Steve Tambellini is on the verge of an extension? That’s what Terry Jones wrote today and I’m guessing I could write a pulitzer prize winning GDB about the Oilers and Sharks and most of you would skip it, and only read the Tambellini stuff.

I’m kind of surprised, but not shocked, that Tambellini will be getting an extension.

I’m certain this won’t be received well in Oilersnation.

Tambellini’s track record is a mixture of hits and misses.

Nikolai Khabibulin has been a miss, although I’ve been told his signing wasn’t necessarily Tambellini’s decision, but I haven’t been able to get 100% confirmation on that. I’ll keep digging. That previous sentence wasn’t a defence of Tambellini, just pointing out that I’ve recently being informed from a good source that Tambellini was high on Craig Anderson and might have been swayed to take Khabibulin instead. This doesn’t make the signing any less forgiveable, just trying to point out facts.

Ryan Jones was a good move.

Chasing Dany Heatley blindly for months wasn’t smart, but ultimately ended up being a blessing. It still showed their focus was wrong.

Handling of Souray wasn’t right. I always thought it became too personal. It was, however, the one time Tambellini made a decision and stuck with it. Still a miss.

Brule contract extension was wrong.

Acquiring soft players with no desire to play in tough situations like O’Sullivan and Foster were misses.

The Penner trade was a solid move. They turned the pick into Klefbom, and Tuebert might become a 3rd pairing D in the future.

Ryan Smyth trade was a steal, although Smyth made that trade much easier by asking for it.

I don’t blame him for Eric Belanger’s awful production. No one could have seen that coming based on this consistent previous eight seasons. That is on the player and the coach for playing him in too many situations.

Ben Eager seems to have found his comfort zone. At least he brings some size, speed and lately more offense than the majority of the team.

Trying to fix the obvious lack of depth on the blueline with only Cam Barker. He’d be injury prone before coming here, and while a one-year deal wasn’t a major risk, the fact he didn’t bring in another veteran really derailed the Oilers chances of being competitive until March, once the inevitable Barker injury happened.

Of course the only stat that matters is wins, and regardless of all the injuries, the fact is under Tambellini the Oilers haven’t improved in the standings. He stated that his goal was to play meaningful games until March this year, and the Oilers fell well short of that. It is hard to justify why he would get an extension, and I’ll be curious to hear their reasons, if, or when this press conference happens.

My recommendation for Tambellini is as follows. The day they announce your extension, if they do, actually tell the fans what your philosophy for the future is.  Don’t colour around the edges. Give them the straight, honest truth. At least acknowledge what everyone sees. This team clearly still has too many players who don’t know how to compete in the NHL on a nightly basis. What will you do to change that?

I’ll have more on Tambellini when they officially announce his extension, I’m not sold they will, but Jones’ article did surprise me this morning. 


Considering the Oilers have lost to the Ducks, Blue Jackets and Flames recently, and didn’t compete in two of those games, they’ll be in tough tonight against the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks are 11-4-2 in their last 15, despite losing three of their last four, so they won’t be taking the struggling Oilers lightly.

Expecting a victory tonight would be foolish, but the Oilers better at least show up. I was stunned on Saturday that the biggest story after the Calgary game was how Renney was supposedly an idiot for pulling the goalie.

The players, except for Taylor Hall, were an embarrassment. They didn’t compete for the puck, they displayed no desire, they showed no pride in the uniform and they showed zero signs that they have enough players who know how to compete in the NHL. If you think a coaching change will cure all the woes of the Oilers you are kidding yourself. I’m not defending the coach by any means, but the lack of internal desire and drive from the players on Saturday night was pitiful.

If you are focused on pulling the goalie in a 5-2 loss, then you are looking at the wrong things. You’d prefer your coach to just sit back and lose 5-2?  At least he tried something, the players did nothing. Many jumped on the fact that Hall clearly thought it was dumb to pull the goalie, when the entire country read his lips after the empty netter went through his feet.

