So, word is that Ales Hemsky might be willing to come off his position of wanting a long-term deal and sign for a shorter term with the Edmonton Oilers if the money is right. Fine. Unless the Oilers aren’t interested.

Given how GM Steve Tambellini has dragged his feet in negotiating a new deal – with the trade deadline looming Monday, no formal contract offer has been made in writing, according to Hemsky’s camp – it doesn’t seem a stretch to question the Oilers level of interest in getting the Czech winger’s signature on the dotted line.

Would Hemsky consider a two-year deal worth $11 million to pass up becoming an unrestricted free agent July 1, as Jason Gregor suggested today? Gregor thinks it’s a possibility based on a conversation he had and I heard exactly the same term and numbers – at just about the same time, it turns out — from a person I consider a reliable source this morning.

This comes after Bob Stauffer over at Oilers Now on 630 CHED was the first to hint Hemsky might be willing to take less than a four or five years in a new pact a couple of days ago. Then, this afternoon, I was told that a three-year deal, another option floated in recent days, was a distinct possibility.

Seeing as I haven’t heard either term or a dollar amount come directly from Hemsky, Crha or Tambellini, both scenarios can be written off as speculation and hearsay, but the question remains: even if Hemsky is interested in two or three years, are the Oilers interested in keeping him?


All of the above can be framed – or contrasted, depending on your point of view – by a Tweet from TSN’s Darren Dreger this afternoon. Dreger, who is as connected as anybody in the business wrote on Twitter:

"Plenty of teams circling the Oilers. Going into wknd, Edmtn will have multiple trade options for Hemsky. #TradeCentre"

That was before Jeff Carter came off the market when the Columbus Blue Jackets traded him to the L.A. Kings. While the biggest fish, Rick Nash of the Blue Jackets, remains available, that also might add to the "multiple trade options for Hemsky" Dreger refers to. Then again, it might take Los Angeles, considered a destination for Hemsky, out of the mix.

While there’s lots of legitimate debate out there about whether Hemsky would be wise to pass on UFA status for a shorter deal to stay on as part of the rebuild, I keep coming back to one question: are the Oilers interested?

We will find out soon enough.

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  • DieHard

    Why would the Kings trade Brown for a Hemsky rental unless it is addition through subtraction because the guy is a problem in the room?

    If Hemsky would take 2yrs @ $5.5M I’d jump on it. There is no skill in the system waiting to back fill. It is all on the team already. Plus you can’t dump the entire responsibility for offense on an 18, 19 & 21 year old.

    And 2yrs won’t kill your cap either. The problem comes when it is time to re-sign RNH not Hall and Eberle.

  • Eddie Shore

    Thats 2 years at 5 reports he has signed. ST now needs to look at resigning Smyth at 2.8 or thereabout. I also would look at dealing Peckham and Eager at the deadline.

  • Skidplate

    Excellent deal for the Oilers!!!

    Gives the youngsters time to grow and gives Hemsky time to prove he can stay healthy.

    I am very suprised he signed. I am positive he would have made more and for longer if he went to July 1st.

    I LIKE IT!

  • Kudos to Stauffer at CHED and Gregor at 1260 on all this Hemsky stuff.

    Bob talked about indications of Hemsky coming off the long-term demands several days ago and Gregor narrowed it down to a two-year term with the money at about $5.5 M yesterday.

    Today, Stauffer’s “line in the sand,” as he put it on Oilers Now, was two years at $10 million. A few hours later, deal is done: two years at $10 million.

    Lots of followers on this one. Stauffer and Gregor were out in front.

    • Gilmore Tuttle

      Gregor yes, Stuffer not so much.

      How hard can it be to leak news/insider information that you are getting as an employee to make yourself look smart? Especially right before the official announcement. Maybe if Bob had stated it a week ago.

  • Crash

    Hemsky signed – WOW! I once resided in CGY yet once I moved to EDM 12 years ago, have been a die hard EDM fan – I cheered when Ryan Smyth came back home. I have spent a great deal of my hard earned money to watch these games at home – but I am now officially DONE! This was the ultimate slap in the face of Oiler Fans who cheer for their team to get better. To watch one more game of Hemsky show on air how “hurt” he is, is embarrassing – let this guy go and give him the chance to shine somewhere else. You keep Hemsky, but hold a grudge against Sheldon – Tambellini thank you so much for making me a Flames Fan again!
    Go Flames Go!


    • Crash

      Yes, I agree, I would like to Thank Tambo for making “YOU” a Flames fan again….the Oilers don’t need fans like you

      Go, go and be a Flames fan again….see how that works out for you….Take a hike.