Steve Tambellini put it out there yesterday: in order for Edmonton to give up the first overall pick it would have to be a "significant proposal" from another NHL team. What would it look like?


I doubt the Oilers would trade down past #5 overall, so that reduces the possible trade partners. It’s also true that teams just below Edmonton are unlikely to trade a tremendous amount because no matter who goes ahead of them there will still be an outstanding talent available.

The top 9 or so players in this draft are Yakupov, Murray, Galchenyuk, Grigorenko, Reinhart, Teravainen, Forsberg, Rielly and Dumba. Is that fair? Your mileage may vary, but let’s go with that list.

  • Columbus: 2nd overall and Ryan Johansen for #1 overall? TOO MUCH.  2nd overall and Fedor Tyutin isn’t enough because of Tyutin’s contract. Is there a middle ground? Nikita Nikitin is an interesting player but he is not a proven player. We know the Oilers love Marc Methot but again that’s not in the range of value that can bridge the gap.
  • Montreal: Max Pacioretty and #3 is a giant overpay, and yet Montreal has such a strange roster it is genuinely hard to find a player who is both somewhat expendable and paid at his actual value. Crazy roster. I like Lars Eller, but trading down likely means missing out on both Nail and Ryan Murray. Don’t really see a match.
  • NY Islanders: Now we come to the crazy house on the block, the Islanders. The Islanders ALWAYS have quality youth and if they’re willing to talk about players like Travis Hamonic then the Oilers would have to listen. It is unlikely.
  • Toronto: This is the most likely scenario for a lot of reasons. First, Burke’s ego allows him to dream big and somewhere in that Providence-trained cranium there exists a lust for the spotlight. Dealing up from #5 would be difficult, but Toronto has Jake Gardiner, Cody Franson, Nikolai Kulemin, Luke Schenn and a host of other hockey players that might interest the Oilers.


I think Toronto is the obvious option. Tambellini says they would have to see an outstanding offer. Columbus has Craig Patrick helping steer and they’re in a rebuild–the Jackets will be right back at the top a year from now. They want a the best player available but need help at all positions. The Islanders are building a nice little team for their condemned building, so drafting the 2nd best Russian just adds to the talent base. Montreal is a mess, hell I can’t make any sense of that group except to say they appear to be royally (insert your choice of words here) for the next couple of seasons until contracts burn off.

Toronto? They have a lot of the elements required for such a deal. Edmonton could walk away with one or two pieces for the future and still get "their guy" in Griffin Reinhart (if that’s their guy).


The Edmonton Oilers–barring some craziness from Brian Burke–will select Nail Yakupov first overall.



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  • Jason Gregor from the Jason Gregor Show and Oilers Nation. We’ll discuss the Oilers at the draft, the coaching search, Ryan Smyth’s contract and the Oilers shopping list this summer.
  • Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun. Terry was all over the Oil Kings run and wrote some excellent items on the OKC Barons this season, we’ll touch base on those items and talk about the Oilers summer.
  • Kent Wilson, Nations Overlord. I’ll ask Kent about the hiring of Bob Hartley in Calgary and what that could mean to some of the Flames high profile roster players.
  • Jonathan Willis from Cult of Hockey, the Nations and various other prominent hockey sites. We’ll talk about Steve Tambellini and Kevin Lowe, specifically delving into the coaching hire, the #1 overall pick, the holes on the team and how to fix that blue.

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  • Let me throw a crazy wildcard in here. Winnipeg has made it well known they are looking for a dynamic offensive player.

    Would the following be outlandish from either teams’ perspective?

    #9, Bogosian, Scheifele for #1 plus something else?

    Bogosian is currently a 3/4 on that team behind Buf and Enstrom, and Scheifele isn’t a game-breaker offensively.

    The Oilers could toss in any number of spare parts to make the deal work (if needed) and still get one of the D-men at #9.

    Food for thought.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Jed and crr should be banned. What uneducated and unnecessary comments. Nail is a Muslim, Katz is a Jew, Smytty is an Evangelical Christian, but who cares? Its all about bringing the cup back here.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I wonder if the Oilers would be willing to trade with Anaheim. The Ducks will need a winger and secondary scoring to replace Selanne and have some interesting pieces that the Oilers might be interested in. If the Oilers were to swap picks with the Ducks move from 1st to 6th, the Ducks might give in a player like Smith-Pelly, Emerson Etem or with some extra skilled bargaining Cam Fowler.

