Congratulations to the 2012 Los Angeles Kings

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings, the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions!


  • Jonathan Quick
  • Jonathan Bernier


  • Drew Doughty
  • Rob Scuderi
  • Willie Mitchell
  • Slava Voynov
  • Matt Greene
  • Alex Martinez


  • Anze Kopitar
  • Dustin Brown
  • Justin Williams
  • Mike Richards
  • Dustin Penner
  • Jeff Carter
  • Trevor Lewis
  • Dwight King
  • Jarret Stoll
  • Colin Fraser
  • Jordan Nolan
  • Brad Richardson
  • Simon Gagne
  • Kyle Clifford
  • Andrei Loktionov


  • Darryl Sutter
  • John Stevens
  • Jamie Kompon
  • Bill Ranford


  • Dean Lombardi
  • Ron Hextall
  • Jack Ferreira
  • Jeff Solomon
  • Luc Robitaille
  • Marshall Dickerson

Additional congratulations to goaltender Jonathan Quick, the Conn Smythe winner as the most valuable player in the 2012 post-season.

  • Franko J

    Congrats to Stoll, Greene, Penner, Fraser and Sutter! Big props to Lombardi for making deals that while risky they paid off. Maybe one day our beloved Oil will become a team again. As Stoll said about being dropped to the 3rd line – you do whatever it takes, everyone plays a role no matter the line (paraphrased). This has been the Oilers biggest issue, to many vets still believing and being played as #1 and #2 when they need to adjust their games to be on the 3rd or 4th line at best.

    Congrats to the Kings!

  • PutzStew

    Sure wish we had some good veterans like Stoll, Penner and Green. Oh Wait….Sorry….MacT is back….Seriously???? Haven’t we seen this before and wasn’t he let go cause he was failed at his job????

    So the difference between a winning team (The Kings) and a losing team (The Oilers), The Kings get and keep good Veterans, have only one general manager who is left to do his job, don’t bring back people that the have already got rid of once, hire a Sutter to coach and the Oilers…..well they get a lotto pick for the third year in a row.

    Congrates Stoll, Penner, Fraser, Green and Sutter on winning the Stanley cup (As well as Mitchell because he’s old and Richards and Cater for rubbing it in Philly’s face).

    And Congrates to Lowe, Tambi and Katz for proving that you have no idea what you are doing, don’t belong any where near a hockey arena and the ability to put together the worst team in the league over the past 6 year. You must be sooo proud.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Dontcha just love these haters who will seize on any opportunity (a neutral , good sportsmanlike, “Well Done Kings”, for gawdsake) to rant about the Oilers failings. Like people were crowning Kings eight weeks ago as they slithered into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. Like Lombardi was being touted as GM of the year eight weeks ago for the Penner trade. Amazing how one of the greatest hot goalie performances in playoff history makes you suddenly look like a genius.

        • DSF

          The keys to the Kings win JW were the acquisition of Carter and the coaching change.

          The former provided the Kopitar line with more room to operate while Sutter took off the offensive shackles.

          Considering that the Kings are actually quite a young team and that they have some very good prospects left in the pipeline (Toffoli, Vey, Weal, Kozun, Forbort, Muzzin, Jones), they should be a very good team for a very long time.

          Despite the roasting Lombardi took in Oiler Land for the past couple of seasons, it’s appropriate that at least some folks here are acknowledging the man knows what he’s doing.

  • John Chambers

    Congrats to darryl. I love after all the crap that was talked about him here in Calgary, there he was hoisting the cup. I always thought he was a great coach. He deserved it back in 04 and got it this time.

  • PutzStew

    Also forgot to congratulate Smyth. If he hadn’t asked for a trade, LA would have never been able to bring in some winning player (Richards, Carter) and the wouldn’t have won the cup. Glad he did something good last season.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Good on the Kings. Long, long, long suffering franchise with a small, but very loyal, fanbase. I’m really happy for the ex-Oilers. Good guys all, and they really earned this one. Celebratory Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes are on sale, two for one, at Sobey’s, if anyone’s interested.

