Blum Future?

This is Johnny Boychuk and what’s left of Jaroslav Spacek. Boychuk is heading toward free agency and would certainly be on the Oilers shopping list if available. History tells us that Boychuk is likely to re-sign in Boston or with another contender and that means the Oilers will be looking for help elsewhere. 

Elliotte Friedman has an Oiler thought or two among his 30 this week. Friedman: "the Oilers are letting teams know that they want defencemen in return for any trade assets. Makes sense." Jonathan Blum (in photo) might be a candidate for Edmonton; he’s young, has a good pedigree and is closer to being an NHL defender than the AHL hires and all of the junior age kids. Here are some other reasons he makes sense for the Oilers:

  • Blum is a former first round pick. Oilers collect them like stamps (Smid, Whitney, etc)
  • The Oilers had the original John Blum.
  • He could be the next Cody Franson!
  • He won the Bill Hunter trophy in junior.
  • He’s from Long Beach. All the dudes from Long Beach dig Edmonton. Surf’s up!

Blum enjoyed a strong rookie season but relied heavily on a strong PDO and luck which gifted him with a splendid 23 games. All that good luck turned bad and bit him in the ass this season, and he’s lugging around a ghastly -14 in 33 games with Nashville this season.



 Jonathan discussed the Blum rumors today and they make a lot of sense based on what the team needs. The deal rumored (Blum and a 1st for Hemsky plus) is somewhat similar to the Penner deal of a year ago but with an added asset headed the other way to pay for the injury worry and the impending free agency.

The question I have about Blum is where does he fit? Edmonton has Whitney, Smid and Gilbert at the top of the depth chart for next season and then Potter, Petry, Peckham to round out the NHL depth chart. Bubbling under are Colten Teubert, Alex Plante, Taylor Chorney and of course the future is on the way in the form of Oscar Klefbom, Martin Marincin, Martin Gernat, David Musil and others. So, where do you slot Blum? My guess is he’d be an option about where Jeff Petry is now except with waiver exemption. 

Is that plus a pick worth Hemsky and an asset?

I’d still keep Hemmer.




A top 6F that included all of RNH, Hall, Eberle, Hemsky and one of the Russians would be pretty sweet but it is unlikely at this time. Ideally the Oilers sign Hemsky and he’s around for another run. However, we would/should have heard of a deal by now (I expect) so if they’re going to trade him for picks and prospects Nashville seems as good a place as any,.

I still think Detroit finds a way to make this happen and hell maybe Sather gets involved and makes a trade with his old team. They have some nice D in the big Apple.

  • Time Travelling Sean

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  • oilbaron

    Blum is an interesting prospect, and he seems to be a bit more offensive than most of the other Oiler D, but like you LT i wonder how it works out.

    Another RH shot, which would give EDM Gilbert, Petry and Potter as RH D, I could imagine them looking at Blum as a PP guy.

    So, say you get him, what’s your D depth look like heading to summer? 77, 5, 58, 44, 6, Blum? Would EDM just go with that D, plus, say, Sutton and Peckham?

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    As someone said in the Hemsky Rumours thread, it’s not just a question of whether we want to keep Hemsky, it’s whether Hemsky wants to re-sign here. I can’t really see why he would, he’s 28 years old, has been beat to all hell here by the fans as well as the opposition players, and has played below his abilities for going on, what, 8 years?

    If I’m Hemsky and my agent tells me to sign with the Oilers, I’m looking for a new agent tomorrow. If we can get a guy like Blum, who’s 60/40 to be a solid NHLer at a position at which we’re consistently running out AHL caliber players, I say take it.

  • Seriously....Gord?

    I would think if Hemmer wanted to sign, he’d have told someone in the media. I can’t recall anyone bringing the subject up with him recently.

    The day we hear him say “I like it here. Edmonton’s great. I like the direction. I want to stay…blah, blah, blah” we’ll have a better idea about STs plan for him. Baring that, he’s quietly waiting to get sent out of town IMO.

