More Ales Hemsky Trade Rumours

The easy way to stop all the Ales Hemsky trade rumours out there would be for him to sign a contract extension. Pending free agent Tim Gleason, regarded as one of the best available defensemen at the NHL trade deadline, signed a four-year extension with Carolina earlier today, instantly putting a halt to a litany of rumours suggesting various destinations for him.

Until Hemsky signs a similar pact, or is traded, the rumours will continue.

Sportsnet’s Gene Principe, a familiar face for Oilers’ fans, got into the discussion today, tweeting the following:

Ales Hemsky-Andy Sutton to Det.for Tomas Jurco and 1st round pick. Hemsky and pick to Nash.for Jonathan Blum and 1st round pick #justrumors

It’s worth remembering that Detroit’s first round pick is probably going to fall in the 25th – 30th range, and that Nashville’s top pick isn’t likely to be a whole lot better. They’re nice pieces to have, but these proposed deals would hinge on the prospects involved.

Tomas Jurco is an interesting prospect – a 6’2” winger the Red Wings added with a second round pick last season. He’s scored 25 times in 36 QMJHL games and added 29 assists. Those are impressive totals but they come with a caveat: Jurco’s team, the Saint John Sea Dogs, are the second-most potent team in the QMJHL. On the roster are last year’s third overall pick, Jonathan Huberdeau, who is averaging a hair under two points per game. Another first rounder from last year, Zack Phillips, leads the team in scoring. 20-year old Danick Gauthier has scored 37 times. So while Jurco is scoring a lot, the question is whether he’s helping drive the bus or whether he’s a beneficiary of his teammates. In last year’s drafts, scouts ranked Huberdeau and Phillips above him.

Still, Jurco’s a very interesting prospect, and despite those cautions I think most NHL teams would love to have him in the system.

Blum’s probably a more interesting piece, however, simply because he’s closer to active duty in the NHL. He’s already played more than 50 games in the world’s best league, and has almost 150 in the AHL. In his AHL time, Blum has proven to be a potent offensive contributor –over an average 82-game segment he produces 11 goals and 35 assists.

He’s still struggling to make the NHL jump, however. His minus-14 rating this season was wholly deserved and indicative of his defensive struggles in the major leagues.  For the Oilers that may not matter – it all depends on what their goals are for next season. If the Oilers are planning on slow improvement, maybe they don’t mind letting Blum learn in a depth role, making mistakes now at the NHL level in exchange for a future payoff.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Personally I don’t think the Oilers should trade anything for a goalie (Well trade anything of value) Goalies (especially young goalies are a crap shoot) if the Oilers are a good enough team then an average goaltender does the trick…How many rings does Osgood have?

    Secondly stop saying sign Hemsky to a reasonable contract for short term because chances are he doesn’t want a short term contract, or a reasonable one that, and lastly probably doesn’t want to resign with the Oilers, if he did I am sure they would sign him so when they do end up trading him don’t go all crazy because chances are HE didn’t want to sign

    “It takes two to tango…or something like that” ~Billy Madison~

      • No but would they have won with Rask? Maybe? They are a good team already though, the Oilers are not I would worry about making the lineup good then worrying about the goalie situation, Dubnyk could be it if we had a real NHL team but until the Oilers get there they will not know, and that is why I wouldn’t trade valuable assets for a goalie because we aren’t a good NHL team yet.

        Osgood was an average goalie and Detroit consistently won with him in net.

  • justDOit

    I can’t see Schneider going anywhere, and would also be surprised to see Blum or Ellis leave. Suter is not signing before lottery day (July 1, for him), so trading for him would be a rental – in the cellar, no less. Weber is RFA coming up, and I don’t see him going anywhere if Suter is testing the FA market.

    Add to all that, the fact that there might be a work stoppage next season. If an entire year is gone, then doesn’t that waste one year of every contract a team holds? So ultimately, you would want as many RFA players as you could get, so that you just re-qualify them when play resumes for 2014/15.

    And then there’s the upside of a work stoppage on the draft. All those players get one more year of development, which should make that draft very savoury for Stu!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Would you pay a higher price to get Schnieder from the nucks
    that may push them over the edge for the cup ? I wouldn’t.
    If Bunz is the real deal let him grow with the team..

