

  • Tom isn’t Italian. Magnus isn’t Italian.
  • Tom was the family consigliere, which kind of rhymes with Paajarvi.
  • Tom was often the voice of reason, Magnus sounded like the voice of reason in this article.
  • Tom is clearly handsome as anything, and Magnus is too.

Clearly, Magnus is Tom. Well, I feel better. I wonder if he’s worked with horses?



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It is unlikely we’re going to see Paajarvi in Edmonton for awhile. Despite team struggles at the big league level, Teemu Hartikainen is a bigger body and there’s probably a sense the club would like to see MP have more success before getting recalled. Either way, the recent offensive push by young Paajarvi bodes well for his future. Like Tom Hagen, Magnus Paajarvi is overcoming some things on his way to a productive career.



Those of us with long memories (her name is Simonetta Stefanelli, she was Appolonia in the first Godfather movie. Italian, stunning) the list of Oiler prospects who disappointed after being sent down to the AHL is long and frustrating. Paajarvi’s first 7 AHL games show he’s working hard and getting results, and his coach is saying nice things about him too. The measure of a man isn’t what happens to him, it’s what he does after it happens.

Magnus Paajarvi is finding a way to make himself useful, just like Tom Hagen.

  • OilFan

    Asset management is an oxymoron with this organization. But what do you expect when the GM and the sock puppet likely don’t have a high school diploma between them bUt for some reason the jock sniffing owner figures they can run a company with a budget in the hundreds of millions.

  • Douche Nietzsche

    Paajarvi is a victim of Renneys ego. I dont want to get too much into it, but, Tom Renney has to go.
    While we’re refreshing, get rid of ST as well.

    • Wax Man Riley

      How do you figure Renney’s ego is getting in the way? He has an over-sized ego? You know him? Ask him why Belanger is on the PP for me.

      Renney’s role is to develop. Nott sure if he will be here when they make a push, but no matter which coach or GM is at the helm, this team is not ready to make a push. This team is a far cry from a contender even if Crosby was here.

      I thought there was a 5-7 year plan.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Pääjärvi is not good enough to be on this team at the moment. He is where he should be in OKC. I think it is best for him to stay in OKC for the remainder of the year. Then come back to training camp at 21, ready to make a statement.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Renney would never have let Hall or Eberle go to that restaurant in Brooklyn to shoot the cop. He’d have given the job to Horcoff, who, of course, would have missed at point blank range, and shot a waiter, two patrons, and a pastry chef, instead.

  • smiliegirl15

    Renney is starting to remind me of MacT 2.0 and I don’t like it. Seeing him and Tambellini both go would be a good day.

    Question is though – who would replace Renney? Who SHOULD replace Renney?

    • Oilerbill

      Hopefully we don’t see the Renblender out like we did with MacT. I do agree that Renney has mismanaged the bench badly this season when it comes to line matching. Much like MacT he gives his pluggers too much ice time.

      I think it comes from desperation… He is lacking in two way forwards and anything resembling an NHL defense. I don’t know if you can blame him entirely….. but he has to know that the holes are not going to be filled overnight. His job is to develop the talent and deliver the right message. If he stops doing that then he has to go…. I think he walks the line with his bench management and the message it’s sending.

      The kids seem pretty tight in their relationships. They talk about Renney just like you talk about your boss with your friends…. The difference is that if these three young future stars don’t like what they are seeing or get delivered the wrong message the results could be disastrous. If one of them starts to get disgruntled the other two will likely follow suit.

  • Lowetide

    Yikes, i still get mad when I see number 20 on the power play. However, I am starting to get even madder when I see 83 on the power play now. Hemsky lost his game 2 seasons ago and I don’t think it’ll be back any time soon in an Oilers Jersey.

    Nothing is more frustering than watching 83 circle around the offensive zone with passing options and then an opposing defenseman poke checks the puck away creating an odd man rush. I hate to say it but I’d rather see Jones playing with Smyth and Horc than Hemsky.

    Unfortunately, what would you even get for a Hemsky in the market today? A deep first round pick? we don’t need anymore first round picks… we have been to the podium plenty over the past 3 seasons.

