I’m not sure exactly how he pulled it off, but Jason Gregor copped quite the coup with his sit-down interview with Taylor Hall of the Edmonton Oilers on TEAM 1260 Friday, a gab session that lasted almost two hours.

Gregor wheeled Hall for Friday’s live show from The Pint on Whyte Avenue and by the time he and co-host Jason Strudwick were done, Hall had touched on just about everything a hardcore Oiler fan could hope for. The bit even included a phone-in gag from Jordan Eberle. Absolutely classic.

Knowing how difficult it can be to book players for on-air interviews during the off-season, particularly high-profile guys like Hall, who are always in demand, makes it all the more impressive.

While that might sound like some blatant bum-kissing from one of Gregor’s co-hosts — I should get more than two days a week, but I digress — it’s more about being impressed by his access than about puckering up. If guys as busy as Hall don’t want to talk to you for two minutes, let alone two hours, they don’t.

Who says guys who wear bowling shoes and glasses bought at a Liberace estate sale don’t have clout?


I couldn’t help but wonder as Hall stuck around segment after segment chatting with Gregor and Strudwick how the lengthy interview was going over across town at the competition, 630 CHED, the station that paid a big stack of dough to retain the Oilers radio rights.

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t remember Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now or anybody at 630 CHED having that length of sit-down interview with an Oilers player, coach or manager this season. It certainly hasn’t happened so far this off-season. In a competitive sense, it seems to me Gregor’s exclusive amounted to a wireless kick in the nuts. CHED’S got to be pissed, falsetto and all.

Seeing as Gregor lets me pretend to be a radio guy two days a week and has even paid me to do it at TEAM 1260 since taking over the primetime drive slot from Stauffer, I can’t say I’m going to lose sleep over any consternation at the big station. Score one for the little guys and healthy competition, as I see it.

AND . . .

Apparently I didn’t screw it up that badly last time, so I’ll be filling in for Allan Mitchell as host of Nation Radio this coming Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. I’ll write something next week outlining how the show is shaping up. If you’ve got anybody you think would make a kicker of a guest, leave your suggestions.

Listen to Robin Brownlee Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Jason Gregor Show on TEAM 1260.

  • striatic

    Atta boy Rueben,

    Finally got your own hosting gig (albeit a short one). Here’s hoping you can top Gregor with a 2 hour interview with Daryl Katz….including a prank call from Charles Wang.

  • Jay Gray

    Fridays show was actually the first time I listened to 1260 for more than a couple of minutes….I liked it.

    I usually listen to 630, but figured it was time for a change

  • Slapshot

    I love listening to the Gregor and Spector show on 1260 in the afternoons,they always put on a good show.The only thing 630 Ched has going for them is the Oilers broadcasts.I cant stand Tencer and I dont bother listening to him.

  • Oilinmyblood

    Next week on Nation Radio, I expect a 2 hour exclusive with Jordan Eberle and your co-host should be another ex-Oiler. You gotta keep up with the Gregors as they say…

  • Oilinmyblood

    I think Gregor is the best interviewer in the city, and I bet that is why Hall went on the show. He knew he’d get asked good questions, which can make an athlete/guest look better.

    I was really impressed with Hall’s honesty and Gregor has a knack of getting his guests comfortable and then they give more than cliche answers.

    Also the Eberle prank call was hilarious.

    A truly outstanding interview.

    Kudos to Brownlee for acknowledging it…Good on ya…

  • Oilinmyblood

    How ’bout the ‘Magnifbast’ his own self or have the Oil management sequestered him until after the draft? His comments on players in development and the upcoming draft might be good. You can hone your interrogaton skills trying to pry something out of him.

  • Good read Brownlee.

    I had the privilege to listen to most of Gregor’s show on Friday as it always puts me in that positive frame of mind for the weekend.

    I have to admit though I really enjoyed listening to Stauffer when he was on 1260, but he seem’s to be very reserved now, I have a gut feeling like he would just love to vent like he use to.

    Having said that I just can’t listen to Tencer. Won’t do it!

    So when does the team 1260 pony up that dough and rip those rights from 630?

  • I always listen to Jason Gregor In the afternoons.I dont find myself yelling at the radio like I do for Tencer and Stauffer.But they may be trying to do Brian Hall Iritate Imitations.I loved the Taylor Hall interview,Contrary to urban legands I find him to be a Gentleman.

  • My understanding is CHED paid north of $1 million for Oilers radio rights. I’m not sure you “rip” the rights from a big outfit like that.

    Having the rights is a huge leg up for CHED, but having TEAM 1260 pushing the issue in the sports talk segment with Gregor makes for a healthy competition that benefits listeners.

  • striatic

    just finished listening to all 2 hours. that’s some great radio. maybe the best general purpose hockey interview I’ve ever heard, just so wide ranging and natural and cliche free.

    only thing, might get more attention to this by titling the post ‘2 hours with Taylor Hall’ rather than focus on the dig at CHED. i almost missed this one.