    Let Him go to another team, go for Lindback and Blum
    for Hemsky and a reasonable other pick, THUS pushing the Predators
    closer to elimination the nucks from the post season.
    I would be feared of the Preds if they had just another
    offensive weapon or 2. That is a pretty solid team over there.
    DD and Hemsky ? Rinne is going to play pretty much all the time anyway.
    may have to toss in someone else.. Thats all said, i would deal with the
    Preds before i dealt with the Stinking Canucks..No one likes them.

    Get Hartnell !! Love that guy.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Of course i do like Bernier in L.A.

    Gotta be tough to be a GM.. Fack ! but thats what they get the big bucks for

    I would trade my job making Tacquitos for 7-11 for a shot at a GM position.. Same stress level.. just the pay thing … fack.

    Tambo ! I work grave yards at 7-11 in Sherwood Park… if yu ever want to trade for just one day… Preferably Trade deadline day or Draft day,.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Boyz- when does real Hockey start again ?

    I hate All-Star Break.

    Yeah,Yeah Oilers – Avs tomorrow. Is the Nuge back ?

    I will take the Oilers 5-2.

    I want hockey that means something again !! tired of riding out the season with 30 games left. Can you imagine being a huge baseball
    fan and your team is 256.5 games out after 80 games ? why bother.

  • O.C.

    OT – but I gotta laugh and give props to Chael Sonnen. Not only did he manhandle Bisping this weekend but he has the gift of gab. I love the last line on this quote…haha

    “”I can tell you this — I have never backed down and I never will,” he continued. “If he wants to fight and is willing to, I will do my part. But this isn’t my goal to help lure him out. I talk like this not to talk about Anderson. I rather talk about real men like Mr. Bisping who steps in on 10 days notice and fights me. Those are the kind of guys I want to give media attention to. Not some bum hiding in Brazil.”

    If Silva-Sonnen 2 happens, it will likely take place this summer in Brazil. For all the shots that Sonnen have fired against Silva and Brazilians in general, there are some concerns of Sonnen’s safety in that country. Sonnen, though, doesn’t seem to be worried.

    “If those blow-hards (in Brazil) with their blow darts, want to come for me, they can send anyone they want,” Sonnen said. “But don’t send anyone they want back.”

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Unfortunately Hemmer goes through life half asleep. I used to look after the Oil on their AC charters and he always seemed very tired and not very alert. Trade him and get the misery over with. Of course he will probably play better in his new environment as their will probably be a few veterans that will not accept his indifference.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Hemsky is done like toast. Matter of time. I am going to laugh so hard when the Oilers get a first and prospect for Hemsky. There are some out there in OilersNation who really undervalue Hemsky’s trade value. How much is a playoff round worth to a team like the Rangers? or Philly? Jagr would like his buddy Hemsky lined up with him wouldn’t you think? Make it a bigger deal and perhaps Courtier could be the bait that the Oilers need to make it a blockbuster.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Avery for Belanger ….just for the rest of the season to pee
    off Van and Cal every time we play them down the stretch.

    I would laugh my head off… watching him face wash and
    yap at the sedin sisters down the stretch..piss off Kesler, Burrows
    and maybe go face to face with Glendacross ….

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hemsky has always been way over rated and I don’t know why Edmonton continues to draft small players that will continue to be injury proned(Eberle, Nugent-Hoppy, Gagner, etc. Keep drafting these small players and we will never dig ourselves out of this. Lowe and Tambellini have to go. This is turning into the freak show of the North.

    • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

      Has it come down to this with the haters? Wow, you actually question drafting Eberle and RNH?

      C’mon, this is not a verbal discussion where the opportunity to say stupid things can arise in the heat of the moment. You have time to think about what you want to type, re-read it and see if it actually makes sense before you post it.

      • WOW!

        I have to agree some what. Oilers need to get stronger and bigger who can play in the NHL. It concerns me we have all these small young talented guys playing in show now with no team around them. How are we going to afford to keep them when entry level contract comes up for renewal. Management is swinging for the fence when fence is nowhere in sight.

    • Agreed.

      Managemaent needs to be held accountable for where we are. We are missing a LOT of pieces to this puzzle. We keep kidding ourselves remember Lowe got us into this mess in the first place. Tambellini is a puppet for Lowe who can’t make a decision.

      Things are not going to change for a few years yet.

  • RexLibris

    I had mentioned here on ON the idea of trading Hemsky for Jurco about a month ago. I don’t imagine for a second that this is related to any of these rumours, but I mention it because it was around that time that I started looking seriously at Detroit as a trade partner.