  • If the Oilers take Galchenyuk 1st they could possibly get Yakupov 2nd if CBJ doesn’t want the Russian…

    Columbus is in a decent spot actually. They can easily go with Johansen-Galchenyuk at Centre and trade Nash to Toronto for #5 + to get their defenseman..

    If Grigorenko slips to 6-10 in the draft should Edmonton trade for him?

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Why not try and grab the second overall pick from CBJ? Give them Gagner + 2012 second rounder + late 2012 pick This way we get Yak and Murray.

    Any thoughts?

  • Mitch

    @Lowetide the guy the Oilers should have pegged at #1 should be a legit NHL superstar, we can look at recent drafts and see that moving down could hurt. I don’t care who the other team is offering we sit in the 1 spot because we need elite level talent. There is no better way to acquire this that having the number 1 pick. Edmonton was given a gift dont over think it. Whomever is at the top of the board deserves a Oilers Jersey.

  • oldhippy

    Can someone tell me why, if Galchenyuk is a stud, ISS has him at 14. Chemistry with Yak is not a good enough reason to sell the farm to acquire him. Especially when Galchenyuk only played a total of 8 games this season.

    Who centered Yak this season?

  • Aww, I missed all the inappropriate comments and bigotry, but I got here in tme for the censorship. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    Regardless, who to draft? Tired of hearing scenarios of trading down. You draft the best talent available and then make trades of that talent down the road to acquire your needs. You don’t draft needs. Cripes.

    Yaketty Yak. Don’t talk back.

  • Clyde Frog


    I do believe the saying is, “It’s not Racist, its Alberta!”

    Those are just sad, sad uninformed posts…

    /back to hockey!

    Can we realistically expect to make any trade without putting at least Eberle at risk? I just don’t see how we keep the #1 and move into the top 15 or 10 without having to give up a seriously good kid…

  • Clyde Frog

    Stop over-thinking this. I don’t care what Burke offers. Or the NYI unless they throw in Tavares. You take the best player. Yak is the best player. See how easy that was?
    The only thing worth writing about on this is whether the Oilers are potentially stupid enough to do anything else. I fear that Lowe and Namby Tamby may be. If they do something like that on June 22nd I will be disgusted and enraged. Especially after reading Matty’s latest pablum about taking Murray first. Based on a conversation with Prendergast. PRENDERGAST!!

  • Clyde Frog

    Didn’t the Islanders select harmonic with a draft pick they got from the Oilers in the Penner deal?

    Oh the irony…

    What would the Oilers defence look like with Myers and Haromonic and without Klefbom and Tuebert? Much much bettter, thank you very much.

    That Penner signing will haunt this franchise for a long time.

  • Clyde Frog

    So, everyone is saying we don’t need another small skilled winger, that a big center would be better, and that having an nhl ready defensman in terms of need would be better still. I don’t have official stats or anything but on the tsn ‘panel’ when the three were standing side by side, was it just me or did Yakapov look the thickest, and not too much shorter than the other two?

    I think his comparisons to hall are warranted. And as somebody on some comment section pointed out, if hall goes down, we need a replacement. Our team is markedly different with hall out of the line up; Yakapov would solve that. As for drafting the defensman. This isn’t doughty. Ya, he’ll be great in 2 to 3 years, but are there any other prospects we have that will be just as good in the same amount of time? I think at least one of our defensive prospects will be as good in three years. We need something now. Do we have any prospects that will be as good as Nail in 2 to 3 years? I don’t think we do. Maybe Magnus if he can round out his physical game and become the hard checking forward everyone but him wants him to be.

    Here’s praying Edmonton does not take anyone other than Nail at #1. Or at least if they do take a center, I hope they have a plan in place to trade another center for something that makes us better on the back end.

  • Clyde Frog

    Luke Schenn? Burke is pumping Schenns’ tires up for someone to take the same fall he did. Stay away from “slow footed, lack of talent defencemen. Let Burke keep that prise fish. He is 5-6 defenceman at best. And “way overpaid”.

  • Are you f%^*ing serious right now? Good vs Evil?

    I’d like to petition for this guy to get at least a temporary ban on here before he spouts more horrible stuff. This is a hockey site, he can keep his backwards opinions about religion to himself.

  • Wax Man Riley

    How can that be an issue? Biases for or against religions is NOT how the Oilers (or any other team for that matter) do business. Religion is a non-issue. Oilers will take the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE! They won’t skip out on a player because he’s Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc. It doesnt change how the dude plays hockey. Honestly, what a joke of a comment.