Changing my mind

I have to admit that when Dustin Penner was traded for a first round pick and Colten Teubert last year, I assumed Teubert was a toss in. I looked him up on the Internet and wasn’t really impressed with what I saw.

Over the last couple of games he has begun to change my mind….but he still has a way to go to convince me he should be a regular.

It is no secret what kind of player he needs to be to become a solid NHL’er. He needs to hit, play solid defense and move the puck as quickly as possible.

He has shown his aggressiveness. He likes to hit but so far he is not a player than runs all over the place to get a hit which often results in an odd man rush for his partner. Very important.

I have been surprised by his defense at this level. He seems to have a solid grasp of positioning. His good stick positioning was very evident in Monday’s game versus the L.A Kings. Twice he broke up plays with his stick. Many young players take longer to use their stick properly.

His challenge is with the puck and moving it quicker. When given time he makes the first pass, it is under pressure where he needs to be able to move the puck faster.

‘See a pass, make a pass’. I can still hear my old coach, Black Jack Mcilhardy telling me that every game. Teubert should adopt this style into his play.

This summer he should focus his energy on getting faster through off ice workouts and on ice training with a professional skating instructor. Three or four months of intense focus on this part of his game will make a big difference for his training camp next September.

Is there a future for him on the Oilers? At this point it is up to him to round out his game but I for one am becoming a believer.

Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!!!

If you missed the game between Pittsburg and Philly Sunday you really should make time for their next one this Saturday. That has become a great rivalry and we should all pray they meet in the first round of the playoffs.

I hope the Hulkster look a like makes a repeat appearance! That exchange between him and Hartnell was a classic!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Whom would have thinkded that a fellow, supposedly in the know and on the inside of the game, could be wrong about anything involving the game of pro hockey. Who can we trust to be in the know now if even the former players are wrong. I thought flip floppin was frowned upon here.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Where did he flip flop? He said he wasn’t impressed at the start, but he’s starting to like his play.

      And because you think he’s wrong doesn’t make it so. Your self righteousness is annoying. Add something insightful for once.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Yes changing your mind isn’t flip flopping…Know the difference. He said he didn’t know much about him and wasn’t impressed early.

          Flip flopping, flip flopping, as you so stupidly wrote, would mean he was going back to not liking him already. Comprehend that!!!

  • Clyde Frog

    I think he’s a player…not yet but soon. I remember when we were questioning Smid…Teubert could be 2.0…and we need those types in the system. There’s always Plante too, who I feel still could make it…a bit longer a of a shot though.

    Let’s hope Eberle’s former teammate steps up next year and becomes his new teammate…

    We might be saying that about Nuge’s former teammate too sometime soon…who knows.

  • Clyde Frog

    Another year of seasoning in the AHL, 20-30 games in the NHL, and maybe we got a player. The two thing that stand out is his skating could be better. He should go to that person who helped Samwise this past offseason. He also looks like he needs to add 10 pounds at least to his frame. 6’4 195 is too thin.

  • vetinari

    Defencemen take time to develop and it’s good to hear from a pro that Teubert shows some promise and can target a clear area for improvement.

    Learning to trust your instincts and act on opportunities when they arise while the play is full motion is one of the hardest things to do.

    @ Struds – if you get time, the Nation would love to hear your report card on the Oilers defencemen this season or on the AHL prospects for next season.

  • misfit

    I definitely think Teubert has looked a lot better during this callup than he did in his last one.

    If the Oilers and Peckham part ways, I think Teubert might be a nice heir apparent for the Sutton role at the 6/7 spot when he ultimately hangs ’em up.

    • misfit

      Couldn’t agree more. They way that Peckham has taken a step back I would almost put him and Teubert as equals but Teubert has a much more favorable contract situation and we already have Sutton for next season. Say bye bye Peckhame. If you have Sutton, Potter and Peckham on your starting roster next season there is no way this team makes the playoffs.

  • misfit

    – Teubert has a future.
    – Sutton I like what he brings to the team.
    – Peckham is going to rebound and play in the NHL.
    – Barker has looked okay the last two games. He’ll get a contract.

    How can I like so many players on a 29th place team?

    How come other teams have the puck so much more than the Oilers? And apply so much pressure? The last two games the Zamboni didn’t need to clean the other end of the ice.

    I think this is more on the forwards than the defence. Or maybe it’s our system. I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with our defence but it’s pretty tough rowing back there when the pucks in your end all the time.

  • DieHard

    Jason, correct me if I’m wrong, but you played in the same league as highly touted 2012 draft elibible F Filip Forsberg?

    Fforsberg is rated 2nd overall by Red Line Report, and 4th overall by ISS, in other words, he’s seems to be right in the range of where EDM may be picking.

    Any chance you can give us some kind of scouting report, either by watching him play, playing against him, what you’ve heard, etc?

    If so, thanks a bunch!

    • Jason Strudwick

      I did play in the same league as Forsberg. To be honest I don’t remember he really well. We only played his team twice while I was there. The guys on my team did speak highly of him though. I will contact some people I know ever there and see what they think for you.

      • Jason Strudwick

        Struds your on a tablet with spell correct or you have been in Europe so long your english has gone 4 a sh!t lol.Love your insight of the game big fella keep it coming.Do you have interest in coaching when your playing days are done?

  • O.C.

    Watched him in OKC. Very impressed. More impressed in his attitude too. Understands a D man in most cases takes time to develop. No complaints is only gonna help him.