    • He has said that. Several times.

      A quick Google search brought these up. I feel like I’ve heard this other times as well:



  • Zamboni Driver

    There is one common denominator with all of these Hemksy trade rumors. The player that is better than ALL of the rumored players we may get in return? Hemsky. Guaranteed setback for the team.

    Long term it MIGHT work out. Maybe… just like 3 years ago Coglianno might have turned into Todd Marchant.

    Tambo backed himself into this corner and isn’t getting much criticism from anyone, not even media. I don’t get it.

    I hate the “well thats all he can get. Better than letting him walk” apologists. The fact is Tambo had a valuable asset and is selling him at supreme weakness. Imagine what we would have got for Hemmer 1 year ago if Tambo had a proper plan. He should have signed him then, or traded him then. Instead of dithering.

    • Zamboni Driver

      Agreed, he should have.

      But he didn’t.

      Hence you need to move him. Maybe you’re too young to remember Curtis Joseph. They didn’t do enough to sign him the summer before (or whatever, they DIDN’T sign him the summer before). Couldn’t afford to trade him at the deadline – because they were in a mad run for the all important 10th place.

      And he walked for nothing.

      Can’t have nothing. If Hemsky wanted to sign here, he could have and would have. He hasn’t….hence bye bye. It’s bidnezz.

      • There is a huge difference between now and when Curtis Joseph was here. Mostly that we are now one of the “have” teams instead of the “have nots”. We have money to spend.

        In the late 90s and early 2000s, we couldn’t afford to pay players $5 million/season. We can now not only afford that, we have the cap room to do it.

        Everyone is always talking like we have no choice but to trade Hemsky. We do. We can re-sign him.

    • vetinari

      Seriously man get over it. Hemsky was hurt ALL of last year. He could not of been traded and even if he was traded during the only week he was healthy last year (I don’t think there was one) do you honestly believe they could have gotten great value for him? Give your head a shake.

      The reason Tambo is not getting much criticism? Because aside from the over emotional fans on Oiers Nation. Most people realize that considering what he had to deal with last off season as far as tradeable assets and the UFA’s that he was able to sign he did a decent job of turning the bottom 6 and D over in an effort to improve this team. It amazes me how many people think that its easy to dump the garbage off a last place team for top 4 defence and gritty power forwards.

      Nobody aside from the clairvoyent fans on this site knew that we would have stupid freak injurys to our best players… Again. I am sure those same fortune tellers saw Belanger, Hemsky and Horcoff having their worst seasons of their careers.

      Message for ST. Sit on your hands for the next 3 weeks and see if we can improve on our play and get up a few spots and out of the lottery. If we continue to suck with a mostly healthy line up. Then gut Smyth, Hemsky, Sutton, see if someone wants Belanger, Khabby and Gagner and let the fail for Nail begin.

      • vetinari


        The same people saying we should have traded Hemsky last year were probably the ones saying don’t trade him. Same with the ones saying sign Hemsky (Which won’t happen) would probably complain once he is signed.

      • vetinari

        People all say they want to follow the Chicago, Detroit draft/develop from within model.

        Name 1 bonafide top 6 player Detroit has traded AWAY this decade. None. They draft, develop, retain, retire.

        This is the stuff the New York Islanders do. Mismanaged, trade away players in their prime for prospects, constant top 10 picks and perpetual suck.

        Under Tambo we are Islanders North.

        • vetinari

          Please enlighten me to all the top 6 forwards that ST has traded. The ones I mentioned happen to be UFA’s this summer so that’s just asset managment. Also it is debateable if Gagner is a top 6 guy.

          Now you seem to jump from the worst managed team NYI to the best managed team in Detroit. While I know the EMO kids on this site love to make the most outrageouse comparisons it is rarely a fair or realistic look at the expectations of a team in the process of rebuilding.