    Oh, and that dude holding up his baby with the sign that said: “Daddy had to wait forty-four years for this, but I’m one-for-one.” was an awfully damn cute moment.

  • PutzStew

    Congrats Kings. So happy for Mike Richards after the Philadelphia debacle last year. He played well tonight, as did Carter. Drew Doughty was terrific, Dustin Brown had a great night, Justin Williams was Mr. REliable, Anze Kopitar was the straw that stirred the drink, the guy who drove the play and generated the offense, and Jonothan Quick was obviously the MVP.

  • John Chambers

    If you listen very carefully, you can hear furious typing coming from the west.

    It’s the sound of Canucks fans updating their Facebook statuses to remind us that this proves Vancouver was the second best team in the playoffs.

  • The Soup Fascist

    What a difference a few months makes. Nine months ago the site was filled with people -including myself, I am sure, throwing rocks at Lombardi for being an incompetent boob for giving away Smyth, not doing his due diligence on Fraser, trading for a disinterested Penner and selling the farm for the Boozey Boyz from Philly (one via Columbus). In those nine months (the last two actually) he morphed into a genius. Amazing how success changes perceptions.

    Either we were all wrong (other than DSF, of course) or Deano is the luckiest SOB since the CBC camera man assigned to isolate Taylor Stevens shirt … Er … I mean Peter de Boer.

    Congrats Kings especially the ex-Oilers.

  • RKD

    Congrats to Darryl Sutter on winning the Stanley Cup! He is a great coach, he really knows how to get the maximum potential out of his players.

    Darryl along with Kipper and Iggy was a big reason the Flames got to the Stanley Cup finals.

  • Cervantes

    Alright, so now we trade Smyth, Whitney, Teubert and a mid first rounder for Stoll, Greene, Penner, and I suppose Fraser, right? Because that’s a deal hat gets done?

    Frigging Tambo…

  • Congrats to the Kings.
    Tonight Smytty is kicking his arse with tears in his eyes of what could have been. Tonight I go to bed with tears of joy knowing that Mac is back and things in Oilerland dramatically will improve. Good times on the horizon for us

  • burninoil

    congrats to the KINGS,to all the ex OILERS who path was straid by our origination. thing are better in the hockey world. great to see 2006 finally come true for some great hockey people. Jerret Stoll , Matt Greene and others. good luck to the future . there is a new beast growing in the cocals of the nhl. see you in Pittsburgh . the debaucherous captain.

    • The Soup Fascist

      … Now if we could just find the next Doughty and Quick.

      Tough to win without a top D man and tender. I will respectively disagree Mr Chambers, the Oilers are doing things very differently than the Kings. The Kings won because they had stellar goaltending, a top drawer stud on D and a huge and/or gritty group of forwards – their top 6 are tough to handle physically. We look nothing like them.

      Not that the Oilers had much choice. They had to play the hand dealt to them in terms of the draft. RNH appears to be BPA from that draft – after a year anyway. There has not been a “Doughty” available and make no mistake there does not appear to be one this year.

      While I assume your basic point was the Kings had a lot of guys they drafted and developed, which is true, the moves to add Richards, Carter, Williams, even Penner took some stones. Not sure Dithers has shown he is willing / able to do that – to this point anyway.

      Not saying the Oil will not win a Cup – but they are a few big pieces away from having a team like LA looked like the last couple of months.

    • DSF

      No. No they’re not.

      LA was built from the back end out and down the middle.

      Francise goaltender √

      Franchise defenseman √

      Tremendous depth at centre√

      The last time LA drafted a winger in the first round was 2004, before Lombardi’s time.

      Lombardi stockpiled defensemen, goalies and centres and only when entering his window to win did he start moving some of those pieces to fill out his team.

      Considering he still has two very highly rated defensive prospects (Forbort and Muzzin) as well as another couple of promising goalies in the pipeline, the Kings are in very good shape going forward.

