I’ve always cheered for the underdog. Along with making me an ideal Oiler fan circa 1991+, it also means that few things in sport make me smile more than things like Corey Power Potterplay’s new contract and Gilbert Brule’s new lease on life. It should be this way for all of us.

Corey Potter was not the belle of the ball when it came draft day He was a 4th rounder, 122nd overall to the New York Rangers and was chosen after the Oilers had taken all the good players (Pouliot, McDonald, Jacques, Stortini and the infamous Mikhail Youkov) earlier.

After being drafted, Potter played 115 NCAA games with Michigan State and then turned pro. His professional long and winding road included 43 games in the ECHL, 321 in the American Hockey League and a couple of cups of coffee in NHL cities. They are listed here:


The Edmonton Oilers had some inside info on Potter and apparently had an interest that went back at least a year before he signed with the Oildrop. Coach Tom Renney knew him well and had made a mental note that Potter might be a qualified NHL defender who "never got a break." Damned if he wasn’t right on the money.

Corey Potter signed a completely reasonable (for both sides) contract this week and the Edmonton Oilers have another defender. He came to us in via free agency, but not the big money Cam Barker router. No, Potter was a "bet" that paid off and the Oilers have another option in the rotation.


Hell if I know, people keep throwing up #1D and top 4D like it has some kind of hard meaning. I do think that Potter shouid be a solid PP option (1 or 2) for the length of the contract and can play even strength minutes outside the "well, they’re sending out Gretzky, Kurri and Tikkanen for the faceoff" moments.

I guess that’s a 5-6, and for the money Edmonton spent well. Looking forward to next season, their depth chart might line up like this:

  • Smid-Gilbert
  • Whitney-Petry
  • Peckham-Potter

And maybe the Oilers sign a free agent or make a big trade in the summer and that forces them to make a decision on Theo Peckham. If the Oilers bring in TWO defenders, then we’ll know Ryan Whitney really is staring into the abyss.


This week, Corey Potter earned some security and is bona fide. Gilbert Brule has a chance to earn that right in Phoenix, and after the tough run he’s had in the last year or so I can’t imagine anyone is cheering against him. The NHL has 690 jobs at any given time, and tonight both of these young men are on rosters.

Best of luck to both of them.



  • vetinari

    Adding Potter was one of the Oil’s best off season moves (at least in hindsight at the 1/2 way mark) and extending him for another two years at a reasonable salary is a win-win for both the team and the player.

    Too bad Brule was lost for nothing, but hey, the Oil’s off the hook for $440000 which pays for over half of Potter’s salary for next year.

    Please note: no fists were used or harmed in the creation of this post.

  • vetinari

    I had posted this in J W’s Potter thread, but it seems more appropriate here so I’ll repost:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the look of next year’s D, obviously trades can happen but I would imagine the following 5 players can be written into the top 7/8 next season, depending how many D EDM looks to carry ( I would carry 13 f and 8 d myself):






    Leaving 2 or three spots depending on roster structure, for UFAS, trade acquisitions, Peckham, Barker, Sutton, Teubert, or someone else from the system.

    I would imagine a team really trying to strengthen their blueline might look to find 2 D that can play above Potter on that depth chart, and probably either retain Peckham or sign another vet on a one year deal at less than 1.5 mil, giving a depth chart something like:




    New guy (4 mil)

    Another new guy (3 mil)



    Peckham/vet UFA

    they should have no trouble fitting that under the cap, and if by some chance you can get a guy like Suter then you probably give him that entire 7 mil (maybe more, it’ll be interesting to see what he costs) you were going to give to 2 guys and either go with 7 or look for another cheaper vet

    Teubert to the AHL for his last year without waivers/until injuries hit.

  • Lowetide

    speeds: Yeah, I’d agree with that although imo these will be acquired via trade. I expect there’s a chance Kevin Lowe will return to his roots and attempt a Chris Pronger trade.

    By that I mean getting Weber for three or four pieces.

    But if they don’t, then what you’re suggesting makes sense. Add Ian White and Brad Stuart kind of thing.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      By that I mean getting Weber for three or four pieces.

      You cannot achieve the impossible without attempting the absurd. I usually get bombarded for suggesting Weber scenarios like this, maybe the mob will be kinder to you..

    • Crash

      And there’s likely every chance in the world that once the Oil give up these 3 or 4 pieces that Weber will be so thrilled to be here that he won’t bolt once he becomes UFA one season later instead and choose to sign in Detroit or San Jose, etc?? Or maybe force another trade as an RFA out of here?

      And that Weber will agree to sign on long term and not want anymore dough than Wisniewski got in Columbus?

      I love it….sign me up for this….I hope you’re right

  • vetinari

    Now that we’ve freed up a contract, let’s sign Tulipov.

    Can’t be worse than half the guys we have up here and the entertainment value is probably worth it.

    • justDOit

      Agreed – kinda. I would like to see him signed, and then left in the bus leagues for at least the rest of this year. His motivation in the next training camp would be high.

      Oh, and I think he’s hurt right now anyway, so no call ups for him any time soon.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I brought this up on jws hemsky blog.

    Is it unreasonable to think hemsky, our first this year and a serviceable player like petry or mps would fetch weber?

    • bazmagoo

      I think if the first was a top 5 pick it could cause Nashville to consider it. But Hemsky needs to be traded by the deadline, at which time it will hopefully not be guaranteed that we finish bottom 5.

      Nashville would also have to be outside of the playoff hunt too I think, which is doubtful. Considering every home playoff game nets the owner a million or two, it’d be pretty foolish to trade your best player at the deadline when he has just as much trade value to your organization in the off season.

      I’m hoping the Oilers go after Weber in summer 2013 when he is, hopefully, an unrestricted free agent.

    • justDOit

      I dunno. This is the marquee defenseman that all teams want, but then again you don’t always get fair value for a player like that. Ask Larry Pleau or Klowe.

      So if I’m Poille, and I’m offered Petry, MPS and a lottery pick for Weber, I just might take that. If I’m offered Hemmer, MPS OR Petry and a lottery pick, I don’t know. If Hemmer signs elsewhere, and MPS still needs a year or two, then all I’m left with one year out is a 1st thru 5th pick. Ouch!

      So make it Hemmer, MPS, Petry and the 1st pick for Weber, and I’ll include a prospect and a 3rd to make it sound better.

      Edit: Hey, if I’m Poille (and spelling my own dmnd name wrong), why am I trading Weber again? Do I HAVE to?