Of course Hall was pissed off, and he wanted to vent his anger, but when he spoke yesterday he was much more annoyed about the lack of effort instead of pulling the goalie. I’m stunned how the fans are so easy to voice their displeasure at Tambellini, Renney and Horcoff, but don’t look at the entire picture and realize that this team has had way too many passengers lately.

Do you honestly think they can win with this many players who are mentally soft?

I don’t.

The list of guys who need to look in the mirror and discover what it takes to succeed in the NHL is a long one. Lately only Hall and Ladislav Smid have shown any consistency in being professional and giving everything they have every game. (I’d include 14 and 93, but they haven’t played enought recently.) If you believe it is up to the coach and captain to ensure the rest of the team has a heart you are delusional. Clearly, Horcoff needs to wake up, but so does the majority of the team.


The St. Louis Blues drafted Vladimir Tarasenko 16th overall in 2010, in fact they traded their 2009 first round pick, David Rundblad 17th, to the Senators to take Tarasenko in 2010, and the upstart Blues have another very talented and creative player in their organization. The 19 year-old is having a solid season in the KHL, and when he comes to the NHL the Blues will only get better.

That’s one of the most creative moves I’ve seen. Great to see that in an All-Star Game.


Yesterday Ryan Whitney has this to say after practice.

"I did pretty well (on Renney’s test) but I still don’t know if I’ll play tomorrow. When I get back I hope I last the whole year." Whitney.

Whitney won’t play tonight, and might give it a go tomorrow. Reading between the lines, I wonder if Whitney plays tomorrow, still doesn’t feel well, and then shuts it down for the rest of the year. I won’t be surprised if that is the case. He isn’t 100%.

At this point it’s more of an educated guess as to who will play where tonight. I do know that Ben Eager and Darcy Hordichuk won’t play tonight. Renney wouldn’t elaborate why Eager is out, but it sounds like it is more of an attitude issue than production issue. I’m guessing Eager isn’t’ happy, but at least he’s produced something lately.

Sitting Eager and Hordichuk doesn’t send any sort of message. If Renney wanted to get the attention of this team he’d sit one of Shawn Horcoff, Ryan Smyth or Ryan Jones. He needs more from those three. They all got off to good starts, but they haven’t done much lately, especially Horcoff and Jones. If the coach wants to send a message staple them to the bench for a period if necessary.

Devan Dubnyk will start.

GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers don’t have as much skill as the Sharks, and despite putting forth a much better effort than Saturday, which won’t be hard, they come up short 3-2.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Nation will be bursting with emotion today. If one player doesn’t compete tonight he’ll be carved repeatedly in the comment sections.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Just a hunch, but one of you who reads this today will win the 50/50 tonight. Lately it is the only reason people have stayed past the 2nd period.

  • Dangerous Neil

    Rebuilding is a long and slow process. The Penguins drafted in the top 5 for 5 years in a row, and now they have unparalleled skill and depth. Sure Belanger and Eager haven’t turned out very well, but Tambi can’t be blamed for their bad performance, in the summer every one of us thought they were huge signings. Tambi fleeced the kings on both the Penner trade and the Smyth trade. I will admit that I have thought the Khabibulin signing was a bad one from day one, but if Tambi can turn him into a top draft pick or a quality prospect defensemen before the deadline, his signing could turn into a long term asset. Losing sucks, but the Oilers have another year of it ahead of them before they start making a real push, so simmer down and have some patience, the future is very bright for this team.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    The only way I could justify an extension for Tambillini would be if the tank has been on since the start of the year.

    If he actually thought he did a good job on the defence then he’s delusional.

  • Chaz

    Might this extension be a pre-cursor to the classic move by a failed GM? Screw the coaches right in the ear. Renney gets lots of blame for the outcome and his use of manpower. But no way is he the one who should be fired at this juncture. The injuries alone have affected what he has had to work with in terms of available talent.

