2012 Entry Draft First Round Live Chat

  • MC Hockey

    why didn’t the flames make a play for staal? we could have offered backlund our pick and a prospect. backlund has serious upside and he pushes the play in the right direction,i mean he might be our first line center next year. throw in tj brodie and there you have it.

  • OutDoorRink

    Kent Wilson banned me from the live chat because he was sooo sad about the Flames completely blowing the draft and making the Oilers look even BETTER!! Hahahahaha everything I said was true and he knows it…

  • Derzie

    Wow. Just wow. Even the TSN guys think Feaster are crew are bonkers. 4 hours I’ve lost forever. I wish we had Ray Shero and Mario. They made off like bandits.

  • Derzie

    Miss the target again. I really think this draft choice wiill be another dud. I would really like to know what spin on words he is going to say why he made the trade.
    Like I said on the live chat: basically Buffalo got Calgary’s 14 TH pick for Kotalik. Feaster is really the Lamb among Wolves.
    Couldn’t make a move at the deadline and I defended Feaster. After the move he made tonight I really believe he is in over his head as GM. Different GM same results in the draft. EPIC FAIL

  • Derzie

    Around pick 6 or so, I realized I wasn’t having any conversations with anyone. The chat needs some work, IMO:

    1. Lag. Frequent (more than once a minute) lag spikes of 1-5 seconds or so.
    2. Too much chatter for too little space. When the messages would come, they’d come so fast, I’d have to scroll up and read over a reply all too often (and thus lose automatic live chat scrolling, thereby having to skip a ton of messages to catch up).

    In short, between the number of people and the tiny size of the chat window, it was like trying to interact in an IRC channel with 1000 active guests. Insanity. Fun idea, needs work on execution IMHO.

  • Franko J

    @ Derzie

    Shero and company along with Rutherford have the guts to make moves. It seemed Calgary made a move for the sake of a trade. I would have sooner seen Calgary move a player to Buffalo and keep their pick at 14. It just proves my point that in the marketplace of the NHL landscape, Calgary players have little value to other teams. The secret is out: Flames don’t have the assets to make viable and well thought out trades with other teams.

  • Derzie

    Feaster 1 cup as gm. Tambo 0
    Flames 2012- fighting for playoff spot. Oilers 2012- fighting for #1 pick
    At least feaster is doing something to attemp to improve his team

  • RKD

    You can’t have it you’re ice cream and cake at the same time. Everyone was rip roaring made when Feaster traded a 2nd round pick in the Regehr, Kotalik Buffalo trade.

    Feaster kept saying he was going to get that pick back, and who better to do it with than Buffalo.

    Sure, he probably could have taken a better player, but the Jankowski pick means the Flames are building for later down the road.

    In a few years hopefully, guys like Baertschi, Gaudreau, Reinhart, Granlund, Ferland, and Jankowski will be NHL regulars.

    Had they not signed Cervenka, and still the possibility of Jagr coming here then maybe they would have gone to a European forward to play with Baertschi.