    I hate to even suggest it… but maybe Renney’s system just isn’t really working any longer. Our OKC team is number 1 in the AHL, and is top 5 in PP and PK yet again. Maybe Todd Nelson could help out.

  • BigE91

    So despite the fact that special teams are way better so far this year, the fact that this team is overall better defensively, inspite of subpar talent on the backend there is a camp out there ready jettison the coach.

    I wonder if the fire Renney camp is basically the same group that would have liked to seen Pat Quinns tenure continue?

    Though there have been nights when he has been out coached Renney has done an admiral job with a porous defense and what has turned into subpar goaltending. The only way this team gets back not the race is if the goalies find that groove they had at the beginning of the season and even if they do we all know that level of play is unsustainable over an extended period.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    One of these players is not like the others…one of these players just doesn’t belong….can you guess which one is not like the others…………

  • there is an excellent chance that the two michaels shall end up in hemmerland, cast to the curb as beaten shells of their former self. Years of bringing a knife to a gun fight can do that to a kid apparently.

    At least MPS is playing on a fully armed team with reasonable expectations of success. Those physical sacrifices and development goals make some sense.

    What the kids are being subjected to up here is part of an exercise in futility that is difficult to reconcile in a positive light. Often physically targeted with no recourse for the perpetrators is akin to being fed to the lions.
    But hey…. its parts of the process and some baptisms involve flammables.

    Good luck fair steeds……………. good luck.

  • Shaun Doe

    Fun Fact for you LT: The girl in those pictures (Simonetta Stefanelli) is the mother of a fine looking actress (Violante Placido) who also played an Italian love interest for a man with a dangerous past in “The American” starring George Clooney.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Tams is taking it slow and easy just as they said they would . That means a real contender might not develop for another 5 years , or ever , for that matter . Thats the bottom line . For now, it is sell an image of hope . Hopefully someone can build a team in the interim time , before the youngsters also get fed up and choose to go elsewhere in a couple of years. Respect for coaches could be crucial if system does not gain better results . Accountability and blame seems to lay only with players .

  • Hartikin (or how ever you spell it) should have been here over Petrel in the first place guy is useless. Watch and be amazed!
    These are growing pains that will happen in a rebuild. Next year I say we will start to see some results!

  • I think we should leave MP down in the A until the end of this year. I think his problem was fear of the physical aspect, not getting greasy enough. Hartik doesnt have that problem.
    Exciting future, but we just have to end this season on a positive note.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I’ve seen all of the Godfather movies at least twice, and for all the references from you, Tyler, Pat and others … the only thing I clearly remember from any of those films is Appolonia with he dress off. Damn!

    Now that we know she was only 16 when that was filmed … we should all probably try to forget.

  • Like I said yesterday,

    With all of the negative talk about Oiler’s management and bad coaching I wonder how early in the New Year the Oil spin-doctors make a magical appearance on their local sports radio mouthpiece station to re-assure the sheep that those are not actually shears they are carrying and it won’t be painful at all. The Oilers are not pathetic losers and the losses are actually victories as part of a greater plan and all of this is actually good for Edmonton fans.

    Just please keep buying $225.00 (X 2 or 4), seats and $10 beers.

    This current phase of indignity is just getting wound up.

    What’s the over/under on who the talking head will be re-assuring the sheep. My money is on Laforge and the spin will likely start about noon on Monday, Jan 2.


    I was kinda right. LaForge was not the talking head. The chief spin-doctor showed up as I expected, in the Journal, to proffer his usual litany of lame excuses for himself.

    My opinion of Katz’ Rexall sports and the Oilers from top to bottom hasn’t changed. Renney, Lowe and Tambellini really need to go.

  • ubermiguel

    @ Lowetide; Hall reminds me more of Sonny, a little hot-headed, not afraid to drop his gloves, prone to getting hurt.

    And does this make Ryan Smyth Don Vito?

  • D


    How the Oil handle MPS to me, will help define the team’s success down the road. I have no doubt that with Stu Magnificient B, the Oil are okay with procuring talent. It’s the management of talent that now worries me.

    Glad you had a good new year! 🙂