    Tambellini’s failure to act to bring some support for the D and general bad judgement is the other component that has affected Renney’s results.

    Tambellini and Lowe are the dudes dressed in black in this scenario of serial screw ups, gaffs and general bad managment.

    If Tammy gets extended then I think more than just Oiler Nation howls long and hard. Tammy better wear a disguise at Rexall from here on in.

  • The only course of action that fans have at their disposal that has ANY effect at all on the decisions the Oilers make is.


    Just like the Oilers do against Calgary. In the annals of Oilers history this phase of the Katz ownership era shall be viewed at the “b*tch” era. The team took it from the opposition and the fans took it from ownership.

  • Chaz

    Extension for Tambellini? The same man talking about playoffs last offseason? The same man who has no interest in picking high in the draft again? The very same?

    I’m going to have to hand over my money for season tickets plugged nose, blind folded, and ear plugged or risk losing my seats for what is sure to be another season(s?) of meaningful games in October and November.

  • Horcsky

    Let’s not forget the Visnovsky for Whitney fiasco. That one’s been a miss so far. Unless Whitney stays relatively healthy and returns to all-star form, I’m considering that one of his worst moves.

  • Bryzarro World

    Well, say what you will about Tambi, but when his whole team was healthy earlier this year, they were a decent team.
    Having all his top players get injured is not his fault. We werent supposed to be world beaters this year, its only year 3.
    Tambi good, Renney bad I’m afraid.
    Let’s review Renney now pls Gregoir:
    Slow starts
    Failure to motivate the team for the most important games of the year, BOA
    Team looks unprepared
    Lack of try
    Soft, scared

    Uh oh, doesnt look good for Renster.

  • He didnt start the first rebuild year as a “Rebuild”, that was a product of his incompetence. The same goes for this year. This was the year that there were to be “Meaningful games” played in the early spring/late winter. Not happening. Again.

    He signed Khabi, it doesnt matter who wanted him more. That’s on the GM. The only move that can truly NOT be credited to Tambi was the Smyth move, because Smyth initiated that trade himself.

    He got injury prone guys like Whitney, Barker on the D. He even thought Barker was a top 4 guy when he’s never been one in his pro career.

    He downgraded the entire defense to a point where rookies like Petry and Potter are playing significant roles.

    He has 0 communication skills, as far as the general public can tell. This has apparently been an issue since the Souray days.

    It took him 4 years to identify the need for a better faceoff option after he jettisoned Brodziak for futures.

    What reason could there possibly be to let this guy stay behind the wheel? There’s a swath of destruction in his wake already. I’ve been inching closer and closer into not giving a crap about this team/brand/franchise during his reign of terror. Extending Tambellini may effectively kill the last bit of hope I have remaining.

  • Chaz

    What are the chances that Katz actually crawls out of his hole and particpates on the day they hold Tambellini’s presser?

    Or maybe they won’t have a presser and will just issue a press release some Friday afternoon at 4:55.

    At any rate, if/when this extension happens the focus should rightly shift to the owners box when asking – WTF?

  • Horcsky

    I remember once when I looked forward to a hockey game, earlier in the year. Just over 40 games left and they are talking Renney getting fired and Tambo staying. I think they should both leave, but Tambo is being extended is the usual backwards management decisions that are made here.

    Tambo stays cause we numnuts keep buying tickets, and I will keep supporting the team. If there were 10000 fans in the crowd, would this happen. The fans support this inept team through 6 years of no playoffs, and the last 3 years being the worse. Give the fans something to be excited about, reward them for putting up with the death marches every Jan.

    The media is a joke in this town, they should be championing the sentiment of the fans. Most media, not all keep spewing the 2 years outta 5 year rebuild rhetoric. Hold this management feet to the fire.

  • Chris.

