Nation Radio – June 16, 2012

Less than a week until the draft boys and girls and the anticipation is starting to build. Will the OIlers pick Yakupov, Murray or trade down? Do the Leafs finally convince someone to take Luke Schenn? Will Calgary trade one of their "big three" contracts? Will everyone in the arena boo the Canucks organization again?

These questions (and more) will be answered in Pittsburgh this coming Friday/Saturday. For now, we’re left speculating with folks like Jonathan Willis, Brad MacPherson and Kent Wilson.

This is Nation Radio.

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Part 1

First up is "Blue Bullet" Brad MacPherson. He shares some draft rankings and his thoughts on defensemen.

Part 2

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Nations Overlord Kent Wilson stops in to talk Martin Gelinas, Calgary draft targets and the redemption of Darryl Sutter.

Part 3

Jonathan Willis of OilersNation, Cult of Hockey, Hockey Prospectus, ESPN (etc, etc) discusses the draft in detail with LT, particularly Nail Yakupov.

Part 4

Dustin Nielson of the Nielson and Frasier show shares his mock draft and weighs in on Yakupov, Murray and free agent prospect Justin Schultz.

Part 5

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Our final guest this week was Patrick Burke, co-founder of the You Can Play Project. Patrick recently talked to Thom Drance over at Canucks Army about You Can Play’s message and the addition of Ryan Kesler as a spokesperson. Here, he and Allan talk about how the project came to be and both it’s progress and importance.

Part 6

Allan wraps things up with his thoughts for the final segment.


Whole show.

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  • Lowetide

    Max: Agreed. Happy Father’s Day, gents!

    Fun show this week, Blue Bullet has an interesting take on the draft; Wilson had a nice take on the 14th pick and area plus some great insight into CAL’s summer; Willis walked us through the Oilers summer and the draft.

    Nielson was solid, he dropped some interesting stuff on Yakupov and Reinhart. The Burke interview is really cool, they are doing important work and some of his answers about the NHL players eagerness to help out are worth the listen.

      • Lowetide

        Well, Nielson is the same guy who knew about Renney’s leaving long before anyone else had it so if he says it I believe him.

        But I do think they’ll deal down if Reinhart is the choice. I imagine Ryan Murray is probably the #1 D on their list, wouldn’t be surprised to hear his name at #1.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Have a 17 and a 14 yr old daughters. I seem to have misplaced the owners manual a couple yrs ago, i’m having some warranty issues with the oldest….. can anyone help a brother out?

    I’ll return the manual when i’m done.

    • John Chambers

      Hey Joker.

      Your question about Evander Kane – he’s easily the most talented Jet and seems to handle tough competition relatively well. I could see the guy scoring 30-35 goals throughout th rest of his 20’s.

      But Yakupov seems to have a higher ceiling. As in maybe a consistent 90-point player. Kane also got punched out at a club and sat a few games this past season. He’s got a rep of not paying his restaurant and bar bill, so I don’t like him as a “character” guy.

      I’ve done some work with the True North group who are a class organization. I think they would trade Kane for an equally talented young player in 2-3 years if the current core group doesnt get over the hump.

      So IMO a Yakupov for Kane trade is a loss for the Oilers.

  • Lowetide

    A little late in rebuild to start drafting defencemen now . Trading for additional picks this year should be resigned to proven NHL’ers now – especially defencesively! Do the Oilers really want to be competitive next season , or do they want to set up for next years draft before really going for a competitive squad ? Draft should be good indicator of next years real intentions . If not , take Murray and Trouba if they can trade down somehow with possibly getting Visnevski (goal) or Samuelson with 32 piick if still available . Bonus to doing it now should mean another bottom two finish next season and Seth Jones on radar for defence .

    Yakupov should go first, but whom might we draft at 32 seeing as trading is not our fortay to begin with ? If they draft Murray , then i think it obvious next season is another tanking . I keep thinking if Oilers are serious about next season they will be pitching hard for Nash or Weber . May your trades be big ones , and not minor league types ! Typical Oilers hush before draft usually means very little big trades on horizon . Will they try another 2fer one trade to go down ? Haven’t had much success in past doing it that i can recall .

  • Franko J

    @ Come join the dark Parade

    Funny I think that particular has been out of print for a very long time. Unfortunately at your daughters ages there is no manual except for the fact of texting. Trying to talk and “connecting” is probably something foreign to them, but as long as you show an interest and do try, they will appreciate it when they are older. Just like we have no choice who are parents are sons and daughters will have to find their own way through life and the best we can do as a Father is to support and understand that they are going to live with the choices they do make. Whether good or bad. That is my “DR. PHIL” for the day.

    Happy Father’s Day fellow bloggers!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    @ John Chambers.

    I can handle that a few kids will have some flaws but those are significant ones, character revealing. He needs someone to mentor him if it’s not too late. The Oilers don’t look like they have anyone who could reel him in a little.

    You’re right John, we’re better off sticking with Yakupov. How would your 1-10 epic fail meter go off on friday if Tambellini steps up to the podium and selects Ryan Murray first overall?

  • archiebonker

    Does anyone think the Jets would be that aggressive to trade Kane and more for the first pick?
    I wish Kane was pumped to play for the Jets and build a winner there. But these comments from him worry me. And why he would say anything is beyond me. Kind of screwed the Jets to even make a fair deal for him now. Kind of a kick in the nuts to a organization that thought so high of him.

    So what do you think the chances would be that they would move up and what about the whole Kane thing?