    Personally, I would love to see Hemsky move there because of what appear, to me, to be similarities in the styles of play and it would be vicariously rewarding as an Oilers fan to see Hemsky win a Cup with a team like Detroit. Were he to have a dominant playoff performance it would in some way vindicate what us Oiler fans have said about Hemsky’s talent level for years, to the seemingly deaf ears of other hockey fans.

    Anyway, back to Detroit. Jurco and Tatar were the first two prospects that got my attention, if only because Brendan Smith looked to be too valuable a trade piece for Ken Holland to give up for a rental. A switch of Jurco (a right-winger, I believe) for Hemsky appeared the most immediately plausible and the return of a larger, playmaking winger and a late first round pick for an expiring UFA with some questions about health seemed like a fair exchange for both parties.

    Detroit doesn’t have a lot of prospect depth at the wing position and it is my assertion that the Oilers could use more prospect depth on the wings, so in order to make any exchange fit the requirements of the two teams, a straight exchange of positional players was the easiest possible way to find a link between the two.

    I remember last year’s deadling and the rumours about a Blum for Smid swap. At the time I was fully in favour as what I had read about Blum suggested that he had a higher ceiling, or at least a different skill set than Smid. This year, moving Hemsky for another defensive prospect/player (he’s probably between the two designations right now) and a pick is probably a safer bet, but I don’t feel that it would properly address this organizations needs in the next few years.

    Over the course of the next three to four seasons the Oilers are going to be graduating quite a few defencemen while our winger prospects have a significant dropoff after Pitlick, Hamilton and Hartikainen. While the Nashville trade is probably more likely, and as Willis has mentioned, returns a more certain asset, the Detroit one is, in my mind, at least one that has to be entertained.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Trade Hemsky for one of these 21 year old guys who may or may not even make the NHL, who may or may not be 3rd line grinders, who may or may not be total busts or who may play on the team in 2-5 years. Then as soon as we finish the trade realize we have a gaping hole in our offence and start looking for a new top 6 winger, 70-80pt man in his late 20s just entering his prime (since that should be easy to find)

    Hemksy’s injury risks are less risky than castaway prospects from another team. Do you really think any team is giving up a prospect they think is going to turn into a 70pt man, injury prone or not.

    We aren’t going to realize what we had until its gone.

    Tambo needs to get his panties off and sign Hemsky. Otherwise we just have ANOTHER big hole in the lineup to add to our d woes, goaltending issues, fwd toughness etc etc etc.

    Its actually pretty impressive that Tambo has somehow convinced the fans that its a good idea to give away Hemsky for some magic beans and castoffs. 2 years ago this board would have LIT UP with the concept of giving him up for essentially nothing. Now people love it for some reason.

    • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

      How quickly fans forget what Hemsky has done for an organization that has had basically no offensive system/players or plan for years. The guy flat out put up points with inferior linemtes and lacklustre coaching.

      I just wonder how long its going to take for the fans to jump on Hall for his injuries?

        • Time Travelling Sean

          Those are Flames fans who are becoming more anxious everyday at their aging roster who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

          It’s as if the Flames are stuck in purgatory, with no end in sight, while we are going through hell, but that makes heaven so much sweeter.

    • Devolution

      Tambellini: “Ok Ales lets sit down and talk business so we can get that contract signed so you stay here in Edmonton”

      Hemsky: “No”

      Tambellini: “Ah tough break”

      And Hemsky gets traded, I think people need to realize that Tambellini has probably had many conversation with Hemsky and his agent. I will gladly take a prospect who might or might not pan out for a player we lose on July 1st anyway.

      Also one that probably signs a 5 year 25 mill contract.

      • There’s been several times where Hemsky has talked about how much he has enjoyed this city and wants to stay here and remain an Oiler.

        I’ve yet to hear any credible media member mention that the Oilers and Hemsky are talking. (Treena’s Oil has said they are, and that they’re only $500,000 apart on a one-year deal, but take it for what you will).

        If there is no communication, I think this falls on the Oilers. And if there is no communication, that is a huge failing on the part of the Oilers management. If Tambellini is dragging his feet, trying to evaluate until the last possible moment… that’s a huge red flag for this organization.

  • Devolution

    On a slightly sideways note, has anyone every done an analysis of where a player is drafted versus the quality of his NHL career? Maybe we should be doing a Moneyball type trade where the players only relevant quality is where he was drafted. Perhaps a 1-5 is worth 5 times more than a 6-10, but who knows, there may be an aberration where 15-20 is better than 6-10, or some such craziness.