    I think Tambellini is a below average GM. Some people would argue that people like me are off base and Tambellini is doing a fine job… I digress: but is there anyone on planet earth (even within the Katz Group) who thinks Tambellini is an elite GM? Can we win cups in Edmonton with an average or below average management team?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Can you put the blame of going after Heatley or Hossa for that matter on the GM? Seems to be something that ownership wanted.

    Not sure why the guy gets an extension now though. Would wait until at least after the deadline.

    As for tonight 5-1 Oilers.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Gregor said,

    My recommendation for Tambellini is as follows. The day they announce your extension, actually tell the fans what your philosophy for the future is. Don’t colour around the edges. Give them the straight, honest truth. At l;east acknowledge what everyone sees. This team clearly still has too many players who don’t know how to compete in the NHL on a nightly basis. What will you do to change that?

    How about this, don`t waste the airtime with him talking. When the man talks, he`s not very compelling. If you have to interview him, ask him question sent in from the fans that are edgy so this guy gets it that we are pissed. I really don`t care what he has to say anymore.

    • Time Travelling Sean

      Agree, I’m done with Tambo’s BS interviews. The only interviews I ever see with Tambo are with Dan Tencer lobbing him 2 minute long ‘questions’ which are really long winded leading questions that apologetically explain the process and allow Tambo to answer them by saying nothing or just agreeing. Tambo just says a few out of the box cliche things with zero substance and Tancer high fives him off camera.

      I’d pay money for Gregor or someone to interview him and ask real questions. Lets make it a pay per view event, I bet at this point in time the Oilers could sell more tickets to that than some of the upcoming games.

  • Chris.

    Jason can we all agree that this is not year 2 of rebuild? It is year 5 we have picked top 10 for five staight years added many picks though trades have 2 1st overall picks got a guy at 22 that would be a 1st or 2nd pick now in Ebs, yet Tambo has failed to select which picks would or could play for the Oil and deal the rest. He has failed in making this team better. What did we get for trading away proven NHL talent picks and prospect so he could do that in reverse. Dreger, Bobby Mac lots of guys say the Oilers prospect pool is among the best in the NHL yet we can’t make deals that bring in proven talent come on every other GM seems to do it. No matter what you say about Burke he doesn’t piss around when he see’s a need he trys to address it. Can’t say the same for Tambo. As for Renney the youmg guys like him but there are a few concerns. On Saturday why was Ebs playing with Belanger? Why has Belanger played on the PP. When there are 4 on 4’s why the vets not the kids (we lose anyways get them some time). If it was me I’d take Renney over Tambo he hasn’t made this team better, all those picks can’t play for us he’s failed in making personal decisions

    • Jason Gregor

      I don’t agree…This is only year two because look at the summer of 2009..They signed Khabibulin and were close to the cap. They didn’t give in to the rebuild until they suffered all the injuries.

      Sucks but true for fans. Proir to that the team just wasn’t good…They were stuck in being a below average team…

      The actual having a plan has only been in place for 2 years…before that they had no plan.

      • I’ve been a fan that’s watched his team be out of the playoffs for six years. In that time theyve only selected out of the top 10 once.

        I dont care what they label it. The key component of the rebuild (sucking on ice and getting high picks) has been in effect much longer than 2 years.

        I am not cool with letting this current management group erase 4 extra years of failure by saying “but we werent actually rebuilding then”

        They were bad and drafted high. They had massive turnover and traded lots of useful players.

        What else am I supposed to call it? The only other word for it is incompetence, and I hardly think that should indicate a reason for extending people like Tambellini.

        • Chris.

          Agree. It bugs me when they say the rebuild only started 2 years ago.

          You could argue they have only been trying to suck for 2 years. But have sucked for 5+ and running, which points more to incompetence than anything IMO.