  • Super_Gio

    Add Ranford to the Kings as well as ex Oilers -as goalie coach of Conn Smyth winner Quick . Most boring and sloppily played finals i can recall in over 50 years . Hope next season league has same rules for regular season as they do for playoffs . Fluke both clubs made it to finals , but poor and lack of officiating contibuted to making it so by squashing offence . Don’t expect L.A. to repeat next season unless they throw away the rules book again . Glad L.A. won over Devils . I believe we now get an additional second round pick via Penner because of L.A. winning ?

  • geoilersgist

    Size is taking over the playoffs despite skill , which is reduced by playoff officiating not being as regular season . This does not bode well for our Oilers squad that is more skill orientated . Unentertaining boring finals . On a scale of 1-10 for entertainment value it rates about a 2 .

  • OilDoug

    Happy for the Kings but it makes me want the Oil to get back to the Cup even more!

    Special congrats to Fraser, Penner, Stoll, Greene and Billy Ranford. Formers Oilers who scaled the mountain!

  • geoilersgist

    There’s always a chance for next season at the trade deadline. Kings have a solid chance of repeating, I should think, and an Iginla rental would add just that much more scoring depth.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Congrats to the Kings.

    As i watched the game i realised how far the Oilers are away from just being able to compete in the playoffs, let alone round 4. Edmonton may have 3 kids up front who may play roles in the future but what a gong show the rest of our roster is.

    Edmonton is 5 players and 5 yrs away from progressing to the point where they’d be competitive. But lets hang onto Horcoff,Gagner,Hemsky and Whitney for all we’re worth.

    Suffering from an obvious case of Stanley Cup envy.

  • DSF

    Congratz to Darryl and the rest! It was so cool to see MArtin Jones with the Stanley Cup, former Calgary Hitmen. He’ll be the backup if they ever decide to trade Bernier.

  • DSF

    I agree with Willis that the King were incredibly underrated team. At the beginning of the year, I think there were many people that had them penciled in to at least be a very dangerous team if not a cup contender. Then they struggled all year. At the trade deadline, somehow, all they did was upgrade, and the coaching shift was a marked improvement. I don’t know what the stat is when Sutter took over, but it’s very impressive.

    And so, come playoff time, it seemed like the kings read their roster sheet and said, “Hey guys, come have a look at this. Did any of you have any idea that on paper, we’re an amazingly good team? I mean, we have Jarret Stoll centering our third line. And look at this, there’s a guy here on our fourth line, it says here he was the leading scorer for another team just one year prior. We’re so good we have one team’s leading scorer on our fourth line.”

    And then everyone else went, “Holy crap, we are a good team.”

    My hope is this happens to the Oilers this year and someone reads our roster sheet and says, “Hey guys, it says here we have 3 first overall picks on our team. And whose this guy? Jordan Eb-er-le. Hey it says here that this guy’s incredible. Holy crap! I didn’t even see this. We have guys down in the minors that apparently are also really good. Hey Tambi, why aren’t these guys on our team. This kid here, I can’t pronounce his name, Pie harvey, but apparently in his rookie season with us he got more points than old busted shoulder Hemskey did this season… AND HE WAS PLAYING ON THE FOURTH LINE!”

    Seriously, I hope our team gets made to be better this year, and not just because we’re getting another number 1, but because our General Manager does his job and makes some moves.

  • beloch

    Somebody needs to photoshop Sutter’s head onto a vintage A-Team shot with the quote, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

    Congratulations to Sutter and the Kings for pulling it together and dominating every opponent they faced in the playoffs. The later teams they faced were probably a bit worn out by playing so many more games than the Kings, but taking down the President’s trophy winner in just 5 games when they were equally fresh proves that the Kings are worthy of the cup.

  • beloch

    The kings won the cup because they have 5 things the Canucks dont have.They dont have 2 twins who have the power of invisibility, they have defensemen that can actually play defense, they have a coach who can coach, a GM who can bring in the right players, and they have a goalie who can stop pucks rather than letting them in [ cough basketcase luongo]