"Justin" has been kicking ass and taking names all the way back to 518. That’s a lot of hair.

Of course Oiler fans don’t give a hoot about Bieber or Timberlake or even Morneau. TODAY is about Justin Schultz and his decision: it’s epic in our town because it’s been so long since the Oilers "won" one of these. The Gretzky acquisition was the major one in modern history, and it is almost like the hockey Gods said "okay, that’ll hold them" and then moved on to gift the swamps of New Jersey, Detroit Rock City and  America in general while ignoring Edmonton for a long, long time.

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No matter what happens today, Oiler fans can be certain the organization pulled out every available asset at their disposal to show Justin Schultz what choosing Edmonton could mean. This town is so pumped to get Schultz I’m not certain what to expect when the decision comes down. Oh, I know there won’t be a riot (that’s Vancouver’s thing) but suspect there will be public displays of  joy, lots of tinkling beer mugs and the discussion of a bright future.

In many ways, Justin Schultz is about to join Mr. Bieber and Mr Timberlake as a ‘star’ of note–especially in the city he chooses. One thing I love about the coverage so far is the lack of "it proves we’re moving forward just to be on the list" hogwash. If Peter Pocklington had that attitude the plane would have landed in Winnipeg with 99 and Eddie Mio’s credit card on board that fateful night.


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I predict massive displays of affection and general tomfoolery if Justin Schultz chooses Edmonton. The combination of Schultz signing, the long weekend, the warmth of the sun and availability of spirits could mean a population explosion and overrun delivery rooms in the provincial capital about April fool’s and the 30 days after.

Justin Schultz may singlehandedly cause the city of Edmonton to pass Calgary in population in a calendar year, let alone what it will mean to the standings!


Glory, my friends. In this context "team building" and "empire building" are identical and our man Katz is an empire builder. This young man isn’t signed, sealed and delivered but the climb from also-ran to champion is reflected in the clarity and actions of the Oilers during this time. Using everything available–including two icons whose presence transcends the sport–gives fans a real indication about how much Daryl Katz–business man and Oiler fan–wants to win.


Team 1260 at noon, they also have audio streaming and the show is up at the Nations within 24 hours. Among the guests scheduled to appear:

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  • Tom Lynn from Veritas Hockey. Lynn’s background in the hockey business makes him an ideal guest on the eve of free agent frenzy.
  • Bruce McCurdy from the Cult of Hockey. Bruce has been at Oilers development camp and he’ll share his insight on that, as well as give us his thoughts on the Oilers summer so far.
  • Kent Wilson from the Nations. I’m looking forward to the conversation with Kent today, as Jay Feaster has made several moves in the last week. Kent’s a straight shooter, this should be fun.
  • Cam Charron, Leafs Nation managing editor. We’ll discuss Toronto’s moves at the draft, the Luongo, and what we can expect from the big Smoke this week.
  • Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun. Jones had the Krueger story first and we’ll talk about that, Justin Schultz and the Oilers in free agency.

The best part of the show is your questions, so please pass them along via twitter (@lowetide_ and @ItsNationRadio), via email at [email protected] or leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

The show will be fluid today, if the Schultz news breaks we may have some additional guests. Hope you can tune in.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I fully agree with Wayne. Thanks, LT!

    Your ‘Hallelujiah’ song after the commercial break was SO funny! It just kept playing and playing; at first I was wondering what was going on, and then it hit me ____________________________

    I laughed so hard at your ‘announcement’ and as long as I live I will never forget that moment. lol…

    Thanks for that, LT! You’re pure GOLD!!

    Darren 😀