          Its no excuse to say “well after 3 years of trying to win and failing miserably we decided to suck on purpose and we aren’t done yet. Its only been 2 years since we starting trying to toilet this team as opposed to straight up failing… so give us a break”

        • Spydyr

          Thankyou I’ve been saying this for ever. No matter what they were TRYING to do a rebuild is finishing bad and drafting Since the Smyth trade 5 years of top ten picks plus additional picks from trades. Put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig I don’t care if they were after Hossa, Heatley they still sucked and drafted high, doesn’t that constitute a rebuild

        • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

          No, Gregor is right. We came away from the cup run thinking that we were a player or two away from the cup. In spite iof players bailing out, a run of injuries kept us beleiving. Next year, just like Calgary is doing, Change the coach add a rental at the deadline and we can make a run.

          Only after we changed the coach and still sucked did we realize that the team is a piece of sh1t.

          Someone should replay Tambos presser to remind people of what his plan is:
          Draft and develop from within because Edmonton can not keep players they traded for or attact high end free agents. Build a culture of pride of players who actually want to be here.

          That is the plan and the fact, like it or not. The real question is if the current management team can do that but it is obvious that is the direction they are committed to, no matter how much howling happens.

          I, for one agree that the “plan” is our only option. Again do we have the Management team to do it? The one thing they have shown is patience which is mandatory.

          • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

            If they thought that way after loosing Pronger, Spachek(sp) Samsanov and so on they were delusional. 2 top 4 d not replacing them and fowards Pecca Samsanov. And your missing that we’ve sucked and picked top 10 for five years straight with this year beening the 6th, Calgary has never done that. I heard Tambo’s comments also but look at other teams you CAN”T win just on drafting alone sooner or later you need to make trades (for NHL talent not picks/prospect) and develop. We have 2 1st overall picks plus a kid that we got at 22 that was a steal, endless picks because of trades, when does it come a time to use said assets to get proven NHL talent to make this team better. Jason, Robin anyone can say it’s year 2 it’s not it’s year 5 it doesn’t matter what they were “trying” to do the rebuild was thrust upon them in 07

      • Time Travelling Sean

        Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say they had crappy execution of their previous plan?

        I would hate to think that he was hired as teh GM put in the drivers seat to fly by the seat of his pants.

        As for the Khabibulin signing, I agree with Archaeologuy in saying that the amount of suck should be the best indicator for where it started.

        In hindsight that is where the Chicago model tends to get credit for it’s start and it is the Chicago model they are following, yes?

        Besides, if not then shouldn’t we be able to expect better results this year on the basis of his signing’s last summer?

      • Spydyr

        As I think you suggest in your article, they haven’t done very well at articulating the current plan. As near as I can tell, it is “Lose. Draft high. Lose. Draft high.” in perpetuity until somehow the team starts winning. The current plan is about as effective as the prior existing non-plan.

      • Douche Nietzsche

        “If you are focused on pulling the goalie in a 5-2 loss, then you are looking at the wrong things.”

        That comment should be directed at Renney and not the fans. If his players didn’t do nothing for him for 57 minutes, it is Renneys stupid idea to think they would in the last 3. It is the coaches job to motivate and ensure the players execute to their expectations. When 90% of the team doesn’t show up on nighty bases, I’m pretty sure it is not by coincidence. You call the fans delusional, but, in my opinion; you would have to be delusional not to see that this team checked out on Renney a month ago.

        Hall and Oilers have PR and I’m sure they advised Hall to retract or take back from what the whole country read on his lips. Fact of the matter is, that is not the first time Hall did that and you can’t take back that the whole country saw his raw emotion of displeasure at his confused coachs decision making.

  • Jason Gregor

    The perpetual suck and losses isn’t what bothers me. Its Tambi’s apparent lack of clear direction beyond dithering and assessing. From claiming our D are fine (Sept), that we are a playoff team (last year, and this) to declaring he isn’t interested in lotto picks this year (3 weeks ago)

    Quotes Jan 2, 2012:
    “Do I want to be a lottery pick again? No, I’ve said that from the beginning,” said the Edmonton Oilers general manager.