          I suggest the critics start Cheering for the leafs. I am sure the genius Burke will have them making a cup run next year.

          • You can’t name 1 top 6 player Detroit has traded away can you? We want to be like Detroit don’t we? Manage your assets so they don’t walk for nothing, not panic at trade deadline. Tambo knew this day was coming since the day he was hired, its not like it snuck up on him.

            Welp, I gotta go. Got to put on my skinny jeans, crank up some Jimmy Eat World and watch Leafs highlights.

          • Sergei Fedorov, Marion Hossa, Brendan Shanahan are all guys that walked from Detroit as UFA’s for nothing but none of them we’re top six right?

            Detroit drafts good and with a long history of being successful has been able to replinsh the free agents that walk with other free agents. The Oilers aren’t there yet. Expecting them to be able to manage just like Detroit today and become just as successful tomorrow is a reach. Even the all mighty redwings were known as the deadwings for a long time untill they drafted Yzerman.

            Now please Chris what top six forwards have the Oilers traded that you don’t agree with? Maybe it’s Mr. Butterworth. The pancake house down town has never been the same.

  • Seriously....Gord?

    Didn’t Hemsky say he wants to stay in Edmonton last season?

    Trading Hemsky is a huge mistake, the kind the Islanders would make. He should be resigned without question.

    Every article out there says he is a top 6 forward. The guy is at a minimum a top line forward and most years of his career a top 30 forward in the league on points per game. Look at the stats of what the top 30, 90, and 180 forwards produce per year ~70 pts, 50pts and 34 pts respectively, or ~.85ppg, ~.61ppg, and .41 pts. Since 05-06 Hemsky has put up ~.9 ppg every year but 06-07 (.82 ppg) and this one where he is at .53 ppg on a career low shooting % with a hurt shoulder. Take his shooting % to career average and he has 3 more goals this year or .61 ppg… line forward once again.

    Teams that win cups do not trade top line players for tweener defencemen who may make it as a 4/5 guy.

  • vetinari

    I agree that it’s not a question of whether the team wants Hemsky, but rather whether Hemsky wants the Oilers.

    Look at some of the other UFA’s and what they’ve said before signing extensions– Hemsky has not indicated any intention to stay on after this season, therefore, trade him.

    I know the profile that the Oilers will be looking for in a return trade: a young defenceman under age 25 who can log 15-20 minutes a night and who is either under contract the next few years or is a RFA.

    While Blum has alot of promise and meets this criteria, I would think that his season to date has been less than stellar and you could grind Nashville down on the price (maybe Hemsky straight up, or Hemsky and a high second or third rounder for Blum and a low first?). I think Nashville needs Hemsky and his scoring potential more than they need a -14 defenceman.

  • vetinari

    @ Chris – Sadly, we are Islanders North except for a few things… the Islanders can at least pitch to their players that they can come and play in one of the world’s most exciting cities for nightlife, the arts and business opportunities and the Oil can say… at least we’re not Winnipeg!

    I can’t remember the last Oiler who was drafted by the team, played their entire career here and retired an Oiler– a little help, anyone? Let’s make it a minimum of at least 800 games because I don’t want to see any names like Bonsignore here…

  • Time Travelling Sean

    What irks me about the Oilers recent FA track record on defensemen, is we’re willing to take any kind of defenseman as long as he’s cheap.

    Except when we have a guy like Barker, with a draft pedigree and little else, and the huge question marks that go with it, and we end up giving the guy bank.

    Offer Barker’s salary for 2-3 years to any of the good mid-level FA defensemen this summer, and at least one will sign.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    What irks me about the Oilers recent FA track record on defensemen, is we’re willing to take any kind of defenseman as long as he’s cheap.

    Except when we have a guy like Barker, with a draft pedigree and little else, and the huge question marks that go with it, and we end up giving the guy bank.

    Offer Barker’s salary for 2-3 years to any of the good mid-level FA defensemen this summer, and at least one will sign.