If the Mike Krushelnyski in this photo could find that DeLorean Michael J. Fox used in Back to the Future it would make life much easier for the Edmonton Oilers.

This is Krushelnyski as a member of the Springfield Indians in 1980. He was a 6th round pick of the Boston Bruins in 1979, and when he turned pro in 1980 it took him most of two seasons to make the NHL grade. The Bruins at that time were a veteran team with a strong record going back over a decade. However, they were a veteran bunch and the LW’s were old and getting older by the minute. Men like Wayne Cashman (37 in 82-83) and Don Marcotte (34 in 81-82, his final year) were on their way out and the Bruins had a long list of prospects to step in. To quote the Hockey News from October 13, 1983:

  • The left wing situation is crowded with Mike Krushelnyski, Craig MacTavish, Brad Palmer, Mike Gillis, Luc Dufour and rookies Nevin Markwart, Geoff Courtnall and Dave Reid all in the race. Krushelnyski, a reformed center, was the only one assured of a job at left wing. MacTavish (10 goals), Mike Gillis (goalless in 5 games), Dufour (14 goals) and and Palmer (6 goals) fighting for their jobs. "When you score 10 goals, as I did last year, you’re expendable," said MacTavish. "I did a lot of skating in the summer. When your job is on the line, you have to come to camp in good shape. You can’t afford to get yourself in good shape once you get here."  "The only reason they got me in the first place was for my scoring," said Palmer. "But last year it got to the point where I couldn’t even score in practice. Hopefully they still believe I can do it."  One left winger who showed up at camp by surprise was Stan Jonathan, 28. He provided the Bruins with a certain toughness and fisticuffs during six years in Boston. Markwart, who was drafted by the Bruins in the first round, 21st overall, in the 1983 draft. "My major strength is I play really aggressive. I’m not afraid to use my body. I’d like to be bigger, but I’m not."

It’s interesting to look back and see what happened after fall 1983:

  • Mike Krushelnyski became a pretty famous player. Among his 801 NHL games from fall 1983 to the end of his career were a ton with Gretzky, in Edmonton and then Los Angeles. He was a very good hockey player into the 90s, and scored 25 goals in 83-84.
  • Craig MacTavish had a very fine NHL career, playing in 946 NHL games from fall 1983 onward. He popped 20 goals in 83-84 which was his final year with the Bruins.
  • Brad Palmer’s NHL career was over. He spent 83-84 in the AHL and then to Finland and Austria, and was done by summer 1990.
  • Mike Gillis played the 83-84 season with the Bruins as an extra man, scoring only 6 goals. He would be heard from again by the NHL, but not as a player.
  • Luc Dufour split the 83-84 season between the AHL and the NHL. He would be dealt the following October to Quebec but didn’t play much there either.
  • Nevin Markwart did make the NHL at age 19, but it probably hurt his long term development. He had 30 points in 83-84 as a rookie, but that was his career high.
  • Geoff Courtnall played 5 games with the big club at the end of the 83-84 season, but wouldn’t make the grade for real until 84-85 (at 22). He had a fine NHL career, but not in Boston (which is pretty much a theme here).
  • Dave Reid played 8 games for the Bruins and then made the NHL midway through the following season. He had a long career as an effective role player and was on the 1999 Dallas team.

Krushelnyski entered the coaching profession after his long career ended and as with many former NHLers is giving back through charity work. He’ll be part of the  Scotiabank Pro-Am in support of the Gordie and Colleen Howe Fund for Alzheimer’s at the end of this month in Leduc. There are still openings if you and your friends would like to play with some legendary former NHL players like Krushelnyski.


Happy St. Paddy’s day. I think Ms Bardot’s bikini is green, but who cares?



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  • Lowetide

    I’ll be talking to Kent about this today but that loss has to be a knife in the heart. Flames can still make the playoffs but lordy beating Edmonton had to be a given.

  • FWIW…. if corey sarich is your most effective player in ANY game EVER…. the playoffs are the least of your concerns as an organization.

    That Flames effort was soooooo incredibly heartless it behooves me to think of a non Oiler team capable of such an effort.


    the pints flowed in celebration and in what has been an often recurring theme…. a heck of performance by the savant and his muse. (again)

    Give me another ten plus years of Toe Drags and Sauce…. Ill be good. Now if the damn Bull would just quit getting planked already. Good grief kid, tough break to lose that edge (given) but the funky chicken and tweety birds are a clue that self awareness needs to rise a tad.

    And how about that Xbar and in from 14?

    Oh yah… Krusher……. he was a beauty!!!

    • justDOit

      The savant and his muse……clever description, pure gold. Can’t stop watching the morning loop, it doesn’t get old. Nothing better than force feeding the Cal-gay-ry guys and their fans a heapin helping of Cowpie.
      I’m putting my faith in Renny now to secure us that 1-3 lottery spot. He seems to have a good handle on how to screw with the line up in order to accomplish that, therefore maintain present hesding. Q. Was Omark a coaches decision last night??

  • justDOit

    If Hall had not lost his edge and fell, he still would have been steam-rolled at the exact moment he touches the puck.

    Is running a player who hasn’t yet touched the puck legal? If so, should timing the hit to coincide with the player’s first touch be illegal? Is this really all Hall’s fault, and Sarrich is just the poor guy who tried to hit him?

    Green bikini – three thumbs up! Oh… wait…

  • The Soup Fascist

    Random thoughts

    – surprised to hear MacT started as a winger. Always remember him as a center.

    – I remember watching an old VHS circa about 1980 with a brawl between Flyers and Bruins only to see #32 MacT wearing a helmet. Weird.

    – who did the oil Trade for Krusher L.T.? Can’t recall but at the time thought it was a steal.