    “I’m not going to put a number on it. I want to finish as high as possible,” he said. “Again, I don’t want a lottery pick.”

    Dithers is clear. He is not interested in another lottery pick. So that means this year is complete gong show and he really is trying to get better and just failing miserably. Or he is lying and repeating his lies to emphasize them.

    Lying, incompetent, bumbling aimlessly. You pick. Sounds like a good reason to extend his contract.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    Of course he doesn’t want a lottery pick, just like the Liberals don’t wanna raise taxes. Actions speak louder than words as Grandmas always say.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Calm down. This is, for the most part just Tambellini’s severance package. A 3 yr deal and he gets the boot after the first yr of that extension. This tells us they plan to sewer yet another yr next season, if there is hockey with the possibility of another work stoppage.

    Can see the Oilers having another Kyle Turris type situation on their hands with Taylor Hall. The kid certainly looks fed up with this losing culture already. The Oilers can feed this bullship to the fans but they can’t expect the young players that are important to future success to buy this jibberish.

  • Spydyr

    If there ever was a team in need of a bag skate .This is it.What is the the worst that could happen they show up slow and with no interest the game after the skate.Then lose.We have been watching this movie long enough.Skate them into the ice until they are ready to put an effort into the games.

  • When did it become so acceptable to fail, and why do so many continue to rationalize under-performance. Our player spend is in the top half of the league. Winnipeg and Ottawa both spend almost 10 million less than the Oilers. Winners in this league never accept not making the playoffs. Losers make excuses and rationalize even when the playoffs are a distant dream. We are rapidly approaching the third season as the worst team in the NHL. How many teams have managed to accomplish this feat historically?

    In business terms we are completely under performing the market in all respects but one. The FANS. As Canadians we continue to support this team, fill the building, buy the expensive beer, etc. all the while making excuses for under-performance at every level but one (our support) – which given our love of this game in Edmonton they will likely continue to take for granted.

    It is becoming increasing clear the Oilers have numerous issues. I suspect there are too many ‘buddies’ inside the organization unwilling to make the hard decisions that might feel like firing a beer buddy. Tough. This is a performance based business. If the Oilers were playing in most of the US markets, based on our current performance, we would be in deep trouble. The building would be empty. The sponsors would be gone. The loses would be growing. Lucky you are in Edmonton.

    We are a Canadian team with loyal fans and a great history. It is time for D Katz to show us why he bought this team and define a new culture where winning is expected. Where under-performance is not acceptable. Where the fans are not taken for granted. And yes, he might need to fire some friends. Get on with it. The worst team in the NHL for 2 going on 3 seasons! Never as an Oiler should this be acceptable. Never.

    The good news is that we have managed to collect some exciting new players through the draft as a result of our abysmal performance in the past. Guys like Hall, Eberle, RNH are all winners – but they will not stay here long term if we continue to lose. They have won their entire careers. Individually these players are winners. Ask yourself if these 3 will be Oilers down the road if we continue to under-perform as an organization. Not a chance. They will eventually go find a winning team.

    After 25 years as a loyal FAN I have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly as an Oiler. However, my biggest disappointment is the current level of rationalization, excuses, etc. which continue to come from the organization. Which leader (coach, GM, president) has had the courage to face the media and truly take responsibility for this mess. Admit we are under-performing as an organization. How could contract extensions for anyone leading this team currently be an option? They should be scared for their jobs. All of them.

    Stop taking us for granted. PLEASE. If nothing else someone step up and take ownership for the mess. We have not be injured for the past 3 years and on ‘paper’ we are certainly not the ‘worst’ in the NHL. Stop with the excuses.

    • Souby

      Well put. Make a stand and perhaps dont go to a game.
      Threaten to move the team ? Go ahead- this is pretty expensive
      entertainment…..if thats what you call it.

