Sometimes you name a Goat at the start of the NHL season. Sometimes that Goat gets traded. Sometimes you are happy.

On what has been a pretty unevenful Trade Deadline day so far, the Oilers traded "Edmonton’s Fanciest Shoe Wearer 2006-2012" to the Minnesota Wild for Defenceman Nick Schultz.


Gilbert’s reaction to the trade can be seen in the clip above gripped from the Oilers website.


People will come along soon enough with quality analysis debating the merits of trading Tom Gilbert – arguably an offensive defenseman – for a defensive defenseman in Schultz.

But in the mean time let us all scream and yell like only Oilers fans on Trade Deadline Day can.

    • Eulers

      Good thing because they are going to be playing infront of it more often now seeing how Gilbert was the best puck mover this season and Peckham, Barker, and Smid can’t move the puck out of the zone without icing it.

  • Eulers

    Tough call to say who wins. The funny thing is Oiler fans are all against Gilbert then he is traded and we complain but if we kept him I would guarantee people would be on here next year saying we should have traded Gilbert while is value was high.

    I don’t think it hurts us or makes us much better. But from comments of teammates in Minny sounds like Shultz is a heart and soul guy.

  • I think Tambo could have gotten more for Gilbert. I’ll be the first to say I have not been a fan of Gilbert for many years but this season it seems like he grew a pair and figured out what it takes be be a real good defenseman. There should have been a 3rd or 4th round pick coming back in this deal or package Gilbert with a pick/prospect for a better d-man.

  • Talbot17

    Plus if Smid ever got hurt, we would be SCREWED. At least Schultz gives a Smid-like stability back there, Gilbert injury really opened the door for Petry. Next year we won’t even be talking about this trade anymore cause it’ll pay dividends long term.

  • Like I said lateral move, The Oilers have been in last place for 3 years and defense is a major concern going forward, how does this trade make us better?

    If the Oilers expect Petry to take the place of Gilbert’s ability after one year of NHL game play then I’m afraid they have overvalued there own talent.

  • Schultz is a “Shut Down” defensive Defenceman.. Gilbert, im not even sure what u would call him. cuz for an “offensive” minded defenceman he only had 17 points in 49 games.. and correct me if im wrong but isnt Schultz about a Million dollars cheaper?

  • Hemsky: cmon please sign me ill take anything
    Tambo: 5 mil for two (he’ll never take it and we can trade him for picks that wont turn out)
    Hemsky: ok i want be oiler
    *fans applaud move
    Tambo: well now what i gotta do sumthin.
    *enter minesota
    Min- we want gilbert, well give u shultz
    Tambo: well we need defense, shultz is way better right
    Min- well actually they’re about even except shultz doesn’t have any offense
    Tambo: ill do it(thank god i was starting to get a good rep)

    Honestly what were we thinking. Stupid,stupid,stupid.

  • vetinari

    I do think that this is a lateral move by the team by trading an offensive-minded defenceman for a stay at home type. I would think that it would be easier to find, develop, draft, trade or sign a defensive defenceman over the summer than an offensive defenceman.

  • Colin

    Bad trade.

    Schultz is -10 on a defensive team, Gilbert is -3 on the 29th place team.
    Gilbert also can put up the occassional point.

    Unless there is a follow-up trade coming this spring/summer, I don’t think this improves the oilers at all.

  • Dutchscooter

    I am okay with this trade provided Schultz can make a pass out of his own zone. We don’t need a defenseman that rushes the puck. Just get it out of the zone and to one of your own players.

    As much as I have always been a Smid supporter I think he has actually regressed this year when it comes to managing the puck. He is better away from it no doubt but watching him give it away time after time is getting frustrating. Has he been taught this year that any time you get the puck just try and chip it out of the zone? I swear it seems to be that’s all he does. Chip it in to the corner, chip it off the boards or chip it to center.

    Am I the only one that sees this?

  • Oilers4ever

    Those thinking this has not made the team better need to give their head a shake. Gilbert is good… has played well this season. But we had 4 puck moving dmen. Only smid and sutton were stay at home guys. Ideally you should have one of each per pairing. I think this works for both teams. Oil didn’t miss a beat tonight on the road against a playoff hungry team. They will be fine.

  • Coppperhead

    I don’t disagree that this may be a positive move for the Oilers, bringing better balance to our back end.

    However given the value placed on puck moving defencemen I’m surprised that the Oilers didn’t get more for Gilbert.

    Finally my concern is that I don’t think Schultz is going to be a difference maker. How much better will the Oilers D really be with him instead of Gilbert? And how much of the Oilers defensive problems have to do with the blue? As I see it the problem is team defence moreso than a weak blue line.

    I’ll reserve judgement until the summer as I suspect this is step one to reforging the Oilers blue.

  • Oilers4ever

    The Oilers now have one less guy that gives the puck away all the time. That in it self will make them better, hopefully Schultz won’t do that so much. Granted this won’t make for a play off run, but I also think the play of Petry made Gilbert expendable, and we have lots of kids coming up the pipe so I do not think he will be missed much in Oil town. But do wish him luck in his home town… good guy and deserves the best.

  • Oilers4ever

    Holy crap the only time I hear anything good about a player is when they get booted and then its like everybody starts crying about what a brilliant guy we just lost…I remember the absolute moaning from people when they dumped that lard ass Penner….Gilbert was a so-so marshmellow defenceman who did not play the PP or barely the PK …WTF?? he was a a 29th place teams 4th defenceman so get over it.