    – Hall sure seems to lose edges a lot. Great he plays “balls out” and love to see the effort. However, I hope he finds a happy medium. There is a size and strength difference between 18 year old OHL dmen and some of the oak trees playing in the show.

    • Lowetide

      Kenny Linseman. It was risky, Linseman was a terrific center who could PP, PK and win faceoffs, but the club felt they needed size and of course money was always an issue back then.

      But he won 3 Stanley’s in 4 seasons here, so it worked out. Slats was a killer.

      • The Soup Fascist

        Thanks. That was not the name in my Guinness clouded melon. But it is obviously correct.

        Your right it was a risk. He was a bitch to play against. If he lost a draw the other centerman was picking PMP splinters out of some part of his anatomy. Maybe you did not “try as hard” the next time. But if I remember correctly (bit of a stretch this morning) Linseman was an agitator on and off the ice. While those are guys you like on your team on the ice, it can wear thin in the room. Part of their DNA. Tough for them to shut off. Same story followed Kevin McClelland around. Sandpaper on and off the ice. Might have contributed to the trade.

    • justDOit

      Re: Hall’s edges. Maybe he should try a blade with less rocker (front to back) in it? I’m not the skater that Hall is, but when I tried a flatter blade I never turned back. Agility and stopping is slightly compromised, depending on how flat you go. I think my blades have an 11 foot radius.

  • Stocc

    The Dynamic Duo of RNH and Eberle strike once again. Shades of the past. RNH and Eberle have chemistry like the Sedin sisters. Hall needs a center who can get him the puck as effectively as RNH does to Eberle. Hemsky could you a break. The season won’t end soon enough for him.

    The Oilers have now bettered thier totals of the past 2 seasons. I think 70 points may be the high for this season. Montreal contiues to improve and get points. The Oilers look destined for 29th place. Worse they could do in the draft lottery is 3rd and the best they could do is 1st if they win the Lottery.

    If the Oilers pick 2cd I would take Yakupov. Speed kills and he will blend nicely with what the Oilers have now. And for those who argue for size in Grigorenko. RNH and Eberle are maybe the best example of how skill overcomes size.

    Could you ask Kent Nilson why we have not invited Nordiques Nation to join our website. And do not feed me the line about they have no team. Solidarity. The Nordique fans are rabid and thier enthusiasm is what we love about the Nation. There will be a day soon that the NHL will return to QCity and we should as the Nation be advocating as one for that day to come to fruition sooner than later.

    Also what is the latest on the developing story in the NHL in Saskatoon. Add the melon heads to the NHL and look out. The NHL has finally realized that a National TV contract in the U.S. is a pipedream. Its a gate driven league. Give Saskatoon the same chance as they gave Winnipeg and the result will be the same. Drive the money wagon up to the NHL head office doors in New York. No more moneypit in Pheonix.

    Comparitively. How much more has Winnipeg generated in real dollars for the league than the Atlanta Thrahers? 4 times as much? 6 x ?

  • Stocc

    Nordique Nation? Sounds good, but remember Quebec’s language by provincial law is French, and there would be no “s” on Nordique. Would the handle be Nation Nordique? National Nordique?

  • Lowetide

    well the other thing I didn’t mention was that the Oilers moved Messier from LW to C during that season (83-84, if I’m remembering correctly) so were looking to add size and skill for LW.

    The Oilers could use a Mike Krushelnyski now, I’ll say that much.

    • RPG

      The Oilers had a Mike Krusz… In the lineup recently, Kyle Brodziak. Another late round pick that developed well. Guys like that are gifts. Still bums me out that he was offloaded for more late round picks. On the other hand Bigos looks interesting.

  • RPG

    G. Landeskog 242 shots 8.3% . RNH 108 shots 16.7%. Landeskog 73 gp 46 points 20 goal 26 assists. RHN 18 goals 27 assists=45 points and one hell of a chance at being Rookie of the Year. The stat that stands out i sthe shots. He has almost 2 and 1/4 times more shots than RNH and only 2 more goals! And he has played 22 games more than The Nuge.

    Looking at the stats RNH is scorring at a .88 ppg clip and would score 72 points in a 82 game season. Landeskog is at a .64 ppg clip and and would score 53 points in a 82 game season.The stats favour RNH. But what they don’t show is how much impact impact Landeskog has had on his team in terms of leadership and onice play.

    RNH may have him beat statistically but its going to ever so close in the Calder race based on Landeskogs body of work this season with the Colorado Avalanche. Especially if Colorado can make it into the playoffs.

    Lady Byng.Not even close. Eberle without a doubt.

  • Bryzarro World

    Hall has to pull his head out of his ass and pay attention or it is gonna be a very shor career. Probably already shortened. This isn’t the little leagues anymore. Has to be much smarter.

    I followed and have liked Eberle since his first WJ. Guy is cluch and a freakin stud! Best player on team hands down.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Alan, this Justin Schultz kid who belongs to the Ducks. Supposedly the best D’man in the entire NCAA. In a few weeks he could be a UFA if Anaheim doesn’t give him what he wants.

    If he walks from the Ducks, do you think Edmonton should risk giving him a one way deal he appears to be looking for?

    • The Soup Fascist

      Wow I must have really dipped into the Guinness last night. That is NOT how I remembered you Mike. Did you get laser eye surgery?, doing your hair different?, something does not seem the same, just can’t put my finger on it. I gotta quit drinking.

      Respect, my man.

  • Spydyr

    Funny how time allows one to forget the bad and only remember the good.

    Krush was called out often by Slats for not trying hard enough.He floated through quite a few games.

    If he ate pancakes he would be Penner.