It’s too soon and the wounds are just too fresh to do a post mortem on the Oilers 2011-12 season just yet. But there is some unfinished business with regards to couple of certain someones in the running for a couple of certain NHL trophies.


In the race for all things Calder related one has to hand it to our precious precious Nuge for finishing the season strong. He shook off injury, a team of crumb bums and has lived under the crippling pressure of an unrequited YouTube campaign in support of his Calder bid.

How do the final standings look?

OK stupid Landeskog found a way to tie for points the top of the leader board with our Preciousss did he? Landeskog was playing on a far superior team to 93 and had 20 more games to put 52 points on the board. Plus he is like 10 years older than the local hero who had to get permission from his Mom to play in games on the West Coast because they start so late.

A great many folks have pointed to the plus/minus differential as essentially the tie breaker between the two rookies. Landeskog – on the Mighty 20th place team lest we forget – was plus 20. Whereas the Nuge, playing on a team that stum-blumbled its way down to it’s usual basement suite in the NHL building was minus two.

The Nuge had a PPG of 0.84 and Landeskog had a PPG of 0.63. This should be the real tie breaker in determining who takes home the Calder Trophy this year. RNH absolutely destroyed his fellow rookies in this department while missing 20 bloody games to a freak injury.

Plus Landeskog is cheating. We can feel it in our bones. He claims to be from Stockholm yet he speaks English better than we do. What else is he lying about?


We have been getting some grief on the twitterz and in analog life from buddies who are like “Y U NO MAKE EBERLE VIDEO FOR THE LADY BYNG?” Clearly our endless Eberleasting Love knows no bounds and we want him to win every award known to man.

But the Lady Byng is awarded to a gentleman. And gentlemen don’t campaign for the Lady Byng. They are awarded the Lady Byng. If Eberle continues scoring points like crazy and collecting PIM like he is Belanger collecting goals he will have a mantle full of Lady Byngs when his magnificent career is over and it needs no help from anyone anywhere.

The Nuge has one kick at the Calder Cat and this is it. And we come from the school of carefully measuring out our wishes lest they come true. In this 2012 season we think you gotta give it to the Nuge.

Eberle has a truckload of NHL hardware on the horizon as it is.