OilersNation Deadline Live Chat

Come one, come all. Share the agony and the ecstasy. Maybe even the boredom.

Set to go to at noon today, but we’ll launch earlier if there is cause.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Bout time Gilbert is gone, sure he has his good moments but to many times he was caught lookin at the puck or chasing a player with said puck instead of tryin to clear the front of the net for the goalie.

  • Clyde Frog

    What makes Schultz better?

    Don’t know much about him, his stats are very meh and he has been a minus player on the solid defense of the Wild.

    Same age, slightly smaller and 500K in savings on the cap hit.

    Don’t know enough of this trade to know how to feel.

  • Craig1981

    There has to be more, maybe not today, but in the offseason.

    You need 3 or 4 puck movers, and 2-3 solid defensive guys. Gilbert was great at the first, coming around at the 2nd. Schultz is very single faceted.

    If the Oilers go after Suter/Weber, then trading Gilbert for a stay at home guy makes sense.

    One thinks Tambellini could’ve gotten a 2nd and Schultz for Gilbert though

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Gilbert is younger, bigger, more healthy, a right handed shot which is hard to get, is two way and better at every aspect of the game than Schultz (except maybe hitting which is the least contributing factor to winning hockey games for a D) on a worse team.

    This is a poor return for a player like Gilbert, and a loss of talent for the team. We need defense that can skate and move the puck to the skilled forwards. Who needs to go are pylons that can’t skate or pass like Peckham, Sutton, Barker. That is where the problems lay.

    • vetinari

      “We need defense that can skate and move the puck to the skilled forwards.”

      Yeeeaah, well Gilbert hasnt been doing much of that. Its been Petry and Whits. 3goals and 14assists weak. If he brings in a little

      • vetinari

        Hate Gilbert all you want, but if you’re saying Whitney has been the guy then you’re speaking out of your wrong end. He’s been terrible this year, when he’s played, universally (except for you) agreed.

        Petry has been playing well, but how does that justify making a stupid trade? At least get an appropriate return for a guy that can play top pairing minutes well and plays a complete game.

        Players like that don’t grow on trees, as the Oilers and you are going to find out unless they land Weber or Suter. If they don’t, we are nearly guaranteed a race with what’s left of the Jackets for bottoms again nest year.

  • Eulers

    Well, I sincerely hope that the OilersNation braintrust can help me see the wisdom of this trade, because that is all I can do to keep from launching into a profanity-laden tirade that I wouldn’t want my mom to read over my shoulder.

    Gilbert is arguably our best defenceman. Adjusting for his reliable health and the big step he took this year (including actually hitting people), I’d say he was our best defenceman. God knows our weakness is on the blue!

    Once again, it’s getting harder to cheer for this team.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Looks to be actions of a club still two yrs away from being a playoff team. Gilbert for Shultz is a sideways move that just puts further pressure on bringing in a #1 and 2 guy on your blueline.

  • vetinari

    I agree that this is just a lateral move for the Oilers swapping some offense for some grit. Gilbert has had problems with turning the puck over from time to time but does have the capability to move and distribute the puck.

    Does this mean that Peckham is now disposable and may be going somewhere? Or is Schultz simply now a foundation stone for a Smid/Schultz shutdown pairing and the offense will be turned over to Petry (unproven but developing), Potter (again, unproven but developing), and Whitney (proven but reduced due to previous injury)?

    If this trade was Peckham and a lower level prospect or mid-level draft pick for Schultz, I would be more excited about it…

  • Craig1981

    Hearing pierre mcguire say the Wild made this trade to get Suter to sign there next year since Gilbert was his teammate for a year in College, amazes me. How is he still on-air??!! I wish i was deaf