      These kids wont be here long, neither would i if was them.
      Taylor Hall is being what he is.. a professional, and saying the right things
      but suspect he is fed up already with Renney.

      • KidsInTheHall!

        Couldn’t agree more. Sick of hearing the excuses. If Taylor, Ebs or RNH left soon because of this atmosphere it would break my little black heart.

        Sorry, not buying at all that this is “year two of the rebuild”. Don’t give me statistics from other teams about how many years they had to wait. This is Edmonton, not effing Phoenix or wherever. We ALL bleed copper and blue in this city. Any year not making it to the playoffs is unacceptable. Let those sh&%^y little American markets have the crappy teams.

  • Big Cap

    Im just curious as to why no one in management at any level shows any public signs of frusteration, care, or anger.

    So far we have seen CBJ, MTL, ANA, STL, WASH, release their head coaches due to poor starts and overall performances. I realize some of those teams are in different stages than us, but at least the organization shows they wont tolerate losing.

    WE on the other hand, make excuses and refuse to acknowledge that our team is often unprepared and not ready at the start of games. We complain that we get tired on the second game of back to backs, we choke 3rd period leads or can never score the go ahead goal. Our goal tending has been average, and team toughness is still sometimes an issue. NONE of these concerns have been addressed by an coach or manager. All we get it the usual Renney comment about learning from the loss and judging the team on the overall body of work.

    Im not saying Katz, Lowe, Tambo, or Renney don’t get upset, but please show this to your fans. With them always hiding in the back, it looks as if they dont care about us or even winning.

    As much as I hate Brian Burke, would he hide in the background, or would he be front and Centre facing the music. We need to see more passion from management, opposed to saying its a work in progress and it years 2 of a 5 year plan.

    The Hemmer issue is still hanging over the teams head. Tambo has to sign him and make him our guy or pull the trigger on a trade. Regardless, show some guts and do something!

    This trade deadline IMO is a make or break time for our GM.

    Thanks and Go Oilers Go!!

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    under the Steve Tambellini “plan” Hall is going to be fed up and demand a trade long before this team ever wins a cup. Extending Tambellini is asinine, he should be fired immediately before he bungles up the team even more during the trade deadline.

  • Spydyr

    I happen to think Tambellini has done a good job,Jones and Smyth were good moves.the Penner trade was a good one,Eager and Hordichuk add the much needed toughness.Belanger is not here for his scoring,Barker was a gamble that did’nt cost much, and every goalie in the league is hot and cold ask Vancouver.As far as Souray i liked his play,and i don’t think we know the hole story on that one.Brule,O”sullivan and Foster ,they are all gone right.

    • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

      Jones was a waiver wire pickup, Smyth asked to come back here no credit von those two. The Penner trade was a master piece I’ll give you that one. Eager added toughness gagner has as many fights as Eager, Hordy I like. Belanger is eating up minutes that Lander could’ve had Belanger is the worst signing of the summer IMO. I’ll give Tambo credit for 2 over the above moves not the rest.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        If the oilers were 20th everyone would want them to tank for a better draft pick,they have some great pieces,lets get some more.When the rebuild is over none of the vets will be here anyway,around 2015.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        so who do you trade?if you can trade horcoff and whitney you are a genius,we cann’t even trade hemsky ,who in their right mind is taking back these contracts?

        • Wanyes bastard child

          Earlier in the day Mr. Glenn was wanting to sign a bunch of UFA’s. Great plan there as well, lets spin a bunch of cap space on overpriced UFA’s who have to be bribed to come to Edmonton. Then have to let One of Kids go unsigned cause we don’t have cap space.

          I believe the age old axiom applies here, Patience is a virtue.


  • Zed

    I have no words that are any more wise than the above comments but:

    Maybe organizing a crap team is harder than it looks.

    That’s why Dithers gets his “Attaboy” contract extension.

    Bah! Who knows, I’m mad. Losing to Calgary sucks.