  • striatic

    Hmm missed the Eberle call-in … anybody know when during fridays show it happened. Will have to go to Gregor’s site and get it online. (hes got the show posted in three parts).

    OR maybe one of the tech geeks can post it within Rubens article (anyone … anyone).

    Also interesting situation last night — flipping between two channels and on saw and hear the “dulcet tone” of Gregor calling goals (well ok not many) at the Rush game and Rishaug calling the Allan Cup final.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate


    As far as radio topics, could I suggest the coach of the Regina Pats? He coached Marincin and Davidson for the last few months of the season. It would be nice to hear his take on whether those two can be impact NHL players or not.

    Not sure if others would be interested but I sure would be.

    How many minutes do they play? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are they good offensively or defensivley of both? Are they tough? Has Marincin gained any weight?

    Considering how skinny the depth is on defence I would love to hear that interview if you are looking for a content idea.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    How about Gare Joyce as guest next week? His book on scouting “Future Greats and Heartbreaks” is a must-read for any draft or hardcore fan. Since he left to work for Sportsnet Magazine I have not heard much from him. Would love to hear his thoughts on the 2012 draft class. His work on ESPN in previous years leading up to the draft was second to none.

  • Gregor used to have Zack Stortini on during the summer breaks, along with Strudwick. Now he’s had Hall, who I’d dearly love to hear on a semi-regular basis. Stuff like this really humanizes the players and I’m surprised the Oilers don’t do more of it.

    Of course if the team wanted to do their own player segments on CHED, they’d have to use Dan Tencer and he’s just not in the interviewing league of Gregor. Nor would those segments be perceived as anything other than a propaganda session.

  • Rocknrolla


    Would love to hear from Stu, As we are all draft crazy now, but probably a tough one to get with him overseas.

    What about getting one of the coaches from OKC. Maybe rocky instead of Todd. By that time they should be onto the next round. A poster by the name of Henri posted a nice recap a couple days ago about how they are using MPS and how Pitlick was playing. Always nice to hear the inside info on our up and comers. Also I love that these guys are cultivating a culture of winning. That will go a long way for the stables of young guns we are amassing.

    I have also always wondered what Pat Quinn thinks of where the oilers are today. His re-assignment aside, where he sees the organization. Also he would have some insight into the inner workings of oilerville. He usually is quite honest too, so there might be some gems.

  • Rocknrolla

    I agree Brownlee, you should be on the air every day for an hour. I like what you bring.
    You have great insight, you’re not just bsing it, you know what you’re talking about.

    The one suggestion I would make for Gregors show is more cohosts like yourself. Stauff used to that all the time – Rishaug, Spec, Brownlee, etc.
    It makes for more interesting radio and better discussion on the Oilers, instead of just hearing about how Gregors weekend went.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Lame pot-shots like “how Gregor’s weekend went” make me laugh. The guy rarely talks about his weekend, and when he does he ties it into regular life stuff. I like that.

      The reason Stauffer had co-hosts all the time, is that he can’t host by himself. Listen to him and hear if he can ever do an opening of more than five minutes. He can’t. Great individual hosts in any format can do that.

      Gregor is a better host…Stauffer has great connections, but Gregor is a better host and asks way better questions.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Robin, with the new crackdown on stiff bodychecks in the NHL, in the new kinder/gentler league, maybe as a guest this coming Saturday you could have your peeps hook you up with Hailey Wickenhieser and see who she’s leaning towards signing with. I hear the Calgary Flames have the inside track since she lives there. Shanahan’s doing a fine job paving the way to a co-ed league.

  • 15w40

    Great interview. I wish Gregor was the color guy for the Oilers. I just finished stomaching Oilers’ Lunch for likely the last time. The show was better when it wasn’t the property of the hockey team. The current host might as well get an octane suit and some pom-poms. Can’t take it anymore. Far too much commentary on socioeconomic issues and politicking for the current ownership group.

  • Milhouse Van Ched

    Now that explains why I saw Gregor washing Hall’s car and polishing his rims!

    Looks good on the all-mighty right-wing CHED!

    On the subject of Gare Joyce – that would be an interesting interview to listen to. I just finished reading his recent book – “The Devil and Bobby Hull: How Hockey’s Original Million-Dollar Man Became the Game’s Lost Legend.”

    Hull was my hockey idle growing up in Winnipeg. A couple of weeks after my dad took me to see game 3 of the Canada-Russia series, I was 9-years old sitting in the old Winnipeg Arena watching Hull stand at centre ice for the first ever face-off and regular season game (Oct. 72) between the Jets and the ‘Alberta Oilers’, with captains Ab McDonald and Al Hamilton. Hull was in suit and tie as the NHL had an injunction on him so he couldn’t play. Reference to the two guys who got the WHA going and why – Ben Hatskin in Winnipeg and Bill Hunter in Edmonton. This all lead to the NHL hitting smaller market Canadian cities. A great read if you were a Hull fan or if you followed the WHA years, and on how it worked in the NHL for players contracts pre-mid 1970’s.